Sunday, February 15, 2009


I live in Bangalore and doing my engineering. I had rented an apartment and living alone there in my final year of engineering. This 4 four building was fairly new and there only 3 occupants in the building rest of the flats were brought by nri and were lying totally vacant. I was living on the third floor of this building and this girl lived on the fourth floor. Now a bit about “maneesha” and her family. They were a sindhi family, father was divorced and maneesha lived with her mom and her brother is somewhere in canada. Maneesha was 34 years old and that time and not married due to family issues i believe she never got any proposals. I don’t know why though... Somebody‘s loss i guess. Well to describe her as i first noticed she was 5’6 inches tall and very fair but i could never get a good look at her figure as she always wore churidar and her dupatta always covered her front. She had a very prominent “ass” though, which stood out as if, all she ate went there. It always jutted out. She used to always smile at me, and i used to smile back nothing more. She was always at home and i wondered why she didn’t work or something. I never even dreamt what would follow. We had diwali vacation coming up and i decided to stay back in bangalore to catch up with studies. That’s when for time pass i decided to join a part time french class nearby. During my first day i was surprised to see maneesha there too. We said hi and then in a day or two got talking. That’s when i learnt more about her. They were from gujarat, dad had left them, and she was a school dropout and basically did nothing. She was taking this class as she there could be some opportunity in translating work. It was more of a friendly talk as she was about 13 years elder to me and i was kind of nervous. Anyway i learnt that she had a interest in music. I casually mentioned that i play the keyboard very well and she said “oh really”. I said yes i’ve learnt it for years and if she wanted i could play and show sometimes. She said “sure” i said no problem drop by sometime and she said sure. That’s how it got started you can say… one saturday morning i heard a knock and when i opened i saw maneesha outside, her mom had gone to work and she asked me what i was doing i said “nothing” and asked her to come inside. We got talking and then i played the guitar for her. She wanted me to play hindi tunes, which i did and then talked for a while and she left. This started happening quite regularly and by this time all could dream about was her. Then one day it happened... She asked me if i could teach her to play i said sure and she was holding it all wrong i got up and went behind her and showed her how to play it properly and that’s when i first smelled her perfume and touched her hand. I was on “fire’ and “heat”. Literally lost my senses. My face was right next to hers while she was learning and then when she turned and talked to me it was right in front. Without warning and without thinking i just planted a kiss on her. I was shocked at what i did... She just kept quiet and said ‘harry “what” and stopped. I immediately profusely apologized. I’m sorry very sorry. She was kind of taken aback and said its ok. That’s when my heart started beating again. We didn’t speak much she came to me and held my hand and said it’s ok yaar...see you tomorrow and went.

