Tuesday, February 17, 2009


My Wife Punished On My Fault

By: ravigupta

I am 40 years old and my wife is at 35 now. I am working in a private company. This incidence is almost one year back. There was one man prem of around 45 years old working under me but he was much senior to me in this company. I found some fraud in his records and according to rules of the company i suspended him after issuing show cause notice. Prem was very fat heavy built and it was heard he was criminal type. Many times he has gone to jail also for fighting with his neighbors.

After getting suspension letter from me he came to my office in the evening and warned me “sahab lettter vapas le lo nahi to anjam bahut bura hoga” but i did not mind him and ask him to reply the letter. Same i had to go to my head office out of station for some official work so was busy in making some papers ready. Any way i reached my house and ask my wife to make suit case ready as i am leaving to-day night for head office, he was not happy and said that she has to stay alone in the bungalow as our neighbor was away from town. I told her manage for 2 nights only as i will be back with is 2 days. Third day morning i came back from head office and reached to my office. After seeing my table papers i called prem and ask him about the reply of letter so told me very humbly “sahab aaj sham ko office ke bad mai app ko de donga” i agreed.

In the evening even i forget to ask him about the reply and busy in some work it was late 7.30 pm. My wife called me i told her i may be late because of work all other staffs were already closed for the day only office peon was around. Suddenly prem entered entered in my office with 2 other unknown outsider men and said “sahab hamko maf kardo” along with him other 2 men also started begging me to forgive him in the mean time the peon of my office entered and said “sahab aaj hamko bahar jana hi app der tak baitho ge kaya” before i said any thing prem told him “tum jao office mai band kardonga, mujhe sahib ke sath sath meeting karna and he left with him. After 5 minutes he came back and put office keys on my table “sahab maine main channel gate band kar diya hai” They again started bagging me for forgiveness. Suddenly in very proud voice prem said “achcha sahib mai aap ko ek cheej dikhana chata hon usko dekhne ke bad aap mujhe jaroor maf kar do ge” i was surprised what he wants to show me? His requesting order “sahib conference room me aao” i could not and we all 4 reched conference room. My office conference room is a small room with with screen for dvd projector and around 20 chairs in 4 rows. They made me sit in front row and they all three sat in second row behind me.

Prem was having dvd remote he came to and said sahib iis film ko dekhne ke bad jo aap ko achcha lage karna per ek bar ise pura dekhlo”. Any way in that situation i was not having any other option and also curious to see what he wants to show me. He switch on the film and switch off all other room lights. The film started i saw main door of my house my name plate was there one hand ring the bell. After 3,4 minutes door opened my wife in red sari and black blouse slim 34 breasts sari tugged, opened hair falling on shoulders. She asked yes “aap ko kisse milna hai” prem’s voice bhabhiji “mai prem sahib ke office main kam karta hon sakab hai?” She told nahi wo bahar gaye hai. Thbhi to ham aye hai suddenly one man said and came in picture frame hold my wife’s mouth by one hand and here body by putting other hand on her bare tummy. Othere man came in and put one knife on her throat. Prem’s voice “chal sali apne bed room me le ker chal jahan gupta se tu chudti hai” she was shoked and trying to get free but no use. They closed the door from inside and too her in side. I noticed that those 2 men were the same men sitting and watching film with us it prem is shooting the movie.

They took her to my bed room and through her on the bed 3,4 hard slaps “slai jaisa kahon karo chillane se koi labh nahi aas pass koi bhi nahi hai” my wife stooped fighting but frightened and crying with tears. One man said “tere pati ne hamare dost ko suspend kiya hai ham tujhe chod kar uske badla lege sala phir kabhi kisi ko suspend nahi karega”. Both the man sit together on my double bed and holded one hand each of my wife she was standing in front of them. They were moving their hand on her buts over sari. Suddenly one man took him his hand down to her butts and pinch hard her voice “uaiiii uaiii”. He laugh. Both the men were wearing kurat and paijama. They removed their kurtas showing bare chest with plenty hair hard good muscles.

