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Sexy mom's lustful desire

Sexy mom's lustful desire

By: madhan

Dear readers, this is the first real experience of mine within my family circuit, which I am now going to tell you. Now I want to share very secret experience about my mother with you. I hope you will able to understand my feeling about my damn sexy mother. My mother's name is Malar (36) and I am Madhan at my 18. My father (40) is an employee in MNC, so no problem for money. My sexy mother, Malar is well dressed as she is a lady from Kerala. Malar means ‘flower’. And meaningfully I have waited for 4 years to earn a luck knock my door. I usually read ISS and gain knowledge about fucking my sexy mom. Malar got really a fine structure and it makes other passers of home horny. Even though there is some little repair at my home. My mom prepares tea to the workers and me also thinking of gangbanging my mom with those men. I masturbate thinking of my mom. That's very interesting. My interest over started at my 18 yrs itself. When at that stage, we live in a small house. A very single room and bed attached, I pee the copulation but my parents. Also when they about to finish they switch on lights and I could clearly see their intercourse. Through 4 yrs I have learned and gathered for a long fuck. I am their only son and they brought computer to me.

Now, I see, Malar has a very fleshy rigid breast and her bra size is 36 and she's 32-28-36. She looks very nice in sari. Whenever she wear black sari my cock gets pounded and erected in whatever situation. As my father got meeting with his delegates and higher officials he has to leave for Singapore. I and mom send him thru flight. And returned to our house. It's our new house and separate room for us. My father will return after a month. I'm on my exam leave and I always stared at her navel exposed. Next day, she become to speak more kindly and I also thought of my self that it’s the day I waited long... Earlier I asked her that we friends want to get to Ooty. She kindly granted permission. And I asked her "If I gone to Ooty, u will be alone mom". She "Ya, there will be no problem madhan". I suggest some thing wrong. Then I leave home and went for a week, mom gave me huge amount of money. This absolutely wrong with my mom I assure that she never give such high amount of money. So I left home to a nearest Lodge and watched my house. Mom left home and goes for shopping. I followed her. She wear black sari her navel well exposed.

She brought some goods and accessories from store. My mom then waits at a coffee bar; I also closely spied and found two men, my uncle Mari, brother of my father and his friend. Mari was 42 and strong man. Mari put his shoulder around my mom's neck and his friend kali; (think 22 yr old) young men touched my mom's waist. I got tensed. Uncle Mari introduces Kali to mom. Kali waved his hand over mom's face. Mari said "malar darling how long u wait, I'm sorry" touching my mom's sexy butts. My mom Malar said "it's okay. I have been waiting for both of u for just 15 mins" Two men very closer to my mom called her to go to restaurant for dinner. I also make-up well like an old man and seat myself near them. And they continue to talk. I also started to listen. Mari said "last time u are so sweet... 4 yrs back dear....malar u are still very sexy and hot? And if I saw u first I would marry u" Uncle has already seduced my mom at her 32 yrs. Now it’s the second time. My mom smiled and said "really and what about Kali?" Kali shy a bit and said "If I get chance I would like to be my wife" Mari said "It's also lucky to be your son to -- you" Mom said " Mari, I love my son and I struggle a lot to sent him out to Ooty, if you are not here I will be at Ooty with my son" Mom also added "Madhan must grow well to take responsibilities"

After dinner finished, they started to purchase something. They carried her to my home by a car .When he put his hand over my mom, I am shocked and they were very close. It takes 30 min travel to my home and I have idea about that guys doing with my mom in that travel period. I also hired a car and chased them. Finally they got off the car and mom was adjusting her saree. Our residence is at outer of the city hence their is no fear to neighbors. My doubts were very clear that my uncle has very strong eye over my mom during any festivals in our family. I wanted to know what's happening. It was two men and my sexy mom. My uncle and his friend will surely fuck my mom tonight. It's 10:36Pm and devised a perfect plan to view it and carried my mobile camera. I invaded to the top floor of my home and landed into to the living room like a thief and through the glass door I could able to see them in bedroom. I am peeing thru that glass door and its dark everywhere except the bedroom. The bed was very comfortable one for them. My mom was on the bed between the two men. Mom was still on her sexy black saree with navel exposed. Two heavy men began to strip them and change lungi, that's of my father. I am hiding on top of the bedroom and watching everything going on my mom's bedroom.

