Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mom was unaware of dads Intentions

By: Husband

We are a family of four , me ,dad, mom and my sister live in a nice residential area and are financially sound. My dad works abroad and comes home every six months for a vacation of one month. I am doing my degree final year and am of age 24, I am about 5 ft 10 inches tall and have a average physique just like my dad. My mom is a school teacher, and my sister studies in plus one class. Ravi is my closest friend in school. One evening after school I went went with ravi to his house to check on his computer which he said was not booting up. Ravi's mom opened the door and let us in. I always had the hots for ravi's mom because she had a great ass and large boobs. This particular day it looked as if she was not wearing any panties as when she turned from the door and walked to the kitchen i could see her ass jiggling under the nighty. I was watching her walk and ravi pulled me saying come up yaar, why are u watching old ladies? I blushed and went up to his room. Ravi then told me the problem on his computer and i tried to fix it while i was trying to fix it he said, do u like my mom's ass. I was shocked and was stuttering when he said dont worry. Its ok i know my mom's ass is quite large. I myself ogle at it while she moves around. This opened up the topic of incest and he told me my mom too was great and had a sexy figure and he wouldnt mind fucking her. I was aghast at what he had said but my cock had grown hard. After fixing the computer i left for my home and reaching home changed my dress. I walked to the kitched to grab some food and found mom grinding rice for tomorrows breakfast and she had pulled up a cornor of her saree and tucked it in her waist and her right leg was visible from just above the knee. She dint know i had come to the kitchen and i watched her nice shapely plump legs for a couple of minutes. Her legs were creamy white and i felt a stirring in my loins as she turned to get water from the tap her ass was thrust out and i watched its shapely size though inside her saree, it was a scintillating sight. I was rock hard. From that day on i made it a habit of peeking in on her and one day i managed to fix up a small gap in her bathroom with the intention of wanting to see her naked. But unfortunately for me dad arrived on leave the day i fixed up the hole to watch her. When dad is around mom and dad are in their own world. Guess all those months without sex must have made them horny for each other. A couple of days after dad came , one morning he went out to buy some chicken, my sister had gone to school and i was on study leave, mom had taken the day off. Mom went to bathe a little after dad went out. I knew it was my chance of the day to see her naked, so i crept to her room and started peeping through the gap that i had fixed. She had just removed her saree and was standing in petticoat and blouse, i was hard and my chest was beating rapidly with excitement, i didnt hear the front door open and close, when i heard footsteps near me i turned and saw my dad standing in the doorway watching me, i went pale white and just walked past him. I could not face him. I was totally trying to avoid him the next few days.

But after two days of avoiding him dad while on the dinner table dad saidthat he and myself are going to his mothers house to pay her a replied saying come soon suresh has to study, dont forget he is on study leave. He asked me to dress up and come along with him. I got into the car sat besides him and was silent as we drove to his mom's house. Grandma's house was about 40 kms away so we would have to drive around one hour. After about 15 minutes we passed a gorgeous looking lady who had large ass which was swinging to and fro as she walked suddenly exclaimed loudly "oh suresh just look at he what a large ass ". I was open mouthed when he repeated again "how's her ass man its so big, even bigger than your mom's". I nodded my head. He then said have you seen your mom's ass suresh, i saw you peaking into the bathroomo while she had gone to bath. I couldnt answer anything, my mouth was dry. He smiled and patted me on the head and said dont worry iam not angry with you. You are grown up now and its normal for boys your age to get such feelings. Tell me suresh have you seen your mom's ass. I replied "no dad". He said "but you were peeking while she was bathing you must have seen". I said "no dad she had not undressed, she was just in her blouse and petticoat and you came and i had to leave.” I was feeling relaxed now. Dad said " suresh your mom is a very sexy lady and has a great shape" do you want to see it. I can help you, and you can watch without getting caught." i nodded my head , my cock had grown hard with all this talk, dad dropped his hand on to my thigh and i knew he could feel my hard cock, he just squeezed it as if it was normal for a dad to squeez the hard cock of his son. I was in a euphoric mood now. Dad did not take his hand from my cock, though my cock was inside my pants it was rock hard. He rythmically squeezed it through my clothes and looking at his trousers i could see his cock too was hard. In a short while we had reached grandma's house and a special bond had formed between us. When dad's brothers wife, who lives with our grandma was serving us food dad winked at me and pointed to her ass as she moved away, i smiled and made a "o" with my fingers which let him know that my uncles wife had a gorgeous ass. While returning dad said "suresh tonight i shall keep the window of our bedroom open you can walk over the sunshade and peek in. I shall keep the lights on and you can see your mom naked and have your fantasy fullfilled," i said "thanks dad" and put my hand on his thigh and rythmically squeezed his cock as he had done mine earlier.

