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They kissed passionately

Hello everyone! I’m sandeep from mumbai. This story begins when i was 11 and my dad had just passed away. My mom and i lived in a small house.she got a job in a private enterprise and i was doing my schooling . My mom was then 29 years old. She is 5 feet 4 inch tall; with tight big juicy boobs and a sexy round ass. She was voluptuous. And commanded an irresistible sex appeal and her fair complexion made her even more attractive. Rubina aunty was mom's best friend those days. She used to frequent our house every day and used to encourage my mom. As you all know leading a life of a single parent is very tough. Rubina aunty always "shona,pull yourself together and get married. Sandeep needs a father now more than ever. He needs a guiding force".one day,when mom was not at home she came. Rubina aunty. "arre sandeep beta, how are you?" i mumbled: "m fine aunty, how are you and uncle?" she replied: "we are both good. Then she saidbeta,sandeep, you are a grown up kid now.your mother wants to bring you up with full dedication and love. She has always kept you happy and cheerful, right?", she asked. "yes, aunty", i replied. Aunty continued: "don't you think that you mom needs a bit of happiness too?" "i dont understand, aunty", i mumbled. "look sonny, your mom is only 29 years and she has her desires too: physical, emotional, psychological....she needs a man in her life. She might not be telling you but she is a rudderless boat in the stormy ocean of life. She needs a husband to satiate her. Also you need a father too.", rubina aunty spoke. I turned all red and mumbled incoherently. "during sabiha’s birth i had a problem and cannot bear another child.i want your asif uncle to marry your mom and give our family more children. You will be the eldest son of our family and i would love you to marry sabiha when you two grow up. Rubina aunty smiled.i did fancy sabiha very much and liked the whole idea.

Days passed by and one evening mom asked to get dressed quickly as we had to go to rubina aunty's house for a small get together to celebrate aunty's and uncle's marriage was looking gorgeous. Asif uncle was 41,dark and handsome with a strong body, rubina aunty was playing a matchmaker and mom and asif (uncle) were consumed in their sweet talks while i took their leaves. Out of a corner of my eye, i saw them laughing and smiling. It was ages since i saw my mother smile so much. She genuinely seemed to like him.days passed by and mom's friendship with asif uncle increased. He started visiting our house on a daily basis. He used to bring gifts for me and mom. Slowly i began to like him a lot. I wished i had a father like him. Over a period of 1 month we became the best of day he asked me if my mother is going to remarry etc and then said that my mother should not waste her life and she can get any well established person to marry her. He asked me: "sandeep, is it ok if i marry your mom and become your father? I had asked your mom earlier this question but she said that she will not say yes unless you approve." i was touched by mom's gesture. I immediately said: "yes asif uncle, i want you in my life as a father". Saying so i hugged him. He also hugged me lovingly. Mom was in the doorway and she started crying. I hugged her too. Things started to happen quickly after that. Mom and asif uncle decided to marry quickly without any delay. The date was fixed for their marriage. Rubina aunty was also thrilled and all of us helped each other in the arrangements for the marriage. Some days before marriage , i was on my way to tuition class when i suddenly remembered that i had forgotten my textbook and went back home.

The front door was locked from inside and i went to the backdoor. It was also locked but i managed to get inside the house. I went to my room inside. I heard moans from my mom's room. I was surprised and froze. I peeped into her room and saw asif uncle and mom making love. They were kissing wildly. Mom was in her white saree. Asif uncle held her shoulder and they embraced each other very tightly. Both were looking very emotional with tears running down mom’s cheek. Uncle asif then took mom’s face in his hands and planted a long french kiss. Mom responded accordingly and they were licking each others lips and tongues for about two minutes until uncle asif lifted mom in his arms, took her to her bedroom and locked it. I understood that my beautiful mother is going to get fucked today. I was going to enjoy the fuck scene live. Mom really looked very sexy, uncle asif sat beside her and kissed her cheek, she kept quite, then she noticed a huge monster raising beneath uncle asif’s payjama. The first thing mom said is oh my god it’s so big!! Mom closed her eyes and uncle asif put his hand through her hair ,kissing her all over her face trying to relax her. I could see uncle’s lund getting harder and bigger. He looked into mom’s eyes and by his eyes asked for permission to fuck her. Uncle said from today you will have it every night . You have taken my heart and now you will tame this fire with your love. Then he planted a kiss on mother’s lips and lifted her on his lap and started kissing her madly, it was really an erotic site to see such a huge rough man making love to my soft and delicate mom. It was so erotic to see him just suck those lovely lips of hers and just kept kissing her and put his hand around her bare waist his fingers pushing into her navel and then cupping her ass globes and squeezing them. Then uncle asif broke off the kiss in a whisker removed his kurta and slid down mom’s anchal and moved on to her waist and held the saree where she had tucked it in near her navel,gave a pull and her saree was loose he kissed her and in the process he pulled off her saree fully and threw it away and it landed on the floor! I have never seen mom in such a erotic half naked state and it was very exciting to see her this way, i was eagerly waiting to see what she was hiding behind the rest of her clothes, then they kissed madly. Mom does nor wear bra and panty in the house and uncle pulled her on him and from behind pulled her petticoat up and put his hand on her ass and pressed it and that was when i saw my beautiful moms juicy thighs and ass,uncle asif got his fingers in her cunt and started finger fucking her. She was moaning like anything, she was moaning aahhh oohh as he pushed it in and out and she just kissed him and was shaking, she must have had an orgasm, then he laid her on the bed and got on top of her, and opened her blouse to enjoy her juicy ripe breasts , they were kissing while he removed her blouse. That was the treat of my life to see her tight but soft breasts spring out and with huge dark brown nipples, it looked so beautiful.

