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Asha's sex experiences

By: neo

Thanks all the iss readers for the response to the previous story of asha . For those who r reading this part directly plz read 1st part first.lets get on with the story frds, as u all knw asha was not satisfied with her sex life with her husband , asha resorted to masturbation in the mornings to relieve her sexual frustration. But as further days passed, this too
Did not help especially having experienced such a thrilling and
Fulfilling sexual activity with sushil and mini. She yearned for it
Again, but sushil was away and mini had not called her. She did not
Have her number or address. It was at this juncture, when asha was
Most vulnerable that she got exploited again into something she would
Otherwise have never indulged in.

Asha became very edgy and irritable. The maid noticed this and being
A woman herself knew that asha was in need of a good fuck. One day in
The morning after rajesh had left, the maid came into her room and
Asked asha if she needed a body massage before having her bath. She
Added that her previous memsaab used to get massaged often by her
Before bathing. On hearing this asha agreed to give it a try. The
Maid who was named veena asked her to lie face down on the bed and
She would heat some oil and get the towels. On returning, veena saw
Asha lying face down with her nightgown and night on. She told asha
To remove them as the oil would spoil them, and she would too. Asha
Had no undergarments on and went to the bathroom and changed into a
Bra and panty only. Asha had indulged in fantasises about the maid
Veena while masturbating at times and she felt excited at the
Thought of being massaged by her. On returning to the bedroom, she
Found that veena too had stripped down to her bra and panty. She saw
Veena had pretty lace bras and panties on and asha realized they were
Imported. In her mind she thought that these were definitely stolen
From her previous job. Veena was a small breasted, dark-skinned
Petite girl. Veena too eyed asha in her undergarments, especially her
Heavy breasts that threatened to spill out of her bra. On seeing
Veena stare at her, asha blushed and lay down on her stomach in bed.
Veena began on applying oil to asha's shoulders and massaging them.
She complimented asha on her flawless fair skin . She then unstrapped
Asha's bra from behind and started working on her back. Asha felt
Real good at this woman's touch and both of them chatted on , with
Veena saying that none of her earlier memsaab's had such a lovely skin
And figure. With both of them feeling horny the talk soon turned
Towards sex. Veena ventured with saying that the new chokra cook they
Had recently employed was a harami. By now veena was working on
Asha's thighs and could sense her memsaab getting horny, by her sighs
And little moans as her thumbs brushed her cuntlips while stroking
Her inner thighs. Veena could see that asha's panties were getting
Soaked. " harami (bastard)! What do you mean by that" asked asha. Veena
Asked her to turn around, which asha readily did not realizing that her bra
Was off. Veena saw asha's heavy breasts with her nipples swollen now.
She answered in a husky voice as she too was getting turned on. "wo
Chokra bus nam ka chokra hai, par asli me bahut bada hai". (that fellow is
Very thin to look at but he has a monster phallus) " kya mutlab tumhara"
(what do you mean) said asha, "usne kya tumhe cheda hai". (did he fuck
You?) Veena had engrossed asha in her talk and was now freely applying
Oils and massaging her breasts and nipples. Asha was truly turned on by
Now and was more vocal in her sighing and moaning. Veena continued "
Memsaab uska khambe jaisa hai, mota aur lumba". (memsab his penis was thick
And long) on hearing this asha immediately remembered that chokra raju
And raju's massive prick. She let out a moan and said " uunhh aannh khamba
Uurn kya hai khamba uunnhh bolo na aanh". ( how long his thing is dear?)
Veena now clasped asha's panties and started pulling them off. Asha raised
Her buttocks so as to help veena in taking them off. Veena saw that asha's
Panties were thoroughly soaked and that her cunt-lips were engorged. She
Saw the lust in asha's eyes and could not control herself. She got down to
Taste asha's juices. On feeling veena's lips and tongue fingering her
Cunt asha could no longer hold back she let out a wail as she came to
A shuddering orgasm. Now veena quickly removed her own undergarments
And came over asha, grinding her cunt on asha's mouth. Asha started
Sucking her cunt juices and flicking her clitoris with the rapid
Movements of her tongue. Meanwhile veena had pushed her tongue deep
Into asha's cunt and was tongue fucking her. Both the women soon came
To another climax.

