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Mother shaved him

By: myotherside

Naveen had always wanted to expose his body to others. He was 15 and had no one to show his sexual developments. He had a decent dick with a nice coverage of hair in his groin area. He had to live with his mother after his mother parted from his father.His mother was in her early thirties.
His hormones where running hard and he was unable to contain them.He wanted to show off to some one. He sat and thought of it one day, he had no girl friends the only female he knew was his mother. He didnt had any incestrous thoughts towards her but just wanted to show off his manliness. It never occured to him it was incestrous to show off to some one like his mother.
He and his mother slept in the living room of their house. Theirs was not a big house it was composed of a living room,a verandah ,a kitchen and an attached bathroom with latrine.One has to go to the latrine through the bathroom.If someone was bathing entry to the latrine was blocked.The latrine had a door which separted if from the bath.
Naveen wanted to use this to his advantage.But how to start he did not know it. One day while he was bathing he heard a knock on the bathroom door.It was his mother "Naveen come out quick I think I have an upset stomach I have to use the Latrine". A flash went through his mind "Mom I have not completed my bath come in and go to the latrine I will bath and go away.His mother was in a terrible situation and she said "Ok open the door".under normal circumstances he would have tied a towel around his waist and open the door.
But this was a special situation and called for special attire.He quicklk emptied some shampoo onto his hands applied it all over his body and created a foam. He developed a thick lather around his groin area. After he felt he had done a good layer of foam he opened the door latch with one hand and covered his groin with his other hand and let his mother in.He was completely bare at the back.His mother was in a hurry though she watched his son from the back she quickly entered the latrine and closed the door. Naveen was immensely happy of being able to show his mother his 95% nudity.He wanted to avoid any more confrontations so Quickly took a shower dried himself and went to the living room.
The days following went on without any more notice.Naveen wanted more action so he started off to his next plan. He used to wear lungi(A dhotie like south indian attire) while going to bed they were comfortable for the Tamilnadu heat.He used to wear them along with his underwear but that day he removed his underwear and went to sleep. After he was sure his mother was asleep he slipped his lungi from his waist and brought it to knee level. Now he was nude waist below.He covered himself with his blanket.The idea was to pretend as if the Lungi got loose and came to knee height while he was turning sides in sleep.He was awake by 6:30 the next morning and his mother was in the kitchen but he did not open his eyes. He pretended to be asleep and waited to be woken up by his mother. Before that he wanted to increase the thrill.He removed the blanket covering him and slept nude showing off his dick.He tried as hard as he could to contain his erection and it did work for him. His mother came by and saw him sleeping in an awkward condition .He parted his eyelids very little to see what his mother was doing. She stood there and watched his son's manhood for some time and then woke him up "Naveen get up". He got up and sat as if nothing happened still naked. Then as if he had accidentally done it covered himself with his lungi.
His mother had a hearty laught at first and then both of them laughed and she went in for her morning chores.
Some two days back Naveen was in the bathroom.This was the finishing day for his acts. He shouted "Mom I have forgot my towel can u bring it". He thought of showing some more skin if she comes to give his towel. But a reply came from the kitchen"As if you have something to hide from me go get it for yourself"
Naveen was confused and deligted at the same time to hear it. He came to his senses quickly assessed the situation and opened the bathroom door and dashed to the living room through the kitchen completely naked, while his mother was in the kitchen.He felt extremely happy that day.

He tried the same trick some days later with the same result. The results made him stop taking a towel to the bath. He would bath, open the door and go to the living room and change into better clothes.He would stand below the fan completely nude in the living room drying himself from the air it gave . Though his mother was a bit confused to handle the situation at first but later she too got used to it.

She never minded it.Naveen was the happiest boy from that day onwards. He had someone to show off. He started to increase his nude times. If it was sundays he would bath sit nude and watch movies.On one such day his mother was also watching TV he as usual went and sat in a chair next to her.

