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Experience with hot lady in hyderabad

First off all i should thank all the iss readers for giving a good response for my stories, which was not a fantasy or am i a script writer, these two were of my real experience, which was described by the permission of both the ladies in my story. It was so surprising to get lot of emails from all over india, especially from females. It was nice reading some suggestions and as well as praises. Infact to be honest, i did not realize, that there were lot of females in bangalore writing to me very often, which to be honest, i was looking for only females from hyderabad for easy communication and attending to there needs as well as mine.wanna meet me can mail me at my yahoo id, sorry dis is my story if any mistake pl z forgive me ok.....
I used to reply to all the emails, and particularly kept a tab on the emails from hyderabad females and we used to discuss various issues, off course sex were the main criteria there and had visited to few matured ladies homes and the most thrilling experience, which i had was from one of the lady called ms. Roopa and this is the real experience, which i am narrating below, guess you people will enjoy this experience.

Ms. Roopa is a married woman, aged 38 yrs and she leaves with 6 years son and ms. Roopa husband is working in dubai and he comes to hyderabad every six months once and stays for a fortnight. She had a dusky complexion with attractive face & has a good well maintained figure of 36-32-38. We were communicating through emails for few months, with out seeing each other (to make our self more comfortable and understand each other) just like our desires, hobbies etc. Etc. We became close to each other and then the time came to exchange our photos. Ms. Roopa sent her photo and then simultaneously i sent her mine and we were both happy, that we choose the right persons. For me, she was very attractive.

When we were getting closer, a sudden shock came to me that her husband is coming over to bangalore for holidays. It was very sad for me, because we cannot communicate each other for another fifteen days. Some how i kept busy with my office work and after fifteen days i received her email and she had written her husband has gone back to dubai. That was a great relief for me and once again we started our daily routine to write emails. Then i introduced her to yahoo chat, which was more of a easy way to communicate and we started chatting for hours together.

As days passed, i made up my mind to ask her to meet personally and asked her, can we meet up for a cup of coffee, she said ok, but she is ready to meet me only during weekdays, as her son goes to school from 08:30 – 04:30, in between she can come. I asked her on friday and we fixed the day to meet on wednesday and there were four days to wait. Some how i waited for the day to come and it was wednesday and we are supposed to meet at 10:30 at a designated place, where i will pick her up in my car and take her to one of the coffee day which is far from her place and my work place. I was on time waiting for her and waited for 10 mins, there was no sign of her. Killing 10 mins, when you are waiting for some one who is close to you, is very hard and i guess some people will agree for this. Then suddenly my cell rings and it was her and she said she is in a auto and will be there in another 5 mins.

I waited for another 5 mins and then she arrives. When she got sown from the auto, i was very amazed to see her and she looked more beautiful then in the photo. I walked out of the car and greeted her and opened the front passenger door to her and then came back to my driving seat. We both were nervous first and we did not know what to talk on any topic. I broke the ice and said to her, you look more gorgeous than the photo, she said thanks. That was once again a great relief. I can see her sweating (guess from her nervousness), though my air conditioner was on. I guess it happens to most of us, when we meet people knowing each other and seeing for the first time.

We went to coffee day and she ordered for 2 coffees and i could not take my eyes out of her. She saw me staring at her and bent her head down. Once again i started into the conversation to make her feel free and comfortable by asking her some stupid questions. Now i can feel her more comfortable and we started in discussion and took us 1 hour to finish the coffee. She looked her watch and sent me a signal, it’s time to go home. So once again i dropped back at the same designated place, where i had picked her up and said bye to her.

Later on we used to chat regularly and from the day we meet, we started to chat bit about sex and latter on she confessed, that she had no sex life, as her husband is not next to her every night and she hugs a pillow and some times masturbates herself. This went on for few more weeks chatting about sex and listening to all her stories, i got motivated and decided to ask, if she needs or interested in sex with me. Fraction of a second i got the best reply from her yes, i was like in the heaven flying high. I said to her that it would be on one condition, that it will be only sex but not in any relationship or into love. For that she had the same thinking. So, i asked her when’s the day would be, she told me very soon. After a week’s time in the morning around 09:00 i got a call from her, as i was already in my office and she said, if i could come to her home at 10:00 this morning and stay with her until 03:00 in the afternoon. I readily agreed for her invitation (tell me who wouldn’t agree for that). Now i got to lie to my higher ups, that one of my relative is very serious and has to rush to the hospital and got a sanction from him and rushed out of the office and headed straight to a pharmacy shop to buy condoms.

