Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Encounter With Cousin Sister

By: Ankit

Encounter With Cousin Sister

Hello Friends, My name is Ankit, i am from Mumbai & i am a great fan of Indian Sex Stories some of them are of real good quality so even i thought of publishing my story, Let me tell you a exciting encounter that happend few days back with my cousin sister Sarika (name changed). Let me first describe how she looks, She is around 37, (don't let this no. amaze you my friends she looks stunningly great & awesome, right curves at the right place ahem... you know what i mean to say) she is married with 2 kids & she still has a beautiful figure 34d, 25, 36 she maintains herself & works out regularly, I have no bad feelings about my cousin and had never thought of having sex with her. I treat her as my sister and had never seen her with spying eyes. But things changed few days back.... before we could go ahead with my story let me also describe my self.... i am 28 years old with a good build, wheatish complexion, round face & always carry a cute smile, i also workout too keep myself fit.

(Chapter I) The Beginning.......

Now let me start my story this is a real incident which happend few days back.... i used to frequently vist my cousin
sister as she stays close to me, as usual i went to her place in the afternoon i rang the door bell but to my surprise she did not open the door & took long time than expected, i called her from my cell phone she picked up the phone after calling her many times... this was quite surprising for me, i asked her what happend ? are you ok! is their any problem, she said she was feeling very low & did not want to talk right now & she was at home, i somehow convinced her to open the door as i was worried about her, as soon i as entered & closed the door behind me i asked her what happend, she looked at me & broke into tears & hugged me tightly with a firm grip..., now to be very honest friends she is elder to me & we had many encounters
earlier "i mean" in our school days we used to play togeather some slight brushes even few time i also unknowling pressed her boobs.. i also remember once she kissed me on my lips while we were playing doctor doctor & neither she or i had any bad intension's..... ok let me continue my story i was trying to console her & wanted to know what had happend why is she so depressed... she said let me cry first & was not letting me go... her grip was too firm honestly i could not free myslef & finally gave up thinking that she is my cousin sister & needs my affection, we both were standing in the same position for half hour i was afriad what if someone sees us in this position, we were not doing anything wrong but what ppl might think so i asked her where is bhaiya (her husband) & kids, she told me that her husband is out of town for a week he had to go in the
morning some urgent meeting came up & kids have gone to the school so she was alone, she was still not letting me go & i knew somthing was wrong may be she had a fight with her husband, now standing in this position for 1 hour i was a bit un-comfortable.. casue every inch of her front body was tightly tugged to me & honestly guys even if she is your cousin sister after standing in such a position for 1 hour any man will not be able to control.... same was my position,as my left hand caresing her back and my right running through her hair. Soon I became aware of her breasts pressed against mine, of the heat she was generating, how it was increasing, and how the air around us seemed to be filled with a fragrance that I hadn't
noticed before. I moved my left hand and gently stroked her shoulder and moved down her arm,gently stroking up and down, before she caught my hand and put it to her breast & french kissed me...... I froze for a fraction of a second, and then my hand began to slowly feel her breast, to explore the softness of the skin, i was slowly unhooking the front buttons of her shirt now she was standing in front of me without her top & her eyes tightly closed then i slowly un hooked her bra & to my surprise i was zapped to see her figure at this age with 2 kids, her breast where as firm as a 16 year old girl she gently pushed my head down towards her breast. At a bit of a loss to know what to do, I placed soft kisses all over her breast,
little tiny kisses all over, up, sides, around and bottom, avoiding the nipple area, til she pressed my head harder and I suddenly knew what she wanted. My mouth then gingerly encompassed her nipple, kissing it softly, placing gentle kisses around the aureola before I took a deep breath and began to suck on the exposed and hardened nipple.... soon i realized that she is my cousin sister & what am i doing..... i stopped she opened her eyes slowly & said "Thanks" i need that i said but this is wrong.... we should not be doing this...... you are my cousin sister how can i ever forgive my self.... she hold my hand & took me to her bedroom & told me that she was hungry for sex since last 6 months her husband was not satisfying her needs he started to drink a lot & when she wanted him to have sex he & used to fall a sleep after drinking, some times he used to kiss her but would not go any futher than that.... & she wanted to have sex badly, she also told me that she was thinking of paid sex, so she could hier a male partner & have sex with him... but was afriad if someone comes to know about it her family would dishonour her & she also have 2 kids to take care of, she asked me if i was willing to have sex with her & she would not disclose this to anyone also everyone in her family & in her building knows me very well as they know the relation between us & no one will come to know about this desecret relationship & she can openly have sex with me in her own house without any one knowing. I was a bit confused & did not know what to do !!!! she said look at me & tell me do you want your sister to go out & have sex with some unknown male ? i immediately said nooooo but i need some time to think over maybe a
week & she was ok with it, while i was partying from her she said she wanted a kiss from me. i kissed her cheeks but she wanted on her lips..... she looked at me and lean forward so i started to kiss her passionetly, i looked into her eyes & knew what she wanted after few minutes i broke myself free saying bye & told her to wait for my call after a week, she said she was eagerly waiting for that day.

