Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My virginity lost to my brother

By: kavitha

Hi viewers, I’m Kavitha and of course an old member but with this I started myself as a narrator of my own story about how I lost my virginity to my brother and how I started my lesbian sex with my bhabhi. Hope you will enjoy. I’m of 13 years when it started approximately 12 years ago, studying in vii th std. And lived with my mother and sister. We lost our father, so we stayed in our aunt’s house in (my mom’s elder sister) and she had one son who is studying in 10th std then. He is very nice looking and has an athletic body since he was a junior champion in school team. One day while i was studying, i got doubt in english grammar and wanted to clarify that with brother vijay. So i went to his room, he was not there. So i sat on his reading table and i saw some books on his table. I just turn one book around and shocked to find that there are some hardcore sex photos of nude english ladies sucking huge men’s cocks. I was shocked and just close that. But out of curiosity i again opened and started watching that. This was the first time i had ever seen such a cock and by seeing that i was horny and started rubbing my pussy. My boobs are even bit bigger than my age at that time. I just laid on the reading table and kissing that cock in the photo. In the next page one man was licking the pussy and by seeing that i need some one to do it for me and squeezing my boobs and rubbing my pussy. I went to the edge of the stool and scratching my pussy in the edge of the stool and even i feel that little bit edge went inside my immature pussy. I was not started my menstrual cycle then. I like and love this feeling almost enjoying this by forgetting this world. But suddenly i feel something hard pressed at my back exactly where the ass cleavage starts. I was frightened and suddenly stood up and turn around. I saw my brother vijay standing behind me with just towel on his hip after his bath. The tool, which hit my back, was nothing else but his cock. That still get out of the towel, since the towel is so small to round his hip, i saw the reddish gland of his penis out of his towel. That was really wonderful and for some seconds i stared at that and even vijay didn’t hide it. He just dry up his hairs with his fingers, i think wantonly he needs me to see that. After a while, i just see upwards and told him that i got doubt in grammar.

He said, o.k. sit and i sat on the stool. While i stood up unknowingly i put my english book on the sex book without closing it properly. He took my english book and both of us watched the pussy-licking photo. I was little bit embraced but he never mind and place the english book aside of the sex book. He stood aside me and asked what is the doubt, and i was really not in a mood to clear my doubt. I just saw his erecting cock beside me with lovable redhead, which was still uncovered. I was unable to take my view out of that and i blindly show some doubt on the book. He said okay and he came behind me, and telling something out of subject. I think he also very horny like me. Now i feel his cock at my back and he was pressing that on my back. First i hesitated little bit but after some minutes i liked that. Even i started pressing my back to his hip. He got courage and he just bend downwards and rest his head on my right shoulder and rubbed his chin with mine. My body temperature has gone up and i also feel the heat of his body as well as hot air from the nose. He kissed me and i also kissed him because all things are out of control now. Then he just sat behind me in the small stool. I murmured him that the door was opened. He said there is no fear because all our family members are keenly watching some sunday movie in the tv and his room was in the upstairs. Normally, they won’t disturb us while we were studying. Even he just got down and checked from the balcony that all are very much engaged with movie. He got in and locked the door and jumped towards me and hugged me tightly and kissed me in my head neck back shoulder and hands and said “ kavvviii darling i love uuuuuuu”. I was flying and lost my control. I was really surprised because later i was told by my friends that after menstrual cycle starts, then only female body experiences sexual pleasures in a very good manner. But it is really wrong and from my experience i am telling all of you that the pleasure i had this time that i had never forget in my life still now. So i was very horny and he hugged from behind and now his hands are coming to my breasts and caressing that. My friends’ even envy on me because of my well packed, well developed major size lemons and even the pinched on my breasts and said what u r eating to get like this wonderful pairs. Now, that small oranges are in his palms and he slowly massaging my boobs. Oh! God! Really i have no words to explain my emotions. I started shivering, my lips begin to shiver, my body heat gone to the higher extent, my tiny nipples are hardened and i spread my hands and bend my head backward to see what he was doing. I saw he just close his eyes and experiencing the softness of my boobs. And i think he experienced the erected nipple, so his both index fingers rubbed over my nipples and i’am really telling you that i don”t know how my tiny nipples all of sudden became little bit bigger in size. Then i just hold his head down with my hands get closure to my mouth and kissed on his lips. He also catch hold of my lip and we both kissed each other’s lip for some time and now he became so horny and started squeezing my boobs hardly. I feel pain but i liked that pain. The he made me stand up and moved the stool with his leg apart and turn me around and put me on the table. I wore skirt and shirt at that time. He removed his towel and stood naked in front of me. By seeing my boobs closely his cock jiggles like a pendulum. Then he unbuttoned my shirt and removed and also removed my inner and made me topless. He was staring at my boobs because this was also his first time of seeing the boobs lively. He hold my boobs and gently kissed on that. Oh! Oh! Oh! Dam it, i really lost myself and hold his head tightly towards my breasts and after a while i took my right boob with my right hand and hold his head with the left hand and put through my boob in his mouth. He started biting mildly. I was moaning isssssshaaaaaaa! He likes that and asked me to do the same with left boob. I thro’ that left boob also in his mouth. Then he removed my skirt. I was just wearing panty and i feel some wetness around the panty. By seeing my milky thighs he put his head in between that and started biting. Now i feel exploring myself with some shyness. I don’t have words to explain those emotions because shyness cum joy ness; just want to get out of him but expecting him to go further to my pussy.

