Thursday, February 19, 2009

sexy teacher

hi this is ramesh.i am a student of 12th.i am going to narrate my sexy experiences with my physics teacher.
actually she was a teacher of mine in 7th.i would enjoy her low hip sarees and hugely exposed fleshy hips.but she left the school that year for her marriage and she returned when i was studying 12.....
i am her favourite she would sit near my place .omg that fleshy hips and her silky arms . i would move near to her so that i can touch her .omg that tool stood like a pillair.....she did not notice it for months.but one day she was invigilating exams but iwas concentrating fully on her bellybutton .it like a round moon.this she noticed and came near to me and saw my tool and to my saree she moved hr saree so that i can see her stomach.............after the exam she told me to come to her be continued
any comments please...bcos this my first story

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