Thursday, February 19, 2009
Half Sex with a 35 year old.

hey fellows, this is my first story based on a true event that happened just a couple of days ago. so be gentle.

well...let my just tell you a bit about myself. i am a 27 year of pakistani guy living here in toronto for 11 years now. belonging to a religious famly still single and a virgin, for i am alittle too orthodox for premarital sex. the story i am about to tell you happened 3 days ago. about a week ago my friend whose place i am staying at called me asked me if i could come over and stay at his place basically take care of it bcuz him along with his family were going to ottawa to visit his sister, my work is extremely close to his place to i happily agreed. 3 days ago i came home from work was a bit tired and hungry, i did my pait pooja (satisfied my hunger) and took of my cloths, living alone is awsome you can do wat ever you like, and wen i am home alone i walk around in nude. it wasnt my place it was my friends place but i was still alone so same law kinda applied. after some time of doing nothing i decided to view some lesbian porn online. oh before i forget lesbian porn espiacially Tribadism make me go insane (and week in the knees). for those who dont know wat tribadism is, its basically 2 women rubbing their genitals together crossed legged until they cum. watching that things heated up pretty quickly, soon my dick was all oiled up and i was stroking it gently. after about 20 minutes or something i heard a womans voice saying do you need any help or are you going to be at it alone?? that voice kinda startled me, i turned around was i saw left me shocked, afraid, embarassed and mezmorized. one of the pakistani aunties that live in the building had come for a visit appearently she knocked a couple of times but i guess i was too busy enjoying the tribadism between idiko and joselyn, and now she was standing infront me completely naked, with her 34dd boobs sticking up in all their glory and her neatly trimed pussy calling out to me. i was still in shock but gained control over myself quickly, she was staring at my fully erected and now throbbing dick while rubbing her own pussy. ah just so that u guys know i am attracked to older ladies for some reason. ok moving on. i stood to my full height with my hands at my sides, looking at her up and down, the most magnificant body i had every seen in my life. she took one step towards me while rubbing her pussy which was now making squishy noises, looked me in the eyes and said wat? are you just going to stand there or are you going to welcome me already? hearing that i practically ran towards her. we held each other in a tight embrace, kissed for minutes standing like that. i am 5'9" and she was almost as tall as me, as we were making out standing up my dick was between her legs and she was humping slowly which would make my dick slide between her legs and kiss the pink flesh of her now drenched pussy. she was moaning loudly now. still standing i concentrated my efforts on her 34dd boobs. i was sucking, pinching and chewing on her dark nipples. and she was enjoying it and asking me to continue. soon after i took her to the bed and jumped on top of her and continued with the process. after some time she begged me almost crying to shove it in already. i was about to comply and i realised that being a muslim i couldnt have the premarital sex or have her commit adultry with me. so i refused, she became furious and angry. she threatened me that she would tell my friend and his mother about wat i was doing and wat had happened between us. my friend's mother thinks highly of me bcuz she knows wat kind of a person i am, so i couldnt have that. i said hows about this i put it between your legs and rub it on your pussy untill we both cum, will that be acceptable? she refused saying i want it in all they way in NOW.... i said listen we will just try it for a bit of time if you dont like it no problem i will fuck you the way you want, hell i will even do you up your asshole. she happily agreed. my dick was already lubricated with the oil, i applied some on her pussy aswell and went to work on it. after some time she was enjoying it more then i was. she came on top of me and continued to hump, then she started moaning and screaming. soon after she said aloud, i am gonna cum...ahhh i am gonna cum, hold me tight i am cumming. and then she fell on me. we coninued to kiss, just then she looked at the time and got to get dressed, she said i have been here for about an hour now, i have to go feed my kids. then leaving she turned around with a smile and said so wen are the owners coming back? i said some time next week. a sparkle appeared in her eye and she said may be i can come for the dick message again. i walked up to her putting one hand on her tits the other on her ass, pulled her towards me kissed her passionately and said why not stay here? she said she has to feed her kids and that her in-laws might get suspicious. she left with a wink, and we have done it about 3 times in past couple of days. she comes over wen her husband isnt home.

well...that was my story i hope you guys liked it. if any pakistani aunty aged 30 to 35 with 34dd's in toronto wants to have half sex with me plz email me at i am going to be at the address for another couple of days.

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