Sunday, February 15, 2009

Seduce one housewife

Hi iss readers. This is my first real story which i share with you. That happens when i went on pub last weekend which is the best place for get-together with old friends on every weekend. That day one of my old friend neha come along with one of her colleague she looks like very shy in nature her name is smita. Let me explain first how she looks like. She is only 34 yrs old girl with 36dd boobs, flat tummy and beautiful ass 38.she was is blue transparent sarri with low cut blouse and her sari was well below her navel. This makes me very much interested in her. All my friends dance with each other while i stay with her. As i discuss with her about her liking and disliking she told that she is married without child due to some financial crises she is doing job. I asked from her about her sex life she feel very shy but she strictly mention she is very much faithful to her husband. As our friends dancing with each other neha was with sameer in one corner and it looks like that they are busy in sucking each other. As we both see them to do this i told to smita for slow dance number she ready to dance with me during dance i try to keep some distance but my hand and finger work on smita body with slow movement of dance after some time she was taking deep breath and come closer to dance with me in mean time song change on dj and it is fast number now we dance on fast tune and i take he close and far sometime i press he bum by my hand sometime i press her breast with my chest she feel my crotch pressing over her valley button. Her face was red and ho as we stop dancing. As neha was busy with sameer she told us that she was going with sameer so i will drop her to her home. I ask from smita why do u not have sex with any one except your husband she told this is sin. I told he please come with me in parking area to move to our home during our move towards gate some one over drunk fall some wine over smita cloth i was very upset with this i just slap that guy smita stop me and told that she don’t want to create any scene. I took out my hanky and try clean her during this i have chance to press he tits and flat tummy. She was again red on her face we come in our car. Where she ask why i slap that man i told her don’t ask this but she repeatedly ask this then i told her that i like you and feel you as one of my valuable thing during this i put my hand on her cheek, i feel the softness of her cheek. She told me that i am too much caring her husband never take care about her like that i told her that she is already late and she shook her head no.

Now i feel that she was completely in my grip i told her "don't be shy, smita." i put my hand once again on her cheek and play with her skin she feel hot i try to insert my hand in her blouse to feel her breast i open one of her blouse button and try to open other she stop me and told that she is very much faithful to her husband., but this all in very faint voice for this i pull out my hand and order her to open her blouse right now she was not expecting this type of instruction from me, but my voice is very hard in fear and arouse ness she start open her blouse button in car then i instruct her to open your bra also because i wand to she your white melon. Now she don’t have objection but fear about the other person because we are in parking place she request me to take her to some private place. I told her that if she sit her without bra then only i took her to my flat this she open her bra and wrap her transparent saree on it under her blue saree her tits looks very sexy i play with her tits during driving and she morn in ecstasy. I place my hand on her navel and play with them

I grabbed smita's hand and placed it in my lap. She felt my boner throb in my pants. She didn't resist. She knew she would end up paying for what she had done. She just didn't know it would be this soon. She resigned herself to do what ever i wanted.

"i really like this one." i said, as she held her fingers around his erection and moved her hand to stroke it. "you seem quite ... What's the word? Oh yeah ... Faithful to husband."

Smita saw a picture of her face in mirror. The look of sheer pleasure was imprinted there as surely as if a bright red neon arrow was pointing at her face with the words - 'she's cumming' - flashing off and on.'

Smita's fingers fumbled with the tab on jeff's zipper as she silently slid to her knees between his wide open legs. She pulled the zipper over the bulge of his erection and fished inside.

"i like a woman who takes control."

I laughed, but it soon turned to a groan as her fingers found his naked cock and pulled it free. I undid the button of my jeans and tugged them down.

"i like my balls free." i said as i put my hand on smita's head and encouraged her downward.

Smita opened her mouth and felt my stiffness go in. It was 2-3 inch bigger than her husband she had to stretch her lips to get it in. She tasted the salty pre-cum. She tightened her lips and started bobbing her face in my lap as her hand jerked me

"better be quick, unless we -ah you, get caught." i joked. "suck my cock you stuck up cunt." i pushed up hard against her face. "i ain't your goddamn husband. Suck my cock like you mean it or i might just bend you over and bust that sweet asshole before i go show your husband the pictures." i ordered.

"that's it." i groaned as she picked up the pace. "oh god, you got a sweet fucking mouth. Oh yeah cunt. That's it. Suck me like the whore you are."

Smita shifted her gaze and looked at him.

"fuck yah. Let me see them eyes." i brushed the hair away from her face. "oh shit. There's nothing sexier than a woman with hate in her eyes and my cock in her mouth." .

Smita gave him the best by she knew how, hoping it would be over sooner. I reached on her tits and pinched her nipple hard. It hurt but she didn't stop.

"oh fuck. You're gonna make me cum, bitch."

It only took a few minutes of her lips sliding up and down his cock before i held her head tight, burying my dick deep in her throat. I twitched and exploded, sending his cum down her throat. I kept a hold of her, making sure she had to swallow or choke. I watched her neck muscles move as she did.

"aaaauuuuggghh. Take it all, you cunt." he bellowed. "swallow my load, you cocksucking, whore, bitch." i held her head and pumped a couple times as i finished. "ung ung ung."

When i was done cumming, i grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her face off his cock. A thin line of cun trailed from smita's lips to his deflated pecker. I grabbed a couch pillow and wiped the string on cum off himself. He stuffed his limp dick back in his jeans and stood up.

"you give a not bad blow job with the right incentive." i said.

After reacheing my flat i told her to move with out blouse and brajust wrap saree over your tits. She move like that in lift two old person also move with us they show her like that they will eat her by their eyes. On 7th floor we move out from lift i oper my flat and she come inside she ask for piss i show her the way of bathroom. When she comes out i ask from her about beer she instantly agree to drink one more beer. After one two ship she ask from me why i have toomany ladies blonging in my bathroom i told her that these all are for my ladies friend. Now i order her for stripteas dance i start very saxy music on which she start dancing she move her bum in sakira style and gave me oneside of her saree which i pull slowly she makes some erotic moves then she pull her paticoat from her body now she was in just her panty i order her to remove it also. She obey this then i told her to come over my head and place her pussy over my mouth then i tast the sweet smell of her cum i suck her pussy very hard and she come to orgasm very instant i take arrount ten minute to suck her she received multiple orgasm during this period. I took her in my bedroom and start fucking her vigorously in four or five style after approx 20mts i am going to cum i told her she also told that she is also coming. After three four hard push we both come together. She thanks to me for such a lovely fuck want to stay whole night with me for this she call to her husband that she will stay with neha for some official work during call i play with her tits and nipple. Nw we are free for whole night we have sex approx 5time in night she was very supportive. I told her next time i will fuck her in asshole she told that i gave her toomuch pleasure for this she can do anything for morning i left her to her house. My self vicky from delhi interested person can mail me my email id is

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