Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Rinku's gangrape by 6 men and one girl

She had reached the corner of the canteen block when a voice called out “excuse me! Can you help me please?”

Rinku turned & looked in the general direction of the voice.

It was a small alley in between the canteen building & the adjoining hostel block. Rinku knew this comparatively dark smelly unused alley led from the rear of the chemistry laboratory & connected near the other end of the campus.

All rinku could see was a fair girl whose long brown hair covered her face as she stood with one foot bent. She seemed to have twisted her ankle & was hobbling in pain. Rinku looked around but there was nobody else nearby to have even heard the girl’s cry for help. As rinku walked towards her she noticed that the girl’s thigh was almost entirely exposed through the slit in her dress & rinku felt a pang of envy looking at the girl’s fair smooth glowing thighs. Rinku saw the girl was trying to reach her purse which had fallen further down the lane.

Rinku propped up the girl against the wall & as the girl mumbled her thanks, rinku smelt a nauseatingly sweet perfume as she went to pick up the girl’s purse.

It was so dark within the alley that rinku never saw the person who grabbed her from the side & flung her face forward into the arms of another man further down the alley. This man who had huge palms caught rinku in a vice like grip & dragged her around the dark corner. It had taken hardly a few seconds & nobody had seen it happen. As rinku was dragged deeper into the darkness, she saw a silhouette of a girl with long hair follow them into to the gloom. The girl was walking normally without any sign of a limp.

Rinku tried to scream but the man holding her throttled her scream in her throat. Rinku also realized the futility of screaming as the blaring music would most certainly drown out any noise she tried to make.
She was dragged close to a noisy generator room & was flung to the dirty floor. Rinku tried to scramble to her feet but a kick in her side made her curl up in pain. She gasped through the pain & tried to look around. She saw she was surrounded by five pairs of legs & another pair was standing near her feet.
In the darkness rinku couldn’t make out any details of the faces surrounding her. Rinku also became aware of a seventh body moving slowly amongst the men. Rinku smelt the strong perfume again & heard a few gasps & giggles. As rinku’s eyes adjusted to the darkness she saw long hair waving as the girl’s breasts & buttocks were fondled by each man as she passed by them.

“who are y…?” Rinku tried to ask but a stiletto heel placed right across her mouth cut her question midway. The odor of perfume seemed to come closer to rinku & she felt silky hair brush her cheeks. Rinku felt two soft hands grip her wrists & gently guide then upwards. Rinku lay writhing as the girl clasped rinku’s hands above her head. The girl opened her skirt in the centre & placed her knees on either side of rinku’s head. Rinku felt the warmth of her thighs on her cheeks. A low moan was followed by a soft “oohhhh! Yesss!” As the girl rubbed her crotch against rinku’s forehead.

“fucking bitch!” Rinku screamed at her & instantly repented & screamed “noooo!” As she felt strong hands grip her ankles & spread her legs apart. Her shoes & socks were pulled away together & her belt was ripped out.

“please…please don’t do that!” Rinku pleaded as her white trousers were torn away from her fair legs.
Two other hands stripped her off her shirt ripping it to pieces. Rinku screamed as her bra & panties were pulled away.

“quiet, darling!” The girl whispered in her ear & placed her soft moist lips on rinku’s trembling parched lips. Her hands moved onto rinku’s breasts & kneaded them. As rinku struggled against her lesbian rapist she felt her pussy being probed by two fingers.

Soon rinku was being fucked in her pussy & anus. She lay screaming as man after man took turns to pound her. Suddenly rinku felt a firm but soft & fleshy thing being shoved in between her lips. The girl had pushed her breast into rinku’s parted mouth. Rinku bit on it & managed to get her teeth around the other girl’s nipple. Instead of a painful scream rinku heard a long passionate moan erupt from the girl. She was actually enjoying it. Rinku turned her face away from the dangling breasts & screamed for help. Instead she felt the girl stuff something into her mouth. The girl gagged rinku with her own panties, and then gently she bent forward & sucked on rinku’s nipples. In the meantime the men kept raping rinku in her ass & pussy till it became unbearable for her. Rinku’s ass & pussy were flooded with sperms from six unknown men. She had been bred multiple times by each man.

