Wednesday, February 25, 2009

meri chithi

By: rahul arya

Hi, guys it’s me Rahul again, with yet another experience. Your overwhelming comments have encouraged me to come out with all my secrets. Thank you all for the good ratings that you people gave me for my earlier postings. That is an inspiration for me to come up with another incident. This story is about my Chithi (mother’s younger sister). She is married and 37 have two kids. Even though she's 37 she looks much younger, slim not so dark, average boobs, and a little bit shaggy ass, special feature is her feet, very smooth and shiny. She came to our place to stay until she joins her hubby in Aus, it was expected she would stay with us for at least 3 months before she went to Australia. In the beginning I didn't have any bad intension about her where she is 14 years elder to me, and she also behave very decently. It was vacation time and my parents go to work and so she is all left alone with me in the house. When days passed I found her feet very attractive, I mean it's different from the other ladies I know, so sexy. Usually when she lies in the bed on her stomach, I can see her bare feet up to her knees, and I get an instant hard in between my legs. When I use to come home rite after the classes without wasting any time to enjoy the site every single opportunity I get of my cute Chithi. I slowly increased the way I touch her, where nobody get suspicious because of our age gap and the relationship between us. I really wanted her so badly, I wanted to feel her body, but had no courage to make any move. I used to masturbate thinking of her and sometimes used her cloths, I love the smell of my Chithi, and so I used a lot of her cloths when masturbating.

I think she knew my intentions, because she used to give those sexy smiles when we're alone. One day she was watching TV and I guess she was in pain, she said the calf muscles were paining due to the excess walk she did the day b4 when I asked. I instantly saw my opportunity to feel her legs and said that i’ll give a massage and she straight away accepted. Since nobody was home at that time, I knew they'll be coming in the evening and I got plenty of time, so I didn't want to miss the opportunity and wanted to make the maximum use. I should tell that her legs are the most attracting. I sat on the floor in front of her and lifted her left leg and kept on my lap and started massaging, all these I did very slowly because I wanted her to get aroused as soon as possible. I was not wearing underwear under my shorts a huge bulge was visible. She was feeling a bit shy to keep her legs on my thigh and to receive a massage like this. I asked her to be relaxed and enjoy the massage. After a couple of minutes she said it's enough and if someone comes they'll think badly of her. I convinced her by saying no one will be coming until evening 5 o clock, and the time is only 1:30pm. Since it was right after lunch she was feeling very relaxed? In the meantime lot of heat was produced by her, which was a good sign for me. In about 10 minutes, she was closing her eyes and enjoying my massage to the maximum. She said she never felt such a great massage in life. Her skirt was lifted up to her knees and I could peek inside of her inner thighs, they were smooth as silk, I wonder what moisturizer cream she is using. I took both of her feet and rest them on my both thighs and lift her skirt a bit upward, she didn't open her eyes and was in full enjoyment. When I was pressing her thighs she gave a little moan, which I took as green signal. She moved her legs slowly towards my crotch and started to rub my cock. If was outrageous, I face was all blushed with pleasure and cock was all upright, just when I thought when will hold my face, kiss me and ask me to fuck her.

