Thursday, February 19, 2009
Real Armpit Story With My Cousin Sister.
Hi ! This is Arum kumar iam 26 yrs and my cousin sister is 28 yrs and i want to share my real story happend with my cousin sis,I am big fan and lover of armpits i always in search of armpits.ok comming to the real story with my cousin sister she is 2 yrs elder then me and i was very much attracted towards her.I used to go to her home daly to watch her armpits.

One day she cot me seeing her armpits through nighty and she asked me that why u allways look at me and mostly to her armpit side, so i could not say any thing to her on that day and i went out. so by that insident i have not gone to her home for 4 days and on the fifth day my uncle called me and said the they are going to chennai on some work so he said me to sleep at there home at night.i said ok but suddenly he told me that my cousin sister is staying in home cos she is working in private sector and she havn't got leave.So i was very happy to hear that she will be at home.

That night at 10pm i went to her home and i saw from window that she was watching movie sittting in the sofa,at that spot i saw she was smelling her armpits through her nighty and suddenly she saw me and said to come in.For half an hour we both watched movie, while watching movie she asked me arun can i ask some thing i said wat then she said why u r attracted towards my armpits then i said i love armpits and love to lic those but i haven't got any chance like that.then she said arun do u want to see my armpits at that time iwas surprised and said yes, she said that this thing u must not tell to any one then i said no i won't tell to any one.

Then she said to close the front door and i closed it ,then i went side to her and i said first i want to sniff the armpit smell she smiled and raised her arm,i saw the swet patch ! then i went close to her and started sniffing it was so good musky smell then i said i want to see the full view of her pits she said to wait and went in side and she wared another nighty which is having huge gap at the armpit.then she said arun do u want to see the full view i said yes then she lifted her arms and then i saw light bush with some swet on that then i said i wat to lic that armpit porsition she said that i wanted to show u only the armpits but u r asking to lic then i said pls she accepted then i started licking and sniffing her armpits on the sofa.

Then started pressing her boobs then she started mooring haaaaaarun press hard then i started pressing harder then she said she loves lickking her cunt so we went to next room then she lifted her nighty and started to remove her panty then i said i wat to lic through the panty first she sid ok arun come do it i was waithing for such a long time to get this chance.then i started lickking her cunt through her panty and suddenlly i got an idea to lic it with jam so i went and brought gam and removed her panty it was pink color with flowers print on it then i slowly removed her panty and her cunt was so butyfull i started lickking her pussy lips then she started mooring arun lic fast wow then i applied sum jam on cunt and started licking then she said arun lick my armpits i love that and she said she allways lick her own armpits in bathroom and sniff her own armpits .

Then i started lickking her armpits fastlly she said she want to see my cock then i removed my pant and told her to take it out of my underware she said it is first time and she was scared and shy to see my cock, i said no take it out then she slowely inserted her hand in to my underware and took my 9 inch cock out then i said lay down then started fucking her.and i had a great time hole night i finished 5 rounds that night.and in the morning when i woke up from bed she was taking bath getting ready to office so i went near the bathroom and asked her to open the door she said no but slowly she opend the door then i saw her taking bath and asked for one more fuck she said do it fast then i entered in to bathroom and started fucking her and licking her armpits.

from that day on wards i go daily to her home to see her armpits and she takes me to corner and i sniff and lick her armpits and put my finger in to her cunt. this is happenning to me daily but the fuckking chance is not getting daily.

Guys any one post me your experience with ur cousin sisters and ther armpits.

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