We were now silently driving gathering courage i said "dad can i watch you fucking mom". Dad said," hmmm... I too was thinking that, and i really would like you suresh to fuck your mom while i watch but it is not possible as your mom will never permit and it would be end of the family for us". I nodded my head. Dad looked at me and said "suresh my cock has gone tight in my pants please ease it a bit my moving it, i cant remove zip as iam driving ". I pulled his zip down and adjusted his hard cock over his underwear, i was no gathering enough courage to put my hand inside his underwear. It was nearly dusk now and our car had cooling film on windows and no one from outside could see in, feeling a bit daring i dipped my hand into dads open zip and pushed my hand inside his underwear and pulled his cock out. Dad adjusted a bit and his rock hard cock was now on display for me to see. The cock which had spurted semen for me to be born was on display, i started fondling it and pulling the skin back and forth. Dad was moaning with pleasure, dad said, suresh show me your cock too. I pulled my cock out and dad put his hand on my cock and started fondling it, we drove all the way home with both of us fondling each others cock, i was nearly on the verge of coming as we drove up our driveway. While getting down dad said, remember to come after 10 pm only and you go to bed early so that i can get mom in the mood. I nodded. That night after supper, i bid goodnight to dad mom and sis and went to my room saying i was tired and needed sleep. Sister after finishing her meal to retired to her room. This left dad and mom alone. Dad must have started fooling around with her because after about an hour i could hear their bedroom door closing. I glanced up at the clock. The time showed, about 9.45 pm. I could hear their toilet flushing and at the same time i heard the slight noise of the the window hook being released. I knew mom must have been in the toilent while dad released the window lock. I waited for about another half an hour, i slowly tiptoed from my room climed on to the sunshade of the lower room and i was directly before the window of my parents bedroom. The curtains were drawn and the right end window was slightly open, i pulled the window slowly wide open. Now the only thing between me and the view in my parents bed room was the curtains, suddenly i heard footsteps coming near to the window, and before i could duck, i saw dad standing near the window move the curtains and bit and drop something from his hand on to the terrace he looked out and our eyes met, i looked down and saw that he had dropped the condom cover from which he had taken a condom. He smiled at me and walked back and i could see he had moved the curtain a bit, i peeked in and i was full off excitement, i saw my dad fully naked with his erect cock standing facing the window, my mom was naked and was in a kneeled position before him and sucking on my dads cock. As dad was facing the window mom's back was towards the window. Dad had done this on purpose so that mom woulnot be facing the window. He gestured me to open the curtains wider and look. I opened the curtains wider and saw the milky white nudity of my mom. I saw how greedily she was sucking on my dad's cock. Dad held her by the should made her get up and french kissed her, while kissing her he was fondling her large white ass and he pointed at moms ass with his finger and made an o with it, his eyes met mine and i nodded. He then parted moms ass as he was french kissing her and i saw the asshole.

My dad was a daring fellow in the same position keeping moms back towards the window he started moving towards the window, i was shocked he brought her close to the window made her sit on the window sill and now i could now see my moms ass up close. He gestured me behind her back to touch her ass. I slightly put my hands and for the first time touched my mom's naked ass . Mom must have thought it was dad touching her. He then gestured me to leave and i left. They must have later finished their marathon fucking session.