One man asked my wife with a slap “apne yar ko bahar nikal kar choos” she was not knowing what to do but due to fear of beating up again her slim bountiful hand moved on nara of paijama of one man she pilled the string. Paijama gone down but still he was in desi underwear. He smiled and push her hands on the nara of his underwear she heisted but pull the string, he helped to push it down and made her sit in front of him. He hold her hair from back tightly and pull her head back. She cried with pain “aaaa ! Aaaa!” And his 8” tool was in her mouth he started forcing her heard in and out with his hand. After 5, 10 strokes his full length was in. He enjoyed 10 minuted and with a sound pushed her head very hardly on his tool. She was shaking her head as he started spanking into deep of her throat even she could not get chance to spit. He was over but still kept pushing her head on his tool she was trying hard to get free. I was sure she must be feeling vomit. In the mean time other man brought his tool near to her and insert it in her mouth and strated fucking her mouth in the same way. She could not get chance to spit even the cum of first man. 2nd was also over with in 10,15 minutes and he left my wife free. She ran to the attached toilet of my bed room and started vomiting. After a long vomit she tried to come out from toilet but prem handed over camera to other guy and pushed her back inside of the toilet he also entered and closed the doors from inside.

In the conference room prem stoped the dvd and switch on the room lights. I was ashamed and not in position to say any thing. He broak the salience “ sahab iske bad ki bhi mere pass hai jisme teri bibi ke pur nanga jism dikhege per abhi tere liye ye hi bahut hi” it was 9.30 night without saying any thing to him i started getting ready for leaving office. When i reached to my car he came to me “sahib achcha yahi hoga ki aap letter vaps lelo kiyon us bechri ko badnam karoge. I recched house with in 40 minutes. While taking with my wife i tried to read her face but i did not not found any changes in her expression and she has not told me any thing about the incidence. She was pretending more normal. Next day i took letter back from prem he was very happy and gave me warm thanks. He sahib “aaj hamara aapka dosti koi bhi kam ho mai aap ke liye jaan dedonga” Few days have passed during this prem was very humble to me but whenever he was meeting me i always observed his smile and his eyes are making me necked. Any way one saturday i call all of my office staff and asked them to come on sunday morning 9 am to 12 for over time to complete pending as there was head office inspection on monday. But prem requested me personally that he has to go somewhere and he will reach office by 11am i agreed as for work i was not having much use of him.

Next day in hurry i left for office at 8.45am. When reached office i observed that i forget my cabin keys in my house. I allocated work to every body and told them “i am going to house to collect my keys” and lest for house. Before reaching house i saw prem’s motorcycle parked outside of my house. I parked my car 100 meters before my house and walked to my house. I was thinking what this guy is doing in my house. Any way when i reached at my gate i saw doors off my house are open i entered in my house through gallery i reached lobby i heard some voices from my drawing room with wasting any time i entered in my bed room. I was sure prem was there with my wife in drawing room. I tried to hide my self in my bed room but could not get any thing to hide suddenly i heard some voices i thought that they are coming to bed room so entered under the bed. There was enough space under the bed to hide my self as it was big double bed.

Now was in position to watch all things up three four feet from the floor there was dressing table mirror from where i was in position to see part of the top of the bed. After few minutes i saw 4 legs entering in the bed room in which 2 were of my wife’s and 2 male legs. But what is this i heard the voice like somebody is closing main doors of my house it means there is one more person who is closing the doors. I was right one more pair of legs entered the bed room. Voice of prem “bhabhi kayon sharmati ho main to tumhe chood chuka hon bus aaj mere dost nadeem ka bohut man tha vaise tum us din iska choos bhi chuki ho”. She said “nahi nahi aaj meri tabit thik nahi hai, aaur mare pati kabhi bhi aa skte hai”. Prem laughed “aare wo 2 baje se pehle nahi pahuche go, inspection me laga hi”. He sucked my wife’s lips as i heard sound of my wife “uuuuu uuuuuoooooonnnn” and lift her up i could see her legs 6,7” above the floor. With this he through her on the bed. Now only 2 pair of strong male legs were there on floor. Prem continued his conversation “aab mai aaur mere sab dost bhi tere pati hai tujhe sabko khush rakhna hai”. I think my wife tried to get down from the bed but both pushed her back.

