Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Bobby with Sunita bhabhi and Neeta

By: Bobby

Dear friends this is bobby here again with new bang. It’s in continuation with one of my previous post i.e. personal secretary. I and neeta were sharing a very good relationship. We had numerous events wherein we shared bed with each other. How do like this pls revert at bobby2007bob@yahoo.co.in. She had also met my friend’s sunita bhabhi, neeru, shalu, ranjana, veena, priya etc.

One day sunita bhabhi and i were discussing something when i got the call from neeta saying that she got some urgent work and wants to meet me. I called her at sunita’s house since no one was there and her husband was also out of station. She reached us within 45 minutes. Sunita wore pink transparent nighty as the bell rang. Her nighty was only up to her upper thighs and was sleeveless. She was not wearing bra, so her hard nipples were clearly reflecting from her nighty. They were erect because they were getting sucked from me just a couple of minutes back.

As she opens the door for neeta i also wore my clothes and came to living room. I introduced them and they shook hands. Neeta was wearing black top and jeans and was looking slightly upset. She was carrying 2-3 bags with her also. We sat on sofa and sunita went to kitchen for coffee and some snacks.

Neeta said, “sir i am sorry for bothering you and your friend”

I replied,” no issues neeta. What is the issue, you are looking upset?”

She hugged me and started crying. I consoled her and kissed her on her forehead.

She said, “sir, our land lord has told to vacate the place and i don’t have any place to live in.”

I said, “he should have given you some notice period. How can you find the place within a day?”

Sunita was listening everything in the kitchen. She came to us and sat with neeta and consoled her.

Sunita said, “neeta there is no need to worry, till the time you don’t get the place, you can stay with me. I hope you don’t mind.”

Neeta smiled and said, “thanks madam, i am very thankful for your concern. I am highly obliged by your gesture.” And they hugged each other.

Sunita said, “ neeta first of all i am not any madam, i am only sunita so pls call me sunita and secondly bobby praises you a lot so anything which is close to bobby is always closer to me.”

Than sunita went and got snacks and coffee and i was watching neeta was closely admiring sunita and her luscious body and her swinging butts and bulging boobs.

Neeta said, “sunita, you are looking very beautiful in this dress and this colour really matches your personality.”

Sunita said, “why don’t you also change and relaxed, i have another dress with me” and she went to her wardrobe for another white nighty.

Neeta took the nighty and went to bedroom as guided by sunita to change. She came after 2 minutes and was looking wonderful. Her black bra and panty was clearly visible in that skimpy cloth. Sunita got up and kissed neeta. She said, “that’s the beauty. You are looking more sexier than me now”

Amazing sensation was going through my body and it seems that i wouldn't be able to control myself. I want to neeta desperately. I took her face in my hands and slowly very slowly started to take her lips in to my mouth. I was losing my control. Her tongue started travelling inside my mouth and that feeling was terrible. My wet lips started travelling all over her face then to ears, neck and then to her heavy breast, i started kissing on her cleavage, than i unhooked her bra slowly taken the erected nipples to my mouth and slowly bite them. She was trembling like a fish out of pond. Slowly very slowly my lips travelled to abdomen and i removed her panty .

She took me in her lap and kissed all over my face and passionate kisses showered by me made her ready to explore a magnificent body. I throws her on to the bed and came over . We kissed deeply, at length. Our tongues danced with each other, moving like sand in the tide, like leaves of a tree in a breeze. My hands were on her melons ready for me to feel it, enjoy it and suck it. A pair of perfect boobs was standing with their full glory in front of me. They were full round. They were very fair and one can easily understand how soft they are, by just looking at them. Really she didn't need any bra to hold them as they were perfectly shaped and were standing proudly like two ivory colored small hills. My arms slid across from her arms, to lift her breast up to my mouth for kisses.

My hot breath on her left erected pebble sized nipple made it rise even further to greet him. I kissed the nipple softly and spread my lips over it. Gently i suckled it, while my left thumb encircled her right nipple and i squeezed both firmly. She threw her head back and moaned because this i was working with her sexy body like a professional fucker. Then i drew my attention to the now aching right breast where i flicked my tongue over the erect nipple. I swallowed this one more deeply and ran my tongue around the nipple while in my mouth. After enough time i released her breasts and my fingers traced a path down to her flat midriff. Sunita was watching us desperately. She was rubbing her boobs an pussy as she had also taken off her nighty.