Mari asked "Malar, ur husband went yesterday. Then why doesn’t u call me early dear. Do you adjust with ur son Madhan...?” Mom smiled at mari and said "honey why u always point out my son, he sometimes stared at me." Mari said that "I have no objection in accompany him to bang u dear.” Mom replied that "U are trying to blow me, dear" smiled. Kali then asked "malar u are damn sexy in this black color saree, darling" Mom was more horny. Mari and Kali wear lungi and throw banians. Mari asked my mom to get some badam milk. Mom's saree was being stripped by mari and clearly the pallu drops and sexier. My cock erected on seeing this action. Mom went to kitchen and Mari said to Kali “Kali this malar is so hot and we should make it hard. Do whatever you desire." The thoughts about my mom got my cock enlarge. Mom is now showing her rigid boobs cleavage. Then Kali and Mari drink milk and said "we need ur milk malar". They briefed their chest and mom rubbed their chest and said "Ohh Come on darling....." in a musky sexy voice. I listened. "We will be available all this month malar" said Kali. Mari is a strong athletic man and elder mom by 6 yrs and Kali is young 22 yr old man with huge strength. My mom was so slim and I scared of how could she manage them?

Mari removed her saree and kali began to move his hands my mom's sexy navel. She was so hot. Mari moved closer in front and hugged and makes his lips stick to my sexy mother's cherry lips. Kali began to removed her petticoat and through it. Now mom's breast was squeezed by my Mari and then the kiss continues. Then Kali removed her blouse and now mom was in black bra and silky black panty. Mom also hugged and kissed uncle. Then Kali removed her panty and Mari stripped her bra and now my mom is totally naked in front of two men. Her nipples were pink and stiff; I am watching this and started to touch my penis. And I never see my mom fully naked and for this first time I see my mom's sexy boobs and pussy". It was cleanly shaved and bright. Lungies were removed. They got mom total naked and they take her and put in the bed and began to hug. Mom wad sandwiched between them. Then the four legs dominate and Mari clamped over mom and kali also trying to hug and kiss all parts. With their lust to fuck my mom they dominate my mom. Mari and kali removed their underwear and take their monsters. My mom began to surprise. Mom takes them in hands. Again they started to roll on another. Mari’s thighs were my mom's sexy legs and their cocks were pushing at my mom's pussy lips. This continued for 35 mins.

Then my mom got up and they lie down the bed and mom began to suck their monster cock. Mom jerked them by both hands. They were about 8" long and flesh full. Mom began to suck the monster cock alternately and lick it. And suddenly telephone rings and mom scared. Mari, Kali take the phone to malar. Malar attended the call and it was my dad, malar said "Dear I'm suffering without u... Madhan is at Ooty and I'm alone". While mom was talking, uncle began to lick mom's pussy. Mom controlled and tells "I’m sleeping and I miss u ". Mom said to mari "why are u so crazy?" Mari licked and said "you really miss ur husband?” Mom replied "no he is useless and never dicks heavily like u and he has got a small cock" Mom also added that dad is unable to satisfy and also the son also will be like him. I recorded this voice and clicked in my mobile camera. I have targeted my mom for 4 yrs and these have targeted her while she got married. Mom began to suck Kali's throbbing cock and mari began to lick and finger her pussy. Mari fingered and said "malar, now it's not blown" mom moans "ohhhhhhhh haaaaaaaa”. Mom was knee down to kali's cock and sucked deeply. Kali held my mom's head and fucked her mouth fastly and mari is ready to fuck my mom. Mom now lie facing Mari with her wide spread legs inviting mari to fuck. Mari jerked his 81/2"Cock and slightly rubbed the pussy lips. I never viewed in reality. Three naked

Uncle's massive cock slowly entered into her pussy. Mom moans "hmmmm haaaaaaa ohhhhhhhhh haaaaaaaaaaaa ohhhhhhhhhhhh” My mom was so hot and invite her to fuck "yes do it “in a romantic voice. At this time Kali began to knee down to mom's neck and began to insert his cock into her mouth. Now she was unable to moan and mari rammed into her pussy with fast strokes. Mari's hand holding mom's thighs and gained energy to fuck more forcefully. Mari said "haaa vaaa hmmmmmmm. Nice, pussy was very tight". Raise mom's legs and fucked heavily. Mari catches her butt immovable and fucked more violently. Now the pussy is loosing. Mouthful by kali continues. Kali removed his cock from mom's mouth and mom cried to mari "no devil. Slow stop! "Mari said "Is ur husband useless? Answer." The bed also jumps along with them. Mom said "yes. He is useless. Stop please u. Hmm". Mari continue to fuck deeper and asked "am I ur husband dear?" mom said "yes. U are my husband.” Kali kissed mom's lips and boobs and squeeze hard. Mari continue strokes heavily and asked "is kali ur husband? Darling" mom said "yes. U both my husband... Stopp deeaaaaaaar" kali laughed, mom cried. I watched and take pics. Mari asked "who are u?" malar. Mom replied "malar, ur wife and kali's wife... Stopppp questioning..." as moans.

