Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sexy message

By: rahul

Hi to all readers and thanks to all ladies from Mumbai and other parts of India contacted me for my massage service in the matter of fact I have provided services to around 15 ladies in Mumbai itself since my first posting. But I also want to tell that there are many males who try to play pranks though I have clearly mentioned that I do provide service to only female clients and sorry use harsh language but i am not a pimp to let you know addresses of my clients. I always told since my first posting that keep death secrecy of my clients. I also want to let you know that I do provide services only in Mumbai, those who needs my services have to come to Mumbai and have arrange their own staying issue. If interested do mail me One more important announcement is that my aunt is on tour to goa, so coming back to the main point, here i am ready for my next interesting experience of massage, i am not posting each and every experience as it would be more of repetitive. The last exiting experience i had with a lady neeta patel, on 02nd january this year, she is not an reader. She contacted me through one of regular old client and called me up to setup timings and type of massage she needs. She told me that she is married gujju lady married since 9 years got 2 kids. She got a complain of loosing interest in her sex life due to monotonous style of his husband to cut in short there is no more spice in her personal life and she wanted have something new. Her friend which is my regular client gave my number and ask her to try me as i am too professional and can also help me as she needs. So on phone after hearing this i told her madam it would be nice to meet you first before having massage session as after meeting you i would come to know what exactly you want and how i would have to prepare for your satisfaction. She seems ok with this proposal and ask me to come to café of hotel pride, i went to meet her at specific time suggested by her. She was there at café sitting alone wearing punjabi dress. To tell you about her she was looking like a house wife, but with well maintained body and quite fair color, and age must be around 30 or 32. I was surprised as she told me that she was married since last 9 years. Any ways i went near to her and bid hello to her. She (normally talk in village side guajarati). Told me besi jau, i sat and she ask me su leso, i told her a glass of fresh juice, she ordered for her and me as well. From that i can make out that this lady is quite rich though from her language i cannot make out this, (in guajarati we say modu kholiyu ane paisa padi jai). We chatted for around a hour or so and finally we decided the timings and date with place which was her own farm house which was nearby to the outskirts of city.

I reached there at the place she told me on time and she was also there at around same time, i like punctuality. To tell you what she wants is a massage of level 3 means no bang bang but it should more prolonged and must be something different than the usual one. As we entered her farm house i was literally surprised to look at that property and it’s interior. She must be some big giants in mumbai, but as per my policy i didn’t ask her about her husband and she even didn’t told me anything so it was not my concern infact it is good to know less and as it easy to keep under stomach. So after entering her room we sat on sofa, she asked me su vicharyu ane taiyari kari, i told her that not to worry you will feel the experience quit exotic and also tell her it would me my best attempt to satisfy her as it was not a massage all she wants, she needed some thing to spice up. I told her madam what u wanna enjoy u can complete free thai joa mara jode ane toj u will enjoy it completely she didn’t speak a word and jst streaped her saree in blink of my eyes wearing nothing and told me mein kidhu mane su joiye ane hun ana karta free thai saku eem mane lagtu nathi and that very point i came loose my senses and she was complete beauty and on top of it she was desperate to get fun and u bet it is not easy to satisfy a desperate lady experienced of 9 years of marriage want have different joy other than sex. I told her if she wont mind can i also strip down completely, she told arey hamna kehta hata free thavu padse ane tame pote free feel nathi kari rahya, and i told myself chal bhai chalu ho jaa, i striped myself and take her to her bed and started giving her massage at points which stimulates woman sexual urge without using oil and she was really wild and moaning at top her voice telling barabar che karo, karo maja avi rahi che, doing that for a while i took oil which she requested to bring all i needed on my own for she gave me advances as well, and started applying to her back first. I started with her shoulders moving down and reach to her back were i gave her massage to give her relief of tension as i know ladies of this age after delivering always have that ache in their back, and moved down to her blossomed ass and started massaging that piece of human meat like wild dog attacking, i was giving her wild massage and she was liking it and than i started fingering her ass hole which in beginning she told me not to do that but after that she was enjoying that thing like someone floating in space. After that i gave massage to her thighs and inner side of thighs and reached down to her legs and foot and gave her good massage. I ask her to turn back,