Next morning at the breakfast table dad looked at me and we both smiled and he nodded towards moms ass as she was cooking and made a raised eyebrow, i made an o with my fingers. That was the begening of a new relation with my dad. After a couple of days. One evening while i was reading my subject books dad walked in and asked how are your studies going, i replied ok dad, dad said hope masturbating is not leaving you exhausted all night, i blushed and he stood near me and pressed his cock which was inside his lungi on my shoulded. I asked him " dad is the window open tonight". He smiled and i could feel his cock getting hard as it was pressing on my shoulder. He replied "today suresh you dont have to risk walking over the sunshade you can come to our room, i will leave the door open". I was excited, i turned slightly in my seat and put my hand on his cock parting his lungi and pulled on it, he had no underwear and glancing at the door i saw that he had closed it while he had entered my room. His cock was now level at my face. I opened my mouth instinctly and sucked on his cock. He pulled my head towards him and was now fucking my mouth. He moaned and whispered son have you done this before, i replied no dad but no sound came as my mouth was filled with the cock that had made me. I could only shake my head, he then pulled out his cock and asked me to stand. He opened my pant zipper pulled out my cock and sucked it and i came in his mouth. He said " while in gulf this is how my room mate and i satisfy ourselves as our wives are at home.". I was happy now that my father and i had a very special intimate bond. He said suresh " you come to my room at about 11.00 pm i will have your mother undressed and blindfolded playing catch me if you can, and while playing i will have a small bottle of mirinda there to which i will have mixed two sleeping tablets and i will be feeding her it in small quantities as and when she touches me, you can see the game and later you may get to fuck her.
I was excited now and hard again. He said dont masturbate now, keep it for your mom. That night at 11.00 i tiptoed to their room. I could see light through the gap and peeked in, light music was playing, dad and mom were naked. Mom was blindfolded. Dad was touching her breasts and moving around saying catch me darling. She was trying to catch him and was laughing all way. I opened the door slightly dad saw me beckoned me to be silent and gestured me to remove my dress and be naked. I went back to my room, got naked and came back, dad allowed mom to touch her the fed her a couple of gulps from the mirinda bottle saying here have your prize, in about 10 minutes time mom was sweating and the mirinda bottle was empty, dad gestrued me to go out of the room. I moved out and closed the door and peeked through the slight gap. Mom had lain on the bed and dad had removed her blindfold, and she was panting as he was licking her pussy, but slowly i could see mom was moving to the sleeping phase. In about 10 minutes mom's moaning sounds had stopped and i knew she was fast asleep. The tiredness and pills had together done their work. Dad stepped out the room, we both were naked, he said come on son have your fantasy of fucking your own mother come true. We both walked to the bed. Dad kneeled before me and sucked on my cock and made it hard. Then he opened the legs of mom and asked me to get on top. Before i got on top, dad placed a towel on moms faces so that her eyes would be covered in case she opened it and he stood near us keeping guard. I licked on moms pusssy a bit, then slowly pressed my hard cock into her pussy and in a thrust i was inside her, mom flinched a bit but dint wake, i slowly rythmically fucked my mom and shot my whole sperm inside her, inside the pussy which had given birth to me. Then dad got on mom and i could see his cock thrusting inside and was coated with my semen too and made a frothy scene. We then went to my room, we washed together, and dad said, suresh now we have a deal, you have fucked you mom but you have fucked my wife, after your marriage you must help me fuck your wife too. I said " i would gladly do it dad," you can fuck my wife and its a promise. He then went to his room . Next morning we were having breakfast at the same table all four of us, mom dad me and my sister. Dad winked to me and said dont forget the deal suresh, mom asked whats the deal, i said dad offered to take me to gulf on a visiting holiday if i scored well. Mom said yes concentrate on your studies. I said with a teacher like dad i will defenitely score mom.
We all laughed but dad and me had our own secret, a day before he was to leave dad said, suresh, we can repeat the fucking of your mom today and then you should promise not to risk anything till i come back on leave again. I nodded, that night the scene was repeated except this time as i was fucking my passed out mom dad was recording it on his handy cam. Then as he as fucking her he asked me to record it. Then i recorded his sucking me off and he recorded me sucking him off. We made two copies one i kept hidden on my computer and the other he took with him to gulf saying he wanted to watch and get hot while he was alone. I promised not to risk anything with mom and remain a good son till he came back and we would take our experiences with mom to furthur heights. Next day we all saw him off to airport, and jokingly he commented to mom, suresh is now 24 better start looking for a wife for him, so next year we can get him married off. I knew what he wanted and we both smiled. Mom replied, i too was thinking the same, i feel lonely too i must have a girl in the house to help me. We all laughed and i acted as if i was shy. Dad left and is to come back in a year or so iam anxiously waiting for his return meanwhile i jerk off every night watching the video of me fucking my passedout mom.

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