(Chapter II) THE DAY ARRIVES.....

As you knew guys that she was my cousin sister & having sex with her was hard to convince my self, i could not sleep for the entire week, but how can i ever imagine her having sex with a strange guy hence i made up my mind finaly....... & the day came when i had to call her....... i called her up & with just a single ring she picked up her cell & asked me when was i comming..... i said today evening but i asked her if her husband was at home she told me not to worry as his business trip was prolonged for one more week & the kids have gone to their nani's place (Grandmother) for the weekend... she openly asked me how if had any wish or anything special in mind or if any kind of prepration needed to be done.... now everything was too frank between us nothing that i could not be shy of..... i told her that i would wish to see her wedding sari i mean how a girl prepares herself for her 1st night....... she was soo happy i could not describe in words she was all ready to be taken by me & i went to her place in the evening at around about 10:00 i rang the door bell & she opend the door!!! man She was
looking stunningly elegant in her gorgeous green sari, with a very nice light makeup on her face like a pari (angle) standing in front of me..... let me tell you my friends even on her wedding day 12 years back she was not looking so gorgeous... i stepped in the house & to my surprise she had made wonderfull arrangments in her bedroom.... the flower bed was ready with all rose petals covering the bed & the AC was turned on to make the room chilly, on all the four corners i saw small deep (lamps) lit...... she looked at me.... both of us ever uttered a single word as we knew what was gonna happen & their was no turning back or try to convince her.... she told me to take in her in my arm & keep her on the bed, I picked her up, In my strong arms, she felt as light as a paperweight, She kept her eyes closed as i carried her kept her on the bed saying “I love
you, baby,” and kissed her, i let loose her sari's pallu Our eyes meet and we just stare at each other as i took her face in my hands She leaned forward and i kissed her along her neck, moving towards lips and kissing her deep and passionately. Slowly
i began to remove her blouse as the other hand continued to slide down along her thighs. Slowly i moved it upon them until one hand was between her thighs, fondling her. I had her bra slowly coming off and placed a kiss between her breasts. I then let my tongue glide upward, finding the base of her neck. I began to suckle her there and she let her head back and sighed, her passion rose. Slowly I began to remove the sari as the other hand continued to slide along her thighs. Slowly i moved it upon them until one hand was between her thighs, fondling her. sHe leaned forward as the sari slowly coming off her and I placed a kiss on her sweet & soft lips we began to kiss so amazing...our kissing styles meshed...(which is hard to find)....we kissed just held each other for a long time she said i'am lucky girl.. to have met someone like you, my lady was now fully naked in front of me.... she now sarted to remove my cloths placing small kisses on my cheeks neck my chest & She grabbed my manhood in her hand and started to slowly stroke him up and down my breathing mounted as the feel of her hands stroking me brought my manhood to full erection. I continued to play with her breasts as she buys stroking my shaft. She then slowly pulled me towards her and placed manhood in her mouth. She sucked hard at first, causing me to moan and arch back from the warm sensuous feeling. She then pulled my mandhood in, then out, letting me know what she wanted..... to stroke her mouth. I complied, I moaned continuously as she sucked softly. I could not control & as i was about to cum.... i tried to pull my self out but she wanted to take every drop of it inside her.... she sucked me hard & with a loud moan I released my juices until I had emptied myself in her mouth she drank every bit of it & with a wicked smile on her she face kissed me again saying you taste wonderful, now i laid her down & stared kissing every inch of her body she kept saying take me pplllzzzzz take me i am all yours i went down & parted her sweet legs & saw how beautiful her pussy was i brought my tongue of her slit and feel for her clit. I Licked hard now and press into her skin. Gently pulled the pussy lips away by this time she was shounting like mad take me ppppppllllllzzzzzzz take me....... i cannot control...... pppppplllllzzzzzz take me i took the clit into my mouth. Started to suck gently and watched her face for her reaction she was all red by now i begin to suck harder even harder she also could not stop her organism & blasted juices on my face this was a wonderfull experiance i could never forget she took my face in her hand & said "dear how can i ever repy back" with 12 years of my marriage my husband never went down.... it was only i who used to suck his manhood.... i was back in action After staring at my cock for a couple of minutes, she said a little worriedly, "I really don't know if I will be able to get you inside of me." I asked her why she would think that and she said, "Because the size of my fully grown cock I have was bigger than her husbands. " I
