Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My true story with my own sister

By: karthik

First off all I should thank all the ISS readers for giving a good response for my stories and it was so surprising to get lot of mails from both males and females. It was nice reading some mails and some people were asking for the email id of the gal and telephone number. In fact to be honest, I did not realize, that there were lot of sex starved women in India, especially in Hyderabad also, the story I am going to tell is 2 years old. It started like this .the older one Priya got married recently. For the first time she came after marriage along with jijaji. They were really beautiful and made for each other type after couple of days of their arrival, to our house once my kid and innocent sis Anjali came to me when I was studying in my room and made a face. I enquired her problem is about. She hesitated first and on insisting she told me that Priya has become shameless. I just casually asked how you say. She told that jijaji Suresh touches did everywhere but did instead of opposing she giggles. That is very bad manners for a grown up girl one should not allow any body to touch according to mum who has instructed to both of sis long back. But I don’t know how did has forgotten it and neglecting moms advice. Those days I was also innocent like choti. I hardly new anything about sex or what married people do inside there. I said he is not outsider he is her husband and I think a man touches his wife may not be wrong because mom and dad sits together. And I asked Anjali not to bother about it and go and study. Next day evening when I returned from college [then I was engineer 2nd year] Anjali came to my room and dragged me to bed and made me to sit on bed and started whispering into my ears by sitting close to me and said she has seen still disgusting scene today. I was not that interested in her girly talks but when a kid sis has come to share her worries or concern about other family members it was my bounden duty to at least hear it even if can’t find solution I kept quite. Further she continued she had seen the couple kissing. I said so what even I can kiss u and gave peck on her cheek. We are bro and sis always we can give and take peck on cheek but I saw is different then I took little interest and enquired then how? She said mouthing. I said I can’t understand how she tried to explain but couldn’t find suitable words so I asked her demonstrate she hesitated for some time while I was getting irritated as was losing my precious study time and I had to complete y assignment which I had missed during marriage time.

I said ok let it be if u don’t want to tell don’t tell and leave me alone, so that I can study. She was disturbed by my words. I said sorry then she relaxed a bit and tried to explain and failed then I made a terrible mistake of my life and asked her again to demonstrate now she had mentally prepared and she jumped on my lap facing towards me and took my head in her hands and started kissing me as its shown in English pictures. In fact I had not even seen with my bare eyes a question of experiencing it then I felt it was something different than giving a peck on cheek. It was first kiss to both of us and was feeling wonderfully good. At the same time mom called us for tea. Immediately I got up and ran to bath to get freshened while telling Anjali we shall discuss about it later after food so that I can complete my study and be free. She also got up and ran to kitchen where mom was standing. Till dinner things went uneventfully night Anjali came to me but I was busy enough to care her. As she saw me busy she was not happy but after brief hesitation she went back to her own room which was beside mine. Next day evening sis and jijaji went to their place .we all had gone to see them off. After returning I got freshened up and involved in studies because I had to make up the missed classes as well studies .by dinner time I had almost set. After food lazily I was playing video games then Anjali came to me, by then may be parents were in their room even may be they had retired . As Anjali came into the room she was looking for extra chair which was moved out during when it was needed somewhere else. So Anjali after little hesitation sat on arm of my computer chair and started watching game when she was observing the game keenly she was half lying on me which she seldom did. After her may be maturity. When the game was over I was very happy because it was highest score I had ever scored she also noticed it. And was about to greet me I just took her in my arms and gave peck on her cheek and she too reciprocated.
By now Anjali was totally on my lap. Now Anjali asked me r u going for one more game I said not interested if u insists I shall think. She was also not interested in game but made no effort to get up instead she put right arm over my left shoulder by this we were almost embracing each other and it was just casual nothing intentional till now. Immediately she opened topic which was unfinished the other day. Now said again she saw them mouthing [kissing] which she called that way. Both days afternoon after meals. Just casually I enquired how and why did u see .the door was ajar and I was not spying on them for first couple of times but as I went on observing, I was disturbed all the time they were doing one or other kind of mischief. Like? I interrupted. Touching here and there putting hand over the shoulder hugging or kissing or mouthing .what do u mean by mouthing I asked. She said as I told u yesterday.

