Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Played with sister boobs

By: rajeev

hi friends i want to share u a story which was happen in my life at the age of 18 i had a young sister her age is less than two yrs from me it was a night i sleep near my mother but after some time i waked for going toilet at that time i saw my mother and father were missing i found them on our hall my father is sucking my mothers boobs and she is producing a moaning sound after seeing that my rod become 8 inches by body become more than 100 degrees i came from there to sleep but i saw there my sister his sleeping his nighty had came up to his hips and showing his red color panty his boobs are merging with each other i went near her and try to touch her before that i heard a sound that my mother is coming i gone to sleep but i can't sleep whole night on that day i think to fuck my sister boobs because it is too sexy and bigger than a cocounut next day morning i see her bathing in a window gap that increases my aim too more my only aim is to play with the boobs of my sister after a week we got a news that my uncles has died we plan to go but me and my sister had exam that's why my father and mother had gone i planned on that day morning this is the day which i waiting for i get food from the hotel for night with that i get a bottle of sleeping tablet which was prescribe by doctor to my father and get a condom packet both eat the food and went for sleep but i had a doubt that the tablet works or not but now i am ready to take risk that's why i make me nude and went near my sister and pressed my pennis into her mouth she didn't have any response and then i removed her nighty zip and enter my hand into her bra i got a smooth rubber ball then i removed her nighty and bra and pressed her boobs for 15min its become harder and red color but i don't leave that i put my mouth and fucked for 10min then she produced a sound ahahahahahaha amma amma... then i leave that and removed her panty and put my tounge inside her pussy and sucked it i got a tasty juice from there then i took my rod and pressed inside but it is difficult to enter that's why i had some butter in it and pressed it enters smooth and tight she produce a sexy sound which increase my mood more i gave shots to her for 10min and poured my juice into her she bite her lips and then i played with her boobs by puring cheese and butter and eating that and i maked her dresses correct and go to sleep at around morning 5 o clock but i didn't get the chance again and im waiting for that because she really admires me

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