Thursday, February 19, 2009

One of the best incest story I have ever encounter..

Mine is a family of four members. Father, Mother, Sister and myself. I and my sister are twins. She has born two minutes before I was born. Ours is a rich family where father and mother have their own business and running them successfully. I never called my sister by relation (Didi or Akka) but only with her name. I forgot to say you about her name. Her name is Ayesha. We use to call her Ayesh which would sound like Ice. So everyone are used to call her Ice. She looks and will be as cool as the name sounds.

From childhood our parents has joined us in the same school, same class. This continued as we have grown up. Now We are studying computer science Engineering. We use go to college on my bike. More than brother and sister we are best friends. We use to share each and everything. Her figure is 38-30-36. Her hair black in color and length above her butts. She was fair in complexion. We use to go for movies and shopping together. We never used to quarrel with each other as most of brothers and sisters do. She uses to wear all types of dresses except sarees. At nights she uses to wear shots and t- shirts. We use to sleep in the same room on the double cot bed.

Any one from outside who does know about us will think that we are best friends or some one may think as lovers. I use to check my mails once in two days. I started to receive the incest stories about brother and sister. First I got frustrated for receiving such mails. I haven't said about this matter to Ice and this is the only matter I kept away from her. For one month I haven't gone for net. After I have to go to net to check one of the mails which I have to check. I have received about 20 stories. I started reading one of the stories which was written fantastically. By the time I finished reading the stories I can feel the wetness of my underwear.

I got interested in reading the stories. As days passed I am attracted towards my sister Ice. When we go to college she uses to hold me from back. I can feel her breasts on my back. I used to use brakes very often to feel her breasts so that they touch with more force. She took it casual. I want her some how. But I don't know how to get her. It was two days before our 21st birthday. We went for shopping to buy dresses for our birthday. I asked her to buy a sari for this birthday. She agreed for that and bought a sari along with the dress( Jeans, t-shirt and jeans jacket) which she usually wear. She has selected the dress for me also. She asked me to stop at the tailor shop to get the blouse stitched for the sari she buyed.

I started smiling at her when the lady tailor took the measurements. This was the time I have known about her figure. We went home and the tailor said to get the blouse next day evening. She said that she has forgotten to buy some thing. I asked her what was it. She shyly said under garments. I said that I will get them for her as I know her measurements. Next day morning we went to college and while returning I remembered her about the under garments and stopped near that shop. We went inside and before she asked for them I asked the sales girl to show all types of undergarments. She pinched on my hand for asking so loudly. She took the one which she usually wears the Bra which has straps to wrap around the shoulder.

I asked her to take the bra which has no straps. She rejected and I asked the sales girl to give the bra which has no straps along with the panty. Ice took the red color and me the white one. She started to scold me while going home on the bike. After reaching home she pushed me on the bed and she sat on me with her butts lying on my pennis. What a pleasure to feel her butts on my pennis. She caught hold of my hands with her hands as if she is going to kiss me. She bet me on my head.

We forgot to get the blouse from the tailor. I said that I will go and get it. She said that she will be coming along with me as she was feeling hungry so that she can have some thing to eat outside. First we went to the tailor shop and on the way she caught hold of me tightly. From there we went to the pizza corner as she was feeling hungry. She ordered pizza and I ordered cold coffee. By the time the waiter bought things which we ordered she kept her head on my shoulder and started talking to me. After 15 minutes we got the things we ordered. She was eating the pizza and kept some in my mouth. I drank some of the coffee and gave the remaining to her. She drank and gave the last sip to me. I wanted to lick the part of the glass where my sister's lips were placed and I got it.

From there we went to home. By the time we reached home she was fallen sleep by leaning on my back. I have to lift her in my arms as she was sleeping and placed her on the bed. Next morning she woke me up and said good morning which we usually greet each other in the morning and at night. She said that it is late for college. I said that I was not interested in coming to college today. She told that she will be going and asked me to drop at the college. I asked her to go in an auto. She said atleast to pick up her in the evening. I said ok. She said good bye and left to college. I woke up at 12 o'clock and had my lunch by 1 pm. I was feeling bored as no one will be there at home.

I called my sister and asked her about the classes taken place today. I asked her whether she had her lunch. She said that the money she had is enough for the auto and she has no money to have lunch. I asked her to ask some one and have the lunch. She said me to come to college as she was feeling bored as most of our classmates were absent as it was Friday. Mostly college students won't go to college on Fridays because Saturday and Sunday are holidays. They use to go for small trips along with friends to enjoy. I said that I will come and asked her to wait at the college canteen. I went to college at 1.45 pm. She was sitting alone in the canteen. She saw me coming and smiled at me. She took the money from my purse and went to get lunch for her and pepsi for me.

