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Offered her breast from me to fuck

By: Trouble bubble

I was born and brought up in hyderabad. I used to live in a small apartment with my parents. I did not have many friends in the apartment. As there were none about my age group expect bhavani and sunitha who were living in the neighbouring apartments. Bhavani is 3½ years elder to me and sunitha is 2 years elder to me. Bhavani was chubby, very fair and very tall. She was 5'11 and taller than me. My guess was she must have had measurements of 38d-28-36. On the contrary sunitha was tanned, lean, about 5'6. We knew each other from the age of 12 and we were the thickest of friends. All of our parents were working and so when we came back from school all of us would gather at my home and pass time by chatting and chatting. All three of us were so close that we used to discuss about many things openly such as puberty, periods, masturbation, etc. . Bhavani was the most interested in these topics. I can still remember when the movie 'titanic' was released we used to discuss for hours debating and wondering how kate winslet had the guts to expose her nude body on the screen without any shame which billions of people all over the world can see. This first incident happened when i was 15 where all three of us planned to go to the theatre and watch titanic for the second time. I was the last to come from school after playing my kho kho match. I reached home by 4.30pm. Bhavani and sunitha were dressed and waiting for me. We had to leave home by 5.00pm. I rushed for my bath. Meanwhile sunitha and bhavani were playing games on my computer in the bed room. After finishing my bath i realised i forgot my towel. I called from the bathroom and told them i forgot the towel. Bhavani took the towel and knocked the door. I was hiding my body behind the door. When i opened bhavani laughed . I realised i was not fully hiding my body behind the door. My face turned red. I quickly went inside and held out my hand for the towel. Bhavani called sunitha and asked me to lean out the same way i was leaning against the door as before. I refused but bhavani said she would give the towel otherwise. Bhavani was the adamant type. I knew i had no other choice. My heart was pounding so much. I had to lean against the door in such a way that 1/3 of my body was out of the door. Sunitha felt shy and walked away. Bhavani was still laughing when she handed the towel. After that i got dressed and went to the movie and came back. That night i couldn't help thinking i exposed 1/3 of my bare skin to two girls. Few years passed i joined college. I wanted to lose all my flabby flesh. I started exercising vigourously. Within a few months i quickly lost weight. This resulted in ugly stretch marks on my body. I started making a huge fuss about it to bhavani and sunitha. Sunitha knew from her mom that applying vitamin e oil and soaking for some time everyday would get rid of the stretch marks. I normally come home from college about 4.00pm and this is when bhavani and sunitha would come to my home and spend time. I told them i would be applying oil after coming from college everyday and it would not be possible for them to come home. For about a week i used to apply oil and wait for about an hour and have my bath. Bhavani and sunitha never came home. All three of us were badly missing meeting each other. Bhavani told me that i could apply oil in my bath room and stay there till i have a bath. All three agreed for this. After that i would come home and go straight to the bathroom and start applying oil. I would leave the door open a bit till the oil would soak for about an hour. The girls were decent enough that they would not peep inside the bathroom. In the meantime bhavani and sunitha would be chatting and i would be chatting from the bathroom. Talk about the things that happened in college, etc. , etc. After a few days we felt that still things we not as normal as before as it was not a face to face chatting. Then bhavani came up with an idea. We planned since it is not possible to wear cloths while i am oiled. Bhavani told that she would buy a plastic sheet that i can use as a towel which i can tie around my waist when i am oiled. The idea was brilliant. She used to buy the plastic sheets with her pocket money. The sheet was a roll of 30 cm x 10 meter roll which i used to cut every day ,use as a towel and throw away after use. The first sheet only came for 8 days. Soon we came to know that the sheet was expensive so i told we could cut the sheet into half and use. The girls both laughed and said if it is okay with me they don't mind. I can still imagine how i looked with my body fully oiled and covered myself with a plastic sheet that was only 15 cm long and went only once around my waist. I literally enjoyed exposing my skin like that. After a few months i wanted more. I told the girls not to waste money on buying the plastic sheet instead i can use plastic bags that we get while shopping. The plan was okayed. I made a bold move this time. I took a thin white plastic cover just wrapped that around my groin area , left my bums bare and came out. I expected the girls to make fun of my but instead the mood in the room was different. That day the girls did not talk much , they seemed serious. I asked bhavani why they she was serious. She told me that she was feeling awkward seeing me almost nude like that. As soon as i heard the word nude i immediately started getting an erection. I showed well though the plastic cover,bhavani stared at the bulge below the plastic cover and without saying a word bhavani left the house that day.

