Sunday, February 22, 2009

Seductive stepmother

By: jeyseem

Hi, my name is Rockson(name changed), 19 now, athletic, well built for I am a keen sportsman. Any real female/married couple from Kerala/Bangalore and they wanna have sexual relation with 19 year old keralite boy. If u r interested mail me at what I am writing here is a true period of my life, which i wanted to get off my chest. My parents were divorced when I was 12, and my mother got custody (i guess my dad was only too pleased). My mother insisted that i maintain good relations with him, and he used to visit at least once a week. It was just after my 17th b'day that my dad came home and told us that he was getting married again, and he wanted to have it on my 18th b'day and also wanted me to be his best man. My mother said nothing, but told me to do it. When i went to my dad's place i met his to be wife, and she said "i am roseanne (name changed), you can call me rose" i said it was fine by me for i could never call her mother and she said "good, you have made yourself clear, because i never want to be like a mother to you but would like to be your friend". She was 38, very pretty, fair-skinned, cat-eyed, kissable lips, long lustrous hair, and an amazing figure (36dd-28-38, i was to find out later) we inter-acted over the next few months arranging the wedding, and did develop an okay relationship. She was overly warm, always hugging me me/putting her arms around me, always showing concern, calling me "sweetheart", in front of my dad, and i used to feel embarrassed. On the wedding day, i had to dance with her, and she said "thanks for everything, i hope that you will learn to love me, for i feel you are still resenting me" i said "i am fond of you, it's just…" and she stopped me saying "i understand, maybe one day". About six months later my mother who works for an mnc was given a posting abroad for six months, and told me to continue my visits to my dad's place. On rose's birthday she wore a figure hugging, deep cleavaged, maroon midi-skirt which showed off her assets to perfection. Dad took us out to drinks/dancing/dinner, and we danced a couple of times. A couple of months later, my dad who works with the airlines, was transferred out of station for a month, and he insisted that i continue my visits, and could even stay over as rose would have company, i told him i preferred my independence but would visit regularly.

The first time i visited after he left, i reached their place in the morning. Rose told me she needed to go out to buy some provision. While she was away i wandered about the house and into their bedroom and saw her lingerie, red transparent short nightie, black bikini bra/pantie( which were three tiny triangle barely enough to enough to cover her breasts/pussy) on the bed. And on her bedside table i saw a diary, i opened it to the last page and saw that she had written the previous day "i'll be alone with rock for two days. I must seduce him for i have been longing for him" i was stunned and went to the day of our first meeting "wow, i was feeling hot between my legs when i saw rock. He sure is sexy" on the wedding day she had written "rock danced with me, it was a great feeling being in his arms" and an entry on her birthday "i guess i did turn rock on today, for i could feel his hard cock against me. I must have him" on the day my dad left she had written "hope time flies and tomorrow comes soon, so that i can have rock" i was stunned by the entries for i had never lusted for her, but now reading what she had written aroused me. I placed the diary back where it was and went to the hall and was watching tv when she returned. Knowing what was in her mind i stayed calm outwardly, but inside i was on fire. She said she was going to change into something comfortable and told me to do so too. I changed into a pair of shorts, no underwear,and a sleeveless t-shirt. When she came out she was wearing my dad's pyjama top, 2 buttons open, which reached to just below mid-thigh and it was clear there was nothing on underneath. She asked me what i wanted to drink and i said a vodka would do fine, and she said "fix yourself one and for me too" i did so and was coming out and she was coming in and we bumped into each other and part of the drinks fell on her top. She said "oh fuck, i 'll go and change" i told her there was no need and that it would dry soon. She looked down at her top, seeing that the wetness clearly outlined her breasts, said "are you sure?" and i said "yeah, it looks nice" i had initiated the seduction process and now waited for her next move.