After almost four hours the men stopped out of sheer fatigue. The men rested in total silence & the girl brought & served them beer. The girl poured beer down on to the gag covering rinku’s mouth. Rinku gulped greedily at whatever liquid filtered in through the gag. In the meantime the girl made rinku kneel & tied rinku’s hands to a pipe above her head using the rags of rinku’s own clothes. Then she tied rinku’s ankles to the ends of a rod lying in the garbage. She licked the traces of beer from rinku’s lips, cheeks & breasts. Suddenly she kissed rinku on her lips & fingered her slimy wet pussy roughly. Rinku gasped as pain rippled through her ravaged body. The men broke out in guffaws. As if she was waiting for such an opportunity, the girl brought her lips to rinku’s ear & whispered in an almost inaudible whisper “darling! Please don’t fight or resist them. Just let them do what they want. Trust me; it’s humiliating & dirty but nothing compared to what they have already done to you!” Rinku looked at her startled but the girl had moved away & was lost in the darkness.

After a long wait, one of the men stood up. Rinku hoped he would leave but knew there was more to come as warned by the girl. As the man approached her, rinku felt the girl’s presence at her side. Rinku felt the girl’s hand crawl on her back & “owww…mmm!” Rinku groaned through her gag as the girl grabbed a clutch of rinku’s hair & yanked it.

The girl laid her lips on rinku’s mouth & mumbled “please don’t scream, baby!” Even as rinku wondered how she was going to scream with a gag, the girl took the gag in between her teeth & pulled it out. Instantaneously, rinku screamed & three things happened simultaneously. The girl pulled rinku’s hair violently & her long nails dug deep into rinku’s breast & a big foot belonging to one of the men laid a hard kick onto rinku’s crotch. Rinku almost fainted with pain but the girl held onto her hair. Then again she pleaded in a whispered voice “honey, please don’t do that again!”

Whether it was because of the girl’s advice or the prospect of even more pain at the hands & feet of the men or both, but rinku had learnt her lesson & did not dare to scream again. In the darkness rinku felt a body approach her. She smelt his sweaty odor & saw that he was one of the bigger & heavier men. She also knew he was the strongest as his thrusts had hurt her most & he had lasted much longer than the others. He walked almost into her face. He lifted her chin upwards & placed his huge palm on her head. Rinku felt his huge cock hit her cheeks & tried to move her face away from it but couldn’t as the girl used her hair as a joystick made her face the bulging cock. Then the girl pulled on rinku’s hair till she opened her mouth in pain. The cock was bobbing up & down just beyond rinku’s lips. The girl held it gently & placed it on rinku’s trembling lips & pushed her head forward. The smelly cock penetrated inside rinku’s mouth & still the girl kept pushing her head forward till rinku gagged as it reached her throat. The girl relaxed her grip a little & rinku managed to breath. The man was moaning & by now was lightly holding rinku’s head. It was the girl who was guiding rinku’s head forward & back over the throbbing penis. The girl was very careful with every drop of pre cum or spit that flowed out from rinku’s mouth; she would wipe it up with her fingers & rub it on rinku’s nipples or put it back in rinku’s mouth. As soon as the cock bobbed out she gently put it back inside rinku’s mouth. Soon the man stiffened & held rinku’s head tightly & began thrusting rapidly in her mouth. “aaaa..aaaa!” Rinku moaned as the man grunted & the girl crooned “yes! Baby! Yes! Fuck her mouth!” As she rubbed her own boobs against rinku’s naked back & ran her hands on the man’s butt. Suddenly the man ejaculated right inside rinku’s mouth. She couldn’t believe he had so much sperm left even after he had bred her pussy & ass a short while before. Rinku had more than a mouthful of cum on her tongue. The man caught her cheeks in between his fingers & squeezed hard. “swallow it darling!” The girl whispered to rinku.

Rinku nodded & almost threw up but eventually managed to swallow more than half of the slimy warm liquid. Only when he felt her swallow did the man remove his cock from between her lips. He rubbed it on her cheeks & slapped it against her face. Rinku felt the slime stick to her face & then realized that the girl had reached out & was caressing the man’s balls. Without warning he dumped another load of his sperm onto rinku’s face. Parts of it splashed on her hair & dripped down onto her nose & chin & then fell onto her naked breasts. The girl drew deep breaths as if enjoying the musky smell of cum flowing all over rinku’s body. In the meantime the other men had lined up & the girl helped rinku give them blowjobs. Soon rinku was covered in thick sperm from head to toe.