Uncle asif was just looking at it and then he opened his mouth and lowered it on to her breasts and started sucking and biting on it while he pinched the other nipple mom moaned aaaah asif, ooooh no aau no please... And then this went on for some time after which they kissed again, this time more passionately and my mom was completely his, he sucked her again and went down and kissed her navel and her belly and kissed her between her legs on her chut i guess, she just put her head up and bit her lower lip and moaned like anything, the sexiest cries from my mom really turned me on. I was eagerly waiting to see her chut when uncle asif put his hand underneath her petticoat and pushed it up to her knees and she did not resist one bit, instead she was moaning, he kissed her knees then he pushed it higher up and was kissing and licking and biting her thighs, that's when mom did the most beautiful thing, she herself pinched her nipples and pushed her petticoat higher up until i could see her beautiful bushy chut, uncle asif simultaneously untied the petticoat and his pajama and both landed on the floor where the other clothes were piled up."i want to make you pregnant darling right now", said uncle. Mother nodded appreciatively and said: "oh asif, you are the best husband a woman can get. Come,make me your own.give me your child in my womb.... Aaahh asif.... I love you....darling.....", moaned my mom..he was completely naked now and his monster was getting harder and bigger. He gave a naughty smile to mom who replied with a horny look which was interpreted as a go ahead and and lo!! My mom was lying completely naked on the bed waiting for her giant lover to fuck her. Uncle asif buried his face on her chut and she spread her legs and put it on uncle’s shoulders and caught his head and pushed it deeper into her and she started moving her head from side to side and moaning like anything and was repeating the words i love you! I love you asif!! Uncle was licking and sucking her chut and she was moaning like anything, pressing and pinching her breasts. This went on for a long time and, i was eagerly waiting to see him fuck mom. Even my shy and reserved mother was moaning, asif please... Uuh fuck me, fuck me please, i love you. Then uncle asif came up and i could see my moms beautiful chut, it was reddish.. But her hole seemed so small. Uncle then took a tube and squeezed it. Lot of gel came to his hand and he put them in mom's vagina. He got on top of her with his monster lund hanging and then he put moms legs on either side of his shoulders and kissed her, she kissed him back and then he positioned his monster lund on her wet chut and i could see tears in her eyes and she started crying and uncle pushed into her, what a beautiful site, i could see her chut open up to take him and it was really stretching, and mom cried out, aah asif noo ooh uuahh ohh, she was literally screaming and crying and moaning too and pinching her breasts and touching her chut where he was entering, she put two fingers on either side of her chut and was pulling it apart, trying to take him in, then suddenly uncle pushed more in nearly half way when she really screamed, with tears flowing and she bit her under lip and down it was a beautiful sight to see her little chut being invaded, it stretched out and was tightly holding against uncles huge lund, slowly uncle again started pushing it and then i saw uncle pulling it out, he pulled it out and wow, mom’s chut was open, i could see inside a bit, but soon he put it back and it went half way and then to moms surprise he gave a damn hard push and i could see his balls collide against her lovely chut, and my mom really screamed aahh asifllll! Its pushing against my womb, it was a terrific sight.a dark strong man on top of a very fair beautiful woman, pushing a huge monster size rod into a little juicy hole and the rod seems to go all the way to her navi from inside. Asif was being very careful and smooth but the enormous mass of his flesh going into my sweet mother’s thin and delicate chut was a spectacle and i wondered how mom was taking the huge lund in her. Then with another slow but firm thrust uncle's lund totally disappeared inside mom’s nectar hole. He said, its all in don't worry, then he started pulling out slowly and pushing back was still in pain, but she kissed him a lot and wrapped her arms around him, then he started doing it faster, and mom was moaning …oooohh,, sloww, please, i love you aaahh, mmm and then he started hammering her damn hard and her chut lips was damn red, but uncles lund also was shiny, guess its lubricated well, he pulled it all the way till only the head was in and then push the whole lund inside, she was crying and moaning and kissing. I was so happy to see mom enjoy and get the fuck of her life from a man who loves her, she was moaning and screaming, asifl!!!! Slow please noo, aaahh ooooh and kissing and kissing, uncle asif used to bite her nipples from time to time and then when he was fucking her hard it was wonderful to see moms breasts bounce up and down so violently and she was moving her head side to side and moaning and opening her mouth and biting her lips and kissing uncle asif and it was wonderful to see her chut lips tightly clench uncle asif's lund and milk it out, aaaahh ahhh ooohh went on for 30 minutes and mom tightly clenched uncle asif and bit herself, i guess she came many times, she said asif please stop or i'll surely die. Uncle just kept on mercilessly ramming in and out of her and she was full with pleasure. Then he said i'm going to come and she wrapped her legs tightly around him and put her arms around him so tightly, finally i heard uncle grunt aaaahh, and mom was aaaaaaaah…tareeeeqq...and slowly uncles thrusts slowed down and i knew he must have come deep inside my mom and he kept coming for nearly half a minute, and moms cunt was full with uncle’s semen, they kept kissing and kissing and then i could see semen leak from the sides of her chut and then with a final kiss uncle asif got up and pulled out his lund, oh my god, my moms chut was stretched so wide.i was sweating profusely. I quickly went out of the house and went to my friend's place to idle away time. I came back in the evening and acted as if nothing had happened. Mom was glowing and she was very happy. I asked her: "ma, you look very happy today. What happened?". Mom replied: "nothing are going to have asif uncle as your father in a few days...i am so happy for that..." but i knew the real reason.