Thank god he understood my feeling and kissed my panty and in my pussy lips hardly giving a looooonnnnnnnng kiss. Oh! It was just awesome. Then he removed my panty and stunned to see my pussy and then he took the porn book and see what are all the men doing with pussy. He showed me one lady wide spread her legs and with her hand she open wide her pussy and the man put his tongue into that. By seeing that i was dying to have that experience and voluntarily wide spreaded my legs. He then opened my immature pussy and lick that and put his tongue into that like the photo. Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i was dyeiinnnngggg. I started pressing my boobs harder and bit my lips myself and enjoying the every lick. He then sucked.hard hhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa this is really greattttttt. I feel there is something from my abdomen bursting . He then stood up and just hug me hard and kissed on his lips rudely and hugged me tighttttttly. I feel some fluid is coming out from his cock. I don”t know at that time that it was sperm. I thought he was urinating. He then turn around and sat on the table and his cock was slogging and he wiped off the fluid and took the porn book and show me the page of cock sucking woman and ask me to do it. Even by seeing that from the beginning i was dyeing of doing that and with great pleasure immediately i started kissing his cock with my lips and then take that inside. He told me to suck that like a lolly pop. I sucked his cock like the same lolly pop and he just bend his head backward and enjoys the every suck. To my surprise his cock inside my mouth was getting harder like a steel and i was unable to swallow the full cock. I want to take his full cock in my mouth. I tried the maximum and i felt that the tip was hitting my throat. I feel some hard feeling and my eyes were dropping few drops of tears. Then he spread his legs and hold my head tightly and move it up and down hardly. I became uneasy and not even able to breath. So i bite his cock and hold my teeth on it for some time. He feels pain and stopped moving my head and moaned ooohhhhhhhh don’t bite hard. Then i told please don’t move my head, i feel pain. Then i asked why he did like that? He told me that he enjoys more when my sucking movements were fast and tight. Then i told okay i will do it in reciprocate of sucking my pussy harder and deeper and i pull the stool and sat on that and make himself sat on the table and spread his legs wide and i hold his cock and started licking and then started sucking and i slowly increased the speed. He was moaaninnnnng and i think he was also in my same mood when he was sucking my pussy. That makes me more horny and i sucked at the most speed. Then he immediately hold my head down his hip and hug me tightttttttly with his legs. Immediately i felt his cock was getting more harder in my mouth so that his tip touches my throat and it expels something warmth directly into my throat. I don’t know the taste at that time since it went directly through my throat. ( but now if a person was good-looking i will never mind taking his sperm, enjoying and drinking the warm fluid and i was fond of that and my boobs became bigger now 40 cc because of swallowing cum which i read in a japanese journal). Then he slowly released me and i stood up. He also stood up and hugged me and kissed me on my lips and sucked my boobs. I need some more actions from him. But he just took my cloths and asked me to wear it. With slight depression i received the cloths. He took his towel. And for the finishing part he hugged me and pressed my boobs and kissed me gently. His cock was now like a shrinked balloon. While he was kissing it rubbed with my pussy and i felt i need some more play so i just hold his cock in my hands and squeezed that and took the sex book and we both started watching page by page. We then saw the fucking pages where a man is penetrating his hard cock in to one woman’s pussy and both were excited. In the next page one man was inbetween a lady inserting his cock into her pussy by spreading her legs with her both hands. In the next page a lady was about to sit on a man’s very huge cock and in the next picture the huge cock was disappeared in to her pussy and she was cryinggggggg. By seeing this i asked him shall we try like this. He said okay and i was lying on his bed. He came to me and i see his cock get erected now by seeing the fucking scene. ( one thing here i want to tell about vijay at that time i don’t know much about the erection of cock but now i felt that my brother vijay is the best fucker i’ve ever met. He got hardened within seconds and able to give 3 orgasms continuously while some others tired with a single shot that too so quickly).

Then he made me wide spread my legs with his hands as in the page and about to insert his penis in to my pussy. While it was rubbing on my pussy i was excited and take his cock in my hand and try to insert it into my pussy. But my pussy was soooo tight and i feel pain. So he left my legs and put his hands in the pussy lips and spread those lips. But during that age my pussy can’t open wide more as we like. He tried and begins to insert but i cried and felt lot of pain and asked him to stop. He frightened and stopped. His cock was hard so he gave his cock in my hands and started sucking my boobs. I hold his cock tightly and move faster. He stood up and pressed my boobs and enjoyed my handjob. After a long time he cum in my hands and now only i saw that fluid(sperm) white cum mild yellowish starry fluid in my hand. He then laid on me for a while and kissed my boobs and my lips gently and said ,”thank you kavi, shall we do this daily”. I said “sure”. Then we heard a call from my aunt that dinner is ready. We shocked and he immediately went inside the bath room and asked me to wear my dress. Then i shouted ‘yes aunty we are reading, we will be back in 5 minutes. Then aunty said o.k. come quick. Then i saw my hand having his sperm, that hard dense fluid is now denseless like water and with curiosity i licked that. Oh it’s little bit salty and tasteless but because of vijay i liked the taste and licked the full hand with my tongue and by this time vijay has come out from the bath room and saw me licking his cum and he smiled and came near to me and suck my lips and taste some of his cum on my lips and now i decided to take his cum and swallow that in my every chance and we share the taste with each other. And i wore the cloths and we both went down and took the dinner.

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