What happened next made him more happier. His mother called him he went toward her with his 4inch cock dangling around.She was sitting in the chair and watching TV he went and stood inbetween her and the TV. She switched off the TV and got hold of his dick. Naveen was not expecting this. She casually examined it and pulled the skin covering it and checked it as if she were a doctor. Naveen was getting an erection although he tried his best to contain but of vain.. His mother acted as if she didnt notice anything unusual.His dict bloted to enormous proportions. She bent and took it in her mouth and gave him a blow job. Naveen did not expect this at any point of his cruel plan.He ejaculted and she took it all in her mouth.
Then she told him "Naveen I think You should Shave off the hair around your groin It doesnt look nice".

Naveen asked innocently with an erection "How ma?". His mother become a professional from there.She asked him to go to the bathroom and wait.She took a razor set from her cupboard (was she too was prepared for it or was she using it for her own) slipped in a new blade. She removed her saree and every piece of clothing and wore a white nighty which was heavily transparent.

she went to the bathroom and left the door wide open(no more use for it in that house).took some soap and made it into a lather by brushing it on his sons groin area. Naveen was ejaculating like anything.His mother acted as if nothing happened. Took few drops of the dripy fluid by hand and let it fall on her clothes. Then he shaved his sons groin forest clean of its bushes.His dick looked even bigger but as time passed his ejaculations stopped and his erection loosened its grip.

Now it was time to got bathed. His mother was there to aid him. She gave him a good shower and in that time she too got wet drenched wet.All her internals where see through in that dress.Naveen innocently told" Mom I could see all of you"She said "is it so" and to his amazement removed her only piece of clothing and stood there completely nude.

She told him to shave her bush off. Her bush was very thick her cunt was not even visibl.He quickly followed suit.Rubbed her cunt with soap produced a lot of lather and shaved off the forest.It needed 3 new blades to finish off the work with some small bleedings.

Her mother was also at the peak of her orgasms.She asked him to finger her and he did it as an obedient son.
Then she told "Naveen come on do it I want yours in my cunt"
That was it ,the dam was unable to hold the flood.Naveen pouced on his mother and showed what he was capable of. He sucked from her boobs.He screwed her from the front ,then from the back , and got an oral blow job done by her.

Both were not worried about condoms and things like that.They had a very nice time in the bathroom. Then she took him to the living room and was enjoyed by him on the floor,on the sofa,in doggy style and every thing he dreamt of. Naveen had a hell of a time.His mother sucked him clean of all his energy.After he had felt satisfied he stopped and both fell asleep.When he woke his mother was still asleep.She was lying on her back he moved the blanket a bit a suckled from her boobs nothing came but he felt satisfied.

She woke up asked naveen to have some more sleep and went to bath. She too had her bath in the nude walked in changed into the costume of a mother.And started her work as a mother as usual. Naveen got up took a bath and clothed himself .He felt as if he was run over by an road roller.

His mother asked him to come to eat. He came and sat before his plate.His mother served some rice.He kneaded it with some gravy and when he was about to put it into his mouth.His mother stopped him and asked him to promise on the food he was having in his hand."The promise was not to tell anybody what happened today and not to expect the favour repeated anymore and no more nude baths for him". This was the closing part of his incestrous relationship.

He promised what she asked for. Their lives continued as usual as it was before naveen thought of some evil plans to expose himself.Naveen became a very respectable citizen in the near future.

Her mother was satisfied with his sons return to normal life
She wrote a paragraph in her diary
"Gave Naveen what he had been craving for, it may be not acceptable but naveen needed it very badly. If it had not been provided his whole life would have gone waste, thinking of those silly pleasures. I dont want his life to go barren like mine.It is not a crime for me. I live by my heart and not by others words".

Readers how do you want to live?
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this is a fantasy and not real thing
this is a fantasy and not real thing
this is a fantasy and not real thing
this is a fantasy and not real thing
this is a fantasy and not real thing

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