Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My brother in law and my sister

My brother in law and my sister

By: Madiha

Great bhaijan. Hello salis and nieces this is my story i am going to narrate u all how my bhaijan rape me while i was sleeping giving me pills. This did happen. It's real and i'm not sure how i should be feeling about it. My name is madiha. I am 28 years old, 5'5" tall, and 52-kgs with 36a breasts. I have a 05-year-old daughter, samira. I was staying with my elder sister shameem and my brother in law aamir, as my hubby is abroad. Since my hubby left my bhaijan aamir is cooperative with me for all problems. He love my ass and always touch me when ever he get chance by joking. Over the past few weeks i've been experiencing difficulty sleeping, in large part due to my loneliness.

My family doctor salman friend of my bhaijan aamir prescribed some sleeping pills to help get me through this rough period as my elder also busy in his job. Aamir was supportive during this period and even brought me the pills just before i went to bed. When i awoke the next morning two things became apparent, i was fully rested and my nipples and pussy were very sore. While showering i noticed my nipples felt as if they had been sucked all night. Even when samira was a baby my breasts never got much larger. My dark brown nipples however grew to almost 1 1/2" in length. They never completely returned to their pre nursing days. It also felt like my clitoris had been badly abused. It was sore and very sensitive. I got dressed and went to work, completely forgetting about my body's aches and pains. Over the course of the next 5 nights, i began to feel that i wasn't sleeping alone.

My nipples, clitoris and pussy constantly felt like they were being used and abused. I suspected what was going on but refused to believe it. I had to find out what really was going on but knew i couldn't come right out and ask him if bhaijan aamir fucked me. On friday night i decided to perform a little experiment. When aamir gave me my pill i palmed it and pretended to swallow it. About an hour later i heard my bedroom door open very quietly. Playing possum i tried to control my breathing. Suddenly my head was covered and my arms and legs were pinned in a spread-eagle manner. I started to struggle and was about to scream when a pillow was put over my face. Unable to breathe i began panicking and must have passed out. When i awoke i had some form of gag in my mouth and my eyes were covered with some form of blindfold. Slowly my nightgown was pushed up, exposing my pussy and breasts. I felt a mouth begin suckling on my left nipple. He was not gentle. He was sucking as hard as possible and my nipple grew longer and harder. As much as i was revolted, and continued thrashing about, my pussy grew hotter and wetter by the second.

Shifting his position, my right nipple now became the focus of his attentions. As bhaijan sucked, he began tickling and tweaking my clitoris. I have never experienced this combination of pain sure before. Without the ability to stop it, i experienced the most intense orgasm i think i've experienced in many years. As i began to regain my senses i could hear the sound of a package being opened. I came to the realization of what was to happen next. Never have i felt so full in my life. My husband r only had a 6 inch dick and didn't possess the tools to produce the sensations i was now experiencing. As aamir bhaijan began withdrawing and thrusting into my pussy, my clit was rubbing against this rock hard shaft. My thrashings of resistance were quickly becoming thrashings of ecstasy. I was screaming into my gag as orgasmic spasms wracked my body. Aamir bhaijan was sitting on my bed watching me come awake.

I had the strong urge to piss but was unable to move. Sensing i needed the bathroom, he untied my legs and then tied them together. He then untied my lifeless arms and tied them behind my back. As the blood rushed through the veins the pain was excruciating. As he led me down the hall to the bathroom i tried to plan my escape. Instead of looking for an escape route my eyes kept going back to his semi hard cock. God it must have been over 9 inches long. No wonder the girls were after him. My bhaijan smiled and said he knew i was awake last night. He enjoyed it so much more knowing i was also enjoying the rape.

He told me my juices were a milky color and had a tangy and pungent taste. I began to orgasm like never before. For the next three days bhaijan fucked me whenever he wanted. I soon began realizing that when he wasn't around i felt empty and alone. I could almost sense my submissiveness towards him beginning. When he removed the gag from my mouth he told me not to scream or he would tie me down again and never fuck again. I felt a sense of dread. Not from being tied down but from never being fucked by his magnificent cock again. I'm not a sex slave but i do whatever he says. I never wear panties, my cunt remains shaved (he won't let me call it my pussy) i'm continually wracked with lust and some guilt. I know it's wrong but it's also so right. I'm able to sleep without drugs, and my aamir bhaijan is the excellent lover my cunt needs. I need him to continue loving me but i also want him to stop.

Will i survive if he stops? What happens if i become pregnant? And what happen if my elder sister knows my bhaijan fucking me day and if my daughter know his uncle fucking her mom? We live as he is my 2nd husband he wants me with my sister in one bed. While giving his lund in my mouth he said one day i will fuck you in my bed with my sister and he done it. Wait for my next story wen i found bhaijan giving shower to me and my sister in one bed and fuck us in one bed. Please wait for my next submission and send me your feedback as much you can. My mail id is

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