Sunday, February 15, 2009

The fantasy fullfiled

Hey guys! This z ma first story.hope u wld like it. Well to strt wid m a college guy havin al doz desires which a guy in college have. M a good lookin guy as ma colleagues say.

Now movin to the story dis happnd wen i ws in 1st year of ma college wen dis incident occured. I met a gal named tanya(name changed) in our fest. She ws really beautiful n i fell for her da vry 1st tym i saw her. Her figure ws da best part (36,30.34) ma frnd introduced her to me. Oh i forgot to tel u dat she ws pursuin a different course therefor i didnt see her before. After da fest we wer meetin regularly in college nd wer hangin around regularly. I never showed her any emotions which would make her feel that i was interested in her.

After some time none of our frnds turn to college dat day n we gt a sme privacy. Dat day we went to cp n had a couple of drinks nd lunch together. While we wer havin lunch she confessed to me dat she ws interested in me n was afraid of telling me. She hugged me tightly n kissed me in public. Her boobs hit me n i ws feeling her warmth. After we had lunch she invited me to her flat. She ws not a delhiite and was therefore living alone. I instantly said yes nd we moved on. We hire an auto to get there. She started kissing me in the auto itself. We both enjoyed our trip home.

Now i ws on her flat. She asked me if would have something and i said "u". She smiled at me n we were kissing again. We both kisied each other like this would be our last kiss in this life. I hold her in my arms and den we made to her bed room.i slowly removed her top n bra. I ws nw playin wit her mangoes. They were really huge n soft. Her nipples were fully erected n were brownish in color. I went on sucking them. Man those mammary glands were really hot. Meanwhile she started taking ma clothes off. I was now in ma undies in front of her. It was time to make her naked. I slowly unbuttoned her and slowly made her naked. She asked me to remove ma undies off. I asked her to dat for me.she did so.

We were now in bed together playing with each other. She instantly took my tool inside her mouth and started sucking it. Man she was excellent at it.she did it for 10-15 mins. It was now my turn to suck her cunt. I 1st hesitated as it was my first time. But she said that i would love it. I followed her wordings and started licking her cunt.she started moaning. I was driving her crazy.

We kissed each other again as i said before that it was going to be the last kiss of our lives. I then slowly entered my tool into her pussy which was already wet of her precum. It was quite visible that she this session before.almost half of my tool entered instantly. She started moaning aaaahhhh... Ooooohhhhhhaaaa... This time she closed her eyes and asked me to insert the remaining. I then just give her a hard thrust out of which she screamed and asked me to get off. I got off. She told me that she had never felt this kind of pain. I inserted it again and started to fuck her. This time she was moaning like hell.
Ooohhhhooooooooohhhhhh....aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh..ohoohhhhhhhhhhhohohohohoh.... And so on. I gave her the immense pleasure of fuckingfor 15 mins after which i told her that i was comin. She again took ma tool in her mouth n drank all the cum. She didn't left a drop out.

We sat together fr 15 mins after which my tool started to rise again..and we went on for another session of great fucking. After these sessions we both were exhausted n laid down for a while. Some time later we both went to bath for cleaning. Bt instead of cleaning we both started another session of immense pleasure.

After these sessions we cleaned each other and i wear my clothes.

We then went to have something to eat.after eating i left for my home. So guys this was my story. Do tell me whether u liked it or not. Hopin to hear you soon guys. Any female desiring to .........(u know what i mean..don't u????).

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