By now the men were completely drained & they quietly pulled on their clothes & walked away along with the girl. Before going the girl wiped some cum off rinku’s body with a rag & shoved the soggy gag back inside rinku’s mouth.

Rinku could hear the men some distance away as they stopped & pissed & then walked away. Then rinku heard light footsteps & smelt the sweet smell of perfume again. The girl had come back.

The girl waited for a few minutes after the men had disappeared around the corner of the building. Rinku could see the silhouette of the girl crouching close to her. Rinku also felt the girl’s body quivering in excitement as she waited. Finally she walked down the alley & returned only after she was convinced that there was nobody in the campus.

Rinku heard her return. Her heels were clicking loudly against the rough ground. The girl didn’t seem to mind the noise she was making. Rinku realized there was nobody around to hear any noise coming from this isolated rear corner.

The girl came close to rinku & ran her fingers through rinku’s matted sticky hair. She kneeled in front of rinku so that they were facing each other their breasts just millimeters away from touching.
Suddenly the girl turned & switched on a small torch & turned it on rinku.

Both of them stared at rinku’s body. Rinku was covered from top to bottom in slimy cum which was thinning & had begun to flow down her face & body. “ummm!” The girl moaned. Rinku tried to see her face but couldn’t as the torch was facing her & the light was blocking anything behind. The girl continued to focus the beam of light on rinku. She checked out rinku’s face & then stopped on her breasts. Rinku too followed the light with her eyes. She saw her right breast bleeding & remembered when the girl had dug her nails in it to stop her from screaming. She saw her nipples taut & glistening. The light moved onto her pussy & rinku gasped “ohh!” Her tight pussy was flared & looked like as if it had been split wide open. Cum still dripped down from her pussy & it was tinged with blood. Slowly the light moved to her thighs where cum from her boobs had cascaded & had left streaks as it flowed down. Then rinku noticed the light move lower down & heard another satisfied moan from the girl. Rinku looked down & saw a deep plastic vessel placed between her bent knees & directly below her bleeding pussy & anus. Rinku saw the thick liquid ripple as a steady drip fell into from her pussy & from her asshole. Rinku realized that there was more blood flowing from her anus than from her ravaged pussy.

The girl seemed very excited to see the almost half full bowl.

She turned & placed the light behind her body so that her face was blacked out but there was enough light to see rinku’s body. She moved her lips to rinku’s forehead & kissed her gently & then began to lick the cum with her tongue.

Rinku was disgusted & began to struggle. With the men gone rinku had regained a bit of her will to fight. “umm…mmmhhff!” Rinku groaned trying to push out her gag. The girl held her head lightly & kept licking cum of rinku’s eyes & cheeks. Then without a word she pulled out rinku’s gag. “heeeelpppp meeee!” Rinku screamed in as loud voice as possible. The placed her hand on rinku’s mouth, girl shook her head & said “rinku, you are such a slut! You let those guys fuck you but you won’t let me even touch you! Come on baby, don’t you understand, all we need from these men is sperm. The rest we can help ourselves.” She removed her hand & rinku spat at her & said “you sick bitch! Get your hand off me! I am not like you! You gagged me or i would have screamed & even bitten off those cocks!”

The girl laughed & said in a sexy voice “really babe? Maybe you did not notice but your nipples were erect & you were moaning when they were screwing your twat!” She pinched rinku’s nipples with her thumb & forefinger & continued “they are still erect, slut!” Rinku stared at her in shock. She had not even realized she was moaning during her rape. “why did you help the men rape me? What do you want? Who are you?” Rinku asked almost sobbing. She smiled & said “so many questions?” She stood up & in the dim light rinku saw her strip her black dress, she pulled off her heels & removed her push up black bra. She stood facing rinku in her tiny black thong panty. The perfume was over powering. Rinku saw that the girl was wonderfully endowed, almost as good as rinku herself. She had a great figure with breasts that seemed slightly bigger than rinku’s. The only asset that the girl had which rinku did not was her straight silky long hair. It reached almost till her bums & seemed to have life of its own as it waved around with the girl’s every movement. Rinku too had silky brown hair but it was only shoulder length & right now it was matted with sticky sperm.

The girl embraced rinku. Rinku felt the warm body cling tightly to her cum covered body. Their nipples stuck to each other & rinku could feel the girl’s long hair slide & stick in between their bodies. The girl began kissing rinku randomly all over her body. “stop it!” Begged rinku but the girl continued. “why me?” Asked rinku again & again.