She sat on the sofa and i sat in a chair opposite her. She asked me if i had a gal and i said "no" she said "how come, a guy like you" at the same time lifting her legs to put them under her and i caught a glimpse of clean shaven pussy,and she knew. I told her i was waiting for the right one to come along, someone beautiful. She asked me "do you think i am beautiful" and i said " very, i hope the girl i meet is entirely like you" our drinks were over, and i got up to fix another, and as i bent to take her glass she caught my hand and as if by accident placed it on her breast for a second at the same time kissing me on the cheek "thanks sweetheart" when i came back with our drinks i saw that a third button was open and she said "sit here" patting the sofa near her. I sat down next to her and she took my hand in hers, placing her arm on my thigh, and an electric shock went thru me. She was sitting so that she faced me, and then she said "there are certain things i want to ask you and i hope you won't get angry" i told her to go ahead and she said "have you ever had sex?" when i told her i had not she said "why not?" and i said "as i said i am waiting for the right woman to come along" she said "older or your age" i said "whichever" she said "rock i've been attracted to you since the first day i saw you, but i've held back, now with you next to me, alone, i've mixed emotions. Do you find me attractive?" she was leaning forward and i could see her breasts and i said "yes i do rose, very attractive. You are an extremely attractive and sensual woman" she said "if you had the chance would you fuck me?" taking the glass from my hand and putting it on the side table. I told her i would , and she said "would you like to?" at the same time taking my hands putting them in her top onto her breasts, a sigh escaping her lips as my hands touched them, and i felt her nipples harden. She removed her top and and i saw a fully nude woman for the first time and it was a fantastic feeling and i felt my cock throb. My heart was pounding hard. Her body was magnificent, firm large breasts topped by inch long thick dark pink nipples with a larger light surrounding area, flat stomach, clean shaven pussy, firm thighs. I removed my shirt as she pulled down my shorts and she gasped when she saw my erect cock saying :you're huge" now i am not much just 9" in length and 5" thick when erect.

She bent and kissed the head of my cock, then pushed me back on the sofa climbing on top of me taking my cock placed it between her thighs, and lying on me, her breasts against my chest, she kissed me, a deep searching kiss, my first ever and it was electrifying feeling the body of a woman against me for the first time. Her tongue entered my mouth, and i automatically sucked on it. She guided my hands to her breasts, breaking the kiss telling me to squeeze them, and to put my tongue in her mouth, and returned to kissing, sucking on my tongue. Breaking the kiss she raised herself up and cupping her breasts, offered them to me telling me to suck them. I did so and could feel them swell, and she said "yeah rock that feels really good" and reached for m y cock, rubbing it, cupping my balls.she took my hand and put in on her pussy saying "rub my cunt for a little while, insert your finger into me, feel my wetness and readiness for you, and then i am going to be your first fuck, and i am going to make it memorable for you" for nearly ten minutes we continued, and when i put my finger into her cunt i could feel her wetness as her juices flowed. Suddenly she straddled me, taking my cock, placing it at the entrance of her cunt, plunged downwards so that i was fully in her feeling her warm moistness on my cock, and she said "ooooh, yesss" moving up and down, taking my hands and putting them on her breasts saying "squeeze them hard, my nipples between your fingers" and then she clasped her legs tight around my waist, and fell on me, her body hard. And i put my arms around her, still inside her, and held her close for sometime. I asked her what happened, and she said "i had an orgasm the moment your cock entered me. That was wonderful, your cock fills me wonderfully" i said "it was fantastic for me feeling my cock glide into your warm moist cunt and now i wish i could stay inside forever, it feels so snug" she said "let us remain like this for a while" and we kissed, and again she guided my hands to her boobs and i started pressing them. She said "i never expected this to happen but i wanted you, and i never thought that you would give yourself to me. I'm happy now" i told her that i had never had sexual feelings for her, but there had been times when i did get aroused like on her b'day because she had looked absolutely stunning desirable. And today when the drink spilt on her and when she crossed her legs giving me a glimpse of her pussy, and the final straw was when i came out and saw she had opened her third button and i desired her. She said "i know , i could feel your cock against my thighs when we danced on my birthday. I noticed the bulge in your shorts when you went to get the drink, and so i opened the button so that you could get a good view of my breasts. Well, i am happy for us now"