Asha wanted to know more about the harami chokra cook. Veena said
She would talk about it only if asha allowed her to have a bath
Together in the warm tub. Asha agreed and soon both the women were in
The tub lathering each others naked bodies. Veena couldn't get enough
Of asha's breasts and continued playing with them while narrating her
Experience with the chokra boy. She told asha that one night she had
Gone to his quarters to give him his bedding, since he had just
Joined that day. She saw him masturbating and was transfixed at the
Sight of his prick. While fingering asha's clitoris under the water,
She mentioned how wet she had got seeing him masturbating. Asha was
Moaning with desire imagining the prick. The chokra saw veena and
Roughly caught hold of her. "bus memsaab, usne kuch pucha nahen, mera
Hath uske khambe per rakh diya". ( enough memsab i had to shake his hot
Penis and he insisted to take in my hand) she then went on to narrate the
Screwing she received at the mercy of his prick. Asha had another orgasm
On hearing the tale. Veena concluded by saying " memsaab he is a bastard he
Has fucked so many girls he will fuck a tree if its clad in a sary. On
Hearing this talk asha could feel herself getting wetter n wetter, veena's
Fingering and biting of her breasts were carrying on while narrating. "
Memsaab, your buttocks and tits are so soft i have never massaged such soft
Buttocks they are like water melon i am getting itchy to suck your big
Ass". Asha moaned "then why don't you do that dear, suck me kiss my
Asshole please don't forget to slap my buttocks until they get red, slap my
Ass after putting oil i love it dear . Veena knew she had her memsaab ready
To be spanked or fucked. She applied a lot of oil into her rectum and at
The same time inserted her four fingers into her steaming pussy. The heat
Inside her pussy surprised even the maid. She had fingered all of her
Previous employers. But she had never seen such a heated pussy. She began
To fuck her asshole using her tongue. Asha was crying with desire and
Passion. She came to a shattering orgasm.

Asha had enjoyed her maid and vice versa. For once she did not feel
Guilty. She however felt a pang of jealousy, considering that the
Maid was regularly getting fucked by the chokra , while she being a
Memsaab had no sexual fulfilment.

Asha had enjoyed her sexual antics with her maid veena. However, she
Was disturbed at the thought of the chokra boy salim wanting to fuck
Her. This would get too dangerous, she thought. Her father-in-law ,
Who was always trying to be near her might suspect something. She
Resolved to fire the new chokra cook salim before anything untoward
Happened. The maid veena was harmless, asha could handle her. After
All she wanted was, a few cosmetics, and she was a real good cunt-

Unknown to asha, the maid had narrated her whole fuck-session with
Asha to salim. She had told him how memsaabs panties had got soaked
At her mentioning the size of his prick. She further told him how
Asha had orgasms when she told her that be careful, salim is going to
Fuck you. This excited salim and that night he fucked the maid all
Night thinking of his memsaab. He was thinking of her fair skin, big
Breasts and above all the huge gaand. Being a poor fellow, his
Initiation into sex had been thru buggery and fucking a woman's arse,
That too a rich bitch gave him a feeling of complete control and
Power, albeit momentarily. He was aching to have his way with the

Also unknown to asha, were her father-in-laws plans to fuck her. He
Felt cheated that she get fucked by somebody else and come home. If
His son could not fulfil her want, surely he should have the
Opportunity he thought. That way it would remain in the family. His
Sexual drive had been awakened seeing this sexy thing roam around the
House spreading sexual tension all over. He had resorted to fuck a
Few prostitutes to relieve his tension but was dying to fuck asha.
He had a friend who ran a hotel near the new delhi railway station,
And had used the rooms to fuck prostitutes. His friend too had joined
On such occasions. The father-in-law was planning in his mind how to
Take asha there, where he could fuck her without any problems.

Rajesh, her husband was oblivious to the goings on in the house. He
Continued to fuck his wife occasionally. He did not realize the
Sexual frustration in his wife. The sex act to him was to come inside
Her, that's it. He had no experience. Asha however knew the
Difference. Having experienced a thorough fuck-session with sushil
And mini. She knew what pleasure a man could give to a woman and also
Woman to a woman. Her cunt ached to get fucked thoroughly by a man.
The few thrusts that her husband's small weak prick gave her
Occasionally were just not satisfying anymore. Yes small and weak
Prick, since having seen raju's and sushil's she could now compare.

That morning, after rajesh had gone to office, asha was feeling very
Horny and needed veena to relieve her sexual tension. On calling the
Maid to the room and asking her to strip, asha saw love bites all
Over her. Veena told her how salim had ravaged her body all night and
That her cunt was sore. Asha , on hearing this felt her cunt juices
Flowing and soaking her panties. She asked veena to narrate in detail
How salim had ravished her. Both asha and veena could not control
Their passion as the story unfolded and were soon in throes of
Orgasm, licking, biting, nibbling and sucking each other.
Although asha had enjoyed veena's narration, she was scared of the
Chokra salim. She wanted to find some excuse to fire him from the
Job. She slowly resorted to criticizing the food on the table in
Front of her husband and in-laws.

