Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rani didi


My name is Abhijit, age 25 working in a software company in Kolkata as junior programmer. I am 5.5ft in height, well built figure and my dick is normally very small but expands to huge size when excited. Nobody will believe it can become such a thick and gigantic. My nature is introvert, nervous and my face cutting is quite innocent like a little boy. I never have girlfriend nor any sister, so i was unaware of how to act with a girl. Due to my nature, everybody in my office treats me as a little boy and helps me out whenever i am in trouble. Now comes to the real story. One day in office i heard that office is hiring a team leader to motivate us. The whole night i thought about that new problem. The next day, when i reached the office my senior introduce me with a girl, rani banarjee as my new leader. She is around 30, short slim medium sized boob, thick glasses, wearing saree and blouse. She shacked hand with me giving a gentle smile. I was stunned by her sexy eyes, her swollen lips and by her strong feminine musky smell. The days went on and her dictatorship over us especially over me increases. I called her rani di. She always scolds me saying “abhijit, do this or do that---complete the job then go home---do you want me to complain to sir?” Etc. I was really submissive by a mature lady who knows more than me. But she is very helpful otherwise and whenever i was really in trouble and there were less work pressure she even chats with me like an elder sister. She always wore saree and with her thick glasses she looks more like a strict school teacher. This continues for one month. During that time i came to know that besides being a good it professional, she is a good poet and artist. Whenever i got myself in trouble, she helps me out with her depth of knowledge, but her tough behavior never changes. I slowly started liking to be dominated by such a versatile personality. After about one and half month, one day, after reaching the office, i was working in my computer. Suddenly, i heard “good morning” in a familiar voice from my back. When i turned around my jaws were dropped. There stood rani di, wearing a pair of tight jeans and a loose short-sleeved t-shirt having a weird smile. I haven’t seen rani di wearing such a western dress, besides she even cut her long hair to very short, tying a pony-tail. After a minute of staring she came closer to me, shut my dropped jaws with her fingertips and told me “stop staring at me like an idiot, i am your rani di”. I asked her what happened to her. She told me since it is very hot outside, she would be comfortable with this dress. From that day on, i started to get attracted towards her. Her personality, her dress, her smell makes me crazy. I purposefully made mistakes in my programs and asked rani di innocently that i am unable to do that. She initially scolds me but ultimately came to me to solve the problem. When she stood behind me and typed on my computer, her boobs clad in a tight t-shirt touched my head and her armpit was very close to my nose. She was trying to explain something, but i was lost in the soft touch and a very strong musky smell of her armpit. When she suddenly raised her arm, i even noticed part of her boob as she didn’t wore bra inside. Her armpit was little bit hairy as most bengali woman posses. After explaining she patted on my back lightly and rested her hand on my lap, just few centimeters from my dick which was on the verge of explosion.

The days continue to pass on. One day i heard my office is arranging a client site visit at uttaranchal and they decided o send me and rani di. Rani di will handle the client and i will implement the system. I was really tensed because i never gone to such a tour but at the same time i was excited too because i will be there with my rani didi. We packed our baggage and started our journey from kolkata airport. When we reached the factory area, they arranged two suits in the deluxe guest house for us. Both the suits have one dining room one large bathroom and one bedroom with a large relaxing bed. We have freeze, tv and dvd etc. After reaching there rani di freshen up and meet the client. Due to her professional attitude soon she acquired the trust of the client. Our days began there. I was submerged so much in work that i did not have the time to see anything outside. We woke up at 6 and went to office at 8, came back at 6 and worked at home till 2 am. Sometime rani di worked at my room and sometime i worked at rani di’s room. In spite of the work pressure, i noticed that rani di never used to wear any traditional dresses like saree, but always wore tight jeans or trousers and tight shirt or t-shirt. One day at office, a client was angry to me and started scolding me and then rani di came between us and quietly made the client understand that it was not my fault. With her logical speech the client soon cooled down. That incident increased my respect over rani di. Next night i had a wet dream about rani di. In the dream i saw rani di wearing a queen’s dress and i am licking her toe as her slave. I waked up in mid-night sweating all over. My dick was creating a large tent in the night suit. I quickly stripped to naked and searched for a lubricant. Finally i got a lotion and poured it on my 7 inch dick. Then i started to massage it slowly. I was so horny that after few stroke i was on the verge of cumming. I quickly stopped stroking and stopped myself from an inevitable ejaculation. After that i slept naked that night.
The next morning i excused myself to rani di saying that i had been sick last night. Rani di looked anxious and touched my forehead to feel the temperature. She even asked me whether i need a doctor. I said i will be fine after taking rest. Then she went to office. Soon after she gone, i jumped on to my bed and went straight to rani di’s room. It seemed that she worked late night, because there are papers scattered all around the room. I searched her wardrobe and gone through her dresses. Finally i was rewarded as i found her used underwear – a bra and a panty. The panty was of victorian secret type and from the stain on it i guessed that it was her used panty. Beside those undergarments, i discovered another shock – a pack of classic cigarette and a costly lighter. Wow, i never thought my rani di smoke too because i never sow her smoking. I was now like a horny pig; quickly shed my cloths and lied on rani di’s bed taking the bra and panty in one hand. I sniffed the bra which smelled like heaven and i saw stain on the crotched area of the panty. When i sniffed it that gave me the smell of a rotten egg. I was about to vomit. I got angry on rani di and fierce fully stroked my huge dick wrapping the panty around it. I was stimulated by the fact that i was on rani di’s bed using her used panty. Soon i was about to cum but i did not stop and increased my speed. With a loud grunt i cummed on rani di’s panty. It must be a gallon of sticky cum that landed on the goddess’s panty. After few minutes i regained my consciousness. First i thought i should wash my semen from the panty but lated i left it there, folded it as before and went to my room. Rani di came back from office in the evening really tired. She again touched my forehead and asked how i was feeling. I thanked her and said her to take some rest. After two hours, she called me to her room. First i thought i was caught but when she asked me to solve some problem about our work, i was relieved. Rani di changed into a trouser and to my utter surprise, a totally sleeveless t-shirt. My cock again came back to life seeing her naked arms right from the shoulder. Due to the long hot day, her armpit releasing a dirty smell. Soon we submerged into work. It was a tough work and we were really tensed. After four hours, rani di suddenly became restless, walking around, biting her lips. I said “what happen rani di?” She said “abhijit, do you smoke?”