My mother and uncle asif got married on the annointed date. Mother changed her name to shehnaaz and i adopted the name feroz.

The next time i saw them making love was at the official suhaag raat when the entire bed was filled with red rose petals (rubina aunty made all the preparations ;)) and they were lost in each and mom took off each others clothes and they were completely naked except mom had all the jewellery on her.his monster was getting harder and bigger. He gave a naughty smile to mom who replied with a horny look which was interpreted as a go ahead and and lo!! My mom was lying completely naked on the bed waiting for her giant lover to fuck her. Uncle asif (now dad) buried his face on her chut and she spread her legs and put it on uncle’s shoulders and caught his head and he pushed it deeper into her wet pussy and she started moving her head from side to side and moaning like anything and was repeating the words i love you! I love you asif!! Uncle was licking and sucking her chut and she was moaning like anything, pressing and pinching her breasts. This went on for a long time and, i was eagerly waiting to see him fuck mom. Even mother was moaning, asif please... Uuh fuck me, fuck me please, i love you. Please give me your baby. I want to have your baby asif, i want my womb to be fertilized with your seed. Dad began to thrust violently and with each thrust mom jerked back and moaned louder....after about 45 minutes of passionate love making dad's thrusts slowed down and i knew he must have come deep inside my mom and he kept coming for nearly half a minute, and mom’s womb was full with uncle’s semen, they kept kissing and kissing and then i could see semen leak from the sides of her chut and then with a final kiss, dad got up and pulled out his lund, oh my god, my moms chut was stretched so wide and dad’s semen was flowing out of her chut.

The next morning, when i got up, mom n rubina aunty were deep in conversation in mom's and asif uncle's bedroom. Asif uncle had gone out with sabiha. They had not realized that i was awake. I slowly tiptoed to the room and strained my ears. Rubina aunty was tellin mom: "shenaaz, i am glad you got married to asif.". Mom replied: "well rubina, i liked asif a lot and also wanted a man like him to be feroz's father." "how was the wedding night? Did feroz satisfy you?", asked rubina aunty. Mom blushed and said: "it was good rubina, asif really made me feel like a newly wedded wife again".

Their conversation ended that time.

A couple of days later, dad and mom went to goa for their honeymoon.

