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India: Wife Exposure/ apni biwi chudi kisi aur se.....must see
My name is Anuraag. I am married since a long time to Kiran. My wife Kiran is quite good looking and voluptous. Right since we got married, I have always had a rather kinky obsession, to watch my wife Kiran, exposing her lovely body to strange men. I started confiding in her about this obsession. Initially she flatly refused. But, over the years, I persisted in keeping on requesting her. Finally, she agreed - but on condition, that I will not force her to do what she does not like. I accepted. Slowly we started experimenting with small semi-exposures on the highways, in restaurants etc. These were not really exposures. It was just a small peek, that strangers would get into Kiran's blouse, or thru' her skirt etc. But these were one second peeks. I told Kiran, that I wanted her to expose more . . . .

She asked me what I wanted now so I explained how I would like her to be totally nude in front of a stranger. She wasn't too sure about this, or how we would go about it. Mostly it seemed like she was concerned about safety reasons. I finally figured out that I would order some food from a nearby cafe and she could lay on the bed and pretend she was asleep. She still wasn't too sure about this idea, and never did agree to do it, but while I was calling for delivery she knew she didn't have a choice. At that point I was determined to show her nude body to someone and this seemed the least threatening way for her to do it.

The wait was terrible for both of us. I was anxious to make this happen and she was nervous about it happening. I was dressed and she was naked as we waited for the delivery man's arrival. The front desk called and told us the delivery man was on the way up so she quickly got into bed, under the covers. When she had settled in, with her left arm across her eyes, I pulled back the covers to expose her nude body. She gave a little jerk as I pulled her knees open a bit to expose her pussy but didn't move when the knock came on the door.

The delivery guy was young, maybe still in college, and as I opened the door I motioned for him to be quiet that Kiran was sleeping. He tried to peek around me, but I stepped aside and walked across the room to get money for him. He was quite surprised and looked like he wanted to say something. Again I motioned for him to be quiet and gave him the money. As soon as the door closed Kiran opened her eyes and sat up. She asked if I was satisfied, to which I replied, for now. I wanted to jump on her right then but she told me she was too hungry so I had to wait. I figured it was the least I could do since I'd just displayed her nude body to a stranger. Later that night she had me explain what had happened, what the guy looked like and what was his expression when he saw her. She finally said that it wasn't so bad as long as she didn't have to look at them and would do it again if I needed her to.

The easiest way for her to get used to being nude, and being seen was to get in my Datsun pick up and go for a ride. Since the vehicle was higher off the ground than most cars, and she is short, she felt reasonably comfortable and hidden sitting in it without her clothes. Whenever I would say "let's go for a ride" she knew that she needed to show up in something that could easily be taken off, and not to wear any underwear. Most of the time I waited until we were out of the city, on the open highway, before I asked her to take off her clothes and this time was no different. She pulled off her top and shorts and handed them to me so I could put them out of her reach so she wouldn't be tempted to grab them and try to cover up. We'd been driving for about 30 minutes enjoying the sunny day when we came upon an area of construction. All traffic was slowed to one lane, taking turns to drive through as a bridge was being repaired. Even though we were moving slowly it didn't seem to be much of a problem but just as we got to the front of the line the "flagman" turned his sign around from SLOW to STOP. I don't know if he suspected he might see something, or if he just got lucky but his timing was perfect because as we stopped he stood at the front bumper staring into the cab.

Kiran was starting to get nervous about this guy and reached up to lock the door. Although plenty of truck drivers and others had seen her nude body before as we'd ride around she usually would choose to ignore them unless they honked, or I asked her to acknowledge them in some way. But this guy was closer and slowly walking up to her door. He walked right up to the window and looked in at her nude body. By now he was only a few inches away from her and was staring so hard that he could have been counting her pubic hair. Kiran was getting nervous and started to blush quite a bit. She turned so red that even her breasts started to turn pink. This guy was something else, dirty, with a big belly and from what little I could hear was talking very vulgar language to himself describing her body and what he was seeing. I was beginning to think that he would press up against the glass and drool but just about then I noticed the traffic was finished from the other direction. Since it was now our turn to drive through I quickly reached over and tweaked her left nipple which immediately went into a hard little point. Then I honked the horn at him and took off across the bridge.

