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How I fucked my bhabhi

Hi guys! This is a real story which happened when i reached nagpur in search of job in it sector. As my cousin dhiren is staying in the same place, i went 2 him. He is a software engineer working in mnc. He got married 2 years ago. It was simply love marriage. Bhabhi’s name is ruby. He is now gifted with a child of 2 months. I have not seen her as his marriage was celebrated in nagpur. My brother received me at station and v both moved 2 his place. I reached his home. It was splendid. He rang the door bell. Bhabhi opened the door. When i looked at her i remained open-mouthed. She was gorgeous. At first sight i wished 2 b her husband. Her figure was 36-24-36. She was really a walking sex bomb. I could not control my feelings and my dick got erect. Anyway, my bhabhi was not happy 2 see me as i belonged to middle class family. Thereafter, i entered d house. My brother helped me to enter my room. He told me to take bath and rest as i have traveled a lot. My brother went 2 his office and ordered my bhabhi to take care of me. I laid down on dunlop bed and started to imagine to fuck her by any means. But it was not possible in presence of my bro.

I stepped forward to talk with bhabhi to ease the relationship. But it was of no use. She always replied me angrily. Moreover when i use to go near to the she always warned me. I felt ashamed and insulted. But i did not lose hope. I made plans to fuck her vigorously. I always used to look at her lustfully. She could get the glimpse of behavior, but did not respond or react. I used to slide my palm over her fetish ass in kitchen knowingly, tried 2 touch her shoulder. I always tied to have a peep into her cleavage when she bent to sweep. She could realize these things and used scold in lower voice. I always peeped into the key hole of bathroom to see her naked. She was amazingly beautiful. Though she had baby, she looked virgin. She had good, well-shaped buttocks which used to jump rhythmically. Her pair of breasts was so pulpy that they always used to come out of blouse. Her brown nipples were so attracting that i were forced to fantasize to suck them hard. Her pink pussy with black little pubic hair was so charming that i could not but fondle myself. Her smile was so pleasant that it could attract everybody’s attention. Above all, she was a real “apsara (angel)” to whom nobody could resist to pass a night. But i was ill-fortunate. I could only watch her. I waited patiently for the moment to enjoy her and god granted my wish. One day my bro told us he had to go to usa for two months on official work. He told me take care of her in his absence and went abroad. Now i thought it was time to make my plans successful. Then i started to move in and around bhabhi wearing a towel with my 8” dick bulging out. She used have aslant view of my cock. One day i returned home attending an interview. I opened the door using the spare key. I found nobody inside the room. To my surprise i found the door of bhabhi’s bedroom slightly open. I went there and what i saw was stunning. The pallu of bhabhi was not in right position. The blouse was open. I saw the breast of bhabhi. I guessed she must have been feeding her child. I did not disturb them and went to my room.

In the evening at 7 pm, i did not get up from bed and kept my eyes closed and i pulled over the sheets and partly opened my eyes. From there i could directly see bhabhi in the kitchen in a tight yellow sari and she was pouring milk in the vessel. I could resist myself imagining bhabhi’s breast. I become bold, got up, looked around and looked the main door. I went into the kitchen and then i kept my hands on bhabhi’s shoulders and she become stunned, immediately moved away from there and ignored my move and kept pouring the milk. I moved near to her and this time boldly cupped her right ass tightly in my right hands and pressed it very hard i guess, cause bhabhi cried ouch and she lost her color in temper i guessed, she asked me to behave myself and never expected me to be like that and to leave right then. I went near her and took her in my arms and tried to kiss her but she tried her level best to push me and said the child would wake up and i just pressed her against the wall and managed to kiss her cheeks and my one hand was around bhabhi’s bare waist trying to move up her breast and the other behind pressing her ass. She called me bastard and son of a bitch. I said i loved her and i was the one who called her, the milk was spilled all over the place, bhabhi was wriggling all the time trying to free herself from me and finally she got away and she ran to her bed room and locked the door.