Mari asked "answer me... Are u a slut, prostitute? “pumped with fast strokes. Mom replied "yes....dear I’m a slut." Mom pleaded to mari to leave because 81/2" cock completely immersed into the mom's pussy hole. Kali began to position his asshole into my mom's mouth and it looks like sitting in a toilet basin. Kali hold mom's beautiful sexy thighs. Now uncle Mari more relaxed and banged heavily. Mom licked kali's asshole. I was totally stunned by the lustful conversation. I have great respect to my uncle, but he moved like cheating his own brother. Mom's pussy was fucked by uncle like a horse. Mom licked fast Kali's asshole. Kali liberates unpleasant gas into mom's sexy mouth. Mari began to move slow and steady... Mom moans... Then Mari stops and lie over mom and hugged her licked her navel. Then slowly removed his cock from mom's pussy and slapped pussy by his cock. It was wet and fully erected and large. He fucked for an hour. Now it was kali's turn, he got ready he kissed my mom's lips and split saliva into her mouth and exchanged. Mom sucks his cock and his balls. Cock is wet with mom's saliva. Now mari asked "malar how is it? Darling" mom moans and replied "painful ... Why u so violent “Mari said "it was my love and desire for long days...” And mom sucks Mari's cock that contains mom's pussy juice.

Mari hold his cock and beat mom's lips and lie down close enough with mom like a husband. Mari faces directly to mom and kissed her lips and mom hold his cock and jerk it. Kali make mom's leg spread and entered his cock into mom's pussy in succession. Kali's cock is 8" long and narrow, the penetration continues and mom accepted by widespread her legs. Kissing sound fills up the room. I watched silently and recorded their conversation and it might be very helpful for me. Mari kissed her lips and breasts. Mom also allowed kissing him. Very slutty conversation against my mom. Kali begin to fuck and smoothly. He also turn to fuck heavily like mari. Mom moan and mari controlled her by sucking her breast. Mari drank my mom's milk. The milk only belonged to me was drunk by my uncle. Erected nipples, uncle bite gently. Mom look sexier and glamour. Kali fucked hard and mom placed her legs cross over kali's body. Kali said some sluty dirty words and fucked like a ram. The pussy of mom will now more enlarge and kali continue to hold mom's waist and moved his butt to and fro. Mari kissed almost all parts of her body and started to get up and went to toilet. At that time Kali fucked heavily and asked "how is it malar?" mom said "hmmm hmmm, u look like my son and greater than my husband".

Indeed Kali looked like me and I was fonder of my mom. Her sexy voices makes my mind to fuck her. And Kali continued like mari. Mari uncle then came and pushed kali's butt to go deeper into mom's pussy. Mom moans "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh god hmmmmm hmmmmm" and cried. Kali pumped. Mari kiss my mom's lip and said “u slut enjoy him" mom moan continued. Mari laughed at her and smiled, mom cried. Then mom was released by kali after long fuck. Mom got up and her butts are sexier. Kali "I have to try her butts" Mari said "take it, that's urs..." Kali make my mom to sit like a dog and mom spread wide for a assfuck. Then Kali insert his cock into my her sexy asshole and the butts are very big and he started to dick and it's very tight. Mom began to moan and kali continue to hold her hips and fucked like a dog. It’s like a doggy style fuck. Uncle began to insert his dick into mom's mouth. It was very fantastic. For a son, to watch his mom getting fucked like a slut gangbang owes greater inspiration.

