Sunday, February 15, 2009

Training a trainer

Hi all sex lovers, I am Akhil ,24 and i am from Hyderabad. I have a passion for sex and i thoroughly enjoy reading sex stories. For me sex is about having fun and enjoying life. I am going to explain an incident that happened with my trainer. Her name is lalitha and we used to work for a well reputed mnc. I joined the company as soon as i completed my engineering and by the time she had been in the company for more than 2 years. Our initial relation was very bad since she used to show her authority but as it went on we became very good friends and nothing much happened during this time .after an year she has moved to a different company and i moved to bangalore .we used to chat every day in gtalk and i started flirting with her and she was flirting with me as well. I never thought i would have a real chance of having sex with her. But things have changed.let me tell you about her. Her name is lalitha, she is 34 and she is married but doesn’t have any kids. She is very slim and looks cool. She is 5.3 and her boobs are 32.she is not that sexy but for hungry eyes every woman’s body is sexy. After she moved to the new company she and her husband were living in their new apartment in hyderabad and her husband who also works for an mnc had to take up an assignment in the us for an year and so left lalitha and moved to the us. I worked for an year and half in bangalore and decided to move back to hyderabad and i informed lalitha about my arrival. We met online at 10 in the night on the day i arrived to hyderabad and decided to meet .i didn’t think she was going to meet me at that time of the night but to my surprise she wanted me to take her to dinner at that time ,i said fine and moved to her place .the minute i saw her i was really surprised because she has put weight and she was looking more sexier than before .to my surprise again she hugged me very tight and the hug lasted longer than a normal hug and i could feel her boobs and the hard nipple that was trying to burst out of her blouse ,i am sure she would have felt my 8 inch cock touching her thighs during the hug. We went out and had dinner and while returning i told her i am going to drop her and move back to my place but she insisted that its very late and i stay at her place ,after lot of hesitation i said yes.

She took me to her bed room and arranged my bed and the idea was i sleep on the sofa in the bed room and she sleeps on the bed but at a height of 5.10 i didn’t fit into the sofa and she said we both are going to share the bed .i was getting hints from her that she needed me but wasn’t sure if she really is ready .we slept for half an hour and i could feel her hand on my shirt .i initially thought she was doing it in sleep but the movement became more frequent and she was touching my chest ,then my belly and then she moved on to my cock ,my cock sprang and to full attention and i could hear an exclamation sound(ah!) Slipping from her mouth. I decided to go for it and then started fiddling with her, i moved my hand on to her neck and i could hear her breath becoming heavy. Then i moved my hands on to her lips and gave a gentle squeeze and she was struggling to maintain her control. I gave a lip kiss and then moved my hands on her boobs and gave a gentle squeeze, she was still holding her control and was acting as if she was in sleep. Then i moved my hands on to her hips and pinched them gently and that was the final nail in the coffin and she jumped on to me and started kissing me like a mad person. I took her sari pallu off and started working on her boobs. Her nipple was dying for attention. I put the nipple between my fingers and pressed it .her moaning turned into screaming and then i put my tongue on her nipples and was feeling the taste of the nipples, my tongue was making circles on her nipples and she was jumping with pleasure. I was working on both her nipples now, one in my mouth and the other between my fingers and she was moaning loud and loud .her moans were so loud that i was afraid that our neighbours would be able to listen to her moans. I was trying to suck her boobs into my mouth and take the full size of her boobs in my mouth but they were too big to fit in my mouth so i took half of them in my mouth and started biting them and she was enjoying every bit of it .i brought both her boobs next to each other and started putting my mouth on both the nipples at the same time and she was for sure touching heights of enjoyment. She bit me very hard on my shoulder with pleasure .i did this for about 15 minutes and then i decided to move down and i reached her belly and started playing with it ,i kissed it and pressed it gently and her moans became louder and louder .i removed the lower part of her saree and freed her langa (generally wore with saree )and she was only in her undies now.

I didn’t want to touch her pussy directly instead i wanted to tease her .i caressed her thighs with my hands and she was now jumping with pleasure. I then kissed her thighs and licked them .i kept moving my hands till her pussy but didn’t touch it for 5-10 minutes. She grew mad and she bit me on my lips hard and i bit her back with the same passion .i then removed her panty and moved my hand around her pussy.she has cleanely shaven it and it was a delight to watch her pussy.i started with caressing her pussy with my fingers and i felt the whole pussy in the process..then i fingered her pussy and she wasn’t that loose ,at 34 and being married for 5 years i thought her pussy was tight enough .i started fingering her initially with one finger then increased it to 2 and finally to 3 .love juice was dripping all over and i decided not to waste the guices and i put my mouth on her pussy and started licking her pussy ..she has gone mad and she was jumping and screaming. I moved my face on to her pussy and started licking and used my hands to fondle her boobs and nipples. With the action she was really completely out of control and she used her feet and was pushing me so that she can have a gasp as she reached the heights of ecstasy and she didn’t want to cum that early .i put the whole pussy in my mouth and sucked it into my mouth and this again sent shivers in her and i could feel that she was going to cum ,so i left her there and now made her feel my dick in her hands. She was really amazed to feel the size of my dick in her hand and she loved it. I then started touching my dick on all her body parts and she was enjoying the feel of the dick on her boobs,her stomach,tummy,her neck, her eyes and every where. Then i fucked her in her navel and she started complaining about the pain. Then i fucked her between her thighs ..she enjoyed it and she was in no mood for any more foreplay and she wanted to feel my dick in her and so i fucked her for 30 minutes and we finally came at the same time .we were off to bed after such a long session at 4 in the morning and we had one more session before i left her place at 8 in the morning. This incident happened last week and we haven’t met again after that since her in-laws have come to stay with her now for few days.we are still in touch with each other and are looking forward for our next encounter.

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