My wet mouth followed the path of my fingers, stopping only to flick my tongue to her deep navel. The moment, i touched her smooth belly, a shiver ran through her body. Her belly moved sideways in that sudden shiver. In that flatness, the big deep navel looked so erotic and sexy! It was inviting me to taste its deepness. At that moment one drop of sweat fell on her navel. It was very hard for me to resist myself from cleaning that big deep navel by licking. I lost control and put my hot tongue inside that deep hole and did a very slow move and enjoyed wonderful navel. When i moved my tongue slowly in and around of her navel, she grabbed a handful of the bed sheet with her both hands. It was really a fantastic moment.

My hands ran up the sides of her legs, my thumbs trailing across the inside of her perfect smooth thighs. My kisses went lower. She was suddenly aware how warm she was between her legs and wanted i could smell the musk of natural perfume of a hot pussy. Now her terrific body was in front of me and i was watching a rare scene with widened eyes. Her whole body was red hot; my condition was not different. I spread her loving sweet pussy wider. I planted kisses after kisses on her pussy and along the hairline to either side. She instinctively parted her legs more wide.

Her black pubic bush was not dense and love juices were already dripping. I pushed my tongue through the pubic fields. The first touch of my tongue with the outer lips of her cunt sent an electrical shock through both our bodies. I kissed her pussy lips and held them between my lips and pulled at them. "eat me". She moaned with delight and grabbed my hair and pulled down head in the direction of her pussy, which was by now hot like a fireball out of hell. "please, sir please". Again she moaned. Suddenly i moved away and took her tits and started sucking them madly. They were erect with excitement.
I moved down after 10 min. And tried to bury my tongue between her inner lips, and it slid in a bit. I concentrated my efforts on the places where i thought she would enjoy most and give her heavenly pleasure. Her face was getting red due to lust. Her stomach muscles began to tighten and her head rose off the pillow. She told me she was going to have an orgasm and that did indeed happen when i was concentrating on clitoris a little extra. She reached to press my face deeply against her cunt. Suddenly her hips moved uncontrollably and she groaned loudly as immense orgasm washed over her. She let out a small scream, and her sexy body shivered heavily.

My fingernails pinched her buttocks very hard but she felt it as sweet. She was becoming wetter by the minute, flooding my mouth. She was moaning and sighing moved onto a higher pitch. I licked her pussy clean as she recovered. "sir, that was so good," neeta whispered. "i want you to fuck me with this big dick, bob. I want to feel it all the way inside me." i positioned myself between her legs. She could actually see my huge cock at her tight opening and i started rubbing it slowly up and down against her. She reached between my legs to hold my cock. With her legs spread wide, she rubbed the bulbous head of my dick up and down in her pink slit.

Her cunt lips were peeled wide open for welcoming my giant cock. Slowly but steadily i continued to exert pressure against her. She was tighter than anything . I continued to press it into her, until, with one heavy push, my cock slid halfway into her. She heard the air rush out of her and she screamed loudly since she was mad with lust. She grabbed me and pulled more close to her. Finally after a lot of effort, i buried completely in her really tight pussy. She adjusted to the size of the cock lodged deeply inside her beautiful young body. She could feel my cock bumping her cervix and going to the very depths of her vagina.

I began to thrust in and out of her beautiful body like a piston moving in an engine. She began to move her hips, grinding her clit on the fleshy pole. Then i began to fuck her with hard rapid strokes, forcing her breasts to jump furiously on her chest as i powerfully rammed her cunt again and again with my huge cock. I reached up and began squeezing her breasts violently as she slid her wet cunt up and down my thick shaft. She cooed, "oh, sir, your dick feels so good inside me. It's so big and hard. You make my pussy feel so good. I want to come all over your dick." i started fucking her harder and harder. As i thrust my pole into her tight pussy and flung myself back so she could take all of mine inside her on each stroke. My dick popped out and she reached down desperately to grab the slick shaft and stuff it back inside her steaming hole. Her beautiful breasts rolled back and forth on her chest like waves on the ocean as i fucked her with long strokes.