Morning I have not observed her clearly as I was in a sleepy mood. She was looking cute with the salwar kameez. I kept staring at her while she was bringing the food plate and kept on the table and went back to get the pepsi. I saw her from head to toe as I am going to eat her with my eyes. She came back and started eating and I said that she was cute in the dress. She smiled and asked for pepsi even before I had a sip. She had some of it and gave to me. At 2.15 pm we went to class. No lecture was taking classes as many students were absent. My sister kept taking to her friends and I kept staring at her. At 4.30 pm we finished our classes. We came to bike stand to go home. As she was wearing salwar kameez she sat only on one side so that I have no chance to get the touch of her breasts.

She asked me to stop at one of the gift shops to buy a gift for me as tomorrow is our birthday. She asked me what I want. I asked her to gift me what ever she likes and gave the purse to her and went outside waiting for her at the bike. She packed the gift and came outside and asked me to buy a gift for her. I said that I have already had the gift for her. We went home and at 9 pm we received a phone call from our parents for wishing us on our birthday as they went to foreign trip and they may not find time tomorrow to wish us on our birthday. I have not mentioned more about my parents because they will be busy with their business. Me and my sister are always alone at home. This may be the reason for us to be more close and friendly.

Next day morning I woke up before my sister could wake me up. I wished her HAPPY BIRTHDAY and kissed on her fore head. She said thanks and wished me back. She got ready by 8pm and asked me to get ready to go to temple. I hate going to temples but I has to go because I don't want to disappoint her on the birthday. She looks like an angel with the white salwar kameez and flowers in the hair. She looked more beautiful after she kept the kumkum between the eyebrows at the temple. We came back from temple and she gave me the gift she bought for me and asked for her gift. I gave the gift to her and we opened our gifts simultaneously. We laughed at each other by seeing the gift because our gifts are one and the same. I bought a watch for her and she bought a watch to me. Both watches say I LOVE YOU for every one hour.

I kept her watch around her hand and said I LOVE YOU and kissed her on the fore head. She has done the same and kissed me hard on my cheeks and said I LOVE YOU brother. I dragged her towards me and hugged her tightly. She kept her hands around my waist and caught hold of me tightly. I could feel her soft breasts against my chest. After 5 minutes we parted as my cell phone rang. It was my friends to wish me on our birthday and asked for party. I said them that we are in our grandfather' s house and we will be returning on Wednesday. I promised them that we will give the party on Wednesday. She went to the kitchen to prepare lunch for us. One thing to tell my sister cooks really well.

She was busy preparing the lunch and I am watching the T.V. I had the other gift to her which I forgot to give. I bought the gift and went to kitchen to give the gift. She was standing in a position that her back was facing me. I was unable to control myself by seeing her from back. Her butts asking me to touch them with my pennis. Her flowers in the hair inviting to smell them. I went and hugged her from back and gave the gift to her. My hands were around her belly and my body very close to her. My pennis touching her butts and I was smelling the flowers as she was opening the gift pack. She opened the packet and I was waiting for her response by seeing the gift.

She kept silent for 5 minutes and said it was the gift you want to give me. By this time I was caressing her hair and flowers and moved them aside and kissed her on the neck. I was hugging her as close as I can. The gift was white color Bra and panty which I bought when we went to buy the under garments. I asked her whether she liked it. She turned towards me and we are very close to each other just by one inch and we looked in to each other eyes. I kissed her on her fore head. She closed her eyes. I kissed on her eyes and then on the cheeks and said I LOVE YOU. By this time my hands were on her butts caressing them gently.

To interfere us the door bell rang. It was my sister friends who came to wish us. I have scolded them in my heart with all the bad words I know. They stayed about an hour as my sister said that it was time to go grandfather' s house otherwise they would have stayed till evening. It was 12.30 pm as her friends have gone away. She called me for lunch. She made all the varieties which both of us love to eat. She kept my favorite dish in my mouth and I kept her favorite dish in her mouth. We had our lunch and sat together and started watching TV. She was sitting beside me and I kept one of my hands on her shoulders and she rested her head on my shoulder. We talked for about half an hour and she soon fall a sleep on my shoulder because of today's work.

