Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Fucked by strangers

By: shreeya

Hello i am shreeya. I am 18 year old and i read in a reputed college in chandigarh. I stay in a private hostel in the same city. The way from college to my hostel is very long and i have to cross sector 34 which is about 4 km long. It is not economical to spent a lot of money on rickshaw daily. So i use a short cut which passes through sector 34 and this path is about 1.5 km long. But this way is very lonely. There are some offices and small industrial units which close after 5 pm. After that there is nobody after that. So after college we have to go to our home as soon as possible. Also we have to go in group of four or five. It happened last month. My exams were on. It was my last paper. I told my landlady that i will go to my home after the exam. I cleared all the dues and went for the exam. I have taken all the clothes and my personal things to my home before. After attempting the paper, i prepared to go to my home. But suddenly i remembered that i have forgotten to ask my landlady to book another room for my next session. I could not get any rickshaw so i went back to my hostel from the same route. It was very late and time was 630 pm. I walked quickly to get away from this area. But suddenly near an sco i hear the voices, aaj bahut maza aa raha hai. Is daru main bahut nasha hai. Bas ek laundi ki kami hai. Agar woh bhi mil jay to aaj ki rat swarag ban jay. I was terrified to listen this. I try to run.

By this i came in sight of them. One of them said mil gayee. Pakar lo use. They were three guys of age about 25 to 30 years. They all looked workers came from uttar pradesh or bihar. They all followed me and came before me. I looked around for help. There was nobody who could help me. I was so terrified by them that i could not scream. They all were standing around me. One of them asked, lo aaj to tere man ki murad puri ho gayee. Aaj is chhokri ko jee bhar ke chodenge. I pleaded, please jane do mujhe. Main ek achhe ghar ki larki hoon. They laughed and their leader, who was a tall man with strong muscles, asked his boys, utha lo larki ko aur le chalo. Quickly one of them put his hand on my mouth and another man caught my legs and took me to a basement near by. It looked like a go down of some office. They locked the room from inside. Now i was alone with all of them. They all were standing around me and looking with wonder. They all were of black complexion and average height but they were muscular and strong. I could see sex in her eyes. One of the guy came close to me and asked me, chal daru pee. I said, nahin, main daru nahin piyungi. Main ek sharif ghar ki larki hoon. Aur mujhe chhor do. Mere papa ko pata chal gaya to woh tumhe jinda nahin chhorenge. But they all laughed and leader gave me a harder slap on my face.

It was so harder that i could see stars at that time. Again he asked, daru peetee hai ya ek aur lagaun. I was totally helpless. To avoid further beating, i had to drink the wine. It was a desi liquor and it smelled bad. But i had no option. I took four or five sips and i felt nausea and sensation of vomiting. They all were standing around me and looking for the permission of their leader. Suddenly leader came closer to me and made a gentle kiss on my face. Then he started kissing me violently. He kissed me on my face, on my neck, and on my lips. All the four man came closer to me and they were kissing my hands and caressing my belly. One guy was rubbing my pussy. But i had no interest in all of them. So i was trying to get free from them. I was wearing a black skirt and white shirt. Suddenly i saw a stick lying very near to me. I made a harder slap on the balls of the leader and gave push to all the guys and pick up stick. I was now becoming furious. I hit all the persons with the stick. I tried to get away from that room but my all attempts were of no use. Soon they get control over me and took the stick from me and through it away. They tied my hands behind and all carried me back to the middle of the room. I was totally helpless now. Now they again resumed their game. They all were kissing me fondling my boobs and kissing my thighs. I could not do any thing now. Leader said to me," now you will pay the price. Aaj ham tumhe bahut buri tarah chodenge. Tujhe raat bhar nahin chhodenge." then he opened all the buttons of my shirt and let it fall on the backside. I was wearing a white bra, which was not enough to handle my large boobs. One of them said dekho haramzadi ke mamme kitne bare hain. Main to inko khoob choosunga. But then one man suggested that game was turning one sided. Why don’t we open her hands and then fuck her.

All were agreed. They open my hands and pull the shirt. One guy gently slipped the straps of my bra and lowered it. My boobs gave a jump as they escape from the prison of the bra. Guy no 3 fondles them and squeezes them. I cried in pain aaaayyyyeeeeeeeaaa. Leader caught me by the hair and pulled me closer to him. He started licking my lips. Another man opened the hooks and made me top less before all the strangers. All the guys were doing what they could think. One man was rubbing his hands on my back. Leader was sucking my lips and tongue and no 2 and no three were sucking my boobs. Some time a feeling of proud was coming in my mind but it was not strong enough than the feeling of being raped. I closed my eyes in shame. Suddenly i feel that some one is opening the hook of by skirt. In a short while, he pulled my skirt and panty off. Now i was totally naked before four sex driven guys. I looked around and i saw all the guys were naked. They had very large dicks, all hard and erect. I could see a feeling of sex in her eyes and on their faces.