Meanwhile i kept quiet and was watching to see whether i could get her and also i wanted to see whether my beautiful bhabhi would give in to me and the thought of her receiving my huge big monster penis deep in her made me absolutely horny. Somehow i wished that i should succeed, but i knew that i could never succeed that easily cause bhabhi was the very modest type and very strict. I left the room and went to my friend’s place for a drink. I decided to do something to get her. I dialed to my bhabhi over mobile. I waited for bhabhi to pick up, it rang for a long time and finally she picked it up. She said “hello”, and i replied, “it is me and that i am really sorry about what happened today”. She said, “this is not the time to talk and that she would talk about it tomorrow”. Then i said, “please understand you are the most beautiful woman i have ever seen and i want to talk to you. I'm your admirer. You are very beautiful. I want to kiss you and lick your armpits and have sex with you. I want to make love to you and so it is better to co - operate since you don't know me, if i like something i make sure i have it at any cost so please co - operate with me; it will be a great enjoyment for both of us”. Bhabhi said sorry as she is married. I said your husband is away, he won’t even know, why you don’t enjoy the moment. She said no, abused me and slammed the phone. I patiently waited. And after sometime i call back her. This time bhabhi did not say anything. I said, "you look very beautiful in a sari and you have the best pair of breasts and ass i have ever seen." bhabhi got irritated and said, "bastard" and hung up.

After half an hour, i returned home, went inside my room. I had a bath, wore a lungi and lay down on bed. I gathered courage and thought to rape her as it was the only way to fuck and get her. After about 15 minutes, i went inside her bedroom and put on the lights. Bhabhi was asleep and i sat beside her and kissed her cheek, she woke up with a start and let out a scream. I quickly closed her mouth, she kept quiet. She asked me how i came here and ordered me to get out. I explained that i had forgotten the key. Then bhabhi got up and went far away from me and asked me to leave. But i refused and started saying, “i’ll give you anything you want and all”. But bhabhi asked me to leave. I said, “no way and that i have not come to go”. I went near her and took her hand, kept it on my penis and said, you have done this and now you have to do something. Then i said if you kiss me and take my penis in that sweet lovely mouth of yours, then i will never trouble you again. She shouted “no”. But i forcefully made bhabhi sit on the edge of the bed and removed my lungi off and then my underwear.

My huge monstrous cock stood out straight pointing at bhabhi. The first thing bhabhi said is “oh my god! I can’t do this deen please, it’s so big”. I said, “don’t worry! Nothing will happen, you will enjoy it“. Then what followed was the most surprising thing to me which i never expected to happen. My beautiful, sexy bhabhi closed her eyes and was saying “please please”. When i ran my hand through her hair and cupped the back of her head and pushed my huge cock against her lips, i heard bhabhi say, ”mmm... Mmm... Mmm.... No please mmmm..” And then with one firm push i could see her open her mouth and my huge tool enter her mouth. It was great and i let away a loud moan and kept my cock in her mouth. I could hear voices of mmmm....mmm... From her and her hands was on my hands trying to stop me from pushing her face more. It was wonderful to see her lovely lips warped against my monster cock. I wondered how such a huge thing went inside her mouth, she definitely had her mouth wide open and only the head of the cock and an inch more was in her mouth. Then i said, ”take more” and pushed more in, till half of my cock went inside. I felt the head of my cock push against the back of her throat. I stopped and put both my hand around her cheek and cupped her cheek in my hands. She was holding on to my hands, and then i pulled my cock out slowly.

Then i removed my cock from her mouth and said you are the most beautiful woman i have ever been with and then asked her to suck my balls and i guided her face to my huge balls. She took each of them in her mouth for about a minute and then i again put my cock near her mouth. This time without saying anything bhabhi opened her mouth without any resistance and took half of it in her mouth and held it like that and then pulled away and then in again. I closed my eyes and really enjoyed it. This went on for 5 minutes and then i said, “darling! Take the whole thing in”. This time bhabhi removed my cock and said, “no! I can’t. It’s too big”. I said, “just push it into your throat and breathe through your mouth”. Then bhabhi took my penis again in her mouth and this time i put my hands behind her head and pushed her slowly in. About half a little more went into her mouth and bhabhi started resisting. I said, ”shhhh... Don't worry! Breathe through your mouth and saying so i pushed more and more of my huge cock. It went inside and i could see bhabhi’s eyes closed until finally her nose touched my pubic hair. I held her there for some time and then pulled out. Bhabhi coughed and said, “please, leave me!” I simply pushed it in again and deep inside then pulled it out. I did this for 5 minutes and then i sat on the bed and told bhabhi to sit on the floor and take me. She immediately kneeled down on the floor and took my penis in her mouth half way and then i pushed her head. She took it fully in and this went on for 15 minutes. I could see bhabhi sweat and i too, i was moaning and moaning and telling bhabhi, “i love her and so on”. After that i ordered her, “come on sweetheart! Do it faster”. And my bhabhi immediately started taking my huge cock in and out of her mouth fast. When suddenly i pressed her face deep down, she was grunting like anything and let out a moan aaaah, aaaah!!!

