Sunday, February 1, 2009

Exposed her breasts

Commagic.blogspot.comEvery few months the wife and i book into a hotel for a bit of a child free sexual getaway where the wife can have fun with other guys without any fear of getting caught out. This saturday was one of those times and we made bookings at our favorite venue, the observation city hotel by the beach in scarborough. Sometimes we arrange guys from contact sites to join us, other times we rely on our own resources, sometimes both.We booked in around two and did the usual thing, a swim in the pool before heading down to the stamford arms hotel (it’s a pub that is right next door) at around 4 for a few quiet drinks. Sitting near us were three rather muscled young body builders in tight tee shirts, this naturally caught the wife elly’s attention. She couldn’t keep her eyes of them and kept joking to me about how hot they looked. Quite the tease she moved around from where she was initially sitting so she was facing them more. With 38dd tits she was wearing a white tee shirt and without a bra on her hard ½” long nipples were poking right out. They (and a few others) had noticed this and were constantly making comments to each other and looking over at her. Not on the prowl at that stage and elly thought she was a little old for them anyway we headed off for a meal at around 6. After a feed and a bit of a lay down etc at around 8 we decided to head back down to the pub to see what was on offer. Now in pick up mode elly dressed in a super short skirt with no knickers, high heels and a top that is open all the way down the front. Its usually worn over a tank top or something similar but she decided to go bare under it. Also removing the clasp that holds the front together she didn’t leave much to the imagination. Anyway we bought some drinks and sat down, elly was getting plenty of looks from other guys and a few evils from other women. Much to our surprise two of the body builders were still there and sitting at the bar. Elly got up to buy the next round, heading straight to where they were sitting to order our drinks. I watched on as she chatted with them while being served. Her skirt that short you could see a bit of her arse cheeks as she reached over to grab our drinks of the bar. To my surprise they got up and followed her back to our table. Quite the quick little worker she had invited them back to join us. Organizing the seats so they sat either side of her they introduced them selves as mark and john. Right about the age, they were both only 22 whilst elly is 48. John was huge at around 6ft 6” in the old scale. Anyway i was pretty much left out of the conversation and didn’t care as i watched these two young guys checking out elly’s tits as they talked. They bought the next round as we drank and joked; naturally they were reasonably drunk by now but not out of it. We were in a quiet area and elly and the guys had their backs to everyone else in the room. Quickly looking around to check out the environment with a cheeky grin elly pulled opened her top and exposed her breasts. Although they looked surprised initially john didn’t hesitate and reached over and grabbed hold of one of her tits and began squeezing it. I sort off kept an eye out for the bouncers also noticing that mark's hand had moved under the table. With elly knickerless i could only presume he was having a play with her pussy. Mark looked at me as john continued to feel up her tits saying, what you don’t mind us mucking around with your missus, i just said no problems here mate. Surprising me a little he said straight back, can we fuck her as well, i just said, that’s up to her. With that elly grabbed her bag as john still had hold of a breast, she got out a bit off paper and pen, writing on it she gave it to them saying, here’s our room number if you want to come up. We headed off hopeful yet unsure of their intentions. Elly put on a new corset she had brought that just covers her stomach leaving her breasts and pussy exposed, and of course her trademark high heels she likes to fuck in. After around half an hour we thought we had been stood up and were just about to give up and head back to the pub when there was a knock at the door. It was the guys, i let them in, they had a bottle of jacks and a coke. Needless to say they were impressed with her outfit and julie had a big slutty smile on her face. I made them a drink as they went straight to work on her, both taking turns kissing her on the mouth and fondling her as she stood there. No shy guys here they both soon removed their pants, both already erect they were surprisingly hung for body builders and definitely above average. Mark sat straight on the bed, elly got on all fours and began sucking him off. John, the really big guy got behind and started working on her pouting cunt. No gentle giant here, he had four fingers up her, stretching her hole open to the max as he forced them in and out of her. As she moaned and sucked at the same time i was loving the show as once again my wife was shamelessly showing me what a slut she is. Meanwhile mark had thrown himself back on the bed, letting out a groan as he obviously began cuming, elly continued sucking on him with out a break as he did. As this went on john meanwhile had rammed his impressive cock up her, we did have condoms but we were all to worked up to care at that stage. Grabbing her hips he pounded her cunt hard with a big smacking noise emitting as his thighs made contact with her arse cheeks with each pump. I moved around to the side so i could see her breasts bouncing back and forth with each thrust. Pulling out of her he wanked himself as he sprayed his cum all over her back. Quick drinks break in order elly began kissing me knowing i’d be able to smell mark’s cum on her breath, at the same time i had my hands around her massaging johns cream into her bottom. Break over surprisingly (or not) they both stayed hard. Moving elly onto the bed now they lay either side of her, again kissing her and having a play as she wanked them both. After a short while mark got on top and started fucking her as john looked on, after around five minutes he shot off inside her (i was amazed twice in ten minutes). As soon as mark got off john pushed her onto her stomach, getting on top he put his cock back in her for a second go. Mark taking another quick drink said fuck, you’ve good one here mate, and she’s a right slut. As we spoke you could hear elly grunting every time johns cock bottomed out in her cunt. His massive size dwarfed her 5ft body and looked great as they screwed oblivious to anything else. Surprise, surprise john also came again, leaving it in elly this time i could see his balls twitching as he filled my wife with his sperm. They took turns with her for another hour before it was time for them to go. We exchanged numbers and off they went. At around 11:00 pm now and after two hours of solid sex do you think elly was done? No way, after a quick shower we headed back to the pub were she managed to pick up another guy on the dance floor. He wasn’t into the hubby-watching thing so i agreed they could go to our room while i stayed at the pub. Around an hour later elly called me on my mobile to let me know this guy had finished and left. Entering the room she proudly waved a cum filled condom at me before emptying it over her tits and asking if i wanted to lick it off. That i did sucking on her cum covered nipples as she described to me how this guy had fucked her and how good it felt for her. We both slept well, next morning we didn’t have to be out of the hotel until 11. Done yet? No the dirty bitch opened her legs and began playing with herself telling me she was up for some more fun if i was. Shaking my head and smiling i grabbed my back up list i always have, and made a few phone calls while she played with her vibrator. Meanwhile within an hour i had a guy called jason knocking on our door. Still in bed and naked. Jason simply stripped off and crawled into bed with her. She began kissing him passionately as i made us all a coffee. Then sitting back to enjoy the view as this jason dude fucked the slut for a bit over an hour. After he left elly spread her legs and like a good husband i went about putting my tongue to work as i cleaned up the mess jason had left in her (i did manage to get some holiday snaps of her with this guy). All up elly had been screwed by four other guys during our brief stay out at observation city. Quite a successful outing i think.

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