Both sat on the bed with legs down and started removing their shoes. They left shoes on the floor and removed their trousers, shirts and throw it on the floor and the hanging legs disappeared on the bed. My wife begged them “please please mujhe chor do”. As she was not having option she begged them to come one by one. On this they said ok and prem come down the bed. I think nadeem started my wife’s lips sound “uuuuunnnn uuuunnnneeeee” bed was shaking i was afraid that they should not catch me down. Any way after long shaking of bed i saw my wife’s yellow sari thrown from up it fall down on the trousers of the guyes. Prem who was sitting on one chair near our bed said “nadeem idher aaja ise apne aap utarne de” nadeem come down and sit with prem. My wife was still on bed she tried to come down i saw her white legs down in light paticoat. Prem got up reached near the bed and pushed her down but her legs were still hanging down. He shouted “chal sali kapde utar”.

He was sitting near to my wife on the bed as both pair of legs were hanging together and nadeem was still on front chair. I think my wife started removeing her remaining cloths as prem cheered “dekh nedeem ise apne gore hathon se blouse ke button kholte dekh tujhse phele ise chodne ka dil kar raha hai”. Then i saw her blouse coming down on her sari. Prem made her stand i think he kissed her and asked “rani paticoat ka nara bi kholo”. With in few minutes paticoat was fallen down around her white legs. Nadeem also got up from the chair and came near to her. I was imagining that she must be in bra ant panty only now. Both guys started kissing and pressing her it was clear from the sounds in the room my wife’s voice “haye haye uuuui uuuuon” i was able to see 3 pair of legs one of my wife white slim soft smooth other 2 thick strong hairy rubbing each other. Suddenly they pushed her on the bed and both of them climbed on the bed. No one was visible to me only bunch of collective clothes lying on the ground. 2 pair men’s trouser & shirts with my wife’s sari, blouse & paticoat. Voices of my wife “uuaaaahhh no please leave me”. I thought they are tourchering my wife. Suddenly i saw her bra & panty fallen down together. Bar was lying on one shoe of those guys and panty on another.

As nothing was visible to me i tried to in the mirror but one was in the mirror as my mirror covers only down 3 feets. One guy removed his underwear and throw it down. Suddenly i saw nadeem in the mirror he was sitting on his knees at leg side of my he pulled my naked wife’s legs i saw her legs up her thighs only he put her legs on his shoulders and tried to enter. Loud voice of my wife plsssssssssss ahhh” his each thrust was bring loud voice from her mouth but again nothing was visible in the mirror. Suddenly she shouthed “uuuuii aaaa aaa dant mat gadao”. I was feeling sorry for but help less. I thing it was prem who was holding her upper body. Bed was shaking badly with my wife’s voice “uuuuaaaaooo no pls no”. After five minutes with the bed sound i saw 2 pairs of legs in the mirror. It was nadeem who rolled over and took my on his up with his tool inside as my wife’s legs were in reverse direction on the bed and it stretched by nadeem by his leg.

Prem got down from the bed and climbed from the side of the bed he visible in the mirror he removed his under wear. My wife gassed what he is going to do? She shouted please eek sath nahi plss plss no no pls she was almost crying. But he did not listen and climbed on her now she was sandwiched between two monsters. As prem penetrated from behind she shouted “o aaaaawwww” on each thrust. Bed shaking with her cries continued for 15 minutes after that all quite only my wife’s sobbing. Both the guys got down from the bed and started getting ready. Nadeem immediately gone out of the room.

My wife was still laying on the bed sobbing, prem collected her cloths and throw it on her said “pahen le hum jaa rahe hain phir milege doors bund karlo” and he left. After around 10 minutes my wife got up and went in side the toilet. I got chance and came out of my house. I reached office with heavy heart. After 30 minutes prem reached office. He came in my room and said “sahib kaise hai aaur bhabhi kaise hai?” There was no blood in my body.

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