The next day bhavani never came home. Sunitha and i were wondering why. I never oiled that day. Later that day sunitha and i went and saw bhavani in her house and asked her why she never came. She said she was nervous seeing things. Sunitha tried to calm things saying that i am younger to them and then i have nothing special underneath that no other man has. Saying this all three of us burst out laughing. The atmosphere was normal again. We started to chat normally. As we were chatting bhavani asked why my plastic cover wrapped around my manhood suddenly started moving. I reluctantly told about how men have erection and so on. Bhavani was very much interested in that. She kept asking me every single detail about erection. From next day all three of us were gathered in my house for chatting and i asked the girls if i can wear just a plastic cover around my groin area and come out in front of them. The girls said it was okay and i can come like that. Again when i came out with nothing else except just a plastic cover. Bhavani could not control laughing. Bhavani and sunitha started singing “puppy shame puppy shame, all the baby know your name...”. Bhavani and sunitha gave me a new nickname -'shameless'. They would call me as 'shameless' . I felt so embarrassed that i stopped oiling myself for a few days. A few weeks passed and one day bhavani came home excited from college. We could not figure out why she was excited .then she told there was an aids awareness campaign in college and one lady explained the importance of condoms and how to use them. Then she put her hand in her pocket and took out one condom packet. Sunitha and myself were stunned. We asked her how she got it. She said she robbed it from them. I asked bhavani if i could take it from her as i wanted to try one out. Bhavani joked saying she would give me that only if i showed her how i wore it. I said okay. Bhavani and sunitha asked me if i can dare do it in front of them. I said yes. Then sunitha said lets see and we decided that the next day i will show the girls how i wore a condom. That night i never slept with the excitement that i will be fully nude in front of two girls. The next day to add to the excitement i even removed my chain and bracelet to ensure pure 100% nudity. Yes i loved being nude. Bhavani and sunitha came home . I asked them if they were ready for the show. Sunitha asked me “ready for what show?”. I told the one where i show them how i wear a condom. Sunitha asked me if i was seriously going to do that. She said she thought it was a joke. Then bhavani told sunitha that i have nothings special beneath my pants that no other man has. Sunitha said yes but she wanted to first see a man's penis after she married and that too her husband's. Bhavani immediately said she has already seen many penises in blue films. I was shocked to hear that. I never knew sunitha had seen blue films. It was news to me. When i asked sunitha she reluctantly agreed that she had seen blue films and changed the topic and said to go ahead showing the condom demo. Before i say anything else i must say i am very proud of my penis. I guess every man should be proud of his penis. Its not 12 inches long as in some stories. I am measuring it with a scale as i am typing this story. Its little more than 13 cm. But it is very thick and the best beauty of it is the broad bulging nerves as thick as cycle brake wires that run on my penis. Sorry, i am obsessed with these things. Back to the story, i started removing my cloths one by one. Bhavani asked why i need to remove my shirt for wearing a condom. I said nothing and removed everything except my underwear. I looked at their faces which looked dead serious. I removed my underwear in a flash. This was the first time i ever stood fully nude before anyone. I remember my body temperature was running high and i was trembling from top to bottom. My penis was fully erect like stone. As i was about to wear my condom bhavani slowly brought her hands towards me. She gently brushed the skin below my navel with the back of her fingers. She gently went down till my public hair and started fondling my public hair. I had nice thick dark wild public hair. She was caressing my public hair with her fingers. Sunitha was only looking. It was obvious that she was looking nervous. Bhavani winked at sunitha and said these words “shall we have fun?”. Sunitha said nothing. Bhavani made sunitha sit on a chair. She made me sit on top of sunitha's lap facing away from sunitha. Then bhavani made sunitha bring her hand from around me and hold my penis. One hand was holding my rod and the other was holding my balls. Bhavani held the tip of my foreskin and squeezed it tightly. I mourned for a sec as it felt the pleasure i felt when i first masturbated in my life. Then bhavani took a handkerchief and tied my eyes shut. I heard some noise of zip opening but i couldn't guess what it was. Then i felt something tiny touching the tip of my foreskin. I was trying to figure what it was . Oh man ,it must be bhavani's nipples. My excitement then had no limits. Then i felt bhavani hands at the back me helping sunitha take off her cloths too. As i was sitting on sunitha i felt the bare skin of sunitha's breasts on my back. As sunitha tightly held my cock and bhavani put the condom on it. Then bhavani sat on my lap facing me. She sat close enough to for my cock to touch bhavani's vagina's openings but not close enough to insert my penis into it. The feeling was impossible. Bhavani tried to caress my chest with her nipples. Then she simultaneously held on of my bums and press it with one hand and with the other hand she started stroking my penis. Sunitha did not keep quit . She started inserting her tongue into my ears from behind. Sunitha was also stroking my penis in rhythm with how bhavani was stroking. Then bhavani started sucking and biting my lips. This happened for a few brief moments. I just exploded and flooded the condom with my semen. Bhavani and sunitha did not stop though. Then went on for some more time. After that bhavani realised i had cum. Then she made me get up from sunitha's lap and made me sit on the floor. Then i immediately removed the kerchief tied to my eyes. This was the first time i ever saw such a scene in my life. Bhavani was standing fully naked with nothing excepting her jewels on her body. Her breasts were huge really huge. Standing next to her was sunitha who was topless but was wearing her skirt. Bhavani was inserting her fingers into her pussy and was kissing and licking sunitha's tits. Bhavani saw me removing my handkerchief from my eyes. She said “how dare you remove them.” Saying this she tightly tied both may hands behind my back.

