Thursday, February 19, 2009

A True Incident, Story for the ........
Wife gets her way out. by (

My wife always wanted to have a relationship with guys, mainly just flrity relations, she loves to flirt

a lot with good looking, handsome, educated, well mannered guys, and she got a few very good looking men

as friends and tools for flirting. One particular guy she liked a lot he was a year younger to her, she

is 36, he is 35, very handsome, good looking, well mannered guy. I used to tease her a lot with this

guy, as this guy is a close friend of ours, yes including me .

He always had the hots for her since college days and she never ever responded, as at that time all she

was interested in was me, later down the years after our marriage we opened up with our fantasies and

all wishes, though she was a bit hesitant but opened up during the years. My fantasy was having a 3some

with both sexes, that is MMF and a MFM, she was shocked at first but later gave in to my fantasies and

helped me out in bed by talking hot and horny stuff about having other guys in bed and all. Talking

about this over the years also made her open for doing it, though earlier she was hesitant and

restricted only upto talking about it.

Finally she agreed on doing it, but she said i could not be present there if that condition is

acceptable only then we could go about it, i thinked a lot and lot then we agreed but on one condition

that it can happen only if its a know guy, not someone from the internet etc, she agreed, now the

million dollar question was WHO ????? i asked her if she liked someone, we both said at the same time

about our friend sanju, i agreed and said but how do we let him know about this, she said leave it on

me,he has been calling me since sometime to meet over coffee and i will accept his offer, let the rest

follow.....i agreed.

next week sanju called her and asked again for coffee and she accepted it, he picked her up from work at

around 6, she called me and in front of sanju told me that she is with sanju and will be home around

8.30 as she is going for a coffee with him, since she told sanju i was out of town . Sanju was shocked

and said why did you tell your husband i was with you he will be mad, she said its ok hubby dear doesnt

mind he is a little broad minded and trusts me, besides he isnt in town.

He was a little excited and said then why dont we go to your house and have a coffee, she refused saying

neighbours might talk. she said its ok in the car and said we could go for a drive too we have enough

time for it. Sanju was excited a lot and was showing it in his behaviour, my wife kept looking at him

and thinking if she should do anything in the first meet, as the evening wore out, it turned dark she

said damn i am missing my hubby, its such a romantic evening and i miss him so badly, on this sanju

asked do you miss him physically or emotionally, she looked at him and said ohhh ho so you are getting

in the private area huh ? how would you miss your wife ?? if u were in my place, he said if it was such

a romantic evening, i would miss her physically, as emotionally she is always with me in my heart and

mind, my wife immediately asked, so since she isnt here with us now, do u miss her, he said of course

you have got me all excited and i miss her physically, how and what would you do in case she was with

you, he said i would kiss her, caress her and all, she asked in the car ? he said yes, wherever the

chance i get, place is no criteria. She got a little excited and said demonstrate me how you could do it

in the car, we never have done this and never thought about it, sanju was excited and asked you want me

to demonstrate what i would do ? she said yes, right now tell me how ? Sanjy held her hand and kissed

her hand, slowly moving his finger on her hands right upto the shoulder, stroking and caressing her hand

inch by inch.............

More of this when i receive some compliments or requests, til then shag yourself expecting hotter


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