After we cleared the area we talked about the event and about how this was the first time somebody had seen nude body at such close range. She said it was humiliating and degrading to have him study every part of her body and stare at her pussy so long. Evidently she was able to hear much more of what he'd said about her body to himself than I had. She ended by saying what a creepy looking guy he was and if it would have been a nicer looking guy, she wouldn't have minded as much as she did.

I really thought that things were going great now, I¹d finally exposed my wife¹s nude body to people without any barriers or distance between them. She seemed to be resigned to the fact that I was going to do my best to parade her around naked when ever I got the chance, and had expressed a willingness to try it out to make me happy. I was ready for this next big jump in showing her off. Because I was so much looking forward to showing her off, and she¹d accepted the idea, that¹s what made these next 2 1/2 years all the more frustrating. Nothing I tried seemed to work out. Even when she willingly went along with my ideas something always seemed to get in the way of my plans.

The next real attempt was in a movie theater. As usual I had convinced her to go without a bra, and since she was wearing a shirt with buttons it would be easy to open her shirt to expose her tits once we were settled and the movie had started. We went to kind of an out of the way theater, and since she didn¹t want any kids to see her, went to an A-rated movie. It was quite empty, and soon after it started I began to unbutton her shirt. She wouldn¹t let me go to fast, but after about 30 minutes I had all the buttons undone, her shirt wide open and began to rub her bare breasts.

Although she has hard nipples, they get even stiffer with some pulling and tweaking, so I did my best to bring them to nice hard points. Everything seemed to be going great so I eased her shirt open and finally had both breasts out in the open. She didn¹t seem to mind, and since the movie was terrible, was enjoying the attention I was giving her nipples. There was another couple not too far from us, and it seemed like he was trying to look over our way but his wife kept directing him toward the screen and her. If only somebody would walk in, or out, then they would have a nice view of Kiran¹s tits. To my disappointment the movie ended and she quickly buttoned up as the lights came on. All the way home she told me that she¹d done her part, and couldn¹t help it if nobody saw her. Just because she was willing didn¹t help my attitude much.

During this same time of frustration I began to share some of the nude photos I had taken of her with others. I showed them to some of the guys at work that she didn¹t know. I found that at least this way I could get some satisfaction that a few people were seeing her nude body. One day she found a couple of the letters that were written to me by some of the men that had received the nude photos of her. In the letters they described how much they enjoyed the photos and what they would like to do with her body. They talked about how they had jacked off looking at her photos while they thought about having sex with her. She told me that I was “prostituting her” by selling her body to these men for sex while they enjoyed the photos of her nude body. During one of these discussions I finally agreed with her, but suggested that maybe we should try it out for real instead. That pretty much ended the argument as she realized that maybe I wouldn't actually mind doing that. It was just a few days later that she said it didn¹t matter any more, and I could do as I wanted with the photos. I was smart enough to let it drop with that comment.

One evening as we were sitting on the couch watching TV, and since it was nice and warm the front door was wide open to let in some fresh air through the screen door. I had it all arranged for a couple of guys from work to drop by that night. I had told them that maybe they¹d get to see something special, but that was about all they knew. They hadn¹t ever been over to the house before, so Kiran didn¹t know them. They also were a couple of the guys that had seen her nude photos so they were very interested in meeting her. I had hoped that more than that would happen this night.