She readily demonstrates means already she was on my lap and she closed her lips on my lips. I had seen few kissing scenes in English movies they used to chew each other’s lips and I was confident that my didi is not that forward or that low in her behavior. But I wanted to confirm it so I enquired whether they were mere touching their lips or what else they were up to? Immediately she attached her lips to my lips and started sucking my lips and I was now dam sure that he must had entered his tongue into her mouth and I inserted my tongue in Anjali’s mouth and wanted to ask was it this kind but my words were stuck in my mouth as she started sucking my tongue after a brief suck I relived my mouth from hers and before I opened my mouth to confirm she nodded her face affirmatively again I asked her whether he was poking his tongue only or she also Anjali said even she used to poke her tongue like this and she entered hers into my mouth. Now I started sucking her tongue and lips. Now it happened to me I got some sort of taste may be sweet as her saliva started flowing into my mouth. Now she was above to take her mouth from mine, but in some sort of trance I bought back hers to mine and started to taste. After some time she too started to respond. After few minutes when we broke the kiss I en queried her how it was .she did not reply but got off my lap and suddenly left me after bidding good night. I was bit tensed and I started thinking whether I did any kind of mistake as she left me abruptly. And I rolled on bed even without changing to night suite’s had to try hard to sleep as I was feeling guilty but after some time I felt that the kiss was sweet and thrilling. I don’t know when I slept. Next day went uneventfully but my worry was reduced when she greeted me in the morning and behaved as if nothing has happened I was at least calm now. But in night same time that’s after parents had retired. I was lying on the cot Anjali came into the room and rolled beside me and started girly talk and gossiping some sensible or even non sensible .after some time she asked me whether I was upset as she left me abruptly.

I said yes but after some thinking what we did was it wrong or I crossed the limit of bro& sis or did I take more liberty without bothering to take permission was I forcing u .she was quite calm and replied me why should u think that way after all u r my bro. and without any warning or any preliminary she started kissing me when we broke the kiss she enquired was it sweet?. And continued I was just wondering why jijaji was after didi now I am confirmed that it is very nice to do mouthing I enjoyed yesterday but today’s was still nice .I was totally relived and after repeat performance of few more times we parted after bidding good night kiss rather than bidding by words. This was continued once in a while or whenever she or I was interested we did it discreetly and didi doing it with jijaji is quite normal when they were enjoying. Devolopments. As we never knew what was next stage of it. When didi visited us Anjali was interested in what else they did together. Once accidentally Anjali saw Jiju was inserting his hand into did is kurta and slowly massaging breasts one after another. This negligence of didi and Jiju caused the disaster i.e. what we are are doing today was fruit of there foolishness. They stayed in our house for only one day and continued their journey. After they went Anjali did not come to my room for couple of days. Once I called her to for mouthing she came quietly in midnight we played little video games and little gunship after that kissed each other for quite a sometime and I enquired what else she learnt this time she revealed nothing and she went to her room. After couple of days when nobody else were in our house I was watching TV Anjali came and seated beside me when there was kissing scene in star movie channel I took her into my arms and started kissing her .I was getting excited and new no vent for revealing myself. Those days I had observed that while kissing I had erection and there was certainly wet spot in the nicer.

When the kiss was prolonged I embraced her tightly so that her titties were crushed into my chest rather they were mashed into my chest. Now Anjali made crying sound as if I had hurted her too much I enquired her the reason she did not tell anything but after little persuasion she told me that I had embraced her strongly I was dam sure that I had not put enough pressure to hurt her . So I was bit worried that she might have fallen somewhere and got injured herself and was not revealing it to me. And I started to insist her to tell the reason why there was tenderness on her body she did not tell now I was really worried if there was any sort of injury it should not get infected with lot of care and concern I lifted her t shirt without any warning by the time I had almost lifted she was then alarmed but by that time she could not stop as her shirt was on her face and without giving any chance I removed her t shirt and started to inspect her body she was trying to cover her body with her small hands. On inspection I found no injury on body but for her titties which were red as if bruised by somebody had molested them. Now I was stunned by the look believe me even now I was not sexually aroused but I was worried about what might have happened to her tits in fact I had never observed that she too had tits on persuasion Anjali told me she on seeing jijaji rubbing did is balls and I wanted to know how they felt by touching. And massaged them found some funny sensation squeezed them with force. Now i was angry for not telling this observation .she said sorry infact i wanted to tell this but i was ashamed to tell and talking about female anatomy was also shameful .i agreed to her statement and asked her whether her titties are aching more.she replied that little but on touching they pain more .u should have applied some pain killer ointment she said she tried with moov oint but ointment itself was irritating so washed it off and did not try anything else.then i remembered, mom saying bruised parts can be soothed by licking them by this way u can give first aid.