Before asha could innocently fire the chokra boy, she fell ill. She
Had developed viral fever. For the first two days her body
Temperature rose up to 104 f and her husband stayed at home nursing
Her. On the third day when it came down to aro 100f he left her at
Home and went to work. Her father-in-law got the opportunity to be
Near her. The whole day he would constantly fuss around her and at
The slightest pretext touch her head, face, arm shoulders to soothe
Her. He would see her in her nighty and get glimpses of her armpit,
Breasts and her creamy thighs. Asha was aware of his infatuation with
Her, but was helpless to avoid him. She let him take care of her
Giving him glimpses of her body. Rajesh, her husband on the other
Hand stayed away from her in the night also. Thus two days of
Receiving amorous attention from her father-in-law had got asha
Pretty horny as she started feeling better. She could see the bulge
In her father-in-laws trousers whenever he was near her and pretty
Much let him accidentally brush against her arm etc. Her father-in-
Law could see his daughter-in-law looking with glazed eyes at his
Prick and saw no resistance from her at his touching. The time is
Ripe he thought, let me strike now. The next day being sunday, rajesh
Would be home, the maid would have the day off, and if he could get
Rajesh out of the way he was sure he would be able to fuck asha to
His hearts content. He could feel she was randy and receptive.

That evening he told rajesh that he needed for him to go and meet a
Particular customer in sonepat. He had already taken an appointment
For him. Rajesh readily agreed without seeing anything amiss. Sonepat
Was about 2 hours drive from delhi and considering the time of the
Meeting, rajesh would be way for the whole day. Asha's father-in-law
Was salivating at the thought of fucking her the whole day. Boy would
He teach this chikni chokri a thing or two about sex. Whole day of
Fucking her, he could'nt believe his luck. Asha was oblivious of his
Plans, and the next morning rajesh left for sonepat. As soon as
Rajesh left, her father-in-law entered her room to look after her.
Before he could even proceed to seduce his daughter-in-law, he
Received a phone call from his friends house stating that his friends
Wife had expired in the night and the funeral was now in the morning.
He felt extremely disheartened as he would have to go, but consoled
Himself that he would be back by the afternoon and could still get to
Fuck asha for a couple of hours. He told her to rest and hurried off.

Salim the chokra boy saw this opportunity and could not resist
Himself. He entered asha's bedroom and asked her what to cook for
Lunch and if she needed anything now. He saw asha in her nighty
Without the nightgown on. He saw her fair skin, her creamy thighs,
Her fair slender arms and the upper part of her milky and heavy
Breasts. Asha saw the lust in his eyes and felt scared at the same
Time horny. This chokra possessed a huge prick, she had been told by
Her maid, and inadvertently her gaze shifted to his crotch. Salim
Was wearing shorts and seeing asha look at his crotch he grew bolder
And stepped closer towards her scratching his prick . "aap kya dekh
Rahi hai memsaab" he said, (what are you looking at) "kuch chaiye kya". (
Do you want to take it) asha jerked her head to see him close to her
Rubbing his prick. "unnh aahhm nahhi tum jaho abhi", (no i don't want you
Go now) asha collected herself and said. Asha could feel her face
Getting flushed. Seeing this, salim grew bolder and came right up to
Her bed. He protruded his pelvis closer to her face while ostensibly
Touching her forehead. "memsaab ab to apka bhukar uttar gaya hai", (hows
Your fever now madam?) Said he keeping his hand still on her forehead. Asha thought the
Nerve of this chokra trying to act smart and touching her
Forehead. "go away and bring my breakfast, go go " she said trying to
Summon authority in her voice. Salim smiled at her and said " but you don't
Like my cooking perhaps you may eat a banana ", saying this he
Opened his shorts and brought out his fully erect prick, "hows my long
Banana eat it its very tasty , please touch it, its hot ", he said
Stroking his proud member. Asha let out
A gasp at seeing his prick. It was really a monster penis and shaped like a
Harpoon, having no foreskin. This was the first time she had seen a
Circumcised prick. Asha was speechless at seeing this awesome weapon
And only a gurgling sound was coming from her throat. Salim knew that
Women became astonished at seeing the sheer size of his prick. He had
Shifted his hands from her forehead and was now cupping her face
While showing his prick in all its glory. Asha felt frightened and at
The same time could feel her cunt juices begin to flow. She said in a
Low voice coming out in gasps , "please go away salim i am tired i don't
Want any banana now please bring my breakfast, salim smiled at her
Predicament and while massaging her cheeks said " i will go madam, but
Please touch my banana once please i will go away then ". Salim was well
Aware of the effect his prick had on women. He knew that most women were scared of him seeing his
Prick, he had the patience to cajole them into submission and
Enjoyment. On cajoling asha again, she replied in a trembling
Voice, " if i take it one minute will you leave me and go away?". Salim
Smiled again and said "of course madam just one touch please memsaab". Asha
Then brought her hand and held his throbbing prick. Her hand was so small and she could hardly
Hold his prick properly. Salim now asked her to open her mouth. Asha
Was transfixed at holding this amazing cock and did not hear
Him. "hows is madam stiffer than your husband's dick, memsaab", salim asked

