Sunday, February 22, 2009

Aunty’s problem and lost my virginity

By: krish

Hello to all ISS readers, my name is Krish (name changed). I am going to relate today my first real life experience that happened some 8-10 months back. Some of u may think it is fake but believe me it is true. About me i am 24 years, medium built, 165cms and fair complexion. So u know now i am an average looking guy. I was working as a hardware engineer then. I used to visit many places for my work. I had completed three months of my work and it was really boring. But i didn’t know that i was being going to be rewarded for my work a few days apart. One day my boss said i was to go in ghatkopar (mumbai) to solve the issue of the computer, and gave me the address of the family. It was around 2:00pm in the noon i reached there. They were some guajarati family. I rang the bell and a lady of around 35-40 years wearing a maxi (gown) opened the door. She was quite beautiful at her age. I asked “reemaji (name changed to protect identity) hai.” She asked who i was, i said i came from so and so services to solve her computer problem and then she realized she had phoned for the same. She asked me to come in and took me to her bedroom. Guys and gals don’t get any other idea because the computer was in that room. I couldn’t make out much of her figure because she wore the gown, probably as she was going to take afternoon nap. I enquired about computer problem and hearing about it i said it might take more time. She said it was ok with her as it was her holiday (saturday). I sat on the chair in front of the comp. And she sat next to me on bed. Her thighs were touching my legs. The soft and warmth feeling of her thighs were making me go crazy and for first time a 1000v current passed through me, i was going to pass but recovered fastly as i thought she accidently had done that and also because of her free nature. For rest of time she kept her leg in that position and i didn’t objected, it was hard to concentrate on my job. My temperature was rising and so was my tool, i was nervous that she might notice the bulge in my pants. As it would be going to take more time she kept on talking with me and on talking with her i came to know about her that she was divorcee and was living here with her school going daughter and was working in some company as a computer operator. I thought in mind that she didn’t have sex for a long time and so she was such freely in talking and behaving. I finished my work and was giving her some last minutes instructions on my work and how to keep computer working for long time. As she was sitting on bed sideways and the bed was a little higher than the chair she bent a little more, and this little more was much more for me. I for the first time noticed that how beautiful she was. She was looking more beautiful from near; she was looking moreyoung than her age. Her thighs were now fully touching my thighs. And now i noticed that her upper front three buttons of gown were open and as she bent her cleavage and most of her left breast were clearly visible. I was mesmerized by looking at her fair smooth boobs; her boobs were looking so soft that i feared that it might get scratched by just touching it. By my luck or what she bent a little more to see computer and her lovely rosy cute nipple was exposed for me. My god what a beauty. I was controlling myself of anything to keep my hands of her. She might have guessed my unrest and so she faced me, i was still staring at her boobs. She caught me staring at her breast. She rose from her bent position and while doing so she covered her breast. I acted rapidly; i looked at computer screen fearing what she might say now. From corner of my eyes i looked at her and i was shocked she was smiling mischievously. But i was afraid to look at her directly. I thought of something and staring at computer screen i asked her for a glass of water. She just kept on smiling at me and went to kitchen. I quickly opened temporary internet files in her computer and was not shocked this time. The temporary internet files had many entries of visiting many porn sites. I became bold on seeing this.i closed that window and she returned with water for me. I took the glass from her hand and in doing so i intentionally slightly touched her hand. Now it was time for her to get the shock, she was shocked at my boldness. I quickly finished the water and returned the glass moving to the exit door. Holding the door i turned back and said double meaning sentence that “any problem then feel free to call me”. She laughed and said “sure i will.” I was very happy with myself. That full day i was thinking that, did she understood me or not. A few days went by and there was call from her i was secretly happy but also thinking. I was lucky again there was no one except me and so boss send me to her. I reached there at around 5-6:00 pm and rang the bell. She opened the door now she was in blue silk saree and a matching blouse with deep neckline. I was happy to see her so beautiful. She smiled at me and said me to come in. I was now fast making plans to what to do next but my dreams were all shattered when i saw her daughter there. She was in some 8th standard or something. Feeling helpless about what to do next i faced seema. She introduced me to her daughter and vice-a-versa and took me to the computer. I was really looking sad and she might have guessed that on seeing me but she kept on smiling at me. She said she want some softwares installed on her computer for her daughter. I half-heartedly said yes and got to my work.