---“no didi, i never have that habit”.

---“do you mind, if i smoke, i cannot bear the tension”.

---“no didi, i don’t have any problem”.

Rani di caressed my hair adorably saying “thank you” and went to her bedroom. When she returned she had a cigarette in between her lips. She lighted the cigarette with the lighter just like boys do and started releasing smoke. I was really lost among the smoke mixed with her breadth smell. After working a while, rani di told me “let’s go watching tv, it is enough for today”. We started watching tv. I don’t know when i was slept, but it was may be in the mid-night when i waked up after a wet dream. After waking up i saw i was lying on a bed, a night lamp was glowing. After regaining my consciousness, i saw someone was lying beside me. I was shocked to see it was rani di. “oh my god! I was sleeping with rani di and what was she wearing? It is a transparent sleeveless nightie!!” Rani di was lying on her back. Her boobs were pointed upwards though her nightdress. The nightie hanged through two strings from her soldiers. She raised one arm to guard her eyes from light, so her one armpit was clearly visible. There was a thick patch of hair on her armpit making it sexier. I slowly got closer to her. She was really in deep sleep. I slowly put one hand onto her tits. Getting no response, i slowly rubbed my hand all over her sexy body. For the first time i felt a mature woman body so closely. My dick was already made a tent in my half pant. Suddenly rani di moved a bit, i was scared but continued to put my hand over her body. She may be waked up and quietly watched me but i pretended to be in deep sleep. After some time, i felt rani di’s soft hand over my cock. First she just rested her hand, but soon after, she started massaging my swollen dick. I was already hot, and now after the stroking, i was really going to explode. Within few minutes i ejaculated over her soft hand. My gallons of cum flooded from my pant, soaked through her thin nightie and touched her body. From the corner of my eyes, i saw a tiny smile on rani di’s face. After that i really slept due to relaxation and tiredness. The next morning, when i waked up i remembered everything and was feeling shy. Rani di was already dressed for the office and greeted me with a smiling good morning. I told her sorry for her inconvenience and also asked her why she did not wake me up and sent to my room! She smiled lovingly saying “i am like your didi and it was ok to sleep with my little brother. Now get up and prepare for office”.