Remember them never cum once. Kali held her breast and fucked like a horse and mom strived like a whore. Kali banged with his 8" cock heavily and slapped butts, it was very smooth and fleshy. Kali pumped his firey cock and mom couldn't resist and finally piss out like a dog. Kali and mari laughed and mom moan "hmmmmmmmm yaaaaaaaaa” Mari pulls her to his feet and lie down and allowed my mom to ride on his cock. Mom stand nude and Kali kissed her butts. Mom then take a deep breath. Mari said “come on malar, take a ride of my cock". Mom then smiled and said "dear its painful pleasure". Sexy mom then hold the erect penis by her hand and make contact with her pussy. Now mom was facing uncle and I couldn’t see her face. Mom kissed uncle and began to ride, moved her hips up and down. Uncle held her hips and support to move up and down. Mom then rotate sexily her hips and uncle enjoyed it "haa sexy queen and I am the king”. Mom smiled and fastly inserted the erected cock into her pussy. Kali now turns towards mom and she took her cock in cock and jerk it and lick it. Kali waited and enjoyed my mom's actions. Uncle enjoyed after that he held her hips rigid i.e., immovable and pumped his cock and mom moans and try to get up but kali pressed my mom to down. Mom was fucked totally.

Then mom say some bad words and held by kali and fucked by mari. Then they release and malar mom began to lie down over uncle. Uncle hugged her and breasts crushed with the strong Mari's chest. Mari and kali wants to make a surprise. Kali make my mom to spread wide her legs and inserted his cock into her asshole. Mom was unaware of it and struggles by saying "What hell you left? No don't do it kali" begged "This beg makes me to fuck your asshole" and kali inserted into her asshole. Now see my mom is going to experience a double penetration. U understand my sexy mom lie on my uncle and kali was over my mom and I couldn't see my mom. Uncle pushes his cock towards mom's pussy and kali began to fuck her asshole. Mom was totally helpless and moaned severely as all windows are locked, it will be more secure for them. I can able to hear all this by hiding. Two cocks in my mom fucked severely. Mom said" hmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" and they never give up and it continues for 30 mins.

I was totally shocked and my hands shivering but my cock erected and I cummed. My mom was fucked like a whore in front of me. What can I do? Just watch the oral fantasies. Mom hugged Mari and Kali hugged my mom. Mom is sandwiched between the two fuckers. Mari kissed her moaning lips. After severe ramming, I try to interrupt .Yes I called my home and they stunned and stopped their actions. Mom said "Please leave me I will attend the call and then u proceed..." But Mari said no need and take the receiver and places to my mom's ear and she asked "Why do u call now?” I said “mom Ooty is so cool and I'm shivering" They asked “who?” Mom replied them that her son (me) is calling. They said "no problem and continue to fuck my mom. Mom said "call me morning..." I asked “are u alone" mom was unable and said "yesss ... Its 1 o'clock sleep son". Then Mari picked and cut the line. I was angry and they laughed. Kali finished and stood up and mom got up by the helping hands of kali. Mari got up. Now mom was sexy and tired slightly. Their cock were fully erected and their hands moved across my mom's navel and butts. Three of them stand naked on the bed. Mari asks “what he (me) wants?" upon phone call. Malar replied that "he got shivering... At Ooty"

Mari said "Tell him to suck a huge cock like us" continue to hug my mom. Mom said “Why do u scold him?" in sweet voice. Mari replied "then... Why did he give trouble to us?" Mom also said "he is innocent, I force him Ooty” Mari said "Is he innocent, he is a motherfucker, and if he is a girl, I will never scold of her and bang her along with you" I recorded conversation and I noticed my mom's reaction. Mom said "he will not have any chance of getting me because I'm very strict". Again I want to call mom attend and asked "how is the spot?" I said "its cool mom" uncle said to mom something in her ears. Mom said "Stay and enjoy for this month son and I will send you money..." Mari and Kali kiss her. I shocked on hearing this “okay mom send money thru ATM". I cut the call. Mari enjoyed and jumped and said "darling u will be banged this month baby" Kali also added "Happy holiday’s malar..." mom also gets happier with them. Mom said to them "my son will not come here for a month" in a smiley face. Everybody got happy and hugged my mom and kissed her lips. Mom also said “let’s sleep, 30 days left". They said "No dear let's start now..." Mari hug her breast from back. Kali moved in front of my mom and said "hug me u slut ". Mom put hands over the shoulders of kali.