On remembering her advice i assured sis that not to worry about it i shall take care of it i started to lick her small balls by this she startled and shouted what r u doing i reminded her what mom had told now she kept quite means permitted to soothe them by licking and in fact she found soothing sensation i never applied force but rather i was licking smoothly after licking some time anjali told enough i stopped and told her she can ask the treatment any time and she was happy to hear it and kissed me happily. Upto evening we played and syudied had food which mom had prepared , before they went outside.evening i was wathing some sports channel anjali came and sat beside me after she had finished her homework now we were chatting after some time i remembered the morning episode and enquired her about pain in her boobs and touched them lightly as if they would burst if i put force on them. She saisd some what better than morning i said let me treat u so that by next day there should not be any pain just with concern about her and nothing else. I raised her dress over her head this time neither she was shy nor hesitated to show her assets to me. Now i started to lick her titties one after another. I was soothing peripherals first anjali was saying that she felt better on every lick when i came to centre of her breast i,e. Nipple she made different sound when i concentrated on her nipps she started moaing i was alarmed by the sound and enquired did i hurt she said no but getting some different sensation i asked whether good or bad she confirmed it was good but tingling every whewere in her body. When she said treatment was enough i stopped and in night parents came back we had food all together before going to bed i did not forget to ask about her improvement .she said why it would not go when i have so caring brother. I am feeling much better.

Till next night she did not come to me for treatment ofcorce mother was there all the time. Next night she came to me and we were chitchatting after some time i remembered about her bruise and on enquiry she told it was all right and there is literally no pain. But she did not make any move to show them. But i wanted to confirm my self that she was perfectly well and when i tried to remove her dress she felt shy , but did not stop me from what i was doing on inspection i felt that the colour had come to normal and i slowly massaged them and asked whether it hurts she told almost nil. Then i tried to lick but she stopped me and told when they are normal what is necessity to treat them i just ignored her words and replied u said they r almost ok but it does not mean fully, and proceeded to lick like yesterday first from outer end ,when i reached her nipples she literally shihvered and started moaning. By yesterdays experience i was cock sure that it is not at all paining and i continued to lick on while massaging the other now her moaning increased and she pressed my head to her bossom and cried bhaiyya and aftr couple of minutes she asked me to put some pressure ,i started to suck them alternatively when she stopped me i saw them and i was frightened as they were red again when she observed me she said not to bother as her skin is very sensitive on meger touch also it turns red,even yesterday was also it was almost same case but surely there was pain but today not at all. Now i was convinced that i had not hurt her. I enquired why she was making noise she said i was having some strange unexpressable but sweet feeling inside me .where all the feeling was there she smiled but did not reply again we embraced each other and started kissing .after some time she raised herrself from bed and started wearing clothes then i looked towards her small but firm ,nice titties she looked towards my face and asked why r u looking them do u want some more i nodded affirmatively. Now she came above me as i was lying on my back and inserted her breast in my mouth. After few sessions of this kind once anjali asked me how her breast felt in my mouth i said its wonderful and cant be detailed orally u will have to try yourself where can i try was her quistion i said u can try with any of ur girl friend she said its impossible . Then i said u can suck my nipples but i don’t have tit like u and i removed my banian without waiting for her reply. She too without much hesitation started nibbling my nip, now both of were naked above the waist. There after it became our favorite game the problem was neither of us knew about revealing sexual frustration invaribly my lully was hard while we played and even after such game i had few night falls also but i knew nothing about them and i thaught i was pissing in sleep whenever i had wet spots so i was scared to ask anyone . On one instance it so happened that i was on my undi when anjali came and snugled in bed and after some talking our business started the cock was hard asusual when i was sucking anjus breast which were growing and becoming nice day by day may be due to our sucking and pressing oftenly. Accidentally i tocuched my cock and the touch felt nice after few minutes i touched it again purposefully it felt still better so i included this also in my game but i used to play myself.

