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(Virginity Master) I took my cousion Saiqa virginity

(Virginity Master) I took my cousion Saiqa virginity

By: Qaiser Khan

This is a true and real story. i read almost all stories here but mostly were not natural but authors tried to make them natural touch....

M expert in sex writing and in practical i can melt any women sex feelings either in chat or live.....

i have taken about 5 virginites upto now and expert in that and if any women from islamabad / rawalpindi or from hazara region including abbottabad feel free to contact for virginiy/sex training wither live or either in yahoo chat

Ok lets start abut the story. My brief intro that i m qaiser khan belongs to abbottabad and live in islamabad / rawalpindi. i m 25 years age and computer engineer and doing job in an IT companyin islamabad.

there was winter season last year.she is my cousion and her age abut 18 and she is attractive and beautiful having 32 breasts and 36 hips and 28 waiste i.e 32-28-36. she is my neighbour also

one day she cam to my house and said that she wana learn few computer concepts from me as those days i was fee and in home as i left previous job..i said ok. my mind goes wrong and i decided to take some naughty interesting things with her..

next day i went to her home and said that i came to teahc u computer things. we both went in her room where the hell computer was located on the table.... there was another room of her sistr beside us. it was abut 4pm.. telling you one thing that those days he father was abroad and she was elder of all and she has no mother form last 5 years..

we sat in her room like i sat on bed and she next to me abut a feet away from me.i started teaching her and my mind went on wronng side as she was so sexi nd super to fuck that i decided to have some fun. i came closer while teaching her. i touch my hands on her butts as i accidently touched her. i did this couple fo times and finally place one hand near her butts while teaching her.then i touched ehr butts with my hand and she noticed that it is happening not accidently so she came a little far away from me but after couple of minutes i again came closer and repeated that and finally she sat on the floor infront of monitor on a small table and

i was instructing her to practise few dos commonds. i am still on the bed and she is on the floor...i then close my left foto near to her butts and attached there. this time her voice tone changed a little and she was totally confused wat to do. as i was expert in this field and i then close the feet and started talking to him abut few concepts so that she dont get chance to think how to stop me. that day my feet touched her butts and also thighs and she was confused and my dick was erected..... and then i left her home... at the night i receive a call at my mobile from her and she said that at day i did very wrong thing and she did not stopped me that time but she warned me not to repeat that and i said that it happened as i cannot control my self and i trapped her in talk and offer her friendship which she accepted happily........this was first day matter....

next day i again went to her house and that day we dont read anyhtign except yesterday matter talking and i then clsoe to ehr rubb he thighs and tstuff like that ans she was melted and felt happy but i read her mind that she thinks that wrong and never want some thing of any kind to happen although her heart wants more but u know an eastern girl...any way that day we proceeded a bit mroe than yesterday and i then left her home... at 7 pm i called her n said that i wana meet her at night and wana say sorry for today matter. she said say sorry on the phone but i said that i did wrong and will excuse at night for few minutes in front of ur face and she agreed.

Now the original thrill fo the story starts... i went to her room about 11 Pm when her sisters her younger brother went asleep... i entered her room and locked the door and we both sat on her bed. i started talking that i m so sorry for last two days matter and this happend by seing you n stuff like that...i caught her hand n gave kiss and gradually started the scene. i was talkign to ehr while kissing ehr hand n my hand on her thighs. she possed so nice n great thighs very soft n smooth even from ehr trouser (Shalwar)...i then came a bit closer to her and

i judged that she is starting melting but her mind was still saying please go away but her heart was saying please come more n more closer. i finally came more closer n started to kiss her face while our bodies making more deeper contact with each others and now her resistance was very neglible..i started to kiss her reddish n brownish n thick n hot lips while my hands moving on her soft n rounded breasts and our rest of bodies contacting each other.... we are now kisisng each other....she was shying but realy enjoying infact.