Kali insert his cock into my mom's pussy. Then uncle also insert his cock into mom's asshole. They tried a standing fuck. They hugged my mom and fucked on both holes. Mom’s lips were kissed and uncle slapped mom's huge butt. After some time of standing double penetration, mom tired. Two men tried and lay down the bed. Now this time, mom lies over the cock of kali and uncle above my sexy mom. Mom now again sandwiched and continue to cry .They never give and fuck her butts heavily and squeezed it. Mom cried and moan louder. It continues for more than 30 mins. Mom's sweet pussy began to piss and they released. Now both men got up and began to piss over my mom's pussy and mouth. Mom's tired eyes were woken by their urine. Mom laughed and was wet totally. They two piss like a falls on my mom. Mom was sexy like a heroine in rain. Mari uncle take his underwear and cleaned mom's face. Mom was then to 69 position along with kali. After licking and sucking, mom stood up and slide over the wall corner. Then mom takes the cock of my uncle and insert into her pussy and Uncle raises one leg to his shoulder and mom was at one leg. Then kali also invaded mom's pussy. Mom was looking very painful. Then both inserts their cock into my mom's pussy. Both went hard and slowly they both rammed. This time Mom moans badly. Imagine a pussy that is fucked by two mega cock at the same time. I masturbate and cummed. They fucked heavily and mom still moaning "hmmmmmmmmmm naaaaaaaaaaa deaaaaar...."

Mari and Kali continue to kiss her lips. The struggle between the lips make room creaky sound. Mom was fucked at different position by them. Finally mom was laid down and her legs were wide spread and Mari ready to fuck. Mom's hands were on her pussy lips. Uncle enters his cock into her cunt and fucked deeply and taking her thighs well apart. Kali now piss on my mom's mouth. Mom said "the urine contains impure kali" Kali said "darling lets have my pure one and he inserts his cock into my mom's mouth. Then Mari and Kali exchanged positions and they rammed her butts too. Then they held her rigid stiff breast together and suckle the milk of my mom. Mom was totally tired and knee down they also and inserted their cock into my mom's sexy mouth. Mom sucked both at same time and jerked. Mari and Kali held one hand on mom's shoulder and cummed over her. Mari shouted and said “here is it pussy lady...slut" Kali also cummed. They worked hard and all the cumm were on my mom's pussy and mouth. Mom take the cocks and licked the white cream and taste it and swallow it. Mom's mouth, breast, navel and pussy were of sperms of mari and kali. And mari and kali fell over mom. All breathed freely. They all naked on my dad's bed.

Kali said "nice feast malar slut...." Mari added "yes kali, heavy feast nice food darling u are..." Kali also said "Darling Malar, we feasted you and we pay the salary for your work to your son, for the next 30 days we will send him a lakh" Mom said "stop it stupid, will I worth a lalkh only dear" Mari said "u sexy slut, if u come along with me I will make you as my queen dear...." Mom said "but I’m already married and have my son darling" in a sweet voice. Mari said "then what? Dear no problem, I will take to my resort” Mom said "then what value it bears? “showing her sutra (in Tamil 'sutra') Mari plucked it away and then said "now are husband less, I marry you dear..." Mom said "Don't play silly" Mom, Kali and Mari went into the bathroom to clean their parts. My cam recorded every moment and lustful conversations. I see the shrinked cock of uncle and kali gets wake up. I was totally out of focus, and I'm not aware of what they are doing inside? There is a bathtub. Laughing and moaning continues. Then they ran to the bed with wet bodies. I think the water is cool and they went inside the bed sheet. Mom said "I enjoyed this day ever in my sex life, it remembers me 4 yrs back Mari dear" mom in a sexy thought. Mari said "that's true darling.... I alone banged on that day and after this...."

Now they both hugged mom and ran over her and rolled with their erected cock. They also need to fuck again and done it. They again cummed over her ass. My sexy mother is totally a whore, Horalt. They lay silent side by side near mom and put their legs over her and touched her navel and pussy. I also wants to sleep and I lie over the top floor and slept. In the next morning, the sun's bright rays open my eyes. I quickly ran to view the bedroom. Now mom was not there and uncle and kali had deep breath. Mom bathed and dressed neatly a sareee and take coffee to the fucking guests. Mom woke then by jerking their cock. The rested cock stood up and they got up. On seeing mom they dragged her and lifted her saree and fucked her. Kali got her butts and fucked like a dog. Mom was totally destroyed and they cummed. This continues at my house in front of my eyes. I will continue this story.... If u comment more vulgar.... In part 2. See you guys; hope you all enjoy this story.

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