Then i had to drive to her place for atleast 40 mins, which was bit far from my working place. I was 5 mins early in front of her place and it was an independent house, with few houses here and there. I guess this was a common in bangalore, once you go to the other end of bangalore, which is a developing suburb. I took out the piece of paper, to find out, it was the right street number and i was exactly standing in front of her house. I locked my car and just look around once, to find out if there are people around and found it was calm and no one around. I guess, how she is staying in a deserted place like this. I went to the door and knocked once and in few seconds she opened the door and invited me inside with a smile. This time she was comfortable and she was wearing sky blue sari with matching blouse, as soon i entered i hugged her like normally we do with our guest and handed her a bunch of roses. She said thanks and took me to the living room and asked me to sit on sofa and i made myself comfortable. She served me with cool drinks.

I decided not to hurry for as not to scare her, as it was her first time with other men, besides her husband. She brought her cool drinks and sat opposite to me and i could see her cheeks were shining as she was blushing like a rose. I felt like kissing her that moment, but had to control my emotions. We chatted along with drinking for some time. She was getting more comfortable all the way; she even prepared some snacks in the kitchen that we enjoyed with our cool drinks. I took courage and stood up and sat next to her with my body touching hers from the side. She laid her head on my shoulders and closed her eyes. I just dropped my free hand on her cheeks and started feeling her smooth cheeks and moved my fingers near her rosy lips, she suddenly opened her mouth and bit my finger, though it did not hurt me, i smiled back to her and lift her face and taught it was time to taste her to each and every limit. She hugged me very tight and whispered in my ears to go to her bedroom. We both in hands on each other shoulders, we made our way to her bedroom. We sat on her bed and infact i did not like to waste a single second, so i took her face in both my hands and started to kiss from her beautiful closed eyes. This was all happening in such a speed; i guess she was prepared for it.

I planted one small kiss on each of her eyelids. Then kissed her beautiful nose tip. I was holding myself not to hurry and enjoy each and every moment. Then kissed her cheeks, oh, it was wonderful and now was the turn of her rose petal lips. My heart was pounding at great speed while i took her lower lip in my both lips and wiped my tongue on her lip. I was not new to sex, it had been like a cup of tea for me but still roopa was sending in shocks through my spine. I could not hold on any longer and locked my mouth with her's. I tried to taste her tongue and was greeted readily by her's as she tried to suck my tongue. The taste was really wonderful, at that moment i felt that i want roopa to be mine forever. We carried on our passionate kiss for few more minutes, and then i moved to her cute tits. I tried to feel her tiny cute boobs from above her blouse. On feeling my grip on her tits, she gave out a soft moan. I got pretty excited from the looks on her face. I dropped down her sari pallu and planted a kiss on her fair cute tummy. She was in sky blue blouse, and started to unhook it and she co-operated to unhook the blouse. As soon as i unhooked the blouse, i could see her small cute tits trying to look beyond the beautiful black bra of hers. I could not hold on longer to let myself deprived of the taste of her naked cute boobs.

I inserted both my hands from her back and tried to look for her bra hook. She lifted her body in order to make the things easier for me. Within a second i freed up her cute tits from her netted bra. Oh, the scene was driving me crazy, like i had never seen before. Her small tits were very fair with a pink accent. Her beautiful nipples were fully erect to the excitement. I caressed one of her nipples with my lips and tried to make it grow more into my mouth by stimulating it with my tongue. Meanwhile, i laid my other free hand on her other nipple, trying to feel its growing dimensions. At this, roopa started moaning in pleasure. I kept tickling her senses for some time and then tried to suck her boobs one by one by trying to take all of the tasty stuff into my mouth. I played my mouth on her tits until they turned red in heat and excitement. At this stage roopa was trying to sneak her hands inside her sari in order to reach her cunt, this indicated to me that, now is the time to give my cute roopa more. I interrupted her attempt and opened the folds of her sari and the sari dropped down in no time and she was not wearing anything except her black panty. I think she was prepared for the excitement today. She again tried to reach her hand to her cunt, but again i interrupted and offered my services to satisfy her hot desires. I pulled down her panty to find a hairless cleaned beautiful golden gate. She was really prepared herself well for the event. I could feel the wetness of her pussy lips with my hand rubbing smoothly on her pink tight cunt. My touch on her cunt sent a shiver through her and she gave out a soft moan. Ahhh.

