Sunday, February 15, 2009

Chennai body builder call boy

Hi I am a call boy from Chennai wanting to share you my story. Many thank’s to ISS. People all over can convey their experience and get to know others decided to convey my sexual experience through the stories. Let’s get to my experience then. It all started as the pure interest towards sex and married women that i entered this profession of a call boy. A friend of mine who was very handsome and knew his way with women led me to this, in pursuit of both money and good fun. He used to have contacts with many clients of his who used to refer new people to him who wanted to have safe sex on privacy. He used to tell me his encounters and how he fucked those women and i used to get real horny. It was evident to him as well so six months ago he redirected a new client of his to me. He gave me her number and asked that i call and get cosy with her. Her name was shova (name changed). She was a married lady of 28 years who was not satisfied from her husband and her husband used to go on business trips to various different countries. Even when he was with her, she found him to come very fast and he had very little desire compared to her and she was unsatisfied.

I also introduced myself as a bachelor 28 year old and she was of course interested in me but was very apprehensive like what kind of guy i was, whether i could blackmail her or things like whether i had hiv or things of that sort. I tried to convince her that there’s nothing of that sort and i was also in need of good experience and fulfilment of mutual sexual desires.then one day we fixed a meet in a restaurant. I was kind of apprehensive to see her in person as she sounded very sexy in the phone calls and guess it was the same for her. I went 15 minutes earlier and sat at a table. There were not much people and i looked here and there but only some couples were there and nobody seemed like her…after some wait, a lady wearing tight jeans and black tee with sunglasses on entered the restaurant. Now, my heart was beating faster, i was hoping it was her. She had wide hips as she had described (which i love) and i guess had a figure of 34-28-36 and she seemed rather like an unmarried lady. She also looked here and there and seeing me (i was the only guy sitting alone), she asked “raj?” And i said “yeah!” We were both excited to meet each other and went chatting like long lost friends. We had not much to eat as our thoughts were not on food. She had told me that she was alone that day at home as her husband was away and the plan was that we would meet and go to her place.

I said “shall we proceed?” And paid the bill and we left the place. As we had some quiet steps in the corridor, she whispered in my ears “i have also sent the servant on leave.” I already was having a hard on with her smell and meeting her and this made me even more harder.her home was about 25 minutes away from the restaurant but it seemed a long while ago. While in the taxi, we held hands like lovers and i caressed her thighs which she responded with a beautiful smile. She all the while stayed close to me and the taxi driver might have thought we were a pair only. When we reached her place, she entered first and then i entered behind her. I shut the door horridly behind me and grabbed her from behind. Without second thoughts, i just wrapped my arms around her and held her tight and we started kissing each other like long lost lovers. I cupped her breasts and unhooked her bra from behind all the while kissing her, licking her face and caressing her butts from behind. She also seemed to be on the wilder side and was kissing my neck and my chest exposed from the open shirt. Her being so close was about to make me explode. I quickly undressed her upper body and she was in her jeans. Her breasts sprang into action. They were bigger than they appeared from outside and seemed like that of a virgin. She gave a sexy smile and knowing that i like blowjobs she knelt down and unbuttoned my jeans and took my hot rod into her mouth..slowly licking the head at first and then taking as much length as she could inside..the sight of her being semi naked and all the foreplay was building up inside me..she circled my balls and caressed my thighs and kept on sucking my hard on…it was too much for me and i exploded into her mouth…was such a pleasant experience even now i am having a hard on writing this. She ate all the cum and licked my member clean. Now it was my turn to undress her totally naked and she also took off what remaining clothes i had on. She looked so sexy and her ass was so inviting. I guided her to the sofa and made her lie there and now her inviting pussy was all was already wet with all the activities and i licked the sweet smelling juices and her clean shaved pussy and bite her clit all the while making circles in her nipples and kneading her breasts with my hands. She was oozing a lot of cum and shivering letting me know that she was enjoying it as much as i enjoyed her blow job. After a while she just shouted “raj, plz come inside me now.”

I just put on a condom from my purse and guided my cock inside was tighter than i had thought so had to start the motion in a slow way but with all the juices wasn’t much difficult. It seemed she was so sexually hungry that i could see the satisfaction in her semi-shut eyes and satisfied face and her moans were driving me crazy..the missionary was just the starting position. I had just seen a standing pose in a magazine the day earlier so after a while i tried the same on her..which both of us loved..then before i came once more, i wanted to bang her from behind so i made her face the opposite side and entered from behind in the doggie style..i placed both my hands in her ass and those were like soft cushions massaging and giving pleasure to my cock engulfed in her pussy with all the juices she was oozing. I could stand no longer and came in jerks inside her..i again massaged her clit and made sure she was totally satisfied. She sure was..she gave me juice and we had two more rounds that day. Anytime she is free, she calls me and we have now become like sex friends..she says she loves my fucking so much but doesn’t want my interference in her private life and i demand the same which we both respect too..but all this is due to iss and i thank this site once again.any ladies like shova interested in having a secret relationship in chennai & south india, please do write to me

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