Once anju noticed it asked me what i was upto i said what i had discovered but definitely after some hesitation i said will u try she asked what in bewilerment i some how convinced her and she started to touch me there first time she touched so lightly as if it will explode like a bomb but after some time she did hold as i liked . After few days once i removed my dick when we were playing and handed the bare cock she almost jumped to touch the naked cock but on persuation she took in her hand she also admitted that the welwetty touch felt nice and started taking in her hand in subsequent sessions. Once when she was playing with it exploded and white juice came out she started crying and started beating me as she misstook for pissing that time i was in seventh cloud i felt something discharged from my brain instead of cock even i was puzzled to see what it was as it was not urine for certain . When i told the difference she said it was sticky now i remembered that whatever wet spots i received in sleep were of this sort only. Now both of us were curious about it and we further observed that immidiatly the cock shrank when the tip was touched it became over sensitive. Anju asked me whether i was hurt or was it due to her misshandling i said no not because of u i had it many times but in sleep but this is the first time when i am awake and further continued that it felt tremondously nice she took lot of time to convinced.certainly we incorporated this also in our programmes . Once out of curiosity i asked her to remove her undy and show me what she had there she became totally angry and said i am becoming spoiled and sick in mind and even threatened me that she would stop coming to my room and stop whatever we did now . There after i never asked that again. The real turn came may be after couple of months . It all happened this way when i was returning from college some of our collegemate was going on bike and a textbook slipped from his schoolbag and fell on the ground i called him to collect it but it was too late as he had flew by the time i shouted . I collected it put it in my bag and thaught i would return it tomorrow . . Next there were 2/3 days off due to some festival and sunday, the book was lying on my study table . And i almost forgot about it even after the college commenced. Once anjali came with one small book in her hand in the night and started to fire from when i started reading such filthy matereal i was surprised to listen some complaint from my sis . I said what then she threw the book and said not to act innocent.

I took the book and noticed it was not mine when i opened the book it was illstrated porno it had few filthy photos of naked male and female . And even fucking [the term i had heard when boys were quarelling and the meaninng was unknown to me then] .i said it is not mine and asked from where she got it ? She told me when she was cleaning my study table the book which i had got from road, fell on the ground and while keeping it back she noticed it as it was not mine ,name on it was also not familier out of curiocity she had opened the book thair she found it as it was securedly tucked in the rapper . Some how i convincd her that it was not my fault and i would find the owner of the book and return, though she was cursing the unknown owner of the book and labelled him as bad mannered and warned me not to make any friendship of him then the matter ended . Next day again i forgot to return the book and next night i opened the book simply to see what all it contained as i went on turning the pages i was seeing lot of new things actually people were sucking breasts , cock womens urinating organ i,e vagina and inserting cock into vagina , ass and lot more . Further it contained some text stories also. I started reading involuntarily it had all the filthy language in it. In next story it was about boy fucking next door aunty, next story was about a boys first time with teen age girlfriend it was so indetail a beginner would learn a lot about sex . In one night i learnt lot of new things. Next day i took only text book and left behind the sex book and returned the same after searching the boy he was in next room to my class the night i was somuch enthusiastic to teach anjali about my new found wisdom. When she came to my room i took her in my arms and started kissing with new vigour in fact i had not planned to experiment sex on anjali but as if i wanted to tell how knowledgible i was . When the kiss was broken i asked her real names of penis vagina etc she replied in childish names like lullu etc now iwent on telling the right names and even explained how they were used in sex . She was ashtonished about my new found knowledge. Now anju asked me the source of all the information i wanted to hide it but she suspected that something is missing and came to right conclusione and told her with lot of confidence that i had read the book compleately instead of returning it as it is.