"don't you want to kiss it its such a nice rod " said salim. On getting no
Response from this frozen woman, salim took hold of his prick and rubbed
Her cheeks with it. Asha immediately said " no go away you bastard you said
You will go! ". "please suck it for a while then i leave", replied
Salim. Asha opened her lips and salim put his prick into her mouth. When he saw
Her eagerly sucking his prick, salim knew that she wanted to get
Fucked by him. He grabbed her by her neck and pushed his cock
Further in. "liked its taste don't you madam, m" salim asked.
Asha was busy sucking him and only gurgled in response. He knew that
She was loving it when her hands started massaging his balls. He
Withdrew his prick and asked her to lick his balls, which she
Immediately started doing. Salim now wanted to see her fully naked
And told her "remove your clothes madam i want to see your pussy and tits
". Asha obliged by quickly removing her nighty and was now only in her lace
Panties. Seeing her milky globes getting free, salim immediately
Latched onto them and sucked and bit vigorously. Asha screamed in
Pain as salim was too rough kneading and biting her breasts. Salim
Roughly slapped her saying " you bitch you were sucked by maid veena and
You sucked her too why don't i milk you a bit ". He then proceeded to rip
Her soaked panties. Roughly pushing her legs apart he sank his mighty prick
Into her with a strong push. Asha wailed at the assault aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh
Oooooooiiiiiii maaaaaaaaaaaaa mmmeeiinnn phhhaattt rraaahhhiii
Hhuunnn oooiiii maaaaaaa. Salim was amazed at the tightness of her
Cunt. Her wailing excited him and he started ramming his cock in and
Out of her cunt. "your pussy is good tight and slippery the finest pussy i
Ever fucked ripe for fucking".

He was now into a fast tempo, sinking his prick fully in and taking
It almost out.

Asha had never experienced such rapid and thorough fucking before.
She lifted her buttocks to meet his strokes when he thrust into her.
She was in throes of orgasm after orgasm and continuously wailing, "
Aahh ooohhnn uunngghh uunnhhggg aarrrgg oohhh uunnnuunnhhrrgg
Oohhhhhhhhhhh". His balls were slapping her arse with each stroke.
Phuuth, phuuth, phuuth, phuuth salim went on and on. When he was
About to explode, he did not withdraw, and instead put his full
Weight on her and ejaculated deep inside her. Asha felt as if his
Semen would come out of her mouth. He then withdrew his limp prick
And immediately put it in her mouth to suck it. Asha tasted his semen
Mixed with her juices and started sucking him. She was amazed at the
Size of his limp prick, much bigger than her husbands erect penis.
Salim became erect again and flipped asha over. He made her lie on
Her knees and placed his prick into her now gaping cunt. He proceeded
To fuck her from behind, slapping her big buttocks as he went on and
On. Asha had never been penetrated doggy style and loved it. The
Slapping of her buttocks along with being rammed in n out got her
Another series of orgasms and her knees turned to jelly and she
Collapsed on the bed. Her thighs and legs were quivering. Salim made
Her stand up but she could not do so without his support. Asha was
Like putty in this short chokra boys hands or rather his prick.
Having come so many times asha felt very weak. Her body was covered
With sweat, both hers and salims. Her eyes had a glazed look about
Them and her knees were weak and shaking. She had received love bites
All over her breasts and cheeks, her buttocks were red from salim's
Spankings. But salim had only just begun. He lifted her and made her
Sit on rajesh's desk, clearing all the paper with one swipe of his
Hand. He then proceeded to lift her legs over his shoulders and
Positioned his prick at her gaping cunt hole. With a grunt he pushed
His prick deep inside with a hard thrust. " aaarrrgghh, uuunnhhggghh,
Aarrggghhh, unnnnggrrhh" wailed asha as he began furiously to pump
Her with his cock. He had penetrated deep inside her in this position
And was banging away. Her already red buttocks were further getting
Sore with the friction of the table beneath them. When he was about
To come, he withdrew his prick from her cunt and pulled her face down
To ejaculate all over her hair, breasts and her pretty face. Asha
Could not hold her balance on the table and was about to fall down,
When salim supported her and made her lie down on the marble floor.
Just then the phone started ringing, salim picked it up to answer. It
Was rajesh's phone and he asked for asha. But asha was in no state to
Be able to get up and walk to the phone. Seeing this salim dragged
Her on the floor itself to the phone and gave her the receiver. He
Then sat down on the floor facing her and played with her breasts as
She talked. Rajesh asked her how she was feeling and asha could only
Manage a few grunts and whimpers. Seeing this rich sexy bitch looking
So thoroughly fucked, salim felt his prick getting erect again. He
Lifted asha by her waist and buttocks while she was on phone with her
Husband and made her sit on his prick. Asha started gurgling as his
Massive cock stretched and filled her cunt walls again. Rajesh on the
Other end thought she was feeling unwell and about to throw up. Asha
Was scared that rajesh might suspect something, so she tried to talk
Normally, but could not control her whimpering at times as salim was
Lifting her by her buttocks and slowly fucking her. Salim was feeling
Excited seeing her talk to her husband on the phone while being
Fucked by him. He thought this rich bitch is trying to act normally,
And thus increased his tempo driving his prick fully in.