I cursed myself for dreaming about her and promised myself that i will never do it again. I remembered of one saying that “it is better to stay in small hut than to built a palace in air”. All the while she kept on looking at me and smiling mischievously. I was not in state of mind to make out why she was smiling and finished my work. I proceeded to the exit door when she called me from back i just turned back and there she was so near to me that i might have just kissed her lovely, rosy lips if i had gone any further. I kept on staring at her lovely face oh god she was not less then madhuri dixit (even though she is guajarati and madhuri is not) i kept on staring at her for her to talk, she realized that and said she feels little uncomfortable in talking with my boss and asked for my personal number so that she can call me directly for future computer problems. I was taken aback by what she just said. I was thinking about what she said was true or she just wanted my no. To contact me. I dropped my thinking and gave my number and came out. Full way i was thinking and lastly accepted that as my boss was khadus what she said was true. As u know i promised myself. Now real story starts a few days after that i was sitting at my work place it was saturday and i was praying for time to pass quickly. It was 5:30 pm and my phone rang it was unknown no. I received it and was not ready to believe my ears it was reemaji her voice felt like sweet air in my ears. She was saying that she was having some minor issue with her computer and would i be able to come there i said that it was closing time and it would take some time to reach her place. She panicked and requested me to come at her place as it was small problem and would not take much time. After much of thinking i said ok i will be at her place after working hours around 6:30pm. She was more than happy to hear that as i make out from her voice on phone she said thank you and hung up. I rang the bell and was unable to move from my standing place when she opened the door. She was looking one of the most beautiful ladies in the universe. She was not only beautiful but gorgeous.
She was looking hot than ever, she was perfectly looking natural with very light makeup. Her lips were like store of red wine. Her hair were open and looked very shiny it were almost her waist length
She was looking more sexy thanks to her dress, it was transparent pink silk designer saree with matching pink blouse. The blouse was kind of backless with straps tied at neck and back with very deep neckline the kinds heroiens wear. Looking at this heavenly beauty the words just slip my lips i said “wow”. She laughingly asked what and in controlling myself i uttered the sentence “i have come here to solve your problem”. I was not in my mind while saying that as you would know what happens when you see a heavenly beauty. In my reply to the sentence she said “which i am sure you will”. She asked me to come in. I was not making any plans as i had promised myself. Sensing something different i asked about her daughter. She said her daughter was at her relatives places at different part of the city and was not returning till sunday night. What i sensed was right we both were alone in the house tonight. But i didn’t showed my happiness on my face, i thought of teasing her a bit. I enquired about what problem computer was facing. She was taken aback by my words she was not sure that i really didn’t knew of her intentions or was teasing her. She brought a little smile on her face and lead me to her bedroom. Her figure was completely visible from her back, her sexy figure of 34-28-36. Her ass were like bombshell, i was thinking when would i be able to keep my hands on her round firm ass. We reached near computer i seated myself in front of computer and she beside me with her toes slightly touching my toes and and her smooth thighs touching mine. She was so close to me that i can feel her warm breath on my neck and shoulders. My blood was on boil i wanted to hug her so tightly that what to say more i wanted to tease her a little more. I acted as i was focusing on my work and from corner of my eyes i watched her she was restless. I finished my work and asked what more she wanted me to do. She asked me about my plans for rest of my day. I said i had none then she said would i like to have some tea with her i said why not. Going to the kitchen she asked me to sit on bed and be comfortable. As she was going i was staring at her ass and my cock was rising gradually. She reached kitchen door and turned back she caught me staring at her and was more than happy to caught me staring at her and similed at me cunningly. She was back in no time with the tea in her hands, she sat just beside me touching her full sexy leg with mine while sitting she intentionally dropped her saree from her shoulders and gave me full view of very slightly covered breast. She saw me staring at her boobs and asked boldy that had i never seen womens breast. I said i never had any girlfriend and so not lucky enough to get any sweet kisses from girls, seeing boobs are far more unreachable. She smiling kept her tea on table and said, “why not for all your work you had been doing, let me kiss you and give you the pleasure of a matured ladies kiss. She came near me and erotically kissed me on my cheeks. In doing so my hands touched her breast and it were so soft with the blouse then how it will be without the blouse. I became more bold with that kiss and said that i got such kisses from my mother in my childhood such kisses are not new for me and can she do better than that. She smiled whole-heartedly and asked me to rise. I obeyed as i was asked she came near me hold my face and i was in seventh heaven, her lips were on my lips she was sucking my lips like anything. My hands found their way first at her waist and then my left hand caressed her bare back, and my right hand found their way to her smooth round ass, as my hands were working on her back our lips opened and we sucked each others tongue and we completely took each other’s breath away. She was moaning. My hands were working magically my left hand was removing the straps of her blouse and my right hand was removing the saree enfixed on her waist. After some 5-6 min. Of kissing we released each other. I looked at her she was now only in black noodle bra and black petticoat. She was thrilled to know when i did this and asked me whether i was telling a lie of not having a girlfriend. I said it was completely true that i don’t have a girlfriend. She further said that it was unmanly of a man of seeing a lady in undergarments and standing there fully clothed. I understood her direction and quickly was on my underwear. After stripping we hugged each other and i started to kiss her forehead, her cheeks, her eyes, her chin, her lips. By slowly kissing i glided down on her neck her shoulders. I lovingly bitted her ears. She slapped on my ass and whispered in my ears “naughty”. I pushed her on bed removed her bra and panties and started sucking her round soft smooth boobs and caressing the other boob with my hand. I took her hard erect nipple in my teeth that made her horny and she moaned. I started sucking other boob and caressing the other with my hand. My left out hand was finger fucking her sweet hot cunt. She was moaning and giggling like hell, as she was getting this after such a long time.