I took her in my arms to our bedroom and laid her on the bed and I left the room and started watching TV by recollecting the things that took place this afternoon. It was 5pm and I went to wake her up. She was not in bed and I could hear the sound of the water from the bathroom. I came out of the room and waiting for her. She came out of the room after 30 minutes with the light pink color sari which she bought for her birthday. She looked beautiful in that see through sari. The sari was tied one to two inches below the navel button. I couldn't take the eye from her body. Her whole body is visible through the sari. More beauty is added because of the flowers in her hair.

I was sitting in the sofa and she came near me and asked how she looks by turning around. Her blouse is tied up with two ropes at her back and her butts moving in rhythm. I said she is apt for the words beautiful and gorgeous. She said that she have to cook the rice for dinner and moved towards the kitchen. She gave me a great view of her back by moving her hair towards her front along with the flowers. I could see her beautiful back from neck to toe and wanted her to fuck her right there. I went to the kitchen to see her. I was about to hug her from behind and she said me to have bath. I thought she was getting the sweat smell from me.

I ran to the bathroom and had my bath. I went to the kitchen with towel wrapped around my waist with underwear inside. She saw me coming to the kitchen as the bedroom door was shut tightly by me to eagerly come to the kitchen. She turned towards me and I stood before her. She pulled me close and kept her hands at the knot of the towel. Her hands were touching the area below my navel button. She adjusted the towel and tied below my navel button and said now it's ok. She turned around and started washing the rice. I hugged her from back and started talking some thing which is not necessary at that point. She finished washing the rice and kept in the electric cooker which will be automatically off when the rice is cooked.

I ran my fingers around her belly. I kissed her on the neck and continued kissing her around the neck on both sides. Due to this her pallu was not in the place which it used to be. She kept one of her hands around my neck and caressed my hair with the other hand. I kissed her shoulders, back and down to butts. She turned towards me. I licked her navel button for about 15 minutes and moved up to kiss her breasts. I lifted her in my arms and took her to the bed room. She laid on the bed and raised both of her hands inviting me. This time I started kissing her from toe even the finger nails and moved towards the head.

She removed my towel and started to kiss me from head to toe. I removed her sari, blouse and petticoat. She was in bra and panty which I presented her as a gift. I removed her bra. I squeezed her breasts hard and took the nipples in my mouth one after another. We removed our under wears and now completely naked infront of each other. My dick was 8 inches in length. She took it in her hands and guided it towards her pussy and asked to fuck her. I inserted the tip of my dick and she started to moam. I slowly inserted my full dick in her pussy and the sound of the moam increased. I closed her lips with mine so that the sound can be minimized. Finally I cum inside her and laid on top of her for sometime. We laid side by side and kissed each other for half an hour.

We woke up at 9pm and she was seeing the nature through the window. I went to her and hugged her from behind and kept my hands on her breasts. We kissed each other on the lips. We went to kitchen to have our dinner. After dinner we started to talk. During the talk she said that she was the one who sent those stories to my mail id because she loves me and wanted to make love to me. I said her to talk about these things in the morning. We went to bed and slept happily after many long days.

Next day morning by the time I woke up I heard the sound of shower from the bathroom. I went to brush my teeth and by the time I returned to the bedroom Ice came out of the bathroom with the towel wrapped around her breasts. She was seeing herself in the mirror. I went and caught hold of her from behind. She turned towards me and kissed each other on the lips. I was caressing her butts by lifting the towel above her butts while kissing. I lifted her by holding her waist and laid on the bed with me on top. She took my lower lip in her mouth and started to suck it as a small baby sucking a mango fruit. She was going hard at my lips. We kissed each other for along time. She removed her towel and asked me suck the nipples. First I pressed them gently with my hands and then started to suck them one by one. I moved down to the navel button and then to her pussy. I kissed it first and started licking it. She started to moam and running her hands in my hair.

I started to insert my tongue in her pussy. I left her suddenly to tease her. She was unable to control herself and asked me to fuck her. She removed my short and my dick is in ever ready position. She took the dick in her hand and bite the tip of the dick gently. She sucked my balls. Now I was on the bed sitting at the edge and she was sitting on the floor by her knees. After some time she guided the penis in to her pussy. We were in our final battle and I collapsed on her. We continued making love when ever it is possible. She used to rub my penis over my jeans pant when we are going on bike to college or home. She used to rub her breasts to my back. Some times I could feel the hardness of the nipples from her bra. We use to kiss each other at the college library. I use to press her breasts over her dress in the library. We never missed to make love when ever we got an opportunity.

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