Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mami n me

Mami n me

By: Shehzad

Hi.I m shehzad bhatti.28 male from lahore.I am an engr by profession n work with a reputed firm in lahore.I m 6' tall,fair complexion n a lil healthy.If u need to contact me,My email is shehzadbhatti@yuurok.Com.This is story about me n my mami.She is 17 years older than me.This started when i was 20 years old.My mami is 5'5",very fair,big brown eyes n a beautiful figure of 34-26-34.My mamu never liked her as he wanted to get married to sumbody else.

They had one daughter n my mamu used to come home on irregular basis.They have a three story house. It started when i went to their home for vacations.I studied the situation and read the sorrow on her face n became very friendly with her.We use to chat quite alot.One day i asked mami u r beautiful why does mamu avoid u?She just burst into tears n asked me why he cant see this?I hugged her n told her everything will b alrite.Her touch made me horny.But i did nothing.

Later in the nite,i went on bed n i was lying in a way that i could see her face from other rum.I got horny again n kept on looking at her face.I felt that she was awake n sensing me.I became a lil bold in watching her n started mastrubating.Suddenly she opened her eyes looked at me n stood up.I hid my cock n looked at her.She came to me n said wats ur problem i said nothing.She said just b in limits or i wud throw u out.I got scared n angry n went to sleep. The next morning she came to me n asked for break fast.Which i denied n said"now i know why mamu dislikes u coz u dont have a desire for sex" she came near me n said "u better mind ur own business.I m not begging u for this.Try ur luck sum where else" she was very close at that time,i got out of control n kissed her.

She was stunned for a moment n then she slapped me.I got too angry that i got mad.I dragged her into bed n lip kissed her forcefully.She seperated n slapped me again.I got completely out of mind,i just tore her kameez n saw her bra n white belly.I tore her bra into pieces n started to kiss her vigorously.She started screaming in low voice."leave me or i wud tell this to everybody" i replied "do watever u want,once i fuck u i wont mind dieing" this made her to stop a lil n she said"plz i m almost twice ur age,wat wud u find in me.U can get a gal u want.

Why me?" i said "coz u r most beautiful gal i could dream of" i kissed on her lips after saying this n i felt she was not resisting anymore.I opened her shalwar n felt her pussy was wet. I kept on kissing n sucking her lips till i felt she was responding back.My hands were bz in doing massage on her pussy n teasing her nipples.I kissed her neck.Rolled my tongue over there,when i felt her beautiful hand was touching my cock,playing with it.I started to kiss n fondle her boobs.I kissed n sucked her nipples.I kept on squeezing n pressing her boobs with one hand n carressing her pussy with other hand.

She whisperem"ah plz b gentle u r hurting me but i love u jan ah" i moved down to kiss her naval,then her thighs,then her legs n her feet.Her hand was contineously making massage on my cock.I moved back to her boobs n my fingers were going deep in her pussy.She whispered "plz i want u in.Plz"i moved on top of her,her pussy was slippery like hell.I pointed the enterance n slowly pushed the tip of my cock in.She just got a little tense n said"plz slowly do it,its wet but needs time" i paused for a moment n with a jerk moved full 6" into her.

She screamed"oh my God,plz dont move,let me settle in"i waited till she noded her head in yes.I started moving slowly n then took speed.In 2 min she had her first orgasm.I increased my speed n she started moaning like ah aa ah aa wow aa tez kero or tez.I got mad n speeded up.Whole bed was jumping with us.After ten min,i was about to cum when she had her second orgasm with a jump.In no time after that i took my cock out n she started jerking it off n in a flash my semen was on her belly n hands.I got exhausted i l laid down n kissed her.She kissed me back. After a while we did that again n again till we got exhausted. Since that day we enjoy whenever we get a chance.I wud wait for ur comments.

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