Lastly i admitted . Now she scolded me as bad mannered but i convinced her that we had to have some learning about sex life sooner or later . Because unknowingly we were abusing didi for her behavior with her hubby whicgh was correct and normal , but because of our ill knowledge about it . Then anju kept quite then i tried to explaine she asked for the book when i handed it from the consealed place she took it and fled to her room. Next night she was eager to get into room . Made some excuse of finding some maths solutions she followe me into my room and pretended as studieng we came to topic and she agreed about how knowledgible it was we learnt so many things so early. She started kissing me as usual but none of us knew that today we are opening a new chapter . When i was suckinf her titti i remembered that when women are excited they too had wet patch there i asked anju for conirmation do u get wet like me in the undi there she nodded affirmatively i was curious to know now i requested her to show , but she was shy on lot of persistance requests and promise of confidence and with condition of no repeating she agreed to remove her undi allready we were naked above the waiste now below also. I first removed mine and then i started to take of her skirt she again reminded me of the promise of not doing anything other than observation study type . I agreed again and slowly removed her panty yah it was my first sight of pussy in real after that book in fact i didn’t even remember small girls also . There i studied it closely and studied inner petals outer petals clitoris etc the book had narreted in so nice manner that it was more like kamasutra . I wanted to know how it behaves when she is excited so i started to suck her boobs and chewing her small nipple she started moaning now i got up from her and saw her cunt oozing i put finger to opening to feel moisture , but there was steady stream instead . Shall i touch there she did not comment so i proceeded and felt the moist massaged the liquid all over the place then found the clit touched it, she jumped to almost ceiling and asked what r u doing . I said i am not doing anything but studieng yur anatomy.

Again i touched the clit she shivered after playing some time i traced the entrance and tried to insert a finger it was so tight i could not make entry into it i was aware by story that if i make forceful entry it would hurt which i could never do in my life. Took my finger to my nose it had some sort of smell but it was not bad then i tasted as described in the book . Then asked her permission to lick she said u have promised that u would not do anything nonsense i said yes now also i am not doing anything but want to take fragrance and taste u can see people r doing it in the picture . U know that i can never hurt u .anju did not argue so slowly i descended my head to her palace of pleasure inhaled the aroma . It was not everting then i streched my tounge tasted the first hand juice unadultrated directly from the source . And licked clean when my tounge touched hr clit she could not stop herself from pressing my face into her crotch i slowly and unknowingly started to toungue fuck her till she had a wonderful orgasm and she squirted a stream into my eager mouth and as her orgasm subsided collapsed on bed still clutching my head into her crotch.when she found her breath i was doughtful about her idea about what we did because i had promised that i would do nothing but i had done almost everything except penitration of my cock.anjali got up from bed threw pillow on my face and retorted u cheat u false promise maker u untrust worthy brute and started hitting my back, face wherever she felt like. I was totally upset i had no courage to ask excuse she was so angry , on looking her the earth started swallowing me . It was so horrible experience i thought she would never parden me nor she will ever talk to me , i was totally frightened my face was bleached white . Within few moments anju started laghing histerically i was more scared than before . Now she calmed little and enquired u r confused how did i fool u and started smiling , i took several gulps of air and then started realising that she was joking but anyway it was a horrible joke, joke of lifetime . When i was convinced i jumped on her naked body crushed her body to mine strted beating her but not with force and hold her face and started kissing her madly and when i broke the kiss without giving her any time lifted her both legs dived into her juncture of legs and started sucking her chute furiously like a dauberman dog and did not leave her dispite of her several orgasms and i finally left her when she started kicking me to be free .then she took me into her arms embraced me kissed my face like mad and must have tasted herself on my face and said thanks repeated thanks many times and she said it was most memoriable moment of her life and she was so exhausted she drifted off to sleep in my bed only not bothering to wear her dress. We did it when ever we felt like but not too oftenly generally we were contended by smooching this went on several months.till then there was no progress , of course i was interestd in main coarse.but i knew it would hurt her badly. Because she was very young to do all those things and i could never tollerate her sufferings because i loved her more than my own life. But there was a small change i now and then i started bringing sex books which we used to read together.

