Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Hot couple

By: Badshah

Recently they came jammu for a week. His name was rohit and his wife is swati. His age was 25 she was 20-young and stupid! But she was lot of fun right from the beginning. She had a very high sex drive and i made love with her. How could i not, she was an extremely good-looking girl pure was hot! It was saturday night and was pretty fucked up. They got up a luxurious hotel of jammu and called me there. When i reached at their room he asked if i would fuck her wife for a long time and can i give her true satisfaction? Swati had already gone to bed, so we tried to be quiet sitting on the sofa talking and having another drink. After a few minutes swati came walking to us wearing just black silk panties and a t-shirt and said" looks like you guys had a good time".

She sat down on the couch between rohit and i, as she did she pulled one leg up one the couch which gave us a very good view of her sexy panties. That time she looked very sexy and i wondered what she wants. We sat there talking and laughing for about a half-hour or so, every now and then i caught rohit checking out his sexy wife. Swati probably noticed also, she loves to be the center of attention, so now she has turned and lay down with her head in my lap. This position caused her shirt to come up a little giving us a clear view of her body stretched out between us. What was she planning? I wasn’t sure, but i was enjoying the game. I got up to go to the bathroom, leaving them alone for a few minutes. As i was getting ready to return, swati came into the bathroom. I could tell she was very excited. She started kissing me and rubbing on my cock. I dropped my hand down and inside her panties, she was wet as hell. When she broke the kiss she blew my mind when she asked if we could have a threesome with rohit. Wow! I said "if you’re sure that’s what you want, it’s ok with me". She quickly replied" i’m sure" and turned and lead me out of the bathroom and back towards the room to rohit.

I didn’t realize she had already talked it over with him, but as soon as we got back into the room, she pulled her t-shirt off and i said it’s ok". In a bit of shock i sat down on the couch. Swati came toward the couch and knelt down in front of me. I couldn’t take my eyes off her beautiful tits with nipples hard as rock. Quickly she unzipped my pants and pulled them off along with my boxers freeing my already hard cock. Swati leaned in and took the head into her hot mouth, taking my cock in deeper with each stroke. Her hot mouth felt so damn good sliding up and down. As she was sucking me, i noticed her hand had gone to rohit’s cloth and was trying to get his zipper down. After a few seconds of struggling with it he finally stood up and removed his pants and boxers for her. When he sat back down, swati wrapped her hand around his hard cock and began stroking him as she sucked my cock into her throat. After a few minutes of this, she released my cock from her mouth and shuffled over in front of rohit. She looked up at rohit, then at me, and lowered her mouth onto his cock. It made me ever harder watching his wife suck someone else, and by the moans coming from rohit, he liked it also.

Watching his cock disappear into his wife’s mouth i was so hot. After a few minutes, swati let rohit's cock slip out of her mouth, turned to me, and said "i want you lick my pussy while i suck this cock baby". I slid off the couch and lay on the floor between her legs. When she lowered her hot pussy onto my face, i started licking and sucking her pussy like never before. She was grinding into my tongue as she sucked my cock faster and faster. I slipped my hand up to her ass and gently pushed my middle finger into her sweet ass as i licked faster. Mmmmm uuuuhhh uuuhh uuummmm aaaahhhh i could hear her moaning with a mouth full of cock as she pushed back against my finger probing her ass. Oooohhh aaaahhhh, aahhhh aaahhhh aaahhhhh oooohhhh. After a few minutes, i felt her body get tense and her ass grip my finger as she had a mind-blowing orgasm. As she sat there recovering, she looked at us and said, "you guys do fuck me now!"

I laid down on the floor and swati got on her hands and knees between my legs and began sucking my cock again with her ass in the air for rohit’s taking. He got down on the floor behind her and rubbed his hard cock up and down her wet cunt. Poja let out a long low moan aaahhhhh oooouuuucccchhhh aahhhhhh, around my cock when he pushed into her in one hard stroke. As rohit got into a rhythm in her pussy, she matched it sucking my cock.

She was in pure heaven, two hard cocks in her at the same time; the lust in her eyes was so sexy. Rohit was pounding into her cunt with long, hard strokes. Swati stopped sucking my cock long enough to yell at rohit, " aaaahhhhh uuuummmm uummmm yes yes yes aahhhh ooooohhhhh oooohhhh…aaaahhhh…yes..go on sweetheart yes oh yeah, fuck me harder, ohhh fuck me". I wanted some of that hot pussy also, so i pulled swati off my cock and up my body away from a disappointed rohit, and pushed my cock into her cunt. I pounded into her cunt as hard and fast as i could, as she moaned and fuck me back. ….it feels great uuuuggghhh aaaahhh aaahhhhh uuugghhhh…yes…yes, go on aaaahhhh aaahhh…aaaahhhh yes…fuck me fuck me sweety fuck me, saying this she started to caress her tits & pinch her nipples ooouuuccchhh aaaahhhh, yes yes.

Swati stopped moving for a second, looked back at rohit, and said, "fuck my ass rohit, i want both of you in me!" what a horny slut! So, rohit moved in behind her again and positioned the head of his hard cock at her tight asshole. Swati held still as he pushed into her ass. She started yelling, "ohhhh fuck, yessss aaaahhhh… aahhhhh… uuummm… darling yes rip it apart yes yes fuck fuck." as he slid deeper into her ass. I could feel his cock sliding in, separated only by the thin tissue of her cunt. Soon we were both balls deep in his hot wife, both holes filled with hard cock, and she loved every bit of it. As swati was sliding up and down on my cock, rohit was pounding into her little ass like a mad man. Within minutes swati was cumming all over our cocks and moaning loudly yelling at us to fuck her harder. Ahhhhhhheeeee. Bite it you bitch bite it uuugghh uuughhh aaahhh do it fuck fuck i could tell rohit was about ready to shoot his cum into his wife’s ass. I was close as well. After a few more strokes, rohit began moaning loudly and began shooting his load into her ass. A few strokes later i shot my load into her cunt.

After we came we all just stayed still for a few minutes, our cocks still deep in her ass and cunt. Being very satisfied, swati got up, kissed me on the cheek, said, "thanks" and headed for the bathroom to get cleaned up. Rohit and i had another beer, talked about what just happened, and decided that it shouldn’t be the last time. And it wasn’t. At that night we hucked several time swati.

About me: i’m kammo. I m from jammu city. I'm smart, attractive. I’ve athletic body, fair complexion, black hair & eyes n 8’’ huge penis. I’m so much naughty and fun loving boy & have an easy-going personality. Girls called me lover boy and handsome playboy. I'm looking for a relationship, not just a one-day/night stands. I’m looking for the chances to show the world what i can do. I promise you that i can satisfy you with a smile on your face. I can give u true fun, enjoyment & satisfaction. I like sucking, licking, squeezing pussy, ass, breasts, hips & whole body of girls & fucking pussy, ass. I can arouse u with my erotic sucking, licking & squeezing. I can fuck u so much with my huge cock in many ways that u can't imagine. Everybody walks away from my bed happy and smiled. I'm the master of you.

I'm never satisfied with "okay". Give me more of it. Give me "great". I can breathe again. My partners call me the gangster of love, the fun machine. My partners call me when they need someone 2 fuck. I say: 'that it's all about making you cum until you beg me to “stop please”..

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