Then bhavani took out the condom from my penis which was dripping of semen. She then poured all that semen onto sunitha's breasts. Bhavani sat down and opened vagina and said “please transfer that cum from sunitha's breast into my pussy using your tongue please”. I did exactly as she said. I started licking my cum off sunitha's breasts. I did not care. I truly enjoyed sucking sunitha's breasts. She was shouting with pleasure. Bhavani then shouted at me that her pussy is dry and waiting. I licked enough of my cum off sunitha's breasts and took it in my mouth and went near bhavani's pussy. I tried my best to spit my cum as deep as i could into bhavani's pussy. The sight was awesome. I was seeing my cum dripping off sunitha's breasts and bhavani's pussy. As i was watching this bhavani pressed my head nice and close to her pussy and forced me to lick her pussy. After nicely licking bhavani's pussy i asked her if i could fuck her. Bhavani laughed and said she wanted to remain virgin till her marriage and refused. So did sunitha. I begged them and told my cock is itching to fuck. Bhavani said my cock is a bad boy and needs to be punished for that. Bhavani made me lie on the floor and asked sunitha to bring some cotton ear buds from the bathroom. I asked them what there were going to do. Bhavani laughed wickedly and said my cock must be taught a lesson so that it will not want to fuck. Bhavani took the cotton ear bud. She slowly inserted the cotton ear bud into the hole in my penis from where i pass urine. It started paining when the cotton ear bud was nearly half in. I told it was paining. Bhavani said so you must now know how painful a pussy feels when a cock slams it !. I said sorry but bhavani would not stop. She continued inserting the cotton ear bud until it fully disappeared into my penis. The pain was unbearable. I asked bhavani how i would take the cotton ear bud out form there. She said let it be there forever and laughed. Then she said she had an idea .she took the vacuum cleaner and inserted my penis into the vacuum cleaners hole. She said “lets see if the vacuum cleaner sucks out the cotton ear bud out”. Saying this bhavani pressed the vacuum cleaner on. I felt as if my penis was being pulled out of my body. I begged them to turn of the vacuum cleaner as it was paining even more. Sunitha took mercy and turned it off. Mean while bhavani went to the kitchen and brought some handful of red ants from the sugar container. Without saying a word bhavani pulled down my fore skin and put all the red ants onto my penis and closed my foreskin. The ants started biting my penis little by little. I was helpless as my hands were tied to my back. The pain from the deep inserted cotton ear bud from my penis and now from the ants made it unbearable. Bhavani made sunitha lie flat on her back. Bhavani suggested that the only way the cotton ear bud could come out from my penis was if i ejaculated i.e. cum again. She said as i can not use my hand as they are tied to at the back. The only way was to fuck sunitha's breasts with my penis. My penis was paining so much i wanted to get the damn cotton ear bud out. I put my penis in between sunitha's breast and started moving back and forth as sunitha was tightly holding my penis with her breasts. I was feeling pain but i badly wanted to cum. I looked at sunitha enjoying the act. She was mourning in pleasure. Thinking of this i started to cum. The cotton ear bud just jutted out like a bullet spraying my cum all over sunitha . Sunitha started licking that semen off her face and lips. Part one was over the cotton ear bud was out but the ants were still biting. Bhavani said “oh poor little thing” and started licking the ant off my penis little by little. She crazily licked my penis. Then bhavani asked me if i can fuck her breast too. I said i already came twice and i am in no mood. She got furious and said my penis will be more severely punished. I had no idea what she was up to. She took some green chilly sauce from the fridge and nicely dipped another cotton ear bud into the green chilly sauce and slammed that cotton ear bud fully into my penis hole again. Only this time the chilly sauce in it made it extremely unbearable. Bhavani said i now had no choice and lied down offered her breast from me to fuck. My penis was erect but was not fully rock solid. It was semi hard. I had not choice. The pain was unbearable. I started to move my penis back and forth in between bhavani's breasts. Sunitha was watching and enjoying the show. As i was fucking bhavani's breasts. Sunitha started sucking bhavani's breasts at the same time. After a long time i was finally and painfully about to cum for the third time in the same hour. I ejaculated but with no success. There was very little cum that came and that too was being blocked by the cotton ear bud inside. For the first time i could feel my penis passage swollen and bulged with cum trapped inside. Bhavani said it was no use cumming. As the cotton ear bud has to be removed another way. She borrowed sunitha's hair pin. Bhavani inserted that hair pin into my penis and pulled out the cotton ear bud. I was tired and was in pain. I just rested on the floor naked. Bhavani said “i think that's enough for the day”. But that sunitha would not stop. She said she wanted to try one more thing before they finished. She made me stand like a dog on four limbs. Then she took a belt and started hitting my bums like crazy. I felt like i had no choice but to take it. Occasionally that belt even hit my balls once or twice. After sunitha was tired belting my bums bhavani went to the bathroom to have a shower and sunitha joined her soon. Soon after they finished they dressed and left the house with the house door opened. I was just too weak to even get up from my place. I lay naked on the floor. Soon after they left my house servant maid came home. She saw me lying naked on the floor. She asked if she should come later. I said if she can do whatever she wants to …. She gave back a naughty smile.

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