After 4-5 months gap sis came home and the corum was full those moments were full of joy we used to tease didi as by now knew what marriage was and what couple did in privacy. Some times even parents used to tease along with us. But our secret was nicelly maintained because we were extra cautios.may be after a week jijaji came to our house ,for parents it was a sort of festival as thair soninlaw had come after long gap as well didi was eager to receive him, when they closed door of thair bedroom immidiatly after lunch i thaught jijiji had come home holding his erect lauda in his hand. Anjali came to my room and whispered in my ears guess what the young couple were doing in the closed room , i said very simple after a gap of one week jijaji has come with ready cock and by now they must be fucking ,.by these dirty words anju was shy .after spending some time with me, anju went to her the evening every body were at hall chit chatting laughing and spending time , but anju was very late to join us i thaught she must have studied and come. In the night all of us had meals together.when didi went to thair room i too went to my room and started to study. After some time anju came and sat near me and whispered smiling mischiosly and said bhayya surprise for u i enquired what but she said suspence till late night .i did not bother as i was awre about her kid jokes or silly about eleven in the night anju came to me when i was almost ready to retire , took my hand and hushed me not to make any noise and dragged me to a dirty store room across the hall at corner . Slowly opened the store when we entered she closed the door noicelesly, and cautioned me again and slowly slid a few things lying over the old table . There was a small window whigh had a broken shutter through which light was coming and peeped through window and i could make out in the dark that she was very happy to see what she saw across the window .after some time she dragged me to window i too was eager to see what my little sis was up to. When i peeped in the window i was so surprised i was about to shout with surprise and happiness because it had opened into my didis room which i never anticipted ,now jiju was sucking didis cunt lapping and toungue fucking her it was second of live chute. We tried to open the window some more and we were sucsesful to some extent .now it was enough for both of us to watch with difficulty and the problem was ignored .we started watching with full curiosity ,now jija fell on the bed and dragged didi over him and didi started kissing him all over and nibbled his nipples and continued her journey to south and o now she kissing his erect member oh my god she is licking him ah she has commenced swallowing him . Oh my god she has become expert she is taking the erect lauda to the base. .after some sucking chewing she removed the glistening cock from the mouth now jiju whispered somethig to her she nodded and started sliding upwards with cock in her mouth to 69 now both of them were eating each other .didi mighht have had at least 3-4 orgasms before jijaji spurt his jism on didis face balls, and remaining didi licked him off.

After gap of 4-5 minutes didi again started licking and sucking till he got another erection meanwhile i saw at our self anju was in front of me and i had to crush her between table and my self to have a better veiw , now i took real advantage of it by holding her in such a manner that my whole body was touching her body as if we were made a single body by putting some adhesive in between us.i turned towards window jiju told something to didi ,now didi mounted on jiju and jiju helped her to insert now erect dong into her dripping pussy didi started to hump him slowly and steadily this side i inserted my hand in anjalis top and started feeling her beautiful breasts alternatively anju wasn’t aware of what i was doing to her till i started kneading them ,then she looked at her tits and looked back she didn’t utter a word but started humping her back to me. That side sis had another release and collapsed over her hubby now he rolled over her and came on top and started fucking her with long and steady stroke , he was pulling his cock almost out and humped the whole length atonce didis beautiful balls jumped with every stroke they were much bigger than anjus and most attractive i had never thaught that she had so big boobies concealed under her kurtha ofcoarse i had never observed in sexy i was dry humping my little angel when jiju started fucking with full speed i felt that he is going to cum.if we make some noice after they complete thair marathon we were at risk of getting caught. So i started dragging choti out of room but she was interested to see further but i lifted her off her feet and carried to my room silently. When she asked me after locking ourself securedly in side the room what was so hurry i said the risk, she agreed with it and kissed my cheek saying my clever bhayya. I congratulated her for her discovry of peeping place and now i guessed why she was missing in the evening probbly she was workingout the plan . We were happy to witness the first voyeristic activity , u can guess the one had not seen even b.f. Has seen the live show of very young couple without any fear of getting caught. Now i was so excited , without wasting any time i started playing with her balls for which she responded by removing her top and followed by my shirt now we were kissing passionately i was squeezing her body everywhere she was moaning i started eating tits and she was pressing my head into her bossom i left her breast by then they were swollen by my attack like a mad now i dived staight to her love triangle and started licking smoothly then slowly i increased the pressure

