Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Lucky Friday

By: Jai Malhotra

Hi ISS friends, this is jai….. With another story that happened longtime back….. It was a Friday, the end of the working day & as I was single at that time , the best thing I could find to entertain myself on Friday was go to a bar and have some beer. As I ordered the beer I saw a sexy gal, sitting opposite me. The beer hit my head after a hard work day and I got more relaxed and free-minded, so I just took my beer mug and approached her table. Without asking for a permission to take a seat, I plunged into a chair and smiled. “hi, I’m jai and i hate drinking beer by myself”, I said and gave her even a broader smile. “I am priya and i hate it when guys try to hit on me”, she answered and smiled ironically. Priya was a hard nut to crack and i understood it. She probably brushed guys off pretty easily so i lost my confidence for a second, but then remembered a wise saying, i don’t remember who said it but it sounded like that: “a woman is like a fortress and a professional general will always find a way to conquer it”. I remembered that saying and smiled. “i am not trying to hit on you, i’m just looking for some company and if you don’t want me, i can get up and leave”, i said that and noticed two mugs on her table. Shit! She was with someone and that someone probably went to the bathroom. Was that a man with her? If yes, then i’d better get up and leave. “no, you can stay”, she said and smiled. “you’re interesting”, she added.

I still couldn’t figure out who was with her, and she saw my confusion and smiled. “so, you are trying to figure out who is accompanying me?, maybe it’s my husband?”, she was teasing me because she knew i had no idea who the fuck she was with. I looked at the beer mug next to hers and noticed a subtle trace of lipstick on the edges. It was definitely a lady, accompanying her! I got that and smiled to her. “i am sure you’re here with the lady and i can bet”, i said gaining my confidence again. “and the lady who is with you has a lipstick of an exciting color”, i added and smiled again. “or, mr. Intelligent!, bravo”, she exclaimed. That moment i saw a lady approaching our table. She was about thirty and the one that was at my table was around my age, maybe a year or two older. I was 25 only and those ladies sure found a good fuck-buddy. I know that when women turn thirty they are longing for a good fuck and no matter how hard they try to conceal it, they just can’t. When we were together at table, the second lady introduced herself. “i am ritu, and i see that you are having fun, she said looking at priya” “we can’t have fun here, if you want fun we need to find another place”, i said in a playful voice and gave them a frisky smile. “well, young man, you’re getting too far, are you sure you can give us the fun we want?”, priya asked me in a sluttish voice. “why don’t we go to my place and check it out”, i said being sure that these hotties were looking for some real hard cock for the night. We talked for about ten more minutes and when the beer was over we decided to go to my place. When we arrived i knew exactly what we were going to do, i offered them tequila that i found in the fridge and cheese that was the only thing left in my fridge that day, i almost always dined in restaurants so my fridge was just for the beer. When we entered my bedroom i grabbed ritu by her butt, she didn’t resist, she just giggled sluttish, i sat in bed and looked at ritu and priya, “so, what are we going to do?”, i asked and smiled insolently. It was clear what they were here for. They looked at the bulge in my pants and approached me. They looked like two wild tigresses, they kneeled before me and ritu started unzipping my fly while priya was rubbing over my balls making my dick bigger and harder. Soon they released the beast out of a cage and my cock sprang out, they immediately charged it with their wet tongues, i lay in my bed and closed my eyes, two frisky tongues were running all over my dick, suddenly either ritu or priya took it in her mouth, i was lying with my eyes closed so i couldn’t say who it was, it was a real bliss, my cock was being sucked and my balls were being licked. Ritu and priya were in need of a good fuck, they loved cocks like no other women, they were pro in sucking and i was really enjoying being in the seventh heavens and their tongues made sure i’d stay there as long as their pussies wanted a fuck.

They kept sucking my dick and when their pussies got wet enough they decided that it was so much for the foreplay, ritu first started impaling her pussy on my dick, her pussy was all wet and soon my cock was inside her, she moaned lustfully and started riding my dick like a wild cat. She was really great and my cock needed nothing but her sweet, wet pussy. Priya wasn’t wasting her time, she positioned herself near ritu’s pussy and started rubbing and licking her clit. When ritu felt priya’s tongue on her clit and my dick in her cunt simultaneously she went mad and started riding me with such a passion that i got even scared that she could break my cock, it all lasted for five minutes and during that time, priya never stopped licking ritu’s clit, suddenly ritu stopped and went still, that meant her orgasm was in progress, i started making the upward movements with my dick, trying to get deeper and deeper into her pussy, ritu’s pussy started shrinking and contracting as if trying to trap my dick inside, ritu’s eyes got wider and she started thrashing like a fish in a net, when her orgasm was over, it took her over three minutes to get over it. “so, now it’s my turn to try the magic stick”, priya said and i saw wild desire in her eyes, she wanted to cum too and ritu’s orgasm made lit a fire in her sluttish eyes. “i’d like you to fuck me from behind”, she said and positioned herself in a doggy-fashion. I was tired of lying without action, so i got behind her and my cock easily penetrated her wet, sluttish pussy, i grabbed her buttocks and started driving my dick in and out her pussy, priya started moaning, begging me to fuck her harder, meanwhile ritu got over the orgasm and crawled under priya, when she was near her clit she stuck her tongue out and started licking it while i was drilling her pussy. Those bitches really knew how to bring each other to an orgasm, there was a certain procedure they were following and they would never let each others’ pussies without a good bang followed by an orgasm. I was drilling priya’s pussy for over five minutes and ritu never stopped working on her clit, suddenly priya arched her back and her pussy started shrinking on my dick, knowing that she was cumming i started drilling her even faster, priya’s pussy was shrinking and my cock was being squeezed by the insides of her pussy. It seemed to me that priya’s orgasm was more intense, when she finally stopped cumming i felt that it was just the time for me to shoot a load. Priya and ritu crawled to my dick and opened their mouths wide, i started jerking my dick and as soon as the sperm shot out of it i directed the stream to their sluttish faces. I kept jerking my cock flooding their mouths and faces with my cum. When i completely drained my balls, they again took care of my dick and their two tongues licked it clean not letting a single drop of my cum fall down on the floor. When they were finished with my dick they started licking the sperm from each others’ lips and faces, after that they shared a long kiss and looked at me gracefully. “it’s friday and i don’t work until after monday, you can stay at my place”, i suggested hoping they would cook something for me. I started feeling hungry. “only if we have some more fun”, they answered and i understood that their sluttish pussies would never get enough. “ok, ok, you’re going to get it, i am gonna invite my good friend over for dinner and we’ll have even more fun”, i said and thought of a good night i was going to have.

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