I was cuming and my bhabhi was struggling to move away. I was shooting my load down her throat. She somehow managed to remove her mouth off my huge cock and just then i saw a huge glob of semen leave my penis and hit her face, lips and then her hair, chest. She reopened her mouth and i again pulled her towards me and this time she kept her mouth going up and down on my giant cock. I knew she loved it too. After this, i saw my cock shrink and she lied down. Bhabhi cleaned her face with her pallu and just then i pulled her toward me and said thank you and kissed her like anything. I put my hand around her bare waist and pushed it up towards her breasts and pressed it hard. Bhabhi let out a moan saying aaaah! Ouch! I took both my hands and pressed her as hard as i could. She was literally screaming saying ouch its paining no... Then we started kissing again and this time bhabhi wrapped her arms around my head, back and kissed back.

After this my penis got hard again and then i broke the kiss and looked into her eyes and said, “i want to fuck you now!!” Bhabhi tried to push me and said, “you said you would leave if i did what you want. Now, please go”. I said, “no way! From the first time i saw you i wanted to fuck you”. She said, “no no” and told, “your thing is very huge. I can never take it please”. Then i asked, “how long is your husband’s?”. She said, “not ever half of yours, please now leave me”. I said, “shut up! Anyway i'm going to fuck you better. So co-operate and enjoy rather than putting up a fight”. I saw tears in her eyes and she said please...... I just started kissing her madly. It was really an erotic moment to enjoy. I humped over my beautiful, very fair and sexy modest bhabhi with a monster cock. I just suck those lovely lips of hers. She started saying, “please i'm married...” I did not listen. I just kept kissing her and both my hands were around her bare waist, my thumb pushing into her navel and then cupping both her ass globes and squeezing them. She seemed to be very much enjoying because her hands were around my head though she seemed to be afraid.

Finally i broke off the kiss and slid the sari pallu. I have never seen bhabhi naked and it was very exciting to see her this way. I eagerly slid down her sari pallu and moved on to her waist and held the sari where she had tucked it in near her navel. She caught my hand and did not allow me to remove it. She held on strongly to her sari and pleaded with me saying, “please i can’t do this. I'm married and you are too big for me. I can’t please let me go now. I did all you wanted me to do. I'm a married woman”. But i just gave a final hard pull and her sari was loose. I kissed her and in the process i pulled off her sari fully and threw it away and it landed on the floor! Then we kissed madly and i pulled her on me and from behind pulled her petticoat and put my hands on her ass and pressed it and that was when i saw my beautiful bhabhi’s white milky thighs and ass. I felt i must have been really lucky. Bhabhi started resisting and pulling her petticoat down. But i got my grip in her panties and pulled it down and i saw her lovely ass which was milky white, round and plump. I then pressed her lovely bare ass and put one finger inside her asshole. She stopped resisting and was moaning like anything, aaaaaaaahhh aahhaaaahhhh. I pushed my finger in and out for 10 to 15 times and she just kissed me and was shaking. I thought she must have had an orgasm and i pulled away her panties and threw it beside her sari on the floor though she shouted no! Again i kissed her and said remove your blouse and saying so i laid her on the bed and got on top of her. I knew that she would not remove it. So i also started to open the same and then finally i saw my beautiful bhabhi open her blouse for me to enjoy. We were kissing while she removed her blouse and finally that too was thrown away near her sari. She was wearing a black bra. It looked so beautiful and then i put my hands behind her back and unstrapped her bra and pulled it away, which was the treat of my life to see her huge soft breasts in full view with huge pinkish brown areolas. It looked so beautiful. I was just looking at it and then i opened my mouth and lowered it on to her breasts and started sucking and biting on it while i pinched the other nipple. Bhabhi moaned aaaah ravi, raaavi, ooooh please... And then this went on for 15 minutes.

