Sunday, February 15, 2009

My best experience

i have been a gr8 fan of iss since this site has been launched. I am going to tell u all my first experience which has since then changed my life forever(in sexual aspects). Lets come to the story directly. There was this girl named sanjana who was an angel in this world and i had crush on her and always wanted to lay her. She was 20yrs but she was strict and she was never giving any signals. Let me describe her to u all she is around 5ft 6 and a gr8 body (coke bottle fig) she has a round and plumpy ass which is tempting to spank. And her boobs are round and firm (i don’t know the measurements). She was in my class and all the class guys had an eye on her ass. I was trying a lot for this girl and it all started by picking her and dropping her back home after college, in this way she became a bit close to me and she used to talk to me and shared some of her secrets with me. I used to visit her home regularly with some silly excuse coz i just wanted to see her. During these silly visits of mine i had been lucky. Her parents were going out of town and they would be back only after a day, as usual i had called her up and told her that i wanted her practical book and i would come home and pick it up. I reached her house and she invited me inside, seeing the whole house empty i asked her where everybody has gone she said that everybody has gone out and would be back only the next day. My mind started to work and i never wanted to miss this opportunity.

To my surprise she said that she wanted to drink, i said come lets go out an drink,she said no at home we’ll drink, as it is not safe and she didn’t like to go out and drink. I asked her what she would like to drink, she replied tequila i was shocked to hear this and rushed to the nearest wine store and picked up a bottle some ciggs and a packet of condom (coz i was sure that i am lucky). I reached home and by then she had a quick bath and she was smelling fresh and was wearing capris and and tank top she was looking sexy.i asked her ur looking amazing in this dress,she smiled and she went inside. We opened the bottle of tequila and had a few shots i went and switched on the music system and asked her to dance she readily agreed and she said thanks a lot for all this i was doing for her (as she always liked to go out but her parents are very strict.). While dancing i was getting close to her and was rubbing my self against her and she was not restricting as she was a little high, she stopped for a while and she had a few more tequila shots by now she was totally high. And i had an erection looking at her drunk, i moved close to her and slid my hand behind her and started to play with her hair,and i slowly rubbed my hands on her back,and without wasting my time i placed my hand on her ass and she didn’t resist so i was sure that she was enjoying all this, i pulled her close to me and she looked into my eye and after a brief pause i kissed on her forehead and she closed her eyes and was ready for all the action, i moved down from her forehead to her eyes and than grabbed her lips with mine and there was total silence and we hear heart beats, i slipped my hand through her capri and was rubbing her ass and was kissing her she didn’t say a thing for all this and i was ready for the real fun i took her to the bedroom and lay her on the bed and i rolled next to her and played with her tits, she was moaning ahhhhhhhhhhhh i slid my hand under her tank tops and was playing wiith her nipples she couldn’t take any more of it and she said pls do it a.k i cant take any more of it pleaseeeeeeeee, i said not so sonn baby i removed her tank tops and started sucking on round firm boobs and her pink nipples increased by ½ an inch in size . I started to move down towards her belly and played with her navel and she curved back and i lifted her when she curved and kissed her every time she did that i was rubbing her thighs and i removed her capri sliding her panty to gether she was naked in front of me and was feeling a bit shy and covered her face. I removed her face from her hands and placed it on my crotch and rubbed it she was horrified doing this but started to enjoy it slowly she slid my pants down and and saw my7inch tool and smiled at me i placed it in her hand and asked it to rub it she was doing me with her soft hands and she shook it for about 5 min and i could not control it and splashed onto her boobs.

I started to finger fuck her and play with her cunt i could see her juices oozing out and i asked her wether i can eat her pussy she said do any thing but slowly i started of with her pussy she was going mad with all this and was moaning ohhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh ouch she was pushing my head into hers . I told her this is the time hold on, she said is going to pain. I said not much, i lifted her legs high in the air and starts to insert it but could not as it was tight. I applied some cream and started to push in slowly she started to scream but i silenced her with kissing on her lips i increased my tempo and she was getting along with me, rammed her wet tight pussy and later i pulled out and asked her to sit on me she said that its enough for today and i was no mood to live her i forcefully pushed it inside and asked her jump up and down this is what she liked and she reached an orgasm in this position and a few strokes i came i splashed all on her belly. She was tired and was lying on the bed naked in my arms .and she went to sleep and she woke up again to see me hard and she said lets do it again, this time i told her now its time for ur ass she said no but i was no mood to listen to her.i asked her lubricate my rod by sucking it andd she readily agreed, after lubricating my rod i applied some vaseline on her ass hole and tried to push it she screamed in pain and said no amit its paining pleaseeee don’t do it i gave it a hard push it went in and start ramming her round beautiful ass she was like ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh please amit that’s enough i started spanking her and i could see her round ass turning red when i was spanking and her boobs hanging and juggling i cummed in her ass. I removed my rod i gave it to her to wipe it clean….. We fucked for the whole night and afternoon. We did once on the dining table and the couch and in the bath room. Since then we have been regularly having sex and oral sex sometimes in college.
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