Looking at her face smiling with joy and eyes which were telling me that she seems to be enjoying what i have did so far i was bit relaxed as it was my experience to satisfy such a desperate lady. And i do believe in complete satisfaction of my clients. I started with her huge boobs and pressed them like i was doing flour for rotis, she was moaning and her face suggesting me that she was liking this though having some pain due to my hardness but this is the only way she would get satisfied and i prolonged that act and than i started licking her nipples and sucking one at a time pressing other at a same time she bit surprised but was enjoying that thing. In between i started fingering ass hole again and again. She was enjoying it immensely. After that i started licking her naval with my tongue deep inside and performing as i was fucking her with me tongue into her naval. I don’t know what happen to her she instantly hold my face gave me a deep kiss as she might gave to her husband on her first night complete desperate act and didn’t leave me for around 5 min. Which is really a long long kiss, i don’t know how people bluff that they kissed for more than 15 min, might got good stamina, and push me towards her area of divine juices and told me pls mene aiya maja apo,mare pati ne a bilkul nathi gamtoo ane hun jyare mara frnds thi a sambhdu to mane tarat iccha thai jati hati aje pls mane aiya maja apo tamara modhe thi, i thought gr8 as i wrote earlier as well that i like oral more than normal sex, i started licking her first on top side of her pink and reddish pussy and man she was gr8, fully wet drained as somebody thrown a glass of water, add i was loving it, she was gr8 in taste and i also got wild while licking her pussy, and while doing this i started like i was eating it like anything, and man wat a effect on her of this, she was complete wild and enjoying this like anything and told me go on and ate her pussy for more than 20 min and than i told her let me do something different and i took out s bottle of chocolate syrup and started pouring everywhere on her body, her boobs, her naval her pussy and finally pasted that chocolate syrup on her face as well. (chocolate is good for skin, can check your sources) she was amazed looking at what i was doing and than i started licking of whole lot of chocolate off her body started from her face, which smooched while i was licking her face, went down to her boobs and cleaned her boobs of syrup and sucked her nipples for a while as they were giving my syrup instead of milk and the same i reached down to her pussy, i licked that chocolate pussy mixed with her juices and fucked her with my fingers and tongue for a while, than i pour syrup between to cracks of her pussy to which it started flowing down to her ass hole, i lifted her legs and gave good lick to her ass hole mixed with chocolate, she enjoyed that as well a lot, than in the mean time i was thinking of something else as when to end this session and at same time it blinked me that she told me when i lick her pussy that it was her first experience that means she might have not tasted a dick in her life and she is ready to do anything to get different experience, i took the bottle of syrup and pour lot of syrup on my dick and started moving towards het mouth, she was unknown abt this as she was in different world closing her eyes after my licking of her ass hole. I sat with putting less weight on her boobs and took my cock towards her lips and started rubbing my dick on her lips she might have thought that i came to kiss her and she started opening her mouth a bit, tasting chocolate taste she started opening her mouth bit wider and at that same time i inserted my rock hard dick into her mouth and she opened her eyes, i though she might not like this, but i was wrong she was something, she took control over me and started licking my dick like anything and it continued for a while, and something really weird happened as i wrote earlier as well that i took little longer to reach my climax i was careless about that thing bit her wildness took me over and i don’t know i couldn’t controlled my self and shottttttttt lot of spurts of my juices into her mouth and she also continued to lick me. Coming to control a bit told her sorry for what i have done and i was surprise a bit as she told me su vaat karo cho sorry arey mane to maja avi gai, aje to mane avu lage che ke mein zindagi mein pehla var kharkhar maja kari che sex ni, a pan nakhaya vagar, mane natu khabhar avi pan maja karvani hoi che, mari frnd mani kehti hati ane tamara vakhan karti hati pan mane sache bharosa nato tamara upar ke atli had sudhi mane maja karavso, thanks a lot for this fun and listening to her i was feeling like i have won oscars, nobles, nationals, all type of reputed awards. Those also pour energy in my self and my dick again started growing. I told her arey abhi to maja baki hai madamji chaliye apko nehlatu hun, and i carry her towards bath and washed her completed with first water than and again i licked her everything where and than again i washed her with bathing gel, after that she requested me to have a licking and sucking session again and this time i first fucked her between the boobs and than there itself we moved to 69, she top of me and this time i took bit longer than usual and was also surprised as she didn’t got tired and continued to suck me until i got discharged in her mouth, we took shower again. When we got dressed we show time and it was more than 3 hours we were being there and lost completely into ourselves, she told me it was best moment of her life and paid me handsomely which i accepted as my cash price and told me try something different next time to be more innovative as she wants to experience something different each time she call me for services. I hope you liked my this experience i work daily from monday to friday after 5 in the evening and whole day on saturday and sunday, privacy is must and services are only provided in clients home or in good hotels of mumbai. Prices range of 1k to 4k. If any ladies of any age group, above 18 can mail me on :

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