After which we kissed again, this time more passionately and bhabhi become mine. I sucked her again and went down and kissed her navel and her belly and kissed her between her legs on her pussy. She just put her head up on the pillow and bit her lower lip and moaned like anything. The sexiest cries from bhabhi really turned me on. I was eagerly waiting to see her pussy when i put my hand underneath her petticoat and pushed it up to her knees and she did not resist one bit, instead she was moaning. I kissed her knees, and then i pushed it higher up and was kissing and licking and biting her thighs, that are when bhabhi did the most beautiful thing. She herself pinched her nipples and pulled her petticoat higher up until i could see her beautiful bushy pussy. I came there itself. I immediately put my face on her pussy and she spread her legs and put it on my shoulders and caught my head and pushed it deeper into her and she started moving her head from side to side and moaning like anything and was repeating the words i love you! She was moaning like anything and pressing and pinching her breasts. This went on for 30 minutes. Already 2 hours had passed since this whole thing started. I was eagerly waiting to see the next part. Then finally bhabhi moaned, “enough ravi, ravi please... Enough, i love you”. Then i came up and i could see bhabhi’s beautiful pussy, it was reddish. But her hole seemed so small. Then i got up and kissed her a lot and told her to remove the petticoat. She said, “please don't hurt, be gentle”. I said, “don’t worry! It will pain a little, but it will be heaven after that”. I saw her hands move to the nada of her petticoat and she pulled it and the petticoat became loose. I removed it too and threw it on the floor. I could see the fear in her eyes. I heard her ask please wear a condom. I said, “come on! Don’t spoil the fun” and then i got up and sat and told her to suck my cock. She got up immediately and started sucking like a prostitute.

After 5 minutes i got her away and made her lie down. She was all afraid and there were tears in her eyes. She was scared and said, “please, i beg you if it pains me then please leave me alone” and i said, “don't worry!” Saying so i got on top of her with my monster cock hanging and then i put bhabhi legs on either side of my shoulders and kissed her. She kissed me back and then i positioned my monster cock on her tiny pussy and i saw tears in her eyes and she started crying. I pushed into her. What a beautiful site! I saw her tiny pussy open up to take me and it was really stretching, and bhabhi cried out “aaaaaaahhhh, deen noooooo! It is paining please stop”. She was literally screaming and crying. I felt pity for her but i could not do anything; besides it was a wonderful moment to see her open up. I pushed more and she was crying and pleading like anything. I was very slow and gentle. My huge paunch was coming in the way so i took it out. Bhabhi thanked me. I said, “we will try again. Don't worry! She said “no!”, but she pulled her to the edge of the bed and she kept her legs on the floor, perfect position. I again put her legs on my shoulders. She already started crying and this time i told her something rude and then finally i saw her take my cock in her hand and put it against her pussy and i immediately pushed forward and she cried aaaahhhh please! No ravi!! Pleaseee i’ll die. I said, “shut up u bitch! “. She cried and moaned. I said, “shut up u bitch or i’ll ram the whole thing in. U are my randi now!” She said, “no! Please slowly” and was crying like anything and moaning too, pinching her breasts and touching her pussy where i was entering. She put two fingers on either side of her pussy and was pulling it apart, trying to take me in. Then suddenly i pushed more in nearly half way when she really screamed. I said to shut up.

Bhabhi kept quite with tears flowing and she bit her under lip and down it was a beautiful sight to see her little pussy being invaded. It stretched out and was tightly holding against my huge thing. I again slowly started pushing it and she again said “no!” Then i pulled it out and wow, bhabhi’s pussy was open. I peeped inside a bit, but soon she put it back and went half way and then to my bhabhi’s surprise i gave a damn hard push and i saw my balls against her lovely pussy, and my bhabhi really screamed “aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh raviii! It is pushing against my womb”. I said not to worry and i started pulling my cock out slowly and pushing back in. Though bhabhi was still in pain, she kissed me a lot and wrapped her arms around me. Then i started doing it faster, and bhabhi was moaning aaaawww, aaaawww, aaaaah, aaaammmaaa... Oooohh, aaaaaiiii, aaaaahhh, rrrraaaaaajjjj, aaaahhhh, sloww, please, i love you aaahh, and then i started hammering her damn hard and her pussy lips was damn red, but my cock also was shiny. It was lubricated well and i started hammering her very hard. I pulled it all the way till only the head was in and then push the whole 8 inches inside. She was crying and moaning and kissing and what not, i was happy to see bhabhi enjoy and got the fucking of her life that no one else could give her. She was moaning and screaming, raaaaavi! Sloowww please noo, aaahh ooooh and kissing and kissing. I used to bite her nipples from time to time and when i was fucking her hard it was wonderful to see bhabhi breasts bounce up and down so violently, her pussy was making sounds with each of my thrust like puchh.. Puuh phhhch puchh.