She broke the erotic and said she wanted to sleep and went away to her bedroom. I was shattered. Left to myself to take care of my throbbing cock. I ran to my room and rushed to my toilet and immediately started jacking off and just when I was to burst, I heard some moans from the adjoining toilet, I knew it was my Chithi, but I wanted to see what she was up to. I relieved myself and climbed up the ventilator and saw her there. Frantically rubbing her clit and mumbling my name and after a few seconds she shot her entire load. The sight built another huge load in my cock and I had to relieve me again and this time it was such a good blowout that I could not stand on my feet, I really enjoyed that. After a few minutes when I regained my senses, I decided that I should fuck her tonight, and I immediately thought of my beautiful idea. Since she sleeps alone with her children in the first floor. My challenge was to get the boys out of that room. Hence I planned and got the boys interested in a couple of computer games that evening which would not finish and they wanted to sleep with me. I went to my dad’s room and searched for his sleeping pills. He used to take it to get sleep and decided that everyone in the house will sleep that night without any disturbance, without any disturbance to me. That night, I served half dose of sleeping pills to my cousins and they fell asleep in my room itself, dad took his share and was out as usual, I served one for mom and one for Chithi. It was about 11 pm, I check dad and mom, and both were tight asleep. Checked the boys and they were conked too. Went in to check Chithi’s room I had told her that I would leave the children in their room hence she has to keep the room door open and sleep. And there it was all open. I went in and checked and she was sleeping like a log. I tried vigorously waking her up and she just had made sighs and slept again. I knew she will wake up for the next eight hours, but her subconscious mind is awake and will give me max pleasure. The thought started building my load of jism. I immediately closed the door and bolted it safely and undid my clothes. Became totally naked and went towards my sleeping Chithi rubbing my throbbing cock. I removed her bed sheet and laid next to her and started to hug her. And started to rub all her body with mine. The pleasure was immense and building so strongly that within a few seconds of feeling her warm skin I shot my first load. I was devastated and immediately took out a old underwear from the wash basked and cleaned myself and started to smell her underwear and started searching for her bra. Suddenly the truth struck me that I had my Chithi in front of me and why would I need a old under garments, while I can easily get the current one she was wearing.

I immediately got next to her started to disrobe her, my hands trembled but they were determined, one by one, came her saree off, then her blouse, then her petticoat and then her bra… the boobs jumped out and I was awe struck. I slowly felt my hands on them and started to rub them and gently made up courage to lick them and the heat in my loin increased the gentle lick to vigorous sucking and I immediately got to fulfill my ulterior lubricious desire. To milk her. I hurriedly moved to her boobs, and said "Chithi, today I will fulfill my hearts desire’, I told her ‘I am going to suck all the milk of her boobs and make love to her’. I took her, two light brown colored, conical melons, with normal light brown nipples. Oh god I could not bear the sight of those two luscious babies waiting for my caress, I immediately took them into my hands and directed my mouth on them, and started to suck them like a thirsty person, Chithi started moaning in ecstasy, sub-consciously enjoying the pleasure "oooohhhhh, shyam, dheere, karo, aaaaaram se, sidewale ko chooossssooo haaaaan uffffff aurrrrr haaaaaaaaan, dono haathoonnn se dabao hannnnnnn, ahhhuffffff." I was shocked to hear my aunt blabbering in her sleep but the best part was she thought it was her husband shyam was having sex and was enjoying it fully; I immediately filled my hands with those two spongy melons and got into action. I made her lie on her back on the sofa. Her boobs were now drooping downwards, I took each one in my hands, and started milking her and sucking them dry (try this one and u will reach orgasms before having sex). I did this for quiet some time until her boobs turned whitish and sagged….. My fetish was just beginning to shape up; I looked at her she was in heaven already and was dying for my penis. Her legs were wide open and she was rubbing her clit, she was wet like hell.

I took both her boobs in my hands and with my full strength I squeezed her boobs, and directed the milk to flow on my penis, the whirring feel of milk from her boobs falling on my penis made my penis grow another half inch. I slowly asked her to open her mouth and take my penis and suck it clean of all her milk, she instantly took it in her mouth started licking her milk of it, it was the most amazing feeling one can get to have his Chithi suck his penis. She went sucking my penis like a milk bottle and I shot my first load of jism into her mouth. She gulped most of it and wiped the whole lot from her mouth and proceeded. Now I made her open her legs and pushed them back so that I got her pussy like I had seen in the porn movies, and I like a wild animal tore her legs apart and got into her jungle. I almost took her entire pussy in one hard stroke, hers was a medium sized, pussy lips. I started to fuck my Chithi, I started to fuck the lady and my lady with whom I always wanted to have sex is now under me enjoying my penis in her hot pussy. I kept fucking like a mad machine and she was great in countering my strokes and my penis kept growing with her moans and groans, her face and expressions from getting fucked by her sisters’ son made me more hornier and I kept ramming her cunt, I made her reach orgasm 3 times even before I could reach my first orgasm, I was tired but I hadn’t come, I cant give up the heat.