She sat up, our pelvis' joined, and told me to take her to my bedroom. I picked her up still inside her, carrying her to the bedroom, and lowered her to the bed lying on top of her. She said "place your hands on my breasts, and start moving in and out of me. Take your time, don't hurry" i started slow leisurely strokes into her and she said "yes, that feels good, go in right up to your hilt, then withdraw and do it again" i did so for near 7 minutes and then she said "sweetheart, i am having another orgaaaasmm" her legs clasping my waist tight as she arched her tense body and i squeezed her breasts, burying my cock deep inside her, till she relaxed which was nearly two minutes. She said "wow, this is abs fab, now start stroking harder, i want to feel you come inside me" i said "i would like to experience you orgasm again, maybe together. She said "stay inside me. Run your hands over my body, wherever you want, and when i tell you to start, stroke hard and fast" i did as she told me, and then she said "now sweetheart", and i really did pump into her hard and fast, and just as i peaked, having my first orgasm, she came too, and i fell on top her, and we held each other tight. I could actually feel my cock jerking in her, as i spurted. For the next five minutes we just lay like that, and then i got off her, telling her "rose, this was out of this world. What happened" and she said "sweetheart, you have just experienced your first orgasm. It will get better, and i loved the feel of your hot spunk inside me. Now let us just hold each other for a while, and experience the after glow of our sex" and she started kissing me. I responded, pulling her close to me, loving the feel of her body against me, and i said "rose, you really are a rose, just beautiful.. Thank you" and she said "sweetheart, stay with me. But i know one thing, it will be for a few years, so do not get attached to me. Live your life, but always remember me as your first love, and not just a fuck" i said "rose, you are not a fuck, you are someone very special for me, you will always be my rose, and whenever you need me i am yours, i love being in you" she said "i love you in me, but now let us have lunch" after lunch we were in bed, just holding each other, and she said "my younger (15yrs younger) sister when she saw you told me that she would like to meet you. She is married, and she is coming over today with her husband for dinner" i told her that i could not remember her, but rose told me her name was lillianne, but was called lily. I said "your parents must have liked flowers, for you are rose, then lily, anyone else" and she giggled as she said "yes, you know i am 38, there is orchidanne better known as orchid (36), and violetta whom we call violet (34) , and tulip-anne who is tulip (32) and finally lily (23)" she was fondling my cock, and i was hard, so spreading her legs, i entered her sweet warm willing pussy, stroking slowly, and she said "ohh that feels so good, but now just enter me fully and let us lie on our sides, for i want to keep you inside me for sometime" i told her it was wonderful being in her for her cunt was so warm, moist, snug and she said "my pussy is yours, anytime you want it" i rolled on top of her and started stroking and she came, her legs tightening around my waist. When she relaxed, i started stroking in and out of her again, and after nearly six minutes i started to come, and slammed hard into her pussy, and she came too, my cock jerking inside her pussy as i spent myself.