After couple of days our tour was over. Our clients arranged for a cocktail party due to the success. Me and rani di dressed well for the party. I was wearing a costly suit and rani di wore a red saree and sleeveless blouse. When reached, we were looking more like a couple and everyone in the function watched rani di’s swinging ass. We talked with the top level managers for some time. Then drinks were being offered which i rejected because i did not have the habit of alcohol. From the corner of my eyes i saw rani di sipping from a glass of wine. After some time i was feeling apprehensive among the drunkards and excused my-self to the guest house. It was only 7pm in the evening and i started packing things for the long way back home. Next i was watching tv in a relaxing mood. When the clock signaled 9pm i was little bit worried as the party was expected to be over at 8. The time was running out and my tension was increased, so i went to the balcony. At about 10pm, i heard a car was heading towards our guest house. The car was the company’s car. It stopped at out gate and from the car the customer care managed mr. Verma and rani di came out. Rani di was unable to stand on her feet. She was so drunk that mr. Verma had to hold her tight when they both came up to the staircase. He saw me and smiled saying “miss banarjee is really drunk, please help her reaching her room, i got to go now”. I took over from him and kept one hand on rani di’s waist and other hand on her soldier and slowly moved towards her room. Her soft body was pressed against me, smell of alcohol exhaling from her mouth. On reaching her room she hold the wall and proceeded to the bathroom and told me in drunkards tone “don’t go anywhere abhijit, we will celebrate our success today, i will be back after changing”. After some time rani di came from bathroom wearing a short transparent sleeveless nightie. The nightie hanged from her soldiers by two strings and ended upto her mid-thigh. She was not wearing anything underneath it because through the fine material i could see her pointed nipples and her clean shaved pussy. Her eyes were red and a cigarette was hanging between her red lips. She lighted the cigarette and started exhaling smoke. Then she put on a light music and told me “hey abhijit, why are you shying like a girl, come let’s dance”. With that, she raised me from the sofa, put my one hand on her soldier and one hand on her waist and we started dancing. I could feel rani di’s entire body through the nightie, my dick was on fire. I started moving my hand all over her body, crushing her boobs on me. We both were horny like animal. Rani di teased me by exhaling smoke on me. The smell of smoke mixed with wine and her breath made me more fucking hot. Finally we kissed each other. It was a long and passionate kiss. I gulped her spit and vise-versa. Finally we broke. Rani di ripped off her nightie and pushed my head on to her nipples. A wild animal smell was coming from her body. I sucked her breast madly. Then suddenly rani di laid on her bed and forcefully pushed my head towards her pussy. Her pussy was clean shaved and erupting a musky smell. I started licking her pussy hole, sucked and bite her clit which was swollen like a baby cock. Rani di was moaning “oh ... Yeah baby…ooooh... Suck it, lick it...lick your didi’s pussy….oh i haven’t have sex for long years..ooooh baby”. I increased my speed and finger-fucked her ass. Suddenly rani di arched her back, forced my head on her pussy and moaned loudly “oooooohhh….baby...your didi is cummmingg…yeahh…baby…oh my god...yeah..take didi’s cum take it bustard…”

With that a gush of stream flowed from her pussy to my mouth. It was having a dirty vomiting smell, but i had to swallow it all. After climaxing rani di loosened my head. When i started raising it, she suddenly put my head right on to her ass. I was unable to breadth and struggled but she kept her force and let out a huge girly fart that landed directly on me. I had to take the stinky gass coming from my rani didi. Rani di finally let loose my head and loughing loudly. I was little bit angry on her. She told me “oh, my little brother is angry on me, ok...ok it’s now pay back time”. Saying that she opened up the zip of my pant. Slowly and seductively she undressed me. My cock was now hard as metal rod. She first slowly caressed it by her soft hand, and then started stroking it. That was the first time a girl touched it. I was like in heaven. I might closed my eyes, but felt something very soft touching my dick. When i opened my eyes i saw rani di kissing my cock and swallowed it entirely in her mouth. First slowly then quickly she mouth-fucked my dick. I said in ecstasy “ohh.. Rani di…suck it...lick it...didi…oh my god. I love you didi”. Suddenly she stopped the game and told me “ok..little brother, let’s see how you can make didi happy”. With that rani di lied on bed and guided my 8 inch cock into her tight pussy. After the first two attempts i finally succeeded. I was on the top of rani di and enjoying the new game. I was not a virgin anymore. I lost my virginity to this mature woman. I increased my speed and then rani di started talking dirty “yeah….bustard….come on sister fucker…you dirty boy…keep it deep...don’t you have power!...ohhhhh..yeeeeahhh….i’m cumminggggg...”. She cummed three times in the meantime. Her pussy gripped my cock tightly. I was unable to bear any more. I said “ohhhoo.. Didi… i can’t hold anymore…”. Rani di quickly ejected my cock from her pussy and took it into her mouth and started sucking madly. It was enough for me. I looked at my nude rani di with thick glass and mature smile sucking my cock and then, all of my anger, happiness came out as stream of white thick cum. I may be ejaculated a bucket of semen. Finally, when it stopped, i saw a wonderful site. My rani didi’s face was flooded with white substance. Cum landed on her glass and also coming down from mouth, but still she maintained her didi-like smile. Both of us slept totally naked on her bed like husband-wife and in the morning bathed together in her bathroom. I started getting her kisses and hugs regularly. She bought a nice suit for me. Finally we came back home but our relationship changes. In the office, whenever we get the opportunity, we lock ourselves inside the ladies bathroom, i rubbed her pussy over her jeans and she sucked my hard dick. This is the true story and if you liked that pls mail me at I am looking forward to share some more experience with you.

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