Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Pulled My Mouth To Her Erect Nipples

By: raju

I’ll relate a short episode that happened to me some years ago. It was soon after i had joined my dept. One saturday i had to go and see my hod to get approval for some papers. Though she was around 50 at the time, boy she was a real dish. She had real big boobs and a voluptuous figure to match. I reached her house around 11am on my bike as it was about 30km from my place. Her house was on the top of a hill in the midst of a rubber plantation. She opened the door and welcomed me in. I handed over the papers that needed her approval and sat fidgeting on the sofa she pointed out to me. I started leafing thru a magazine i found lying around, while she excused herself to read thru the papers and getting me a tea. After a short while she brought in a cup of tea and then moved behind the sofa i was sitting on and leaned over me as if to see what i was reading. All of a sudden i turned my head to look at her and found my nose buried deep in the cleft of her bosom.

The musky smell that arose from her made me heady. All of a sudden she drew back and went off in the direction of the kitchen with a sly all knowing smile telling me that she just had to fry the pappads to serve lunch. I sat for a few minutes in stunned silence and then rose up to go to the kitchen and tell her i couldn't wait for lunch. When i reached the kitchen i found her frying the pappads and to get her attention cleared my throat a couple of times. As it seemed she didn't hear me, i moved right behind her to tell her i was leaving. As i drew close to her she suddenly leaned back and rested her head on my shoulders with her face turned towards me as if for a kiss. My rod was iron hard from the moment i saw her at the door. I couldn't stop myself. I bent forward, clasped her close to me and kissed her hard. She settled into my arms half turning towards me with a moan.

Instinctively i reached for her breasts and she pulled my head down to them. I started rubbing my face all over them while frantically searching for the clasps of her dress. She hoisted her dress, shrugged off her bra and pulled my mouth to her erect nipples. I suckled on them like a babe while my left hand reached inside the hem of her panties and started rubbing her protruding clit up and down and in circular motions. With a groan she peeled and kicked of her panties and pushed me down on to my knees. She whipped off her dress and then stood with her legs wide apart and shoved her cunt into my mouth and said ' suck me, you little fucker. Momma wants u to suck her'. The musky womanly scent of her cunt drove me mad and i licked and lapped and sucked her love bud within the folds of her clit with abandon. She started yelling at me to suck her more hard while she ground her groin into my face and started fucking my face with sporadic jerks of her hips.

I inserted my tongue into her over flowing love hole which drove her mad. She quickly dropped to her knees and guided me inside doggie style. We fucked for sometime that way and then she pushed me on my back and rode me like a bucking horse till both of us fell spent. From that day onwards we have our trysts. She is about 60 now, and in no way has her ardor gone down and every time i step into her house i get a bloomin hard on. We 69 each other almost every time, can mail me at

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