After much of sucking her boobs i gradually kissed her abs, her navel, my tongue was finding its way to the door to heaven it reached there, her pussy was cleanly shaven i parted the lips of her pussy and found the clitoris. I aggressively sucked her clitoris, she moaned loudly and her cunt juices came in my mouth. She reached her first climax. I stood on bed to get a clear view of her face. She had a very sweet smile on her lips i took my face near her and gave her the taste of her cummings. She sucked my lips hungrily. I stood again on bed this time she was looking at me. I removed my underwear and showed her my tight rod of 7” she shouted “oh maa kitna bada hai”. I said “apne muu se naap lo (measure from your mouth)”. She stood on her knees and took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it. I was in seventh heaven by sensing the touch of her soft lips on my cock. It was my first time after sucking for 2-3 minutes i came in her mouth, she drank every drop of it. After leaving my rod she said “itne jaldi aa gaye”. I said “ pheli baar hai naa”. She said “koi baat nahi hai mein tumhe seekaungi(i will teach you)”. She once again started sucking my cock and brought to its full length. Seeing the yield of her work she was happy and asked me to lie on bed. I asked why and she said just do it i laid on my back, my cock looking at the roof. Then she came over me and guided my cock to the right entrance of her pussy. My full length of rod disappeared in her cunt, her cunt was tight and hungry for cock, and sitting on my legs she said i always wanted to do it. I asked her husband didn’t let her do it, she smiled bitterly and said “he(her husband) would always abuse me”. I said how can anyone abuse such a beauty and added further that i am all hers tonight. She was pleased and happy by my words and pressing her boobs on my chest she kissed my lips passionately. It was such a good kiss that i can never forget. She rose to the sitting position and started moving up and down. Her ass were constantly beating my legs and i was enjoying every bit of it. I started massaging her boobs from front. She did this for 8-10 min. And changed her position now her back was facing me and her hands were on bed i co-operated with her and also kept on slightly lifting myself for her. We both were playing with each other. She climaxed two times sitting on top. I had not come yet. Now i changed my position i started fucking her doggy style i think she liked this position as i was fucking her she was moaning and asking me to do it more rapidly. I increased my pace and within 10-15 minutes we both ejaculated at the same time. We both were exhausted and collapsed sideways. After gaining my strength i started kissing her back and my hands were massaging her both boobs. She faced me and smilingly asked “naughty boy do u want more”. I was going to say yes but my eyes fell on wall clock and were shocked to know the time. It was 10:00 pm. I said i was going to be late to reach home. But on seeing her expressions i calmed myself and deeply kissed her on her velvety lips and asked “are u happy reemaji”. She said “don’t call me reemaji call me just reema i am all yours now and yes i am happy now.” I said that i am happy seeing u happy. I got up from bedwore my clothes and in the meantime she wore her clothes. We reached the exit door. The door was closed. I looked deep in her eyes. We both were really excited and thrilled for what happened today. We lastly, kissed each other goodbye. Now it had been 10 monthsand she had never called me back. I respect her privacy and will never go there without her calling me. This was my first hot and sweet real life experience. No one knows anything about it and no one would ever know it. This will go with me in fire. Do send me your valuable suggestion, what you think about my real life incident and any valuable teachings to my mail any unsatisfied young ladies (i hate to call women around 30-45 years of age aunties) or first timers in or around Mumbai can also mail me. I can satisfy them completely and without any money and yes this will be a complete secret between you and me. About iss readings i hate that people who write about mother and son sex stories. I think ‘mother and son sex’ is totally insane. If any son wants to help her mother help her in some other way not by doing sex with her. I think of all relations mother and son relation should be kept untouched and unharmed with any sex feeling. Mother and son relation have all the emotions in the world and have pure love (without sex feeling) in it. I feel bad that even today women are abused for sex. I hate to force anything on women, even sex. This are my true feelings, please do write to me about it and even comment that i am wrong or right on my mail

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