Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My first sex with my classmate

By: sahil singh

Hi to all you I am Sahil ( living in Vikas Puri, Delhi. I’m 27 years old an engineer by profession. This is the real instant when I am in collage. We have friends group of five and there was three gals and two boys. Our houses are in 5 kms. area. This story was when we are in third year of our engineering. She is beautiful and have gorgeous figure, her name is sonia. And i m average boy. We five are good friends and we don’t think sex with each other or raise a topic of sex, but we always comment on gals and boys. We go each others house for study. This instant held when i am at her home and we studding and discuss on the one topic. She is wearing blue jeans and white top. After some time her father came into study room and told to her that they (her dad and mom) were going to his friend daughter marriage. I don’t know that this day become first day of sex. After some time they left the house and told that the come at morning. We started our studding after one our i stood up went to kitchen and take two glass of water for me and her. Know we stop studding and start waiting tv normal music channel. And i asked for a cup of tea she went in kitchen and making tea. I noticed that tea is taking more time. I go to the kitchen and what i sea, she is not making tea. She is studding sexy magazine, in magazine nudity full shown. I m staring to her, she didn’t noticed. I m at door and still stood their and mind set to fuck her, i m thinking that. In mean time her one hand goes to her pussy and she rubbing. She wearied jeans and top with white bra. After few minutes i called her name “sonia”. She looked at me and i m looking at her. She stunned after seeing me and thinking what to do. Then i forward my step to her slowly. And because of stunned she became a statue, she is starring at and i m looking in her eyes. In few seconds we are front of each other eyes. She is nervous and i m also nervous. She wants to say something but can’t say. And suddenly my lust wake up and i break the silence and said “what are you looking ". She said nothing. I took the magazine from her hands and tell you want this. And she moved her eyes in yes manner. I saw many adult moves.

I moved my left hands on her neck and right hand on in her hair she surprised what i m going to do. She still stood like a statue and steering at me. I m nervous to 'what to do' and i break my nervousness and place my both hands on her round size boobs and pressed lightly, she closed her eyes and take a long breath. It excited me, i pressed her boobs hard she moaned 'aaahhhhh' this excited me and i pressed her boobs harder she moaned again 'uufff aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh". Then i stopped she opened her eyes and her eyes saying why you stopped. Then i took her hands and take in her parent’s room and asked have your father used condom (i beware of aids and we talk in collage about aids and more) or not she moved her head in not manners. Then i said to her and wait for me i m coming short time. After 20 minute i come back door are open she at in her parents room. Then i moving my head towards her she watching what i m doing than our lips touch and i started kissing her in few seconds she closed her eyes and responding me. We kissed about 10 minutes. It my first smooch and i think her first smooch also. After ten minutes we stopped for little moment and automatically over lips locked again. In mean time left hand pressing her boobs and right hand pressing her pussy (cunt). We both are excited and breathing heavily. I stopped and took off her top and jeans what i see she is in white bra and panty. And i took off my cloths and i m on my nikkar. We are steering each other. And our lips lock again and we feel each other body and body smell, i excited and chummed in my inker and my flows stop and i said shit, she asked what happen. I said i think me cumed. She is looking at me i took off my nikkar and i m totally nude. I said i wants to see urn pussy and boobs she hesitated first when i forced she removed her panty and i removed her bra. After removing her bra she suddenly hugged me.

My tool is totally erected and touching her pussy than we felt on bed while hugging each other. After that i m sucking her boobs and mean time pressing my one figure in her pussy it is totally wet with her juices. We do this for 5 -10 minute. After that i wear condom spread her legs and position my dick in he pussy, she looking at me when i pressed my dick in her pussy she closed her eyes and moaned. And i pressed more my 9" of 1" inserted in her pussy she shouted mummy and slide upward my dick come out from her pussy. She said it hurting. I moved my eyes in her parents room there is a dressing table i went there took i cold cream and come back in same position. I applied cream on her pussy and over my dick which is covered by condom. And again i started with more thrust and half of my dick inserted in her pussy she shouting and crying for leave and my dick also paining. I stopped , she wants to move up word to remove my penis but i hold her from shoulders. After 1 or 2 minutes she becomes normal and again i thrush my dick more in her pussy 3/4 of my dick inserted in her pussy. She begging to me to leave her but i not in mood of leaving her when i m on my top. I hold my position for short while till she become normal. After she come normal i started moving in same position for five minutes and i cummed. I laid down with her for 1/2 an hour. She stood up and asks me for the dinner because the time was 9:00 pm. I told her we take dinner nude. She agreed and after taking dinner we sex for three times till 3:00am we enjoyed each other company lot. If there is any mistake forgive me and write the suggestion for me to

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