She wrapped her supple thighs around my waist, drawing my bottom even closer so that i was lodged deep inside her. The quivering muscles of her warm pussy were pumping and milking my throbbing manhood. Groans of pleasure, wild and free were all that i could manage. She thrust her hips upwards, allowing me to drive my erupting dick over and over into her spasming cunt. I bellowed like a bull as i was going to come. Currents of pleasure raced through her body . Breaking free from her grasp, i could merely look at her with surprise as i started to tremble and shake, and then started to come, squirting my precious potion of love deep inside her feminine core. Moments later, prompted by the flood of my coming, she had my orgasm in an amazing explosion of ecstasy. I eventually collapsed on top of her and she clung tightly to me. Drained and exhausted by our efforts we lay in a tight embrace savouring the sweet sensations of erotic intimacy.

I played with her bosom, lingering on to nibble her nipples and caressed the cheeks of her bottom. She could feel my manhood slowly lose its rigidity and her love juice flow out of her tunnel of love in a copious stream. We both were lying down and sunita was watching. She came over neeta and started skiing her naked body. She was sucking her cunt to taste the mixed juices. Her tongue was doing wonders on neeta’s cunt.

Neeta covered her young lips with sunita’s lips. Neeta started sucking there hard and tender nipples, sunita was kneading her breast like anything and neeta was out of the world. She could feel sunita’s eyes on her near naked body, as she took in the full length of it in the dim light. Neeta looked down at her and said, well what do you think? Sunita’s looked up at her and said, oh, darling you are so beautiful. With that she took sunita by the hand and they slipped onto sofa. She rolled sunita over onto her stomach, as neeta kissed her way down her back, neeta moved her hand under her thighs, and caressed her firm ass. Sunita’s sweet big butts and cunt where now in full view. Neeta spread sunita’s and slipped her hand down to her pussy, she slowly pushed two fingers between her juicy cunt lips and began to rub her erect clit. Neeta could feel her pussy juices starting to flow heavily now over her fingers, she inserted one more finger into her vagina. Neeta knew that sunita was about to climax at any second, and couldn’t take much more finger fucking. She removed her fingers from her pussy. She rolled sunita over onto her back, and spread her legs. She lowered her head to sunita’s crotch, and covered her young pussy with her mouth. She parted her swelled cunt lips with her tongue, and began to lick her erect clitoris. She gently sucked her clit into her mouth, as she nibbled on her clit, sunita began to suck her hips against her hungry mouth. Sunita cried out, oh neeta that feels so good. Suck my cunt, please don’t stop. Well neeta was not about to stop, she continued to lap at her sopping pussy. Sunita’s hands were on the back of neeta’s head now, pulling her face closer to her cunt, sunita cried out, oh god! I am cumming. As her flood gates burst, sunita filled her mouth with a river of hot girl cum. There was nothing for neeta to do now but to suck her pussy dry, which she did, swallowing every mouthful of cum that she gave her. Neeta felt sunita’s body go limp. She finished lapping up every precious drop of her love juices.

She moved up to lie beside her, neeta took her face in her hands, and covered her mouth with her mouth. Their lips parted, and tongues met, neeta knew that sunita was getting a good taste of her own cum, which was mixed with her saliva. Sunita sucked her cum coated tongue into her mouth, again and again, until it was clean. As their lips parted, they lay back looking at me smilingly, and neeta held sunita in her arms like a small child. Many moments passed, sunita turned her head, looking at neeta, she said, may i make love to you now or later, neeta ? She looked at sunita and said, yes sunita you can. Sunita said, i want to make love to you all the way, just like you did to me. Neeta said, my body is yours, you can do whatever you want to with it. Shall we start neeta or later because now we are together for some time..? Neeta said, i think we need to take care of sir.

This way neeta got the home and sunita got the company. She stayed there for 2 weeks. She used to have sex everyday together and sometimes i also joined them. These two weeks were bonanza for both neeta and sunita and both were thankful to me for their introduction. Next day when neeta came to the office she was sleepless because both of them didn’t slept in the night. Now they are very close friends and sunita also invites her for shopping and parties. How do like this pls revert at bobby2007bob@yahoo.co.in.

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