I kept beating her meat with all my might and she started bleeding like a virgin cunt. I could not believe myself that I was having my Chithi bleed in utter erotic pleasure, I could not control my desire I took a deep breath and started to pump her again. She blasted again for the fourth time and her juices this time erupted the tingle in me and started to build up. I bent down and asked her to lick my chest, she started to suck my tities and helped me build up and shoot my load in her, I held her tightly to my crotch and deposited all my load deep inside her. I said I wanted her to bear my child. She immediately acknowledged that smilingly and my adrenaline struck high once again. I slid my penis out of her cunt and she curled into a caterpillar with the aftershocks of pleasure. I saw my penis still up like a staff, soaked in her blood and our juices. She was curled up and that was protruding her ass hole out, the glory of her hole was inviting me, and I again started clitoral stimulation, this times with my two fingers." oooooohhh, aaaaram se bas Rahul bas naaaa ahhhhh bas karo naaaa "But I never stopped. I looked for vaseline and picked it up and applied to my fingers and got in to her love hole. I Finger fucked her for 20 mins or so.

I gain got into her pussy and started the motion, and as the speed picked up she was pleading me to give her some rest, I was not in the mood of getting off her pussy until I had an experience of a lifetime, this time I fucked her until she blasted twice and my hot penis gave me the idea of fucking her mouth while I eat her pussy. I made her lie on her head on the sofa, she upside down, her legs on my shoulders, her pussy in my mouth, it was a mouth watering Indian pie of my dearest friend, and her rest of body on the bed. I licked her cunt for 15 more than mins. Her vagina was red and was overflowing with both our juices and streams of blood. After 15 mins of eating I was satisfied, my lips were full of her love juices, and she was all sweaty. I made her turn, a bit forcibly, pushed her thighs apart, and inserted my penis in to her ass hole. I experienced some difficulty in the beginning; I knew my uncle would not have tried that hole. It was as tight as a virgin's main hole. But I did not give up, I applied more Vaseline, but found it a little difficult I pulled out and ran into her kitchen, found her small Tiffin of cooking oil which they use for daily cooking, I dipped my entire penis into it and ran back to Chithi and started to shove my penis into her ass hole, now it went without any hurdle and that was it.

She was in heaven when I started pumping her ass. I t was a great site to fuck a women u ever wanted, and moreover her husband could never ever think of that. I pumped, pumped and pumped; she was making all kinds of love sounds. I grabbed her boobs which when they were bouncing, said" hamen dabao" I kept happily pumping her until she started to moan "hhhhaaaaaaaaan bas ho gaye shaym chhod do mughe bas bhee karo andar jaa kar rahoge kya ohho uuuuuffffff." I kept going on like a deaf leopard, I fucked her for another 15 mins more pulled out and shoved my penis into her mouth, she resisted and I shot my load all over her face and neck. She was satisfied for life. Her blood had made a blot on her bed spreads. And her session for entire month was over; she lied in my lap for 2 hours. The following day was a great ordeal for her to find out who had done that barbaric act; her style of walking said it all. And I could not wait to be caught. Now She'd left to Aus joined her hubby and used to call me every week, she wanted to sponsor me there, so that she can enjoy, but I'm eying for the Brahmin aunty who is our new neighbor. Please send your comments to, also please send me photos of Indian women specially aunties with sarees or salwar. So that I would tell you what happened when she found out it was me and what happened later fast give me your valuable thoughts. Mail me your comments on this incident, I will tell you how I capitalized on the same in my next edition.

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