Anyhow it was about 9:30 and we'd been watching a movie while I played with her tits and rubbed her pussy. She was getting quite cozy, comfortable, and turned on by then. She was wearing a little slutty outfit that was really sheer lace in the back, but covered up the "essentials"on the front side with little strips of pink satin, of course I had unbuttoned it to play with her tits. When the knock came on the door came I simply said ‘come in’ and in walked a couple of guys that she didn¹t know. Since the front door was between where we were on the couch, and the safety of running to the bedroom all she could do was quickly button up and try not to be too embarrassed. She didn't want to get up because then she'd show her "almost" bare ass to them, so she put a pillow in her lap and stayed on the corner of the couch trying not to blush too much. I jumped up and offered them something to drink and asked them to sit down, which they did right across from Kiran. I could tell that they were somewhat surprised and embarrassed but also very curious. Kiran was also embarrassed by this as it was the first time strangers had seen her up close dressed in such sheer lingerie. She decided to stay sitting on the couch, under the pillow, as it almost covered her up. I think it helped that we¹d already been playing on the couch as she was quite relaxed and a bit turned on by the time they arrived.

Anyhow, after I'd brought them all a drink we all sat down and chatted a little bit while watching TV like nothing was out of the ordinary. Kiran didn't know these guys at all, which I think helped things a little bit. After about 15-20 minutes I offered them another drink and grabbing Kiran by the hand basically said "let's go get it." when we walked to the kitchen they had a nice view of her sheer lace covered ass. I could tell she was getting upset, because she usually doesn't say much during those times. While we were in the kitchen I rubbed her body some and asked if I could "show her off" to them a little bit. She responded with "you're already doing that aren't you?" I took that as an agreement to go ahead, and began telling her how sexy she looked and how much I appreciated what she was going to do for me.

We got them something to drink; went back in the living room, and after we were sitting back on the couch a few minutes I took her pillow away from her and tossed it on the floor. By now they¹d been in the house almost an hour so I decided that it was now or never and I began to unbutton her top. She was sitting beside me, so it was easy to undo the three buttons. I left it like that for awhile, so she was showing the inner curve of each breast in the open part, and the satin strips had moved aside so her nipples were visible through the lace. Eventually I opened it up to show them her titties. One of the guys was getting embarrassed, but it looked like both of them were getting turned on as I rubbed her tits and pulled on her nipples. Her tits were completely exposed now to two men she didn¹t know that were sitting jut a few feet away in our own living room.

By now she'd resigned herself to whatever was going on, and as she often does she just shuts her eyes and tilts her head back to let me do whatever I want. I kept on rubbing her tits and pulling her nipples and even though she felt uncomfortable about being exposed her nipples still got quite hard. After a few more minutes I thought that I might as well try my luck so I reached under her and slid her panties off. I really didn¹t think that she would let me do that, but she must have decided to let me have whatever I wanted, as she quietly just lifted her hips off the couch. Now she was sitting completely nude, totally exposed, just a few feet from a couple of strange men. I tried to play with her pussy a little but she didn't want to spread her legs right away. After a few more minutes I did manage to open them up a little bit and get a couple fingers in her cunt. I rubbed her clit for a while and fingered her cunt while they watched intently. Since she had her eyes tightly closed she couldn't really tell what was happening in the room. But they were eagerly trying to see all they could. I think they would have jumped across the room, and jumped on her, if I would have waved them over. But I didn't want to press my luck any farther than I already had so after a few more minutes I told them it was time to leave.

Kiran was pretty quiet after they left, but not mad enough to keep me from fucking her. As we talked about it she agreed that she hadn¹t said no to anything that I had asked or done, but then she added that she didn¹t think it would matter if she had. She finally told me that had she thought I was going to make her ‘have sex’ with them so that had made her more uncomfortable. Once again I told her how beautiful she looked, thanked her for her willingness to make me happy, and remarked about how happy she¹d made these two guys also. Just so she wouldn't think that this would be the end of our showing off I asked her how soon she¹d be willing to try it again, but she didn¹t really answer. The idea was so strong about the possibility that she¹d have gone through with fucking them if I would have asked that I couldn¹t get it out of my mind. It was at that point if life that I decided I really wanted to see getting fucked by another man. I knew it would be a while for it to work out, but I was sure it would happen sometime.