I was not sure if she would come back but lo and behold she was there the next day. I’ll cut the basics but that day we kissed again and this time it was a smooch. Wow i never felt like this before she was so warm and hot. I just held her shoulders didn’t have the guts to touch anything else. Well day four is when it really took off... We were sitting on the sofa i looked in her eyes and then took my hand to her face brought it close and we kissed that’s when it happened her dupatta slipped for the first time and i had a look at her front part properly for the first time. The dupatta was a bit off i was shocked to see it... She had huge boobs big really big and round i can’t describe that image it was really big which i could never had imagined. There was nothing more i wanted at that time than to touch it. I was completely hot, i slowly moved my hand from her face to her shoulder and then in one instant put it on her right boob very lightly. Her right hand immediately caught my hand but i couldn’t stop i just moved her hand away kissed more deeply and then just squeezed her right boob. Wow what a feeling, it was twice the size of my hand and i pressed it 4 –5 times that’s when i also felt her nipples it was kind of standing up and hard. I rubbed my fingers on it. She moaned a bit while i did it. In a quick instant i removed her dupatta completely and it was on the ground. I moved my left hand also and now i had both her boobs in my hand. It was the best feeling you can imagine i just keep on squeezing and then moved my face to her neck and immediately to her chest. I pulled her down and started sucking her boobs from out side like a madman. Sucking, biting, pressing, i did it all. Just couldn’t stop. 2-3 times she said “harry” then i moved my face towards her stomach and navel and kissed it jut as i was going further she kins of stopped me with her hand and i couldn’t go further. It kind of ended like that that day. But it was the beginning. Next day was my birthday and she asked me before going” what do you want” i said “you” and she smiled and said “no seriously”. I said ok i want to see you in a saree. She said ok. I will fast forward now... Next day she came home in a black saree. Hot is not the word, she must have done her makeup for at least 2 hours i think. She had flowers on her head and all. I couldn’t resist at all. I told her you look very beautiful. She said really thanks that are when i pulled her towards me. I was sitting on the sofa and she was standing in front of me i kissed her navel and she kind of moaned and i got up kissed and moved her saree pallu. It was the most amazing sight to see her in a tight black blouse. I got the saree off completely and just kissed and kissed her boobs from outside her blouse. To see her in a blouse and ghagra was an ultimate sight. I slowly unbuttoned her blouse and she was wearing a black bra and on her white skin the black bra looked wonderful. I kissed her all over her chest and then unhooked her bra and what a sight those two melons popped out. Big and round i just sucked and sucked her jugs, licked it, bit it. It was black and she had big nipples which were standing. I feasted my mouth on it. Then i removed her ghagra she resisted a bit i said don’t worry i have protection. She still resisted but then gave up. I pulled her ghagra down and she had ceramist panties on. I lay her on the sofa and kissed and kissed her thighs. She had fat thighs and i enjoyed moving my hands on it and kissing it. No time i yanked her panties off. And saw her pussy. It had a few short hair and when i moved it i saw it clearly i instinctively put my finger on it and slowly inserted one finer and she moaned and brought her hand and tried to pull my hand away. I was in no mood to accept. I just pulled her hand away and put my face on her pussy and kissed it and then slowly after separating her legs started licking her pussy. It had kind of a salty taste. She kept on moaning and calling harry. After 2 mins or so i stopped and by now i ha d a huge hard on. I just removed my pants and stood up. She was still lying on the sofa. I took out my dick and she looked at me and smiled i just walked up to her took her hand and put on my dick. She has long fingers and the moment her hand touched my dick it was like an electric shock. She just shook it a bit and then i went closer to her and while i did it my dick was near her chin.

She looked at me and then i just took my dick near her mouth. She kind of kissed it. I moved my hand near her mouth separated her lips and slowly inserted my dick into her mouth. She smiled looked at me and it was a wonderful sight to see her with me dick in her mouth. I just moved back and forth in her mouth. I could feel my dick getting moist and wet. She got the hint and started moving her mouth. I tell you guys there is nothing like the first blow job. I had to control myself from shooting it in her mouth. Somehow i did it and grabbed a condom from my draw near the sofa. She said no harry enough. But i had reached a point of no return. I said please maneesha i can’t stop don’t worry nothing will happen trust me. I slid the condom and then separated her thighs and then slowly tried to enter her. It was tough, first time for both of us and it kept slipping out. Finally it slid in and the feeling was amazing as i penetrated she kind of held her mouth and i moved back and forth slowly. My right hand was on her right boob the other hand on the sofa as i slid back and forth many times. I felt wet and i was not sure if i came as i was wearing a condom for the first time. I removed my dick out of her pussy. It was dripping wet. I took the condom off and cocked it in a nearby bin. By now she was exhausted and i kissed her and then she turned. That when i kissed her back and then saw another beautiful sight her ass. It was big jutting out and soft. I just kissed her ass all over while she lay there and also inserted my tongue in the slit a bit. Then i did something which i recommend all of you if you have a girlfriend with a big ass to do. The feeling is too good to miss. I just separated her ass cheeks put my dick there and lay down on top of her. The ass cheeks closed on top of my dick and we just lay there for a while. After a while my dick became really large and without me even knowing i just shot my whole load and cumm all over her ass. Wow what a experience. We just slept for a while and then cleaned up by taking a shower together. After that day i enjoyed maneesha for a full year. I lost touch with her for 4 years. I kept thinking of her for all these years then i heard from someone that she had got married to a 50 year old sindhi man who had 2 kids of his own. I wonder how she is now, but have left it. I think the guy in one hell of a lucky guy as there was nothing maneesha wasn’t good at. I have resigned myself to the fact that i enjoyed every part of her body for 1 year.

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