Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sex and Erotica

Sex and Erotica

Both of us are impatient with our lust. Your arms wrap around my neck and you draw my head to yours and we engage in a deep and meaningful kiss that instantly get your juices flowing. You fumble with the buttons of my shirt until it slips off my shoulders and onto the floor. I swiftly remove your singlet and bra and my eyes take in your breasts. You ditch the skirt so you are standing before me naked. My mouth hungrily clutches your right breast and sucks it as I remove my jeans. Your hand impatiently roams down to grab my throbbing manhood, fingers clasping it and you begin to tug my cock. We reach out for each other and come together with so much electricity we are almost glowing. As we tumble to the floor I maneuver you around so you are sitting on my face. My tongue darts into your pussy and I firmly lick up all your juices which is flowing freely from within you. My cock is stiff, swollen and inviting and you take me into your mouth and suck me as deep as you can. Its so thick and swollen your lips are stretched around it, your mouth straining to accommodate the huge appendage. My tongue is flicking around your clit sending shivers through you as I make my way to your ass where I gently lick your rim making your juices gush and run down my chin. As I please you with my mouth your
lips glide over my shaft sending us both into a sexual frenzy. Hungrily we keep lapping each other organs, till neither of us can bear it and we want more. "Oh.., I want you, I need you. Please fuck me, I can't wait any longer, I need to feel your cock inside me." You gush.
I roll out from
under you and come in behind you as you wait for you me on your hands and knees. This was the moment you had been waiting for since you had first set your eyes on me at your wedding and you are totally ready to give yourself to me. I enter you slowly from behind, working my huge cock inch by inch into you waiting pussy. You cannot hold back the moans of pleasure as we fully connect as one. God it is so different from what you have known from your husband. A few half hearted jabs and the weak flow on your thighs. I work my cock deep into your fleshy pussy till my balls appear as if they are hanging from your pussy. You feel so filled and stretched. The cylindrical meat reaching so deep inside, you never thought was possible. The pleasure is so intense you almost collapse to the floor. Your arms and legs become weak as a wave of sensation wash over you as I repeatedly drive my hardness into your core, making you completely mine, the tick cockhead hitting your cervix with each thrust. You feel my cock deep inside your belly, pounding and ploughing your flesh, each penetration generating immense pleasure from the upper walls of your beaten vagina. Juices are pouring from your vagina. Our bodies are drenched in sweat as I labor behind you, thrusting and thrusting and thrusting. As my pace quickens you move your hips to the rhythm of my lovemaking. As I take you over the edge into climax you scream out incoherently, as you pussy drenches my cock with your exploding juices. I go wild thrusting like a mad bull almost tearing your soft flesh with my rock hard cock, thrusting harder and harder till I start pumping my cum deep into you, sending you into another orgasm. We stay locked together until the sensations subsides then we both collapse onto the floor in each others arms completely breathless. You are totally in lost to me and will always remain my slave.

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