Sunday, February 15, 2009

My first experience

I was in my first year PU when I saw her. She was my classmate. She was about 5’6 feet tall, fair in complexion and had a very innocent cute face. Initially, we were just friends, exchanging smile and words when we pass by. It was during our October holidays, we got bit closer by very frequent messaging and late night phone chats. I came to know that she was living with her parents and both of her parents were professionals who will be away from home till late evenings during which used to be alone. Gradually, we became familiar personally and use to share all secrets. Knowingly or unknowingly we were crossing the boundary of friendship and were getting very personal in our relationship. It was the day when I proposed her I realized that I am in love with her. Later, down the lane, we started going for long rides, late night walks, sitting in parks till evening, drenching in rain, use to watch movies in her house. Like this our love life was going romantically without any intention in my mind until a day. Then I watched a blue film with my friends. After watching the movie, many feelings arose. Now my behavior with her started changing and gradually I made her know my intentions. One fine day while we were watching a romantic movie, I gave her proposal for a kiss. She was very shy and rejected for my proposal initially. But, as I was so hot and was in no mood to give up I made up my mind to seduce her. So, in the beginning I accepted her rejection and asked her whether I can kiss her on her hands. She felt shy, scared but blushed with a small smile taking it for granted as a green signal, I held her and kissed her on her hands. I was my first kiss for my first love. But, I was so hot that I could not get convinced. Slowly and gradually started giving kisses on her arms which made her to close her eyes because of shyness but my mind was all about romance. Since there was no objection from her side, I took granted that she is ready for the kiss. I held her cheeks with my palms, turned her face towards me. She had closed her eyes and was very nervous. She was sweating, her breathing was little heavy. I could feel the warmth of her breath hitting my face. I moved my lips closer to hers. I was just few millimeters away from her rosy lips. I was so excited and a mixture of fear and happiness went through my mind and heart. I placed my lips on hers. Wow 10000 mega watts passed through my spine.

I felt that I was in heaven. It was an awesome feeling which can¡¦t be expressed. Her lips were so soft and tender. With my touch, she shivered and moved back. But, her eyes spoke and conveyed the message that she liked it. Then, she hugged me and said I love you. I took her head again in my palms. This time I kissed her boldly. This time she too was hot. She rested her hands on my shoulders. She started responding to my kiss. I was totally lost in the romantic mood and slowly started French kissing. I placed my both hands on her hips and slowly moved her closer to me. By now, she was on me. Her arms were on my shoulders; her soft 32 size breast was resting on my chest. We were lost in kissing. I slowly started putting my tongue inside her mouth. Initially, she resisted. I held my hands just above the neck such that my thumbs rested behind her ears. I started rubbing her inner ears with my thumbs which made her get tickling sensation which in turn created a tempting sensation in her. She was hot by now and opened her mouth and invited my tongue. I explored her mouth with my tongue. The mix of saliva, the French kiss, the romantic situation entirely made me go wild and crazy. I started kissing all over her face, neck, shoulders and every inch of her neck regions. She started kissing me all over my face and neck. A clock tick distracted us. It was the time for their parents to be expected at any time, we had to wind up unwillingly we soon came back to senses and altered our clothes, hair and I gave her a final kiss on her lips and left her house.

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