then i lay her down on the bed and her eyes to the roof side.. i started to kiss her belly while removing her shirt (kameez) from her belly. my lips so so hot n soft that she was feeling n breathing hot....then i came on her kissed her lips while my one hand on her trouser (shalwar)rubbing the pussy... then i remove her shirt and this was really a dying scene.... she was having a black breazier and her breasts were completely araised towards me... i saw breasts n kissed from the bra while my hand on her belly. now my hand moves from ehr belly downward.....we both stand up now.. m kising her and she has bra and trouser wearing n no shirt and i still in full dress... i started to kiss her face then lips then neck then shoulder then my tongue moved a little below towards the young n araised breasts..............i kissed them from bra and my both hands on ehr back and her both hands on ym back and we standing on the bed kissing each other... my hand unlocked her bra and i removed her bra and we went on floor as bed was making noise while we kiss and move....

now we both on the floor standing and she had only trouser left and no bra and no shirt on her young n hot body... she was really beautiful having fair complextion....we started kssing and we standing facing towards each other..i start to kiss her left breast while my one hand on her hips from the back and another hand on her belly. m kissing her breasts n my one hand rubbing her butss and another hand on he belly. then my hand gradualyl goes towards the pussy from the trouser and i feel the wetness and heat there... she said that time m getitng wet and my trouser(shalwar) getting wet also...i then remove her touser (shalwar)

and now she is completely naked standing infront of me. then i lay he down on the bed and then i remove my shirt n then trouser too. now we both naked and she is laying down on the bed...i cam on her kissed ehr lips then breast and her nipples were standing and my hot n soft n thick lips kissed them to make her feel so so hot that

she said that qaiser u r really giving me so much happiness in this way. then i started ksisng her belly then my hot tongue moved from belly towards the wat a pussy she got. a fat pussy walls while a very narrow hole and totally shaved n cleaned pussy... then i kiss there and she said oh no u r realyl kissling me now. my hot lips kissign there while her one both legs on my shoulder and my head in between.... i kissed and licked her few minutes really hot n young virgin juice i felt there...

now its time to goto actual thing that is intercourse..... my dick was completely standing and a brief intro of my dick.....i have a ncie dick and its really very very hot n have soft cap and it is not rought but very smooth and plain and really good n hot n a little bit curvy but have nice look having redish n oily look cap...its abut 6 inches long n abut 2 n half inches thick....

i then spread her legs wider and said to her that now u will get the real enjoyment and satisfied her that i will do everything with safety......theni came on her opened and spreaded legs.. i put my lips in her lips while my hottest dick on her wet pussy hole and pressed a little inside and it entered abut an inch and she cried while her lips in mine and said no no no.. then i press the dick a little bit more by saying her that u will enjoy now and when it entered abut 2 to 3 inches she said

please leave me and tears started coming from her eyes and she but physically no reaaction from her. i then pressed my huge dick in that virign hole a little more and her cherry was broken with a very soft noise and very narrow hole that i was inserting the dick with pressure. then i finally pressed the whole dick isnide that hole and she was crying a little because of pain as her pusys was so tight n narrow but fatty n juicy also. my dick balls were touching her pussy fat walls and her lips in mine and our bodies completely in contacts and her legs

closer to my hips. i then started movement and gradually she was feelign ok. and then i started faster and harder and she was saying ahahahah ohohhohho oh oh common like stuff and i was fuckign ehr tight hole to make her hole loser.. she really losened her body and get realax to fuck her and after about 10 minutes i put my thick and heat and voiscous load on her butts and then we started kissing etc......i then went home and saw that my trouser was also infected as my trouser was placed on the bed and it was infected with the blood came from ehr pusssy. after cleaing myself i call ehr gain to ome to home and she said "paly his wapis kuon gay thay aa jao dobara" then i went back to her home and then fucked ehr twice then and i never get every time her painful voice in start.....

after that we did about 3 to 5 times on different days and then she get seperated from me beacuse of some family issue but from today after more tahn one year passed i will again start the mission as her father came in home and will get her soon at the bed

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