It wasn¹t too long after this ‘home show’ that I got another chance to show her off in public, it was after we had gone out for dinner and a concert. When she was getting dressed I was watching and as I often do altered her choices somewhat. She was putting on a jacket that was like a suit jacket, she usually wears a blouse under it, but sometimes not, it¹s held closed by just two buttons. This time I asked - her to go without the blouse, and bra also. She gave me "that look" but did what I wanted anyhow and put the jacket on over her bare breasts. All through dinner the waiter kept trying to look down the front of her jacket. She didn't seem to notice that he was always standing above her filling her water glass or whatever. I'm sure hoping that he got a good look at her tits. After the concert we went out for a couple of drinks at a rather quiet, darkened disco. This time we were sitting in a booth, and she was on the inside. While we were waiting I reached over and undid one of the buttons of her jacket. I don't think she realized what I had done as I was also squeezing and rubbing her a little at the same time. This opened up her jacket even more, and when the waiter brought our drinks I know he could see her tits because I could also. Since she was sitting down the jacket was bunched up, and popped open down to the one button that was holding her jacket together, and that was well below her nipple level! This time she caught him looking and when she looked down he quickly looked away. She blushed and quickly closed herself up. She gave me one of those what do you want now looks and in a sarcastic tone asked me if I wanted her to ‘take off the jacket.’ I answered her in the same way that she could at least unbutton it for awhile, and to my shock she actually did.

It was pretty dark in there, and we were sitting so we didn't face most of the bar, so she wouldn't really be directly exposed to anyone, unless the waiter came back.. She leaned her head back against the booth and as she often does at these times just closes her eyes and ignores the situation. Doing this was my go ahead signal so I pushed her jacket open so that her tits were completely exposed. Since she was on the inside, I was shielding her from other men¹s view as I rubbed her tits and pulled them for a little while. She looked like she had gone to sleep so left her exposed like that and sat back and had the rest of my drink. By then a few people had noticed, and one guy had even moved closer so he could see her better.

When the waiter came back, and he asked if we wanted something more, I could feel her twitch, but she didn't open her eyes, or move to cover herself. I think she often believes that if she doesn¹t see them they don¹t exist. I asked for another round and when he left she opened her eyes and gave me a look that questioned if that was enough. She could see him coming back with the drinks so closed her eyes again and just stayed still. After he left she opened her eyes long enough to grab her drink and down it, normally she doesn't drink much, but was nervous. She said she wanted to go, so I left some cash on the table and she pulled her jacket together as we got up to leave. She acted quite upset by it all, especially when a couple of men gave her applause as she walked by. The whole time we were in there couldn't have been more that 15-20 minutes; and to my surprise she hadn¹t buttoned her jacket when we left, but only held it together. She let it fall open when we got into the car and leaned back into the seat with her tits still exposed during the drive home. Maybe it was the combination of a couple drinks and the exposure but she seemed to be quite excited at the moment. I believe that she actually gets turned on by showing off but would never admit it as that would be improper behavior.

The next night we discussed what had happened and how we felt about it all. She hinted that it wasn¹t too bad, I actually believe that she enjoyed it since she was starting to get close to 40 and liked to be found attractive, particularly by younger men. She once again expressed the discomfort she felt by being exposed in public, and worried about what could happen as a result. I reassured her that I could take care of that problem and could easily set up another private home viewing as

