Sunday, February 15, 2009

Neighboors wife

Welcome readers into living through my wildest experience with a married woman. Specially, married and mature women reading this experience, please break free if you want and mail me if you like my experience, would be pleased to satisfy your desires and take you on long trip of sexual fantasies. Getting back to the story, i am 29, living in an appartment in Bandra with my family a chemical engg. By profession 6 ft. Tall, dark wheatish complexion, lean and honestly average looking. My neighbour is a working class gentelman living with his old parents, charming man but a lot on the heavier side, i mean really fat. He got married reacently and i was zapped when i meet his wife anagha, i called and still do call her bhabi. Light wheatish complexion, brown eyes reflecting her emotions, long flowing black hair, she preffers keeping them untied most of the time , perfectly in shape, you can visually fell the tenderness of her glowing skin. In short beautiful as i see her, a typical marathi jewal. I was finding my self getting strongly attracted to her, but feared to express it to any1 due to social reasons and knowing that we live in a conservative society and she may not like any advances tho' intentions are clean. I always wondered how in the world this man and this woman were ever made a pair. I used to keep away from talking to her, honestaly, my heart always skipped a beat and could never muster the courage to talk to her wen we met face to face. But i never missed an opportuinity to give her a smile, cosealing my nervousness, whenever we passed each other and she used to respond with a heart melting smile that used to send my head in a dizz. Am not drivin by lust you see, but i wanted to get clos to her and know her well and i had decided the day i say her that if phisycal involvement has to happen then let it take its own time as its not difficult to imagin the "pair". Then one fine day i mustered enough courage,on my back home from office that am going to break the ice today. As expected, i still remember that day she was loitering in the garden in her perfectly chosen red salwar-kameez and my god i would have almost started singing,i said "good evening bhabi-ji, looking good in your dress and my i know y r u walking alone, whers". To this se replied,"oh,good evening, thanks for your compliment and ya hes not the type who will walk around and i don have any friends in this area, so am alone". I said,"hi, am sanjay, would the beautiful lady consider me as her worthy friend" and placing my bag behind by left hand, extenting my right hand looked streight into her expressive eyes. She laughed out and extended her hand and for the first time we touched each other, i could almost hear church bells ring in my head. We were together for almost 30 min. Loitering around and talking generally over many topics and there were a few times we brushed each other. We parted to go home with a hand shake and a promise to walk together every evening. That night i cold not sleep i fantasize her all night and remembered all her touches, honestly hand jobbing my self thrice.

Two weeks down, we grew closer and she didnt mind changing the venue for our evening walks, she was more simpler than i thought. Now she didnt mind me hold her close by her waist during road crossing or changing sides. We started sharing everything. One find day during my way back home, she called me up saying she wants to see me urgently and i could fell her tears drop as i hung up. I didnt go home, from the station i went straight to the park and headed to our usual plce to chill, she was sitting there, her back towards me, i went and sat nex to her and hugged her, honestly got emotional, after bout 5 min. Of crying she finally spoke, i wiped her tears off gave her water calmed her down and asked her as to what went wrong. She narrated for bout 30-45 min.,how things are not working with her husband as physically hes ignoring her needs due to his weight they wer not abel to have sex and conditions with in-laws pressurising her for ul kno what. I was listining to her carefully,all the while in each others tight embrace, i guess she needed some 1 to talk to as she had always claimed i hav got closest to her. Then i don know what happened but i planted a kiss on her forehead and she reponded in a similar manner nd we started kissing all over each others faces in tru passion in a matter of seconds we were liplocked. I planted my lips on her soft pink lips givin them small licks, we opened our mouths n felt each others toungs exploring all spaces inside, rolling our toungs frequently over each others and givin them sucks from time to time. I wanted it to last a life time but unluckly it lasted jus 10 min. We parted and stared into eachothers eyes as we smiled.she told me that that was the first time she ever kissed and in return i winked and asked her if she ever wanted me to make her live her physical fanticy flights all she had to do was call to which se gave her trademark million dollor smile, kissed me on my cheek and parted at the turn which we always do. I kept looking at her back as she faded into the darkness. The next morning i dropped my parents at the air port and did my day as usual,came back stright to the shower, understandabally so, i was excited to meet anagha. To tell you the truth i was still lost in tha kiss. Suddenly the door bell rang and i was eorced to pull my self out of my fantacy and dress up to attend the door, i wor my pajam and vest and rushed. Opening to a surprise, she stood there, smile on her face, a well selected and tailored olive dress no make up but still making me weak in the knees, as i stood with open mouth she entered in and placed heself gracefully on the couch and held a tiffin in her beautiful soft palms. She said my mom had called her up telling to take care of my dait and hand her the overall responsibility of looking after me till she returned. My joy had no bounds, but was saddened when i thought of the in-laws and her husband and the thought that she will place the tiffin on the counter and leave in 5 min., but she told me dont worry and rest is mystary to me till date.
Without looking at he tiffin in front, i closed the door pulled the curtiens, dimmed the lights and stood nex to her, almost in fast forward. I pulled her up and without saying a thing we were in each others arms and the nex moment we were liploked. This was mor passionate then las night, both breathing heavily almost hearing the loud breact, moaning and toungs rolled over each others.putting her against the wall, one leg over my waist i started feeling the tenderness of her brest, squeezing them lightly. Could feel her nipples rising and she could feel my hardness press against her thigs.

