Thursday, February 19, 2009
Another Real Story With My Cousin Sister
Hi Arun Here!
This is another story with my same cousin sister priyamani this story started like i told u about my cousin sister in my privious post i used to go daily to her house to see and lic her this is another incident happend with her,one day she was there alone in her home and she called on phone and she said to come to her home to bring some home needs, so i went to her home in the afternoon and she given some list of home needs and i went to shop to bring, When i came back she was in her room on the bed so i gave the stuff to her and after she said arun sit on the bed i will give u some coffee. Then she went to make coffee and slowly i went behind her and i saw her adjusting her inner petycort and her nighty was liffted so suddenlly she saw me and said oh arun come no problem so i went near to her and started watching her armpits through her nighty so she cot me watching to her armpits and said arun why u look aalways to her and mostly to her armpit side then i said no priyamani its not like thet just suddenlly i saw your armpits hair so that's why...Then she said why you guys all love armpits and i said ya priyamani all guys love them. then she said oh that's why i saw so my co worker also tryes to watch her armpit sweat. Then she told me that our relationship is not good to watch her.But i said no priyamani you allways lifted your arms when i was near to you and i saw your armpits most of the time so i was attercted towards your armpits.

Then she said no arun this is not good..and she slowly started asking about why men like women's armpits then i started saying to her why we men like those armpits and the armpit smell, then finally i saked her can i see your armpits Cousin Sister she said ok but from far then i went some 2 to 5 feet long and asked her to lift her arms then she given little bit smile and she slowly lifted her i saw bush inside then slowly i went near to her and said i want to see it closer,then she said ok so i went very close to her and started sniffing her armpits she said no arun move away but i never let go this chance so slowly i started lickking her armpits...first she refused the she slowly started mooring i started licking heard then she stoped me and said can u shave my armpits arun.

So she went and bought shaving kit then i said priysmani remove your nighty so that i can shave it better then she removed her nighty,then i saw her white bra and yellow petycort then iwent near to her and she was sweating so the smell was so nice and thick so i started smelling her armpits and licked her armpits again she started moring haaa.moooo..... arun...while licking her pits slowly i inserted my hand in to her tits and squsied her nipple then i entered my hand through her petycort in to her panty and started fingering her cunt she was mooring doing then i said priyamani remove ur petycort and panty while she was removing her panty i said i want to lick your cunt priya so she said ok .

Then i started licking her cunt through her panty and finally removed her panty and started lickking.then i said priya spread your pussy lips with your hands,then she spread her lips then i started lickking faster.Then i said priya i like ur ass so turn around she turnd then i saw round shaped ass. then i opend my zip my cock was too hot and ready to fuck my cousin sis, then i said bend she said do it from front but i said no priya i like dogy style.

Then i inserted my cock in to her cunt then she started morring loud haaaaa......maaa.......its painning.....haaaaa.....then i started fucking heard.
then i put her one leg on to chair and started fucking from back.after finishing i went to wash my cock and she same there i said priya i will wash ur pusssy she smiled said ok do it. then i washed her cunt and started fingering her cunt she said no but i said i want to see how u get messy so i fingered harder then finally she messed out. After that i went to my home and in evening she called me. so i went to her home then she u have not shaved my armpits arun. Oh ya this was another chance to fuck her and lick and sniff her armpits.But my aunt was there in the home so i asked her priya how can i shave ur armpits now.she said that she called me not to shave her armpits but she liked when i sniff and lickked her armpits. so she took me to her bed room and she said arun mom is cooking food so she wont come to her room now so start doing it. Then i started sniffing her and lickking her armpits and also i got some armpit hair into my mouth then we kissed each other.Then i asked priya i love sniffing can i sniff ur panty,She said i cant do that now but i wll give u another panty that she wared in the morning. so she gave her panty i there was the print of her urine and cunt shape so i took it in to my hands and started sniffing her panty,then she smiled and said to come tomorrow at 12.30 pm cos my aunt and uncle are going to some function so next day i went to her home and wat i ahve done.....Its in the next part.....I love u Priyamani.

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