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Mandira Bedi at the World Cup
Mandira Bedi at the World Cup
Mandira had achieved so much fame for being the presenter at the World cup, her noodle straps, her sexiness had brought her a new lease of life as far as her career was concerned. Newspapers were talking about her daily and she was going out to millions of people every day.

This meant that all kinds of people would be pandering to her soon, opening the door to her hotel room she felt quite good when she heard a voice calling out to her "Mandiraji, aap bhi yaha" it was Indias talented One day batsman Yuvraj Singh.

She turned gave him a kiss hello "hi, Yuvi, i am here, are you guys staying here too"

"Yes we are, last minute change for us"

"are you excited about the game Yuvi"

"yes of course, always excited, always looking to do well for the country"

"how is Kim"

"Kim, man, kya batau (what do i say) she is being so difficult. Everyones partner or wife is here to cheer but she is still sulking at home"


" she had some movie premiere, i couldnt attend becuase of our preparations, so she decided to skip the cup"

"oh my god, are you serious? you must be so upset"

"I am, you know how it can get with no one around"

"Yuvi, if you need someone to talk to,i am right here"

Yuvi nodded, his team-mates called out to him and he had to split. "ill see you around Mandira, thanks"

Mandira waved him a goodbye and entered her lavish suite. "wow" she exclaimed.

Later that night.

Later, that night around 2.30 am there was a knock on the door, Mandira woke up, scared at first, wondering what it could be. She hurriedly put on a bathrobe because she always slept naked.

It was Yuvraj, he was drunk "kim just told me she is going to go fuck three guys at once if i dont come back now" Mandira snapped awake, "but thats ridiculous, the world cup begins in 2 days"

"i know" he said, dejectedly unable to stand straight. She looked out into the hallway there was no one there. "you need to come in before someone sees you" She grabbed him by the shoulder and pulled him in.

they went and sat on her bed. He was drunk, not excessively but enough to loosen his tongue and open his heart. "i dont know what to do, i used to love her but since she began acting like this i cant say anymore" Mandira nodded, put her hand on his thigh and said "Yuvi, listen, the entire country is counting on you, you cant let them down to go see a spoilt little slut"

The words hung in the air, she saw the state of mind Yuvi was in and it was dangerous for such a key player to be this upset. "Yuvi, please, snap out of it, you are bigger than this"

"i gave her 3 years of absolutely the best but now she has walked out and is going to sit there fucking all those men" Mandira held his face in his hand and said "listen Yuvi, she might just be bluffing"

"you dont know the half of it. she is a sexual deviant. A cum queen, i used to jack off in public on her face and it used to turn her on. She made me fuck Priti Jhangiani while she watched"

Mandira stunned by such disclosures, gave Yuvraj a hug. At first it was just the closeness, it was comfort but then she felt his hand on her naked thigh, they broke the embrace and there was a moment where their eyes met.

Mandira could not think, all she could see was a phenomenally talented man about to lose his touch. So for country and cricket, she put her hand on his crotch and her mouth on his. She could taste the whisky on her breath and feel his hardness in his hand.

He travelled alongside the inside of her thigh and reached her cunt, surprised by no underwear his shoulder rose in surprise as he got easy access to her wet pussy. Mandira moaned the moment he made contact and broke his kiss, to look into his eyes.... there was fire there.

In that moment Yuvi stood up and undid his pants and unsashed Mandiras gown. He could see her tatooed navel, her pussy and her firm stomach and gorgeous breasts. He forgot Kim Sharma, all he could remember was that his cock was hard and that there was a pussy in front of him, waiting to be fucked.

He jumped on Mandira and pinned her hands.Mandira was shocked by his sudden aggression, maybe he was drunker than she thought but she could not be sure. With one hand he kept her pinned and she tried to squirm, the discomfort and shock on her face turned on Yuvraj even more and with his other hand he unbuttoned his pants.

he put his tongue back into her mouth and began to taste its pleasures, she was sweet no doubt, her body wanted it but her mind was def not sure and Yuvi sensed that. With his pants undone he let go of Mandiras hands and moved down her body, caressing every inch of it with his tongue as he made his way down.

Mandira still confused, expecting tender love making was not sure what she had gotten herself into. First, she was happily married and second what she was doing had pretty much nothing going for it except for the physical part of it.

Her thoughts came to an abrupt end when she felt a tongue in her pussy, the action was swift and its movements rapid and she realised her husband or other men had never really pussy licked her. This man was not only licking and eating her pussy he was fucking her with his tongue.

Yuvraj continued the action, moving the tongue in out and around her pleasure dome, he had learnt this from Kim Sharma his possibly ex-girlfriend. Kim even had him once drink some wine out of her ass, the girl truly was sexually depraved and debauched but at least she had taught him a thing or two.

Yuvi's jaw tired of the movement, it had been a while since he had pussy so he pulled out and moved up, the look on Mandira's face told him everything, her pleaaure, her anguish at his stopping, everything. This girl really wanted cock.Yuvis adrenaline had broken his buzz, he could clearly see he was in the sack with a naked Mandira Bedi and his cock was about to enter her pussy. He looked at her, into his eyes, while he put his finger inside her and started to fuck.

Mandira, whimpered, after a few seconds she outright moaned and mumbled "Yuvi, enter me. please" Yuvi did not need an invitation. He took his engorged cock and shoved it inside Mandira, just like he used to inside Kim. With force. The wetness though let it slide right through.

Mandira for a moment froze, got lost in the moment, she felt filled up and complete then it hit her and she dug her nails into Yuvis back. As he pistoned in and out of her she grabbed his head and sucked on his tongue.

Yuvi, broke this kiss and looked down at her breasts, they were medium, pert and jiggled, looked lovely below him. He squeezed them with one hand and then decided to go in for a lick. This drove Mandira into a frenzy.

Mandira, started to feel a tingling, the cock inside her and tongue on her tits began to drive her towards the edge. She began moving in unison with Yuvi hoping for more and more friction. The pumping got so furious that Yuvi had to move his tongue of her nipples.

Yuvi began to pump into Mandira hard and fast, he could feel his orgasm building and was hoping Mandira would come quickly. He felt her hand on her shoulder and back tightening up and he could sense she was close. She began to cum and as Yuvi could not hold on much longer, he looke down at his own cock fucking Mandira and began to explode.

Mandira came hard and came fast, she could feel the insides of her melting and could also feel Yuvis cum inside her trickling down her pussy onto her thighs. It had been a furious and satisfying fuck.

An hour later, they both held each other naked and wondered where this was going. What this meant for her marriage and what it meant for his relationship with Kim.

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