I knew, this all was going to be really great. I laid her on the bed & now her lovely cute naked body was in front of me in its full glory. She was watching my eyes scanning her beautiful body. She gave a smile, got up and reached to unbutton of my shirt, which i helpfully let her do, and later on she had her hands on my flier of my jeans and in one go she unzipped and later on unhooking my jeans. I could hear her breath getting heavier and heavier as she pulled my jeans down. I helped her by taking off my shoes and socks to provide a way for her to pull off my jeans completely. She got a little brave at this and pulled down my undies at once freeing up my hot erect rod. She looked into my eyes and smiled back at me. We both were naked now. I took her one hand and place on my hot erect rod. I felt an electric shock at that stage, she brought her other hand and placed on my dick, her small cute hands, which felt so smooth and later on she planted a kiss on the bulging tip of my dick. The feeling of her lips touching my organ sent out a shivering wave in my body. With my dick in her beautiful soft hands, she asked me to lie down on the bed, which i was more than obedient to do. She knelt down between both my legs and took the bulging tip of my dick in her mouth. She licked my dick for sometime until it was hard and erect to its maximum. I liked the job done by her lips, so pulled her towards me in order to reward her beautiful lips by locking them with mine and let her taste my tongue. We both were now hot and excited to the limit. I made roopa lie on the bed facing the ceiling widened her legs to knelt there.

I bent over her cunt in order to do what i like the most in sex. I touched her beautiful wet cunt with my tongue and she gave out a soft moan like ahhhh ohhhh. I grasped her clit between my lips and pulled my lips to let it slide over her clit. At this, she shivered and gave out a soft cry again. Repeated the same sequence for some time until she was moaning loudly which was exciting me to hell. Then i pushed the tip of my tongue into her tight cunt and grasped the swollen lips of her pussy with my lips. I started sucking madly and along with continued to swirl my tongue. This made her go crazy and she was screaming in joy. She was pinching her nipples with her one hand and her other hand was on the back of my head with her cute little fingers combing through my hair. I continued this for few minutes, and she gave out a loud cry in pleasure along with flooding my mouth with her sweet juices. She was shaking in pleasure and screaming loudly. I continued sucking with both of my hands on her hips holding them tightly so as to feel the vibrations of her body. I sucked her for few more moments until her orgasm calmed down. Looked at her face, her small eyes were closed and there was a beautiful smile on her face. She was still enjoying her first orgasm. She was looking so beautiful, sexy and appealing at that time.

I got over her and hugged her tightly and sucked her lips. She responded so as to reward me for the good work. I got in the field again and asked her to bend her legs on knees, and lift her hips. I pushed a pillow under her buttocks so as to lift her cunt to the height of my dick while i knelt. I rubbed the bulging tip of my dick over her wet tight cunt. I let the tip of my dick fondle with her excited clit. I kept rubbing my dick on her cunt for sometime so as to wet it with her sweet juices thoroughly. She liked it and motivated me by her soft moaning. I got excited at her moans and tried to push my dick inside her cunt, but in vain the tip of my dick tried to find a little space for itself to adjust in but this made roopa cry in pain and she tried to resist the insertion. I gave up this attempt and tried to finger fuck her little tight cunt for a while. I started with my index finger with its tip rubbing on her clit and then pushed my finger a little inside her clit while she was moaning in pleasure. I tried to push my finger inside her further and kept rubbing her clit with my other hand. On further insertion, i felt signs of little pain on her face, but she did not stop me. Now started a little to and fro movement of my finger inside her pussy and started licking and sucking her clit with my tongue. I pushed in my middle finger also along with to accompany my index finger to the same depth. Not wasting much time, she started shaking again in pleasure. She was about to cum again. The moment she screamed as her orgasm was on peak, i pushed my two fingers as deep as i could into her cunt. She was screaming loudly and i could clearly see her juices flowing out of her pussy again. I did not want this to end here, so the next moment i pressed my dick on her cunt and pushed it inside with a thrust.