And she was moving her head side to side and moaning by opening her mouth and biting her lips and kissing me and it was wonderful to see her pussy lips tightly clench my cock and milk it out, aaaahh ahhh ooohh went on for 25 minutes and bhabhi tightly clenched me and bit herself. She came many times. She said, “raviiiiii, please stop or i’ll surely die”. I just kept on mercilessly ramming in and out of her and then i said, “i'm going to come”. She wrapped her legs tightly around me and put her arms around me so tightly. Finally i grunted aaaahh, and bhabhi shouted aaaaaaaah aaaaahhhhh, aaaaaaahhhh mmmmm raviiiiiiii and gently my thrusts slowed down and i come deep inside my bhabhi and i kept coming for nearly 30 seconds, and bhabhi said, oh ravi there is so much, i'm full with your sperms, i can feel it, we kept kissing and kissing and then i saw my sperms leak from the sides of her pussy and then with a final kiss i got up and pulled out my cock, oh my god, my bhabhi’s pussy was stretched so wide and my semen just flowed out of her pussy and there was slight blood also with it, she was bleeding slightly because of my monster cock, bhabhi could hardly stand, when she stood she was going to fall, i caught her and my sperms mixed with slight blood flowed down her thighs, it was such a beautiful sight, i laid her on the bed and took her clothes and put it next to her, she slowly wiped her pussy with her petticoat while i put on my lungi, kissed her and thanked her, she kissed me back and i ran to my room, after sometime uncle came and opened the lock and saw me sleeping, she was wearing her bra and she took a nightie and wore it and put the saree and petticoat aside, she also took a pad and put it on her pussy and she went off to sleep.

Next morning i got up late. I went to bathroom and finished my daily routines. Then i remembered the incident that took place last night. I put a towel only around my waist and ran to bhabhi’s bedroom. She was not there and the child was fast asleep. Then i turned towards kitchen. Bhabhi was preparing breakfast. I went near her and got stunned. She was looking beautiful with a red sari and a red blouse. I could see the black bra through her blouse. I wished her good morning. But she remained silent. Though i got afraid, i boldly asked, “can’t u give a nice smile?”. She stared at me for some time and then giggled. My hard cock had already towered proudly into the air as i could hardly keep my eyes off her perfect breasts! I moved my hand to rub my hardening cock. She watched what i was doing and was smiling. I went close to her, stood behind her. I put my arm around her and draw her closer. Now i rubbed my 8” long, 2” with cock against her fetish ass. She immediately breathed long and said not seduce her. But i did not stop. I freed her hair removing the rubber band and started to lick her cheeks. I was gently caressing her arms and only slightly touching the sides of her breasts. I continued to softly kiss her cheeks, and moved my lips to her ear as i whispered how much i liked her and thought she was so beautiful. I began rubbing her neck and shoulders and she seemed to resist only for a moment.

Bhabhi was breathing deeply, and she looked at me intently without saying a word. I whispered, "bhabhi! I want to see your hips." "you have seen the rest of my body, then why not my hips?" she responded. I firmly squeezed her boobs that defied gravity. I pulled her pallu aside and unbuttoned her blouse and threw it away. I gently pressed her breasts and in no time i undid her bra completely. Now there were her magnificent breasts that i had only dreamed about, displayed to me in their full splendor. I pinched her nipples hard, which had hardened into sweet, honey-like nuts. She was moaning, and i could hear the tempo of her breathing. I started moving my mouth downward towards her ass via her back. I made circles on her back with my fingertips. Now i decided to open her petticoat. "no, you can't do this, ravi," she cried. "what about my husband?" she again tried to get up. “it is too late now, and we have gone too far for us to stop. Let us just enjoy it. To stop now would not be easy," i replied. I knelt down there. My hands trembled slightly as my finger came into contact with the string of her petticoat and i pulled the string, and opened her petticoat. She raised her hips and i took off her petticoat with one swift movement. It was strange that she hadn't worn any panties. I spread her legs. What an awesome sight! Her round buttocks were only a few inches from my face! I couldn't wait to taste it. I planted kisses on her ass cheeks. She started to squirm and moan. I blew lightly over her asshole. I put my index finger into her asshole, fucked it. While i was licking her ass, i car cased her milky thighs.