As i was sucking her vulva poor anju was tossing her body all over the bed the hole had oozed so much liquid enough to Drench the whole bed within little time series of orgasms were started one after another when the last one subsided she fell like a log she took several minutes to recover , till then i had not discharged so my condition was also precarious when anju recovered i asked the favour to be returned she said she has never done it i said u have read about it and witnessed it put all ur inteligence and willingness so that u can perform well now to boost up her will , i turned in 69 and started eating her immidiatly she took my lund and gave fethery kiss on bulbuos head , allready precum was leaking and slowly she tasted it and started to take the rod into her beautiful lips we did not take more time to reach the destination . We slurped each others liquid with new found taste after some rest in same position when i saw her cunt it was red beacause of my assault and looked attractive again started tounging her passion hole it had become extra tender so she started responding very fast and now my cock also started to raise as soon as her tounge touched the tip it started becoming hard then i turned head to head i wanted to insert between her thighs and fuck her thighs without inserting into the hole . She came to know my intention, she made necessary adjustment and i started the dry humping with each stroke cock was sliding upward or downward within a few stokes it started hitting her vagina as the strokes went on, friction to her cunt also increased now she was moaning to wake whole house now i cautioned her not to make any sound. After some times i don’t know what happened to her she asked me can u insert into me i said no it wud hurt u but she said u can atleast have a try but i was continuing srtokes within couple of minutes she commanded me to insert, what ever may be consequence , isaid my dear u r too young u r only 14+ u cant tollerate anju was not ready to listen she disengeged and guided my member to her opening , still i was under control so i again cautioned but she had determined to take it when my rod had fitted to the appurture i pushed a bit it was highly lubricated and the head slipped into it now she made a face indicating pain, asked her again shall i stop she said me to try again this time she gritted her teeth now i was sure that she will never stop and at last inevitably i clutched her sholder and started entering into her when inch by inch was disappearing the pain was evident on her face but she wasnot ready to give up atlast i gave a big jerk and i cud not even make out when i broke her hymen but the cork had fitted the bottle.i paused for a while to let her take breath and give her momentary rest when she tried to feel my cock i congratulated for swallowing it fully. Her tears of pain suddenly stopped and tried to smile but managed to say at last we cud do it .

I am happy u cud enter into me now we are bound into a new bound where probably no siblings are . With her permission when the pain had reduced i started to move very slowly in and out may be at least for five minutes now her pain was substantially gone and she started enjoying i increased the pace now she was moaning again. The journey of passion really started and i was fucking my dear sis when i was sure that i was no more hurting then only i felt pleasure and now the train was moving so fast i was really fucking to my capacity while either kissing her face, lips or even her growing parrots . Iwud pause when she signalled me of her orgasms and again i wud pick up it went on i don’t know how long but the pleasure which both of us wanted it ever last but inevitbly came near i cud feel it by my mastrubation experince i started humping her for all i was worth and explode into the unprotected paradise . Anju smiled when she felt spurts after spurts were hitting her womb . When i slid to side neither of us knew when we drifted off sleeep .but certainly woke up at five in the morning by my buzzing alarm when i opened eyes stil we were embraced i kissed on her forehead and whe she started sturring she too opened eyes and pinched me. I asked the reason she replied to confirm that it was not dream i asked what dream?. U making me then stammered for the words , fucking i concluded. I had to force her to send her to her room with a promise of repeating it next night. Then i observed the bed it had so much blood stain on it and now i saw her legs there was lot of blood stain probably more of blood had oozed than semen. Now i took her to bath and washed her thourowly .when she was gone i slept again . At around eight mom came to room to awake me thanks god i had changed the sheets after sending choti to her room. She pinched my cheek and awakened me wth her ever sweet voice . And declared there is sweet news i opened my eyes and jumped immiditly to know the news , mom declared choti has become big ,suspecting she has matured , but acting innocent i said u mean she has grown and she is big again mom pinched my cheek u buddu u cant understand and fled out of room. That day was like festival in the house of course it was certainly for we two .but sad part of it was no one were supposed to touch her for five days.

For next five days i wud sneek into her room and wud talk and whenever i tried to touch she wud protest.but after five days she wud come to my room and we used to play we did have sex almost every night at least twice or thrice a night.then a botheration staeted because as she was matured there was every risk of pregnancy , when i detailed it she laughed at me and said u buddu have u forgotten that kamasutra book had illustated the use of condom , i jumped and shouted urekha and next day itself i braught a box of condoms for a whole next month was honeymoon for us .there after when both of us were talking i reminde her that we are losing studies for which she also agreed .now after month of honey moon we reduced frequency but smooching was mandetory daily program. Till now we enjoy we live like real lovers no regrett no guilt but pure bliss.we have promised to each other that there wont be cheating , we wud never opt to change partners till the marriage and wud maintain the relation even after marriage also . By this we had one biggest advantage that most of our classmates were searching for girl/boy friends and thinking or planning to trap for lovers and spend huge amount of time and money but failure in most of cases .they used to explain us whenever there partnes cheated or slipped out of thair hand .we used to smile discreetly.we never had to spend time or money but we were utilising it for better purposes like studieng or fucking each other brain out.

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