Sunday, February 15, 2009

With my girlfriend

By: kantpardhi

Hi friends hope you have enjoyed my previous story when i loss my verginity from my biology teacher now i am here to tell you one more real incident which happened between me and my girlfriend....

Those were the time of my last days of school and we were having our boards examinations so i was busy in that my girlfriend was girl next door to my house and we were batchmet classmates also.. So one day her father and mother had to go for 10-15days outside from town and we used to have combine studies even our families never objected to that so her parents arrived and told about the situations and went on then she used to have breakfast,lunch,dinner with us and then we used to study whole day.. After long study one day i decided to repeat the incidence of my biology teacher so i went near to my gf and kissed her on her we were studying in her house were no one was except us.. So suddenly she blushed and smiled at me i was now getting green signal from her side so againg i reached near her and just smuched her.. She didn't hesitated..then i grabbed her in my hand and kissed her for around 15 minutes and she also responded beautifully in the mean time i moved my hands on her let me tell about me and my gf figures i m tall 6 feet height as i was a sports personality with good physique and my gf was 5.5 feet with a figure of 35-29-36.. During our course of kissing i tried to touch her melons it was my first time with her doing this sort of things.. She restected me to that.. So i stopped kissing her and asked what happened why are u stopping me she told me that she i not prepared for this i somehow tried to convince her but she restected so i stopped but i was hot and wanted to do something so i went out of her house and get a cd(blue film) and a condome and came back.. I showed her as i m angry she came near me and told she was sorry of what she did she told me that if you want to press her boobs then she is ok but i said no.. Then i told my family that i wikl be staying night there as we will study..but all was my program.. In night i went to tv room and started watching cd in mid i was very hot of that cd so i called my gf she came and i said i will forgive her if she suck my cook the same manner as i will let her show cd.. She was shocked on hearing that she asked me do u want to fuck me.. I said yes.. She told she doesn't know anything about that..i said i will let you see some disc then.. After long controversial conversation she aggred.. And watch the cd.. After few time i was feeling that she is heating up.. So i appolegied her and start kissing her again in she was more hot than morning and i moved my hands all over her body he never stopped me.. Soon i was pressing her boobs in heavy manner her was now totally hot now so i moved my hands in her t-shirt nd made her in bra and kissing her all body i moved down and unhooked her jeans and move that also and i could feel some wetiness in her panties i licked that region i she shivered as it was her first time..i told to undress me she opened my t-shirt nd shorts and i was in my underwear with rock solid rod of 7 inches ..i took her in my arms and moved to bed room there laying on bed i again kissec her.. And unhooked her bra and threw it away and two white round shaped boobs were infront of my eyes..

She was feeling shy so she closed her eyes and i kissed both balls and moved down and i opened her pink panties to.. And i could she hairy pussy and small pussy lips gap i too opened my underwear..and moved my cook in all over her body i tried she take my cock in her mouth but she didn't so i also not forced her i wore the condome nd put my cock on her pussy gap her breathing rate was high and i pushed it but it was tight that in starting only it strucked and she cried in pain so i removed my cock and started finguring her she was totally juicy from inside i made some opeaning of her pussy lips nd licked some juice her was shivering with excitement and lossed all her cum on my face as was relaxed so i gain my position againg by spreading her legs i made her comfortable opeaned her pussy lips and againg put my condome covered cock on her pussy and stroked in a thrust one her cried as i opened her pussy in a stroke but as her pussy was slippery due to cum she shared the pain even i received some pain as she was pure vergin and my cock was to stuck there but i was in heaven i started stroking but she was not able to take up the pain so i jumped on her nude body and start kissing her heavily and also stroking her simultaneously and she was now enjoying the movement answer supported me on that..after some strokes she was now i normal so raised my speed..and her moaning raised which gave me more energy and i fucked her for around 20 mins and i realised down in condome and liyed on her kissed her again we both got up in nude condition and went to bathroom there we found that she was bleeding..we went to bathroom and cleaned us as say we took bath at same time which make again hot and she there saw me dick original size and stated playing with that i againg get heated up and fucked her againg in bathroom she enjoyed that.. So when we both get satisfied.. We stopped and slept since those 10 days i fucked her each day.. And even in various positions and she then never objected me but it didn't hampered our studies ha! Ha! Ha! But the fucking a vergin girl is something different..

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