Leader started kissing my stomach and he was going down. He asked all of them to leave him alone for some time. He started kissing my pussy and was entering his tongue in my pussy. It was a sensational feeling in my mind. Then he made me sit on the floor and told me to suck his dick. I said no. He grabbed my hair and pulled them back. I cried in a pain, he grabbed the opportunity and quickly shove his dick into my mouth. I hated all this. But it was a very large dick with monster proportions so that it was difficult me to breathe. I tried to cry, ooooooonnnnhhhh. But he did not take care for me. He poured some wine on his dick, which went into my mouth while he pumped his dick into my mouth. After pumping my mouth for some time he took his dick out of my mouth. He placed me on a folding bed and asked isko pakro. Main iski choot main apna land ghused raha hoon. All the men came. One man grabbed my hands. One man grabbed my one leg and other the other one. Leader placed his dick on the mouth of my pussy. It was a very small pussy, how a large dick can enter it? He made a gentle stroke. A very small portion of his dick entered into my pussy. It was painful, a cry escape from my mouth aaaaaaaayyyeeeeeeee. Hai mar gayeeeeeeeee. Nahiiiiin bahut darad ho raha hai. He laughed and said abhi to gaya hi nahin hai. Jab jayega to kya hoga. He made a very harder stroke and one quarter of his dick was inside my pussy. I was dying with pain and he bastered was enjoying all this. He made another harder stroke and there was a very large pain in my pussy area. I pick my head up and i could see the blood was dripping from my pussy.

He made very harder strokes and my whole body ached. After six strokes, his dick had completely penetrated my pussy. He asked his man, kyon, isko thora aram karne den ya full speed chalte rain. No. 2 asked, ustad nayee chhokri hai pahli baar kar rahi hai. Thora pyar se, nazakat se, dheere dheere. So he gave me a rest for a while. I was weeping, yeh tumne kya kar diya. Main to abhi kuwari thi. Main apna kaumarya apne pati ko hi dena chahti thi. He said, aaj ki raat hum sab tumhare pati hain. Tumhare paas jo kuchh bhi hai woh aaj hum tumse le lenge. After some time, the pain was reduced and i could feel something was in my cunt. He again started pumping my pussy, but some feeling for enjoyment was arousing in myself. I could not know how it happened. After some pumping i could not feel any pain now, but a sensation in my pussy. He was pumping badly. I was too responding him. I was lifting my ass for his every stroke. He was too enjoying all this. So he was now gentle towards me.

After 10 minutes he was over. But i was not satisfied. Now it was the turn of no 2. He came to me and quickly shoved his dick into my pussy. He again pumped me like a hell. But soon he was over. The feeling of unsatifaction was becoming severe in my mind. But i waited for another episode. Now no 1 came for his turn. He was a tall man. He first licked my lips and then he sucked my boobs. I was irritating at his steps. He saw irritation on my face. He shoved his dick into my pussy. He started fucking me gently. Then he increased the speed of pumping. Then he stopped for a while, and placed my legs upward. And slowly started pumping me. It gave me much more pleasure and after 25 strokes, i was over. I was satisfied but no1 was not. He asked, kyon kutiya, maza aa gaya. Ab dekh tere saath kya hone wala hai. He allowed me to sit and pick me up on his lap and started fucking me. Suddenly i could feel that some one had stuck to my back. I turned my face back and it was no3. I could not know what was going to happen this time. I could feel his dick rubbing around my ass area. No 1 slow down the pumping for a while to gave support to not 3. He was giving directions to his dick by his hands and i could feel his dick on my ass hole.

He made a harder stroke and his dick was totally inside my ass. It gave me much more pain than pain in my pussy. He did not give me any rest or mercy. Both of them were pumping me like a hell. It was a strange feeling. I was enjoying by my pussy but there was a pain in my ass. They both pump me for about half an hour. It was too much for me and for them also. They both were breathless and tired. So they decided to go on the bed. They gently lay on the bed with no 1 on the bed. I was on the no 1 and no 3 were on me. Again feeling of spasm aroused inside me and i responded to their fucking. They gave me some rests between the fucking. After another one an hour i was over two times. But i was surprised at the capacity of the two guys. After that they gave me a rest. They again pumped me for the whole night. It was a very good feeling for me. I was satisfied 10 times. I don’t know how many times they fucked me for the whole night. Infact they fuck me for my satisfaction and they’re too. I really enjoyed the whole fucking.

In the morning i asked them to leave me because i had to go to my home. They said nahin. Tumhe chhodne ko dil nahin karta hai. Par kya karen, chhodna to parega hee. So they gave me a bath and gave some breakfast to me. I decided not to go to my hostel and i will call the landlady for booking by telephone. Leader dropped me to the bus stand on his scooter.

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