Sunday, February 15, 2009

Steaming desires

This is ks back with one of my recent incidents. A very warm welcome to all of you reading my story. It’s been some time since i came up with any of my incidents or encounters in the recent past. Most of you have read my story “sex with stranger” in the past which i have posted some 6 months back and received an over whelming response by many of readers here. After that, i have been sent to europe (germany) by my company. This incident happened there itself after 1 month since i landed there.

Without going into any details how i look now or about my body just like to say that i generally get a second look by most of the charms while i walk through or in my office, the teasing which i always love.
For the past 1 year i was working in a project for my company under my manager elena. She is the onsite manager in our german office. As i have always been dedicated to my work and holds loyalty for my work, soon i got an invitation from onsite manager elena that being impressed from my work, i have been recommended to come to german office and demonstrate my capabilities there. In the mean time while working for so long together, we have developed a friendly relationship with each other.

When i reached there to my surprise elena was there at the airport to receive me. I was astonished to see such a beauty. She greeted me and gave me a small hug. Fascinated by her beauty her sweet voice added spices to her stunning beauty. We left for our office from there. My living arrangements were done in her apartment only on 1st floor, as ground floor was occupied by her. Elena was in her early 30’s and single as she was still looking for someone who matches her choices.

Some days passed, and we were totally indulged in our work, concentrating to finish it as soon as possible so that we can go ahead with our christmas holidays. After, returning from office, we both generally have some wine or coffee sometimes before dinner. Finally the work was completed and we got a off from christmas till new year. Till then we both have explored a lot about each other and felt that we have been knowing each other from years.

For christmas she suggested that we may head to walldorf which is an amazing city in germany. We finally left and have already made all the arrangement. Till then being so frank we have kissed sometimes each other but not with the lust. But, till then it was really becoming hard for both of us to keep our burning desires inside.

One evening we planned to visit a happening disco in the city as we were feeling a little bored in hotel room. When she came out i was stunned with the beauty, she was in black halter top and skirt revealing her curves at the right places. She greeted me and praised my dressing sense nd so did i. We placed a light kiss on each other cheeks.

As we moved into the disco, the environment was simply mesmarasing. Couples dancing with their bodies so close that even the air could not pass. We joined the stage and started with the music, she whispered in my ear “you are a very good dancer, nd i am not able to match ur steps, i am running breath free”. I realized her situation and we stopped and took a coupe sofa near by nd she ordered for some white rum for her and i ordered some whisky. We started talking much about our lives and slowly the topic drifted towards girls boys sex. We till then have taken 4-5 pags when she asked me to join the floor again. This time music was vry slow and she placed her hand on my shoulder strongly and i held her waist. With one hand on my chest, along with the warmth of her love balls, with her hot breath on my neck and ear lobes she was driving me crazy. I held her tight and she also tried to melt in me. Suddenly for announcing new year the lights were closed but still we can feel each other, and driving through this immense waves of pleasure our lips met each other, this time with lot of passion, lust and love. I held her more tightly with her breasts in my chest.

With my hands steady on her hips i whispered in her ears "you're so beautiful". With my words so genuine they made her flush with pleasure, and she showed me her gratitude, moving her hips much more closer to my penis. She was not that in in sex but she admitted that she was horny and wanted me. I was amazed and lost control of myself. I kissed her lips and started to relate how badly i also wanted her.

We left from the disco and while moving towards our apartment we collected some more wine. When we reached there she poured drinks in two glasses for both of us and played some sweet light music and asked me if i would like to have a “dance of a lifetime”. We took each other in our arms with our bosy hugged deep into each other, slowly our lips met and i started sucking her upper lip followed by her lower lip after that, she was greatly aroused with all these happening and moved her fingers in my hairs and kept her trembling juicy lips on ravaging hot lips of mine. With this for the first time my hand started exploring her laviscious body . My hand moved down and i slowly started flowing my hands on her thighs.

I was now massaging her fully exposed thighs up along my hips and back my thumbs brushing past her wet see thru white panties, she sighed with every stroke and i worked in silence my thumb getting tantalisingly closer and closer to her very damp pussy enclosed in white panties. The anticipation of each stroke increased her arousal and she sighed as i brushed the sides of her pussy with each stroke. Finally my thumbs pressed along her pussy as i stroked upwards and she could not help letting out and deep sigh and looked down at me with lidded eyes soft with pleasure and arousal. I now pressed my thumbs along her pussy no longer moving down my movements all concentrated on her swollen slit. Then i grabbed her panties from the top and pulled them down. Now so aroused she lifted her thighs top assist as i pulled them off along her legs, discarding them on the floor. She layed her legs open as i pondered momentarily her wet open pussy exposed to my gaze. I began to flick and massage her clit and pussy slipping fingers into her making her sigh and push onto my hand. She was now spread, fully exposed for me to enjoy as i fingered and played bringing her close then moving off until she begged me to pleasure her.

"go on," she encouraged, rocking her hips back slightly, feeling my finger jerk. "

"i want to... Oh god." she gasped again when one of her hands snuck behind her back, pressing my head on her beautiful breasts, which were turned pink with brown nipples turned hard and standing proudly. "oh my god, that's good. I want u to fuck me, i want u to be inside me." "mmm." i rubbed her a little faster, my expert thumb caressing the sensitive clit. "good. More."

"i have to." her hips pressed upward, and she was delighted with my strength, how in-check it was in the moment, its potential for unleashing. "oh please, i want you, i want to fuck me, take me..." she let out a loud growl when she finally burst into an orgasm which she described as one of her best later.

Well i think the story is getting bigger, so rest of the incident will be posting in another 1-2 days, what happened after that. How did the whole thing wrapped out and what else was for me for the rest of the night. I hope you have enjoyed reading. Please write out ur comments to me on

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