Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fucky mom and son

Fucky mom and son

My name is Abdul Hade age is 24 years. Father name is Jumman Ali age is 54.Mother name is Fathima Bibi age is 44. I have 2 sisters. Rahima Khatun age is 20 years and Minoti Khatun age is 18 years. Both sisters are married. Father further marry and go away to another place last year with his new wife Anjuman bibi. I am science graduate. Now engage in agriculture. I was purchase a computer and take internet connection last three months. And every night I visit page and reading incest sex between extreme mom son relation stories. After reading those stories I feel so good and masturbate every night. Only two people in this house my mother Fatima and me. My mother is looking so good and color is also very softy bright and gorgeous figure. She is wearing always shree and blouse. Her figure is very sexy and smart looking. My mom figure size is according to bra her bra is 42 inch. Her hip is 36 inch and buttock is near 44 inch. One night when I searching this sites and find a stories ‘Mom pleasure with her own son” and reading it is so hot when khokon the hero of the story fucking his mom. I was masturbating hardly after come out my semen, I looking towards window I saw mom was standing there and she fallow my activity.

I feel so bad and thinking what my mom think. But next day morning there is no extra behavior from my mom. On that night I was reading that story further and masturbating and saw my mom looking from another window. I stop all and close the computer and go to sleep and follow mom goes away. In the morning mom don’t say anything. I understand is taking fun from my masturbate. After purchase my computer every night I saw blue film I thing mom was saw that show. But now days I never saw it is boring to me. In the afternoon mom said babu (my nick name) if you have time please come with me in the banana garden to cut some banana from the tree. I said ok mom lets go. Mom and I go to the garden just evening. It was beside our house and no body can see in the garden from outside. When we looking to the tree mom suddenly felt due to hole and called me. I go to her and put up her, she said it was serious pain in her legs. I said come on mom I massage you. Mom said ok and sits on under the tree. I hold her left leg and up her sharee and asked where. Mom said knee and thy. I up her sharee up to middle of thy and massage continuously.

Mom closes her eye and feels some good. But now I am feeling some nervousness after seeing mom thy and my pennies strong and harder. Mom opens her eyes and said now leave please lets go to home if some one see they may mind. I said ok mom. When mom standing she said aye so pain. I said mom hold my arm and walk slowly. Mom hold me and we come back to our house. Mom and I sit on the bed. Mom said I do not do anything please you put the cow and got in the house and close the outside get. I said ok mom. I do everything and thinking how sweet moms legs, thy oh Allah what I do please Allah help me to get mom I need only mom please help me Allah. After doing everything I come back to house. Mom said please bring some pain reliever from pharmacy. I go to the near market and bring move malam. It was 8pm. After return mom said have get. I said yes mom. Mom said please massage my thy. I take move and mom up her sharee unto her Jung. I start massaging mom close her eyes. Near 15 minutes massage I asked how you feel. Mom said nothing changes. But my pennies do not stay inside my underwear. I said mom can I call doctors.

Mom said no all doctors are Hindu; I never open my sharee to other religion. I said what I do, I can’t understand mom. Mom said I am feeling very bad all my bodies please do something. I asked mom where. Mom said my back, buttock two legs and belly. I understand mom what wants. I said ok mom I give you relive from all problem. I close all window and doors. Come to mom and said mom can I ask you openly. Mom said what? I said mom if want something special from me to relive. Mom said yes my son. I said mom openly do you want from me. Mom said only man you in the house who give me except you. I said mom please said me openly what do you want from me I give you all mom all please said mom. Mom said I spend one year without your father, but I know you may take position of your father, so please my son pleasure me, happy me my son.

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