While they were away, rubina aunty and i talked for a long time. Aunty said: "feroz...i am glad your mom, shenaaz, married asif. Now we are one big family which will only grow bigger." "hmmm", i replied. "you wudnt mind if your mom has more kids wid asif, wud u?", aunty asked. "not at all", i replied. "did your mom tell you about her planning?", she asked. "no", i replied. "well, she always wanted at least 3 kids but your dad's untimely death dashed her hopes. It was then, she became close to asif. I was happy with this since i could not give asif a second child. One day, we three met and discussed about our situation. Asif said that he would be happy to adopt me as his son. Your mom was very emotional that time. She promised if asif became your dad, she would gift him and me with a baby soon after marriage and also have his baby anytime asif desired. Only your consent was required for marriage, which you gave. I am so happy.", said aunty. I hugged her.

After 10days asif uncle and mom came back from goa. Mom was looking radiant n beautiful. I was sure asif uncle had knocked her up during honeymoon. One thing i noticed was although asif uncle n mom shared their bed every night, sometimes rubina aunty also slept wid uncle. During those nights, mom used to sleep in my bed. One such night mom said: "beta...i hope you like asif n rubina." "yes, ma, i do like them", i replied. Mom continued: "sandeep beta, you are now the eldest child of this family. We have decided that when you grow up, you will marry sabiha." i was happy and hugged her.

Days passed n one morning while i was studying in my room, i heard rubina aunty n mom talkin in whispers. Asif uncle had gone for work n sabiha had gone to her friend's place. I tiptoed to their room n evesdropped... Rubina aunty was saying: "shenaaz what did doctor fatima say?" mom replied: "dr fatima said the test results were good. Asif's sperm count was extremely good and my health was also great. Fatima advised us to start trying right away." rubina aunty was elated. Mom continued: "rubina, i have told asif that i would like to conceive his first child in goa. I have asked him to take a leave of 10 - 15 days from next week. I had my periods 6 days back n now within next 3-4 days i would be in my most fertile time." rubina aunty replied: "thats a good plan".

Next day asif uncle n mom went to goa. They came back after 15 days later. Mom was looking radiant n beautiful. I she had been knocked up properly by asif uncle. Mom n asif continued wid their baby making sex every night. One night as i started to go to toilet to pee, i heard low moans comin frm their bedroom. I tiptoed n listened.

My mom was holding asif uncle's prick and moving up and down the with fist. My god did he had some erection it was at least 9" and round tip and thick with fair head which was shining. He was pressing her boobs and biting the was lying on back and he got on top. They kissed passionately and then he put the cock on her pussy and started to move down and after few efforts he was fully in now mom put her legs around his waist though she cried a bit while he was entering later on she was fine and her hands on his back. He started to move in and out slowly, mom moved her hips upward in rhythm. My god they both were calling each others name and mom" ohhhhhhhhhhhh unhhhhhhhhhhhnh ahhhhhhhh jaanuuuuuuu" he: "ohhhhhhhh my love. This was the scene of life time for me i could not believe my traditional simple nice graceful mom having sex in a erotic way.

Now they continued for more than 20 minutes and then my mom cried "ohhhhhhhhhhh main chhhooooooooooooot rahinnnnnnnn hunnnnnnnnnn and suddenly she fell limp and stopped moving her hips meanwhile he continued to move up and down and after 5 minutes his thrust became very strong almost unmerciful he was moaning loudly ahhhhhhhhhhhhh oaaaaaaaaaaaaaa below him my mom also started to cry again "ohhhhhh phir se our jor se hhh" and then suddenly he came and felt on her his head was on her breasts. She also came and they both started caressing each other and kissing. They talk romantically for next 15 minutes and then he again became erect and started again to throb into her pussy there public hair were in contacts and his balls were making noise of throbbing against her buttock. After twentyfive minutes he rolled over and laid down and mom got on top sat on the cock and started move up and down her boobs were pressed by his hands she came within 4 -5 minutes and after 2 minutes started again. Then they both came apart. Kissed and talked. Then they rested for sometime n fell asleep.

For the next few nights, the same story was repeated. I now knew that they had started to plan a kid and they were making sure that they had it quickly. Dad never used a condom and mom used to lie with her hips over 2 day around 20 days later, i overheard mom saying to asif uncle (dad): "asif, i missed my periods this month. Its been 3 days overdue. I went to fatima today and she confirmed it. Your seed has finally taken the shape of a baby in my womb. I am pregnant with your child, our child. Feroz n sabiha will have a baby brother/sister. I am so happy." saying this she hugged dad and both of them kissed each other in happiness. Rubina aunty also was happy.

As the months passed, mom started looking more beautiful and glowing. She grew big and her belly looked more and more rounded. Few months she delivered a baby boy. My mom's first baby with asif uncle. Asif uncle felt proud holding his baby n he looked at mom lovingly.

As for me, i felt thrilled n excited. After all, i had witnessed my half-brother's conception.

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