We got up and got ready for the evening. Lily/joel, came at around 730pm. Lily was a younger version of rose, just 23. I was helping rose by serving the drinks/snacks, and when he was on his 4th drink joel said "i see you and rose are friends, eh?" i looked at rose and said "rose and myself have developed a healthy relationship that no one can take away" and joel said "not even your mother" i said "excuse me"and he repeated "not even your mother for we all know you are your mother's boy" i placed my drink down, and walking up to him, grabbed him by his shirt, shoved him against wall, and told him "you ever bring my mother into our discussion, be careful" and threw him back on the sofa for i saw the fear in his eyes. I said "rose i will come back later, i don't want to spoil your evening with lily" and it was lily who said "rock, please stay. Don't go. I apologise for what joel said, it was not right." and turning to joel said "you apologise to him now" and i said "i don't want his f******g apology, just let him be careful in future" rose said "rock, please.." and i just nodded and taking rose/my glasses went to fix us drinks. Lily said "me too, i'll help you" and i looked at rose and she the kitchen lily said "i am sorry…" and i stopped her saying "you do not have to apologise, he is a dick-head" and she put her hand on my arm saying "you are not angry with me, i hope" i said "lily, if you have a fool for a husband, i cannot blame you, you are very nice and i like you" she said "really, prove it" i looked at her and she seemed to 'dare' me, and reaching for her, pulled her close and kissed her on the lips, and then said "proof enough?" and she just clutched my arms tight and said "can i call you" and i told her "come home on monday, i will not go to college, but will spend the day with you" she was in my arms, and we kissed again. The evening after that, though spoilt, went off okay, for joel was silent throughout.

After lily/joel left, i helped rose tidy up, and we went to bed, nude. As we caressed each other she said "sorry for what happened today, he is boor, and my sister is unlucky" i said "rose, on the wedding day you said you hoped that i would learn to love you. I do love you, and you are special to me. What that idiot said i have forgotten, 'cos i saw the anger in your eyes and it was then that i fell totally in love with you because i knew that you respected my feelings and was not just a fuck to you" she said "sweetheart.." and i stopped her by kissing her putting my tongue into her mouth, and she responded, sucking on it, reaching for my semi-erect cock, as i ran my hands over her body,and between her legs. She was on fire, saying "mmmmmmm sweetheart, i want you inside me" and i knelt between her legs, and entered her fully. She said "ohhhh sweetheart, that feels good" wrapping her arms around me, holding me close, and we kissed, our tongues meeting, and i was running my hands over her body, feeling her hard nipples against my chest, and then placing my hands on her breasts, i started stroking, and she moaned softly, her hand against my chest. After about five minutes she said "baby, i am coming" i shoved my cock hard into her, and moaned loudly as she came and felt her cunt muscles tighten on my cock and i shot my load into her, falling on top of her. I waited till i became soft, and rolled off her and putting my arm under head, cradled her head on my shoulder, kissing her,and snuggled up to me, putting her leg across my thigh. I told her i had a confession to make and she said "tell me, i think i know, it's something about lily" and i told her what had happened between lily and myself in the kitchen and rose said "sweetheart, lily is my favourite sis. If she calls you and wants you, go to her if you want to, but never tell me about it, and never let her know about us and darling thank you for telling me" i told her that lily was a desirable woman,. The next morning, i woke before her, i had a hard on, but i let her sleep for some more time, then gently spreading her legs, i eased into her pussy, and she just said "mmmmmm, that's nice" and then woke with a start, saying "sweetheart, you are wonderful" i told her i could not help it but she looked so sensual that i just needed to enter her and she said "anytime you want, enter me. But it will only be till your dad comes back. You know that don't you?" i told her that somehow we would arrange to meet, because i needed her. She said "sweetheart, whenever you want me, call and i will come. Now you rest, while i make breakfast. I told her "no, you will stay in bed, i will make breakfast" she said "you cook?" i kissed her, and told her to wait. I went to the kitchen and made two tomato/cheese/mushroom omelets, buttered toast, and a beer mug of coffee, and brought it to her. She said "feed me, my hand is going to be full" and reaching for my cock, she took it in her hand. When she had the first bite of the omelet, she said "wow, this is good, and this is the first time someone has cooked for me, after my parents" i told her that she would not move from the bed as i would cook and feed her, then fuck her, the whole day. After breakfast, i cleaned up, and she told me she needed to use the toilet. When she came out, i took her to the bathroom, where i had made two buckets full of hot water, and i bathed her, then drying her off i put her to bed, and she said 'sweetheart, don't go" i said you just relax, i need to cook lunch, then i will come back. Send ur comments at

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