I asked her to bend 90 degree. I pulled her petticoat up exposing her sweet ass, and there was her butt. It wasn't as thin as the rest of her, but it wasn't 'bubble' either. It was fleshy. It was somewhere in between the two. She sighed in contentment as i begin to caress her hips. I gently parted bhabhi's precious ass cheeks. Cupping them softly, i ran my fingers between them and played in the moisture there. “do you think my hips are beautiful?" she asked. “that is not the proper word. Your hips are the prettiest” more than thousands of women. “what does it feel like from the back side?" "amazing" bhabhi bit her lip and thought it over. "okay, i’ll try it for you." i went into the bathroom, and looked all through the medicine cabinet. I found baby oil. I went back to the kitchen, where i found her on all fours, anticipating my arrival. My cock felt as if it were going to burst through at any minute! I was extremely excited watching her arch her back and attempted to raise her ass more to receive me more deeply and fully. I lubricated my cock well with the baby oil. Then i spread some oil all over her asshole and into the crack of her ass. I started to work my finger in until it was almost entirely inside. Then i began to ease my dick in. She clenched her teeth. As i started to push, she turned her head and gave me an exasperated look. The kind that was hard to tell if she was enjoying it, or wishing i would stop.

"how is it?" i asked.

"it hurts," she replied.

"just relax, honey. Oh, bhabhi, i love you so much. I love you. Please just relax your sphincter muscles and it will be easier."

My soothing words helped, as i eased my cock head in.

"how is it now?" i asked again.

"it still hurts a little."

I started to pull back, "no, but in a good way. Keep going."

I managed to get the head of my cock all the way in, and i watched as her sphincter tightened around my cock. I continued pushing until the remainder of my cock was all the way into her. "that's it, how does it feel now, does it hurt, bhabhi?" when it could go no farther, i stopped for a moment.

"a little. Just wait a minute."

The pain eased and she nodded. "okay, fuck now."

I began pumping my hips into her. I could feel the burning heat of her ass. I pulled out of her almost completely and then rammed myself back in. She grunted at the force i was using, but i didn't care, this felt good. I loved the thought of fucking my dream woman's ass. She was willing to let me experiment. "oh, yes, bhabhi! Oh, i'm fucking you in the ass, the ass of my dreams!"

"fuck my ass, if it makes you happy. I am eager to see you happy!"

I continued thrusting my hard cock into the tight little ass of bhabhi. "how does it feel?"

"ohhhhh! It's so tight and hot, bhabhi! Squeeze bhabhi! Squeeze it for me!" she tightened her ass muscles for me. "ohh! Bhabhi i'm going to cum in your ass! I'm going to blow my nut in your hot little ass!" "i'm also coming! Fuck me!" i could feel her asshole grip my cock spasmodically as i emptied my balls into her ass. There was spurt after spurt as i pulsed and pulsed into that hot clinging hole. It was amazing.

"i love you, bhabhi!" i yelled, shooting my cum deep into her asshole.

She also came with a loud scream and collapsed forward, onto the floor, and me and i collapsed right on top of her. Now i asked her opinion about me. She grinned and replied, “u r a naughty boy. U won me. I never enjoyed sex with your brother as i had today. U r my boyfriend and husband now. Your wife would be very happy. Now i realized that her anger has vanished. She loved me. Her anger for me turned into love. I slapped her ass. She turned back and i kissed her passionately remaining on top her while my hands were busy squeezing her boobs and pinching her nipples. I told her that now she was mine. She is my wife. I would like to fuck her all possible ways anywhere, anytime. She nodded with a naughty smile. We really enjoyed and remained calm for half an hour. Then we got up and dressed us. She thereafter served me breakfast. Thereafter, when i got time i used drag her to my lap and fondle her, fuck her hard orally, anally. I fucked her in garden, drawing room, bathroom, even in open terrace. I used to remain naked in front of her in home. I never allowed her to wear sari when i was in room for the two months. Once i was fucking the bitch in drawing room and the phone bell rang. It was his hubby from usa. She talked normally to him. Meanwhile, i was giving slow thrust deep into her vagina. He asked about me, but she told him that i had gone outside. I complimented her and felt proud that i was raping her when her hubby is online.

Two months passed smoothly. My cousin reached bangalore. He looked at her beauty but could not doubt. I thought that it would be amazing if i fuck her in her hubby’s presence and i narrated the same to bhabhi that it would be the splendid gift to me if she allowed me to fuck her in her hubby’s presence. I insisted her she has to agree if she loved me. To my utter surprise, she boldly replied “yes”. Now i fucked her in the morning either in kitchen, bathroom, and drawing room when my bro is asleep, in the afternoon while he is in office and humped over her at night when my bro went into bathroom to have a bath. This fucking session continued for over 6-7 months. I fucked her each time a new way. One day she told me that she has good news for me. I asked, “what is it?”. She became shy and answered that she was pregnant and it was due to my vigorous fucking. I was afraid. She told me not to worry as her hubby admitted that he was the father of the would be child. So any married women searching for a guy to fuck them hard and satisfy, do mail to me at

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