The girl moved behind rinku & clasped her boobs in her soft hands. Her hair was wet with their sweat & left over sperm & it was sticking to rinku & her own body.

She began licking rinku’s hair as she fondled her breasts & nipples. Through kisses she said “rinku, i helped them rape you because if not you it would have been me! Those guys wanted sex & twice tonight they tried to lay me. One of them was my own brother who agreed to let them screw me for just an extra dose of his favorite drug. I am sure he would have fucked me if it had been me instead of you!”
“but why me you bitch, i don’t even know you or your brother & his friends!” Rinku retorted. The girl licked some thick residue off rinku’s shoulder & said “you can blame me for that, baby! I noticed you right at the start of the fest, i really liked you the minute i saw you. You must have worked out by now that i am a lesbian & you are right. Although i am a closet lesbian, i flirt around with boys & even let them fondle me just to keep away any kind of suspicion. But when i saw you i wanted to sleep with you any way i could. You are my dream come true, rinku! So when the guys began pawing & trying to force me to get fucked i gave them an option. I said i would get them another girl for a no holds barred fuck fest. They agreed as there would have been a few limitations with me as we are part of the same group. While with you they could & they did go totally wild.”

Rinku was sobbing & the girl licked down her back & kissed her bums. She carefully removed the vessel from below rinku & placed it at a side. She lay flat on her back with her forehead between rinku’s thighs & put her mouth to rinku’s bleeding asshole. She pried it open with her fingers & rinku groaned with pain. The girl inserted her tongue inside rinku’s dripping asshole & sucked the mixture of sperm, blood & crap from inside. She nearly drained rinku’s asshole & then moved forward to rinku’s pussy. “you bitch!” Moaned rinku as a lithe tongue pushed deep inside her well lubricated vagina. The girl watched rinku’s breasts rise & fall in deep breaths as her tongue played inside rinku’s pussy. She lapped up rinku’s flowing juices which were mixed with thick sperm. She enjoyed the taste & the fact that rinku too seemed to be enjoying it equally. Finally rinku began moaning loudly & climaxed in multiple orgasms. The girl swallowed almost everything that cascaded out from within rinku’s pussy. Rinku’s body was shuddering & quivering because of her uncontrolled passion. The girl kneaded rinku’s bums & breasts while she teased the last drops of juices from rinku’s ravaged twat. She lay with her mouth open till rinku’s lust subsided & began licking the sweat off rinku’s steaming hot body. Rinku had lost whatever strength she had remaining & her head lolled forward.

The girl stood up & tossed her own sticky hair in front of rinku’s face & said “lick it, doll!” Rinku glanced up & began licking at the girl’s long silky hair. In the meantime the girl untied rinku’s ankles & wrists & rinku collapsed in a heap.

The girl laid next to a semi conscious rinku & continued kissing & licking her. The girl propped rinku against a wall & sat next to her. Then she pulled the sperm filled bowl & tipped it against rinku’s lips. She put her own lips next to rinku’s & both the girls took a drink of the musky mixture. Rinku gagged but the girl coaxed her to drink. The girl drank it as if it were some favorite drink. Then she made rinku stand up & stood facing her. She embraced rinku & tipped her chin upwards. Both the girls were standing with their bodies touching each other’s. The girl lifted the bowl & poured the remaining contents over their hair, face & body. They began licking it off each other’s body. Rinku was following the girl’s lead in licking up the mess. Soon both of them had licked & swallowed most of the sticky mess.
Then the girl pushed rinku into a kneeling position & pushed her head into her wet crotch. Rinku knew what was to be done & proceeded to lick the girl’s pussy. Rinku grasped her bums & pushed deeper into the girl’s vagina. The girl was moaning as she lay down & pulled rinku above her. She pulled & brought rinku’s crotch above her mouth. The two girls were in a 69, eating each other’s pussies. They fingered each other’s assholes & licked their crap covered fingers as they drank the juices flowing from their flooded twats. Both of them were moaning & grunting as their bodies glistened with their sweat in the dim torch light. Both of them screamed in passionate agony as they had orgasm after orgasm.
The last thing rinku remembered was her face buried in between the girl’s wet crotch as the girl screamed as she reached another orgasm & she arched her body upwards & squirted her cunt juices all over rinku’s face. Rinku remembered her own voice screaming as she too had another uncontrollable orgasm.

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