told not to worry, it would definitely fit. she gave me a look of disbelief and asked, "Will it fit my ass too?" Now this blew my mind as I have never had a woman just straight out make a point of saying that they would like to have my cock fill their ass, so I asked "Is that what you want, this big cock stretching your little asshole and filling you up?" she only had eyes for my tool and was staring at it as if that was who was talking to her and she answered, "Yes, I want the whole thing." I assured her that we could try and if it got to be too much for her then we would stop, she seemed pleased with that answer. Of course, my mind was imagining just taking my cock and ramming it deep inside of her while she moaned with pleasure begging
me for more. I took my cock and ran it all over her pussy and ass, getting it good and wet so that I wouldn't cause any more pain than I absolutely had to. While running my cock against the opening of her cunt, I couldn't help but let it slip inside. Damn she was tight inside, moaning and squirming like she was I knew that we both wouldn't be able to hold out for very long. I kept pumping my cock in and out of her tight honey hole, more juices were running down her legs we both blasted at the same time letting my juices inside her we both were relaxed for & now she was in now mood to wait she was all ready for the 3rd time & this time she wanted a ride in her ass..... I lined up the head of my cock with the opening of her tight little ass, thinking once again that yes I wanted to slam it in but I didn't want to hurt my sweet sister either. About that time she took matters out of my hands and lifted her hips to meet the head of my cock. By doing this, she got it started in about a
half inch. She then looked me in the eyes and said, "Come on baby, fill me up, just ram it up in there. I need to feel you, I need it hard." I was so hot and horny by this time that I knew that there was nothing that I wouldn't do for this woman if she asked me so I drew up my knees, lifted her ass up a little higher, and buried my cock all the way in her ass. I heard sarika let out a deep breath and say, "Ohhhh." I asked her if she was alright and she nodded that she was, she then started rocking her hips causing my cock to slip in and out of her. sarika kept a steady rub going on her clit, moaning and wiggling about. With one hand she was hold me so tight that I just knew that she would break it. she was getting so turned on that she began to scream out my name and telling me to go harder and faster. I was fucking this hot piece of ass like it was a pussy, hearing my balls slap against her ass. She began to cum, her love juices pouring out of her. My orgasm was building to an intensity that could not be matched and I told her I was going to cum, sarika told me to fill up her ass, "Cum deep in my ass so you can watch it come back out." I began to pum even harder, barely able to restrain
myself when I felt the streams let go, this was the best cum ever, it was so strong and intense. I took my cock out & she held me so tightly & kissed me thanking me...... we then slept in each other's arms.... i just happend to see the time & it was 3 we had sex for 4 hours without a break & we both were now Exhausted & wanted to sleep... we slept holding each other tight got up at 12:00 in the afternoon i gave her a good bath & also had one more session..... this time direct in her ass & she loves oral sex i licked her pussy to give her multiple organism we parted again saying bye i came home & then their was no looking back... i went to her place every day to satisfy her needs till her husband came... now i go to her place once in a week in the afternoon for a shot session she is happy, we also tried every other position that was possible..... so guys &
gals after reading this story i am waiting for your suggetion & comments, i am sorry for such a long story but i wanted to express myself as this is my 1st story ... any girls around of any age can contact me on ( for desecret relationship or friendship or you can contact me if needed any suggetions. Privacy of identity will be maintained. bye for now.... also wait for one more story this time a short one... how i trapped my 13 year old neighbour when i was 18..... chow.....


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