Now she was screaming badly in less pleasure and more pain. This is bcoz she hadn’t had sex for a long time or my head of the dick must be larger than her husband and she almost started crying, as i could clearly see tears flowing out of her eyes. Her face had turned red, but i did not stop and continued fucking her. Now my dick could go touch her ultimate depth on each thrust. Just in few moments, my excitement was on peak and i started cumming in her tight cunt. I dropped over her in order to enjoy the each gush of semen that i passed into this beautiful & gorgeous roopa. I locked my lips with her and kept sucking her madly until my excitement calmed down. I kissed her rosy lips and she kissed me back. We got up from the bed and she led me to bathroom to wash. (well i did not mention above, before sex, i used condom to be on safer side for both of us).

Came back from the bathroom and in to the room naked. She asked me if i need cool orange juice to drink to keep the tired away. I guessed she had prepared that before i came to her home. I nodded my head and she went to kitchen and brought 2 glasses of orange drinks. As soon as she came near me, i pulled her and made her sit on my lap while we drank. Her sexy ass pressing on my limp dick made it rise again to its full glory. She was enjoying the bulge of my dick against her ass cheeks. While we were drinking, we kept kissing each other on lips, neck. I licked her ear lobes and she was turning hot again. I asked her to take a mouthful of drink and kissed her sipping drops through her lips. We kept this foreplay go on for some time. As both of us were excited again to the limit, so as soon as we finished the drink we started it again. This time, i wanted to try a new position. I lay down on bed and made her stand on the bed with her legs wide open besides my legs. I asked her to sit slowly and carefully made her cunt rest on my dick. She embraced me with her legs resting on my hips and her arms around my neck with her lips locked with mine. In the same position i inserted my dick into her vagina, which was still very tight but wet, which helped her cunt to slide over my dick and her weight helped her depth to cover all of my dick's length. She felt a little pain again at this, and broke out the lip contact to give out a cry, but she was enjoying it now. My dick was fully inserted into her cunt, her small tits were rubbing with my chest and her lips were locked with mine. She started shaking her body up and down to make her cunt walls rub on my dick and her tits surf on my chest. It wasn't much difficult for me to hold her on as she was not much heavy in weight in the same position.

I fucked her in the same position for some time and she was in her full heat and jumping like a mad on my dick. She was screaming in excitement. She screamed like this, which made me feel as if she is crying but she was not, her sexy moans were driving me crazy and i was enjoying her cunt walls rubbing on my dick. Soon, she had her third orgasm, and was shaking in my lap. She closed her eyes in pleasure. I hugged her tightly so as to feel the vibrations of her body. While she was enjoying her orgasm. I laid her on the bed and fucked her. Now, she was having a very good time, as she was smiling and laughing while looking into my eyes. I was kissing her lips and tits again and again while i continued my fucking. After sometime, i felt reaching the climax. I asked her to get over me without taking out my dick from her enclosure. Now i was lying on bed and she was jumping on my dick again. Soon i reached the limit and my dick started rewarding her soft, tight cunt for the second time. She continued and did not stop even my dick calmed down. After some time we reached normalcy. She collapsed on my body and her hands embracing me kissing me on my fore head. Both of us were very tired and exhausted, hugged each other and remained like that for long time.

After that moment we talked for sometime still naked. We lie on bed for 15 mins. Talking to each other and than decided too go for a bath. We bathed and had one more oral session and came out. We both got dressed and she said she had prepared lunch, so we went to the dinning table, had our lunch and i looked up at the watch it was already 02 in the afternoon. Helped her to keep the utensil back into the kitchen and we came back to the living room and sat next to each other. She kept her head on my shoulders and said she had a great time and would like to have few more times. I just nodded my head and off course we had few more great times, during the weekdays.

And the saddest part is all coming to an end, as the clock was ticking towards 3 and it was reminding me it’s time to go back to the office and her kid will be back from school soon. We hugged each other and promised her; what ever happened will be in between us in secrecy and vow not give her number or email id to any one ( yes i kept up my promise and keep it for ever). She came near to the door and once again we kissed and i departed from there with lot of sweet memories. I had been to her place few times and had a great time, which i still never forget. After a year, her husband moved back to hyderabad and they shifted there place and we have not been in touch since one year. I guess all the sweet memories stay with us for a long time.

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