Asha was now being bobbed up and down fast by this little chokra boy
And started wailing , feeling another orgasm approaching. She still
Held the phone, all rajesh could hear now was "uurrnngh aarrgghhn
Rraaaajjeeesshhhhhhh ooouuiiii maaaa". He kept calling her
Name, "asha, asha, whats wrong tell me". Asha continued wailing as
She orgasmed still holding on to the receiver. Afterwards asha had
The presence of mind to sound normally and tell rajesh that she had
Just thrown up. She was not feeling well come home soon, she said and
Closed the phone. Seeing her salim replied "don't act, fucking bitch,
Tell him i am fucking you nice now ". Asha replied " pllleeeaaassseeee
Leave me now i cannot take your big thing please leave me". Salim laughed
At her lying on the ground and pleading with him. He replied, " no i have
To fuck your ass, you have a very good soft ass, i want to fuck your ass
Bitch ", slapping her buttocks as she lay prone on the floor. Saying this
He picked asha up from the floor and made her stand. Asha was too weak to
Be able to stand by herself and fell on salim for support. Salim was
Shorter than her but much much stronger, he supported her weight and lay
Her down on the bed on her stomach. He made her kneel on the bed with her
Arse jutting out. Holding her arse cheeks apart he tried to push his prick
Into her arsehole. "aaaarrhhhhhhhhh aaannn aarrnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Aarrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnn", cried out asha , as his prickhead penetrated her
Arse. " bitch, ask your husband to fuck in your ass once in a while then
You can see heaven what a fine ass better than any pussies i fucked", said
Salim as he felt the tightness of her arsehole. He withdrew his prick and
Spat on his finger and pushed it inside her arse. "oooouuuu
Stop it dear sssssaaallllleeemmmmmmmmmm", cried asha. But this
Chokra boy was a master at buggery and he did not hesitate and pushed
His prick deep inside her. Asha wailed, "aaarrrggghhhhhhhh i am going to
Die i cannot take it anymore ayoooooo hhhooo sssaallleeemmmm". Salim was
Too excited at her wailing to stop now. He pounded and buggered her virgin
Arsehole. Asha had tears rolling down her face as she was repeatedly
Assaulted by this chokra boy. Salim soon ejaculated inside her and withdrew
His limp prick out. He left her room, as she was deliriously sobbing on the

When he returned to his quarters, realization of what he had done
Dawned on him. He quickly packed his belongings and fled the house.
Meanwhile, the time was around 1.30pm and asha's father-in-law
Arrived back from the funeral. All through the day his thoughts had
Been on fucking his daughter-in-law. He quickly reached her room so
As not to waste any further time. On reaching her room he was aghast
At what he saw. Asha was lying naked on her bed, sobbing softly, with
Bruise marks and semen stains all over her. She was bleeding from her
Arse . She saw him and started crying loudly. He hugged her naked
Body and asked her who had done this to her. She told him that salim
Had raped her. This girl whom he was dying to fuck and been having it
Out with the chokra. He thought, first with somebody else, now the
Chokra and god knows who else. He quickly ran to the servants quarter
To find him. Seeing that he had fled he returned back to asha.
He sized up the situation when asha pleaded with him not to tell
Rajesh or anybody else. He agreed and helped her bathe in hot water
And dress up. Next he himself cleaned up the room so as not to leave
Any evidence of the fucking she had received.

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