Still liplocked we were undressing eachother and moving towards my bedroom, we finally free the lock and without wastin time, still eyes locked on and smiling at each othe we undressed and wer standing nude in front of each other. I took a moment and feasted my eyes on her nude white body, trembling slightly in excitement. And my hardness started pounding like a heard seeing her curvacious and tonned body. Placing ourselves on the bed she wispered"paint me red honey and send me into the galaxy"she started kissing me with her hands reaching towards my erection, she held it in her soft palm and stroked ot lightely still playing on my belly whith her nibbling lips. She went further down and kissed the head of my penius and sucking at the pre=cum, slowly she started blowing, still continuing to mourn and i was fondeling the brest, playin and squzing her tits. We turned to 69 position. I kept licking at her tight pink pussy, nibbling softly at the pussy lips and toying her g-spot wit my tongue, holding her ass cheeks firmly apart i contunied to suck he juisesa nd finguring her ass hole, i was giving her long licks from pussy to ass hole inserting my tongue in both holes. This was making her mourn even while blowing me and i was geting mor excited to here those. Down there she was giving me a time of my life by sucking hard and rolling her tongue over my penius. She would remove it from her mouth and frantically keppk licking and kissing the entire length and suck at my balls. Dont know how long it lasted but as the climax apporoched she could feel my ass and thigs tightining and so could i feel her gates of heaven tightining on my tongue. I tried to pull her a side but her shear power was just to munch as she spanked my leg wildly. I exploded my cum in her mouth and as i was easing i felt her pussy hole and lips resisting to let go of my tongue as she still held on to my penius and cum she was mouning wildely and loosining up. We laid ther in the same position for quite some time breathing heavily. Finally we moved into each others embrace and liploccked again. I was beginning to get an erection, still liplocked, one hand holding her close and the other toying her g-spot, her pussy started filling with wetness all over, i wispered to her"are we buckelled up for another flight"to which she bit my ear and wispered"lets fly captian". I mowed her beneath me and parted her legs, moved my penius on he pussy lips and rubbed gentally, she had an anxious look on her face and i understood, i said to her "dont worry il be careful both flying ffor the first time". I rested my hands and slowly penetrated, feeling her jitters and painful look as she gripped he legs tightely on my waist. The look dessipared as i went in completely looking at each other in pleasure and pain mix, held her closer and started stroking her lightely in mids of her loud mourns and teeth gripped on my shoulders, relax hony, i said and sytarted pumping faster and faster soon she started enjoyin the pain and grunting,"god..fffasssteer,fffasssteeer, ahhahhahhhahhm,mmmmm aaiii,aaaaiiii,sanju tear me up please.with both passionately involved v kept the action going and as i exploaded inside her and colapsing and feeling each others heavy breath and sweat, her pussy tightned and jus refused to go off my penius. What followed was a loud aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaahhhhhhh and she rested her butt back on the bed as softly as a petal. We laid next to each other still in ebrace, nibbling,kissing and fondeling our attention went fo the blood staines on the bed sheet and we we smiling at the fact waiting for our first sexual encounte respectively was worth it and hugged each other so tight tat both of us could feel each others heart beat. Bouth of us wer happy and sad at the same time, coz we knew we have to get back to our respective lives. We still spend time with each other,get in the act when we can and sharing lives.v r still good friends.

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