Both of the guys, Ravi and Vishwas, had been asking for a repeat performance almost daily since that first night. It got so bad that I had to threaten to fire them, they work for me, if they didn¹t shut up. Even though it had been many weeks since our ‘home show’ hardly a day went by that they didn¹t make some kind of remark about it. Finally one day when they were whining I called Kiran and handed the phone to Ravi to talk to her. He started to fumble and could hardly talk. He said something like “thanks for letting us come over, and can we come and see you again?” He was so flustered I could hear her laughing over the phone. Vishwas then took the phone and much clearer told her how he wanted to see her nude body and how he¹d been thinking about her almost everyday since then. That surprised me since he¹s married and has a good looking wife. I took the phone back and after little bit said goodbye to Kiran and told them I¹d try to set something up.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Book Antiqua][size=3][color=red]After talking it over with Kiran I told them to drop in for coffee on a Sunday morning next week. They both showed up at 10 am Ravi is single, but I wondered what Vishwas told his wife he was doing that morning. I was sitting at the table reading the paper so they both joined me for a cup of coffee. Kiran was dressed in her bathrobe, and was just finishing breakfast. When she was done said she was going to take a shower. During our discussion we¹d decided this would be the least threatening way for her to show off her naked body and make me, and the two guys, happy.

She left, and after I heard the water running I suggested that we go watch. They almost jumped up from the table to get to the bathroom. Kiran was busy showering, knowing what was going to happen, and even though she could barely be seen through shower doors she looked very sexy. Ravi sat on the vanity and Vishwas on the toilet as they watched her through the glass. When she started to wash her hair I opened up the shower door so she was totally exposed to our view. She acted oblivious to us as we watched her keep on washing herself. The water and the attention had made her nipples rock hard, and her pussy hair was flattened out so her cunt was clearly visible. We all watched as she shampooed, rinsed and conditioned her hair. It was very erotic to see the suds wash down over her naked body, and knowing that two other men were also watching made it even more exciting. We were all getting splashed a little bit, but nobody seemed to mind. When she was finished she reached for a towel and said “that¹s all;” so Vishwas and Ravi went back to sit at the kitchen table.

I helped Kiran dry off and as we had planned she then wrapped a towel around her wet hair, and wearing only that walked into the kitchen to offer them another cup of coffee. I knew they wouldn¹t refuse a cup of coffee from a nude waitress so she got the coffee pot and walked over to where they were sitting. She poured Vishwas his coffee, but as she reached across to fill Ravi¹s cup he just couldn¹t help it and he reached up and with one hand to softly rub her tit. She stopped and I thought that he¹d blown it by doing that, but as soon as he stopped she finished filling his cup and then turned away without saying a word about it. She stood there for a few more moments as they looked at her nude body, but then took off to get dressed. She¹d done really good, and everything had gone as we had planned, except that Ravi had touched her breast. After they left we talked about it and she remarked that she really didn¹t mind his touching her breast. She said that since I was having her parade around nude like that if front of them didn¹t I expect that was going to happen anyway? I believe that she enjoyed it much more than she would ever let on.

Both Ravi and Vishwas keep on asking for another chance to see my wife, but I wasn¹t sure how to work it out. It seemed like nothing went quite right; and before I could get anything set up many months had gone by. I think that they thought they might never get another chance and had almost stopped asking about it.

I'd talked to her about a couple of different ideas for the future, and much to my surprise she wanted to keep this level of sex play within our house and not in public or some other place. This is contrary to how she'd previously felt about being exposed as she wanted it away for our place and life. Since she feels safer within the confines of our house she seems to be more willing to accommodate my wishes. One of the ideas I'd put forth was to have her as a nude, or topless, waitress for a card game or something at the house. She seemed to think this would be okay, after lots of asking and reassurances from me, so I finally set it up. I still thought that I would like to see her fuck someone in front of me, but knew that would have to wait until the future. Since it takes four men to play cards I invited Anil to also come over and become part of the group. I finally got it set up with everyone and on a Saturday night they all showed up. Kiran had agreed to be the hostess for the evening with the promise that nothing would happen. She was dressed in a sheer very low nightie upto her knees, bra and panties beneath that.

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