Sunday, February 1, 2009

I remove my top exposing my fully erect nipples

I woke up and climbed out of bed. Randy was in the other room. As i walked down the hallway i notice the telephone was off the hook. I pick it up and hold to my ear to see if randy had switched phones and as i suspected he did. I am very quiet not to interrupt on his conversation. Seems he and his friend dave were talking about their plans for tomorrow night. It appears dave is getting married and randy and a few of his friends were having a bachelor party for him. Dave asks if i would be joining for their evening out.Randy laughs and says that i would have a fit if i knew they were going to a strip club and that he knew for a fact that i did not approve of that and also that i was beginning to be a bore. Now i must admit that i was a little pissed. Not so much of the fact of me being angry, but that randy thought i was a bore. As they each hung up the phone i also do and step into the other room. How am i going to handle this i think to myself? Then it hit me. I had an idea. So i just played it off until the next day. Randy was all dressed to go and i asked where are you headed? Oh dave and i are gonna go grab a bite to eat then i’ll be home. Are you sure? I ask. Cause isn't dave getting married i ask? Your not having a party or anything are you? Oh no says randy. Just going to eat. Ok i say, i guess i’ll see you later tonight. As randy leaves, i knew what had to be done. So i rushed to the shower and planned my strategy. I would not be considered a bore. Matter of fact, i would make sure tonight was very interesting. I had already found out the place that the guys were going. It was a kinda raunchy bar on the outskirts of town. The place was known for all kinds of unusual activity. I also had gone there earlier today and talked with the manager. He agreed to let me surprise randy and his friends. I had never met randy’s friends, only talked on the phone with them so i knew randy would be shocked. I entered the bar from the back entrance and met with the manager and a couple of girls. I was so nervous but i knew i would prove something. As i was backstage, the manager made an announcement to the crowd that a special surprise awaited a certain somebody tonight. The crowd began to cheer. He called out for a dave to raise his hand. Everyone cheered louder as dave raised his hand. Two girls went to him and led him on stage. The announcer says that dave is getting a last surprise before the big day and if he wasn't willing to accept his surprise then he had to say now. Dave agreed quickly and with that, he was blindfolded by one of the girls. A chair was brought onto stage as it was placed behind him. They unbuttoned dave's shirt and also his pants. The crowd grew louder as dave stood in his boxers. He was then sat in the chair and his hands were cuffed behind his back. One girl also tied his feet to the legs of the chairs. Each girl then licked the opposite side of dave’s face and walked away. The lights go out as the announcer tells everyone to give it up for the new girl tonight. As the music begins to pound with a fast tempo, the crowd cheers. As the lights begin to come on, i make my entrance. I have a long cape around me with my head covered with a hood. I slowly walk onto the stage as cheers and whistles were everywhere. All my nervousness was gone. I quickly felt very sure of myself as i begin to move my body in ways that i did not know that i could. You could hear my heels contacting with the stage as i twirled around the pole. Then i turned toward randy and his other friends and dropped my cape and hood. As randy's jaw dropped, i smiled and licked my lips. I walked over to where dave was tied up. As i was watching randy, i climbed across dave’s lap. Spreading my legs around him i come to rest facing dave. I could feel him breathing faster as i brushed across his neck. I remove my top exposing my fully erect nipples. As they touched his chest i almost came right there. I begin to move my hips as i felt him pressing back at me. I could feel a slight bulge in his boxers. I get up and walk back to the pole and spin around a few times. I turn my back to randy and bend over. Slowly removing my g-string i throw it to randy and smile. I could still see the shock in his face. As i straddled onto dave once more, it appeared that his hardened cock had made its way through the fly of his boxers. I grab my nipples and sat on his lap. My mind is racing and my body is telling me to go ahead and show them all. So i stand back up. The crowd is now yelling and making all sorts of comments. And without warning i ease back down. This time i position myself so that my already wet pussy is filled with dave’s shaft. The crowd cheers, as dave appears to be in total shock also. I remove the blindfold from dave as i continue to fuck him. I felt his member tense up and i knew that he was reaching his peak. I couldn't help but keep my pace up faster and faster. Dave and i came at he exact same time. I stood up, placed his cock in my mouth and finished every drop. The noise was unbelievable. I walked over to randy’s table and whispered in his ear. Do you think i am a bore now? And i walked

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